Sunday, February 23, 2014

The defiling of Denzel Washington...

The other day, I watched the movie 'Flight' starring Denzel Washington.

For the uninitiated, this movie is about Denzel being a drug-addicted, drunk of an airplane pilot, and how a botched flight he was at the helm of goes down and crashes. After surviving the accident, Denzel's character is hospitalized and told by his airline's officials that not only is everything alright, but because only six people out of 109 perished, Denzel's character, will be hailed as a hero (or Heru--the word 'hero' comes from our ancient Black deity 'Heru').

Moreover, when Denzel is piloting the plane, his co-pilot is portrayed by some emotionally constipated looking white guy. Now, this fellow not only looks like the poster child for sobriety, but his starch-pressed, ultra-bright, white shirt, is used to symbolize how whites have a higher moral standard than us dastardly Black people (Cinematic Symbolism).

Unfortunately, the Heru/hero worship is short lived.

The cocaine and drinks in Denzel's character's system, shows up in a toxicology report before Denzel has a chance to fully convalesce from his wounds, and he sees the public's hero worship turn to hatred for his having flown impaired.

Now, I'll admit that I haven't seen this flick in it's entirety. So maybe some set of circumstances redeems Denzel's character and he gets his good name back, but I wouldn't bet on it. And in the first two minutes of this film, we see Denzel in bed with a woman while talking on the phone with his ex-wife, about child support payments. This is meant to cast him from the gate as an unscrupulous low-life.

Now, there's another scene in this film where Denzel is in a hospital robe, and he literally shows his ass. This inevitably reminds us, or is meant to remind us, of when Denzel was shot in the ass in the movie 'Training Day'.

You see, for the white elites, Denzel was a little too virtuous for a Black man. So his image had to be tainted. 

When Denzel did such a fantastic job in Malcolm X, which is my favorite role of his (and it's my favorite Spike Lee film, by the way), Denzel was seen as much too morally upstanding.

The fact that he was also on People magazine's cover as the 'Sexiest Man Alive', meant his image had to be soiled, less he makes white guys look less desirable.

But beyond these things, here's what really made Denzel so abhorrent to white elites:

1.) Denzel is a rich Black man who married a Black woman. 

If for no other reason, this is why the elitist inbreds had to assassinate Denzel's character. 'Cause white fascists definitely don't want the Black diaspora sharing resources with themselves. They want EVERY rich Black man to share his wealth with a white woman, so eventually, that money goes back to their community.

2.) Denzel was a Black father who produced Black children and stayed with his kids. 

White fascists really don't want Black men and women producing any more pure bred, or pure-bred looking, Black children, cause they'd have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

3.) In the movie 'Pelican Brief' where Denzel starred alongside Julia Roberts, he said he wouldn't kiss Julia, because he didn't want to upset his Black female fan base.


'Cause not only was Denzel saying he was completely down for Black women, he was also making white women look less desirable to Black men. 

And you know white fascists can't have Black men looking at white women for the pale-skinned, stringy-haired, flat-assed, less curvaceous, superficial, and less intelligent women, they really are. Black men have to be kept doting on white women, less a trend starts where every rich Black man would want to marry a Black woman. Heaven forbid. 

And notice how in the majority of his films, Denzel's love interests are usually white or fair-skinned women. Again, these inbreds don't sleep when it comes to their agenda.

So films like 'American Gangster' are being used to criminalize Denzel's once squeaky clean image. And linking him to an infamous drug peddler was a win-win as far as white fascism goes, 'cause it not only knocked Denzel off his moral high horse, but it kept a Black face on drug dealing. Cause any sane person should know how Black people don't own or operate the planes and boats that fly and float these drugs into the country.

American Gangster's Frank Lucas character also portrays a Black man going to southern asia to get a more potent drug product. So this makes it look like Black men are the ones who actually have a strong hold on the international trade. But if you wanna' find out the truth about the people who mostly run the drug trade, you might wanna' rent a documentary called 'Cocaine Cowboys'...and I'll give you a hint about the people in it...they're not Black.

You could also reference another of this Blog's posts, 'Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes and the cult of american patriotism'. There, you'll hear about Jean Jehan, the real life inspiration for the movie 'The French Connection'. And if you're too young to remember this flick, google it. 

This man was said to control the largest heroin dealing monopoly in the world from France...thus, the 'French Connection'.

So, that real question still stands, you know, the one I keep posing over and over again...and that's: How do we heal the rift between the Black man and woman? 'Cause whether we realize it or not, we're under constant attacks and pressure to hate and hurt one another. And this is the question no one wants to answer in the diaspora. 

The solution involves the Black Diaspora reconditioning ourselves out of the self-hatred bred into us, by white fascists. And as far as making Black people hate themselves, this is especially true of every book Black people are mandated to read in pre, middle and high schools. These books are meant to keep us in a perpetual self-loathing, by fomenting boatloads of shame in the Black psyche. 

Now, doing this is gonna' be a long, arduous task, but it's one we MUST undertake if we as Black people are going to survive and thrive, globally or locally. 

So again, let's get to work. 


MontUHURU Mimia


You can read the Blog post where I mention Jean Jehan here.


  1. I am actually speechless. your recent post are just to excellent for words to describe. I have been in a bad mood thinking bad about black men (I am a woman) because they are all over the internet bashing us as much as they can. they bash us on any and every website they can. as you already prob know, black women WANT to be with bm only, but they are making it damn near impossible. I happen to be married to a great bm, but my friends are having a hard time. I happened to meet my hubs right before he reinlisted in the navy which is where they are keeping the good black men by the way. they are keeping them in the military and off the street so they cannot hook up with black women.

    but anyway, I think if you watch flight, you will be disgusted, denzels love interest is the most digusting ww they could ever create in a movie role. she is everything awful, a porn actress, drug addict drunk and prostitute and in the end he still marries her. he also had to kiss her while she was wet (wet stanky ww) I felt so sorry for him.

    but anyway, keep up the good work with this blog. and please speak to bm every chance you get about black love. I will keep reading, and send my friends and family here. you are wonderful.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      If there's one thing I'd like to have happen behind Black people reading my Blog, it's this...I want everyone of us (Black men and women) to realize how we've lost everything to the self hatred we've been conditioned into by the white supremacist american social order.

      Black men and women are not BORN hating themselves and each other; again, we are taught to hate ourselves more than any other ethnic group on the planet.

      Every single history book you and I read in pre, middle and high schools, has taught us to hate ourselves. So if Black men and women hate themselves, how are we gonna' love one another?

      It's gonna' take a lot of recondtioning at the subconscious level to rid ourselves of the white supremacist dictator living in our heads telling us, that as Black people, everything about our existence is wrong.

      I can dig what your saying about 'good' Black men being kept in the navy so Black women don't have access to them; but consider this, if a Black man is conditioned to hate Black women, he could find the 'perfect' Black woman, and he'll drive her away because he's been taught to despise himself and his kind. Same for Black women...I know many Black women who want nothing to do with Black men because they've received the same conditioning Black men did.

      Again, it's all one big plot to keep us hating each other so we don't form any stable families in the future.

      The biggest threat to global white supremacy IS the stable Black nuclear family. So by any and all means, they've built an infrastructure to destroy us.

      But WE have to do the work to get our right minds back; and it's not going to be easy. But if you look at my other post, 'How can the Black diaspora heal the rift between Black men and women', I detail some concrete ways we can get back to loving ourselves again.

      Thanks for the compliments and I hope you continue to enjoy what you see here.

      Ma'at Hotep (roughly meaning peace and justice)

  2. What about that poor image in Training Day? As many excellent roles as he has had, why did he receive an award for that garbage? He has not won since.

    1. If you look at the central image of my header's triptych, you'll see a scene from 'Training Day'.

      But all these roles fit into the white supremacist agenda of 'defiling Denzel'. Again, he received the academy award for playing a crooked cop 'cause whitey doesn't want any Black man looking too virtuous. And the reason he hasn't won an oscar since, is because whitey already gave Denzel a nod for playing a degenerate, they don't need to do it twice.