Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Project H.E.A.R. (Part 2)...What is the 'Zero-Sum' game of the white elite?

"...when the man runs his game, lord knows he sure runs it mean..."
--lyric from Melvin Van Peebles stage play, 'Ain't suppose to die a natural death'. 

A couple of years ago, I was watching BET's 'Comic View', and there was a popular comedian named Earthquake who was doing his thing on stage.

Now, Earthquake had a very 'down-home' type of delivery, which was part of his charm; and being that he was a mature Black man, I guess he was representing his southern roots. 

But on this episode, he said if he met god, he'd ask him one question: what did the first brotha do to make life so hard on Black men? 

Now, at the time I kind of laughed this joke off, but then I started to ponder the question. And even then, it surprised me that this mature Black man, and Black men in general, didn't know and thoroughly understand the answer. 

Now, if you're a Black christian, you should be very familiar with the 'curse of Ham'. The Book of Genesis records an instance of Noah cursing his son Ham's descendants to be slaves. Although there is no biblical evidence that Ham was the father of African peoples, various Jewish, Christian and Islamic writers came to believe that he was, and their association helped to justify centuries of African enslavement. 

This is why I don't subscribe to white supremacist religions of any sort. Mind you, ALL religions were created by white supremacists as a means of keeping global Black populations under their control.

Even the 'book of mormon' says in 'Nephi 5:21' that: "...as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people, the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them." They're talking about Black people in this passage folks. So as you can see, mormons are notorious bigots. 

And being that white elites keep us mired in religion, and in the paradigm of bowing and begging, we're kept out of our spiritual sciences like the 'Orishas' and 'Voudun', which is where the real power to effect change lies. 

But the basic function of religion, especially pertaining to Black folks, is to internalize some sense that you as a Black person, are inherently wrong. Now combine this with the white supremacist education we receive, and you almost can't help being a self-hating 'hue-man'. 

Beyond that, the real reason we're so subjugated and reviled, especially when it comes to Black men is this...


Coincidentally, this is why Black men have the stereotype of having big phallus'. It has nothing to do with physical penis size, it has to do with genetic power over recessive-traited people. We can literally breed any ethnic group out of existence 'cause we can create any other kind of man, but none of them can create one of us. So as Chuck D (Public Enemy) stated, we are Public Enemy # 1 to the white elite.

Black people, and Black americans especially, forget that white people are the world's MINORITY. Three quarters of this earth's population is Black and brown. Meaning that white people always have to be conscious of population numbers and populus stat breakdowns.

You must have noticed how every TV commercial you see lately has a black woman paired with a white man, or a Black man paired with a white woman (Cheerios commercial). This is because the white elite need to keep us separated so we don't produce any pure bred Black boys that will turn into genetically-dominate Black men. 

And with white birth rates falling below replacement levels, the white elite are scrambling to find ways for white couples to have as many kids as possible. Why do you think white male politicians are damn near outlawing abortions. It's so their women can keep all those white children. 

The MTV show '16 and pregnant' was created to make pregnancy for young white girls 'cooler', so they'll be inclined to have more children. There's actually an article on young white girls getting pregnant so they can be on the show. 

And this speaks directly to what I call the 'Zero-sum' game of the white elites. And the phrase 'Zero-sum' is talking about white people's need to win at all costs. There is no room for Black people to win with them because we have the ability to wipe them out. 

In terms of this 'game'...for white people, failure is not an option.

Thus the reason why white elites use genocides, germ and chemical warfare, disease manufacturing, induction of global famine and drought situations, creation of civil and tribal wars, etc. to achieve this goal. 

They will and are doing anything they can to win this game; 'cause if they don't, they die. Period.

And the Black man's genetic power to wipe them out, is his 'original sin' (where have we heard that before?). 

So for 'Earthquake' and every other Black man wondering why white supremacists lock us in prisons as much as they do, or keep us hating ourselves as much as we do, here's your answer. 

And now that we have this question answered, it's time to take back what's rightfully ours; our black woman and our Black communities. 

So let's get to work.  

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

The first line in this post is again, from Melvin Van Peebles' stage play 'Ain't suppose to die a natural death'; and here's a clip of this play from the 1972 Tony Awards TV broadcast. Check out a young Garret Morris before he went on the first incarnation of 'Saturday Night Live'. In this montage, we see the results of white supremacist gestapo-like police officers, and how they operate in our communities; in keeping with the agenda of the 'Zero-sum' game.



  1. I found out that the Book of Mormon was written by a member KKK. And the sad part about the whole thing here in Birmingham,AL where I stay. There is a black Mormon church. Also with the Jehovah's Witness bible is written by a KKK member also. And there is a black Jehovah's Witness church, down the street where I stay. And your right about the white race and more babies. But the sad part about the whole thing, black and brown babies outnumber. White babies, because there is an embarrassment standard in the white community. Their parents taught them to have a baby when they get married. Because the old adage of having a baby out of wedlock is an embarrassment to the family. Blacks I am not saying that they don't care, I feel like since the father figure in the black community is gone. Because they are too young to have a child, some just don't care and said that we had a one night stand. I AM NOT THE FATHER!!! ( In my Maury voice) LOL!! There is no father figure, the man is the head. And when you cut the head off, everything falls apart. And that what the white supremacist wanted to happen. Because the man is the disciplinarian, he suppose to show his son and daughter what a real father suppose to be to them. And a husband to his wife. So when they get grown, his son would know how to treat a lady (not a hood rat) a lady. And the daughter, "knowing she has a loving father". Would have higher standards in the husband that she chooses ( And I'm not meaning being a gold digger). A man that wants to do better with his life. Like getting an education and working 2 jobs to get through school. I have more respect for a man more that is trying to do better with their life. Because I know my brothers got a lot a strikes against him. White supremacist society and our own race wants us to fail. Even my own mother wanted me to fail, but I got that Bachelor's Degree. And my mom still didn't care. and we don't have a relationship today. Oh well. This is a very good blog, because it got me talking.

    1. Hi Patsy...

      Funny enough, the Black 'nuclear family' was more intact when we had LESS MONEY!!

      So the real problem isn't finances, it's the self hatred we've been conditioned into. Again, Black people have lost more to self-hatred than anything else.

      That's why I started 'Project H.E.A.R.', I wanna' contribute to erasing the schism between Black men and women especially; that's the only thing that will save our families.

      So, again, it's not about who's got the most money, it's about which Black man and woman are the most SELF-LOVING, that's what's gonna' determine which Black family, or families, will stay intact.

      Thanks for commenting, and I'm glad you like the Blog.