Sunday, February 16, 2014

How can the Black diaspora heal the rift between Black men and women?...Part 2 (Kem Love)

As I've intimated in past posts, The Cinematic Symbolism Blog is at the nucleus of a multifaceted, multi-media project. 

With that said, I'd like to offer the readers of this Blog something in the way of a more visual take on the subject of casting out the self hatred that's so pervasive in our diaspora. 

The video at the end of this post, Kem Love, is a representation, to me at least, of what Black people should be viewing on a daily basis; loving images of Black men and women who are dedicated to healing themselves and loving each other.

Now recently, I've noticed...and you might have too, that this Blog may look a bit different. Meaning, the fonts of this Blog (both the ornate and regular ones) might look a bit smaller...understand this was NOT my doing. 

This has happened to me several times on YouTube, when someone, or someone Black, takes on or talks disparagingly about the white supremacist american social order, and has their Blog or YouTube channel manipulated in some way to dissuade them from continuing on with their message. 

This is now happening here.

Sometimes I think there's more internet agents than regular people who actually view these Blogs...or view mine at least.

But understand, when you take on this white supremacist beast, this is what happens; there are consequences to speaking against the white elitist status quo, and this is just the beginning of my travails with them.

But rest assured, I WILL NOT BE MOVED!

By that I mean, they surely can take away this medium, but I'll always find a way to get out my message!

I understand what I'm going through here is exceptionally light stuff compared to what my ancestors encountered fighting for their basic human rights, but even though my Blog is small in stature, it's gotten the attention of some white fascist who's figured I've gone too far.


I didn't make up this white supremacist social order, I'm just reporting on its machinations. And if I can't do that here, I'll surely find someplace where I can; or I'll create my own space unencumbered by the likes of white western fascism. 

And of course it won't be easy...but I'll always find a way to get it done!

Until's my video 'Kem Love'; enjoy!

Kem Wesir (Black Power!),

MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to take a look at my other video, Kem Queens; you can view it here.


  1. Black Woman Think Tank/ Breukelen Bleu

    "If Black males didn't have Black women to abuse, they would have nothing that puts them on par with other races of men."

    ^^^and the abuse and dominion over WOMEN, is the first mark of Patriarchy. Without that, men have no reason to exist. We are seeing that even with white men. Now that WW have the power to divorce, take the children, earn high pay, hold positions of power and legally seek recourse, WM are ENRAGED. This killing of women and shooting up of public spaces is some of that shit bubbling up. A study of history explains all of this easily. In feudal societies, everyday men were given dominion over women and children, as the consolation prize for having to submit to the MEN OF POWER in their lives. Every man got to be "King of his Castle' - even if that castle was little more than a hovel with a woman and a few kids in it. The male was given SOMETHING do dominate (and protect; bloodlines thru sons) to keep him from RISING UP against the men who controlled their lives. They dare not take THE SYSTEM on, so they took out all that need for control, over women.

    And when that incentive is removed, men start losing they minds. BW NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS. Women CIVILIZE men. We temper their natural impulses. The desires to posses and control us, drives them to terrible action. But their ability to 'keep' and dominate us, keeps them in line. all need to exert external power is then funned through the family - NOT against THE SYSTEM.

    There is sooo much more to this shit than BW realize. THAT is why STUDY is necessary. THAT is what we do in my Think Tank.

  2. Black Woman Think Tank/ Breukelen Bleu

    Mens GREATEST fear is of becoming obsolete. Its they're most primal and visceral biological fear. WIth obsoletion- the inability to wield power and control through a natural or created dependence on what someone has to offer or provide - comes loss of power. When women are not FORCED into diminutive positions, we will DOMINATE. Is only natural. ALL LIFE COMES THRU US. So the sexuality, options, choices and abilities of women MUST be restricted, if men are to retain power. ALL SYSTEMS must work together to keep the female "in place'. If not, she will eventually rise to the top, just as cream does. The greatest need women have for men, is protection from OTHER MEN. Left to our own devices, without the treat of male violences, the human race will STILL go on, with women ALONE as the protectors of the species. Men know this, and this fear creates a visceral need to to control - to maintain POWER. With loss of the type of power men seek, comes Matriarchy. Its the DEFAULT - just like life itself, defaults to the feminine, unless interrupted in process to become masculine. Its why all zygotes are feminine the first few weeks of creation.

    Men suspect this to be true even if on a subconscious level, and THAT is their fear, because for the first 10's of thousands of years of human existence, THAT was the way things were. The man werent 'dominated', but THEY were seen as the "help meet' to women, which makes sense since WOMEN are what keeps the species going. HELPING WOMEN KEEP HUMAN BEINGS BORN AND ALIVE BY MAKING HER ROLE CENTER TO ALL INSTITUTIONS = Matriarchy.

  3. Black Woman Think Tank/ Breukelen Bleu

    Matriarchy NOT reverse Patriarchy.

    But you cant tell these men that. ESPECIALLY black men. SMDH. Under matriarchy, the men still wield power. Its just for the greater good of The Mother Principle.

    The fear of women returning to that level of power, where FATHER RIGHT Is not the predominant determining factor of Power, scares the HELL of of these men. And THAT is why when you remove the incentives of Patriarchy, they start shooting shit up. The fear of obsoletion causes the need to inflict harm on levels that FORCE people to acknowledge your power. Remove the Father Right, and you get lots and losts of angry, disgruntled men.

    And for BM, remove the ability to wield control THROUGH The Father Rite, (control of land, resources, wealth and MONEY) and you get what we see now. All the sons in the world dont matter if you have nothing to pass down to them. And THAT is why they have no problem abandoning the BC, leaving their black children to die, while they water down their gene pool with the offspring of non-black women. As far as BM are concerned - hell! as far as ALL Men are concerned, without Power, Land, Resources, Dominance and the ability to control women and achieve immortality through sons, there is NOTHING to stick around for.

    When it all comes down to it, all this shit is about US (black women)

    1. Harry...

      As much as I'd like to attribute the downfall of the Black Diaspora solely to the behaviors of Black women, I can't, here's why...

      The other day I was talking to a brotha from work and he said he gave one of his Black friends/acquaintances a loan months ago, then he saw that same person wearing a whole new wardrobe weeks later. He said he knew this person gets paid every Friday, but it's been weeks and they haven't paid him back. After telling me this, he said, I don't get why Black people are like that.

      Another older Black gentlemen and I were conversing about the state of the Black Diaspora and this person told me emphatically that Black people have NO CHANCE of changing their (negative) ways.

      Now, it's a damn shame that these two brothas don't realize that if you do some research or just talk to some different people, you'll find this kind of behavior(s) in every ethnic group.

      Now, I'm not endorsing this behavior, I'm saying that these brothas have it in their minds that ONLY BLACK PEOPLE ACT THIS WAY...and nothing could be further from the truth.

      So, it's Black men AND women who are caught in a self-hating mindset, bred into us by white supremacists; and here's the real rub...we don't even recognize what whitey has done to us...WE THINK WE'RE BORN THIS WAY!!

      So until Black men AND women recondition themselves outta' this white supremacist induced self-hatred, our communities and the whole of our diaspora will stay on a study course to self-destruction.