Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why won't Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant come out of the closet?

Back in 1997, I remember all the hullabaloo over Oprah Winfrey's appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show when Ellen 'came out' to the public. 

On that particular episode, Winfrey played a therapist who was trying to help Ellen accept and adjust to the fact that she was a sexual deviant. 

Funny thing about this was, Oprah detailed the accounts of hate mail she received for helping Ellen to mainstream homosexuality for an entire generation.

Oprah says after the episode aired, she received letters stating: 'Ni#ger, go back to Africa; who the hell do you think you are?'

So much for the 'liberal' gay white community.

Beyond this, what grates on me about the white gay community is they're always so quick to call Black people, and Black men especially, a bunch of 'homophobes' or people who are anti-gay. But they never talk about the prejudices they have against Black people and Black men especially.

Some of the biggest bigots in this world are gay white men. And that's a fact.

But since the late 90's, homosexuality has been made 'cool' by the white elites and their media. Now, no one dares to utter a derogatory word about queers, especially white ones, or else their careers might be over. 

Moreover, now these white degenerates are telling Black people that the 'gay rights movement' should be acknowledged and 'grouped in' with the Black 'Civil Rights' movement; or what I like to call the 'Black Human Rights movement'. 

White queers are doing this so they can give their 'gay rights causes' some legitimacy by putting them under the umbrella of 'Civil' or 'Black Human Rights' initiatives. 

Here's the thing though...where were white gays when their people were spraying us down with fireman's water hoses? Where were they when their people sicced attack dogs on us? They were right behind their 'straight' white peers saying nothing. Now they want to take credit for what we did?

I don't think so. 

But here's my question to Oprah. If she doesn't have a problem 'outing' Ellen, why won't she come out of the closet herself?

Here's why...

Any Black person in their right mind, who hasn't been turned into an anglophile, knows that homosexuality is a form of sexual deviancy. This is a practice that degenerates (Ellen DEGENERES) engage in; and NO ONE IS BORN THIS WAY, THIS IS THE RESULT OF A CHILDHOOD TRAUMA! 

Homosexuality is a 'deathstyle', not a lifestyle. 

I remember watching some PBS special where they were trying to get a group of young men and women to accept homosexuality in some summer youth camp. After showing some kind of social guidance film on why gays were just like the rest of us, one camp supervisor who was a Black male, started crying as he beseeched the young men and women to accept the gay lifestyle and accept themselves if they felt they were gay. 

Then one young, strong-willed Black brotha got up and eloquently exclaimed: "There's something wrong with them...they sick!"

So, instinctively, Black people on the whole know there's something intrinsically wrong with homosexuality. 

And this is a problem for Ms. Winfrey and her 'friend' Gayle King. See, Oprah's been tasked by white supremacist freemasons to influence the thinking of Black people. And she can't do that very effectively if Black people know she's gay. 'Cause on some level, right thinking Black folks are going to reject everything she says. And rightfully so. 

So Oprah and Gayle...her 'friend', have to maintain the appearance of 'straight' women. 

Enter stuntman...I mean, Stedman Graham. 

This guy had been tasked to play Oprah's love interest, and as of late, he's completely dropped out of the public eye; and I think that's because on some level, he's realized people know he's just posing. Even Gayle King got in on the action; she was suppose to be dating Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker; who's another 'elite' queer himself. 

I remember Cory making a speech at the opening of the new Prudential Center arena in Newark; on the podium besides him was rock singer John Bonjovi. Now Cory said to the attending audience that he always had a 'major' crush on John. Then, he tried to retract his statement by saying he was secure enough in his manhood to utter that sentiment. 

Coincidentally, this is also why Oprah built a 'girl's only' academic school in Africa. She's saying the only people worthy of a good education in Southern Africa are females; and the young men of the area be damned. It's a declaration that she'd rather have those young men relegated to lives of servitude and starvation.

It's also no coincidence that Oprah and Tyler Perry are fast friends; yep...he's a fairy too. Why do you think he's running around in dresses, calling himself 'Madea'?

*Side Note: In Greek (or freak) mythology, Medea was a woman who murders her two infant male children. So Tyler Perry's Madea represents Tyler effectively killing off his masculinity to earn bonus points with white supremacist freemasons and their fraternities. 

The name make more sense now?

And lastly, let's look at Iyanla Vanzant, who was born Ronda Eva Harris in Brooklyn, New York on September 13th, 1953. 

She's a Yoruba priestess and an ordained 'New Thought' Minister. Now, the 'New Thought' ministry involves the discipline of 'metaphysics' and deals with our ancient ancestor's spiritual sciences. 

I remember Dr. Phil Valentine (google this brotha if you don't know who he is) said religious factions tasked with keeping Black folks mired in poverty and forgiveness, were going to have to engage in a more 'spiritually' based form of religion to keep the mind of Black folks comfortably trapped in white supremacy. Cause more and more Black people are seeing christianity for the sham that it is. 

That's why Iyanla, or Ronda, is well versed in the Black spiritual sciences. It gives her more credibility with our people now-a-days; and it makes her seem like less of a queer white supremacist, which she is. 

She fits in extremely well with Oprah's message of feminist empowerment; because like the christian church, Iyanla's mantra says everything masculine is negative and everything feminine is positive. I've heard her refer to unemployed Black men as 'unemployed boo-boos', and she says Black men don't stay with their families because they're 'heart broken'. Of course she never mentions the fact that some black women have been so conditioned to hate Black men, that they wind up driving them away. That couldn't possibly be the case.

Now, Iyanla is a product of a very unstable and abusive household; and like I said previously, homosexuality is the result of a childhood trauma. And whenever you see her, she's usually sporting not one, but two 'thumb rings', like the one on the right. This is a sign that someone is identifying themselves as a homosexual. 

Check for this the next time you see Iyanla on TV. 

Beyond that, when I tell Black people Oprah's gay, their response is sheer disbelief. Like, aww...that CAN'T be the truth. 

I guess they don't want to believe that she's fooled them for so long, or they don't want to discredit her in their own minds because she's one of our people's biggest stars. 

And mind you...ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE! It's not like shes trying hard to hide this. 

So, if you're an independent thinking Black person, or you fancy yourself one, let's start seeing Oprah and her gang for what they are; a bunch of white supremacist queers tasked with keeping working class Black folks loving white people and hating their Black selves. 

And when you see her and her deviant crew on TV, get up and physically tune them out; then begin to tune them out mentally...once and for all. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Um,how about exposing oprah's true gender,as well as gayle,iyanla,etc.
    They were all born biologically,male.Tyler perry's show is transgendered based actresses.Try pulling some birth records, and you will the bottom from the bottom.Good Day

    1. Um...First off, can you provide me with some references/links or proof that Oprah, Iyanla and Gayle were born male?

      If you're gonna' come at me with a snobbish attitude, I suggest you back up your allegations with some facts!

      Second, you CAN'T transcend gender, so the term 'transgendered' is a misnomer. Regardless if you do have a 'gender reassignment' or sex change operation, you are still born a man or woman...a surgeon may change some of your physical features, but that will not change.

      Lastly, I find it funny how you white folks talk about 'pulling birth records' when it comes to the Black Diaspora. It reminds me of when Donald Trump came after Obama because he insisted that he wasn't born in america, just because he was Black, and his last name was Obama. What's really funny is John McCain, the person running against Obama for the presidency of this country, WAS NOT BORN IN AMERICA...HE WAS BORN IN PANAMA, AND WE KNOW THIS FOR A FACT!

      So that says what? It says, he had no business running for the presidency of this country according to the constitution...BUT I DIDN'T HEAR ONE WHITE PERSON SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!

      So, before you tell me to 'pull some birth records', look at your ethnic group of wicked inbreds...and tell them to do the same!


      Good Day.

  2. You seem like a very angry and racist person. Nobody will take your views seriously if you come across as a zealout. More racism will not solve anything.

    1. You say, 'more racism will not solve anything'...tell that to a white cop the next time they shoot down an unarmed young Black man.

      If you're white, no one on earth has been more bigoted than your people. Don't take my word for it, ask a 'native american'; if you can find one.

  3. I am white, I live in South Dakota and have many Native American friends...believe me when I say most Natives do not share your view. I came across your blog by accident and just couldn't help but notice the raw seething hatred that you are putting out there. Calling an entire population of people "wicked inbreds" is exactly the kind of ignorance everyone should be fighting against. But let me pose you a simple pointed question? If you hate white americans that much, why are you still here ? Judging by your grammar and well thought out discourse I know you are intelligent, so why not apply that intelligence toward something positive instead of something hateful. Well MontUHURU I hope you have some positive life experiences that will change point of view but I doubt it....there are plenty of people on both sides that have similar ideas about the other. Good luck to you.

  4. I definitely do agree with you on your point that 'native americans' don't share my sentiments on white americans. I remember on YouTube, there was one person saying he was in fact a native american and he was expounding on how morally upstanding white people in this country are.

    When I asked him how he could come to this conclusion after what white americans have done to his people in this country, he told me his people don't pay federal taxes and their casinos are making them rich. When I asked how many of his people were still living on reservations and if he was personally rich from his people owning casinos, he never responded back.

    Now, you ask if I hate white americans so much, why am I still here? Firstly, I don't hate anyone. Second, understand, if it weren't for your people taking my people out of their native country and bringing us here in chains, I wouldn't be here at all. Now, I may have the financial means to leave this country, but what about the numbers of my people who feel the way I do, who don't. What are they to do?

    In the meantime, I see young Black men shot down in the streets like dogs by thrill-kill white officers. And I see my people who organize to do something about it conversing with politicians who don't wanna' give them the time of day. So does this piss me off? Yes it does.

    But the main tenet of my Blog is not hating white folks; it's getting Black people to rid themselves of the self-hatred force fed to us in american schools, so we can unite and improve our conditions. And this is the positive contribution I'm making here.

  5. Perhaps you should look into zionism, to understand what happened to your people

    1. I don't need to look into it, I've experienced it my whole life. Especially in the american educational system. Cause that very system conditioned myself and everyone who looks like me to hate anything to do with Black people.

      I know EXACTLY what zionism, or 'white fascism', looks like...I've thoroughly diagnosed this disease and I'm letting my people know what they need to do to cure themselves.

  6. Why are you so concerned about these individuals? We all have to answer for our own sins...Move on to something POSITIVE AND EDUCATIONAL...FOR REAL YOU ARE PATHETIC AND HAVE NO LIFE...WHO CARES ABOUT THEIR SEXUALLITY, BUT YOU???

    1. 'I65'...

      If you don't see the educational qualities of this post, especially when it comes to how the gay white community wants the Black 'Civil Rights' community to validate their status as an oppressed minority, then you just weren't paying attention to what you read.

      Or, you're too much of an dumb-founded anglophile to have an opinion.