Saturday, September 21, 2013

Project H.E.A.R. (Part 1)...Three secrets about white people every Black person should know...

For those who haven't seen my last post, 'Project H.E.A.R.' is an initiative I've started to thwart the schisms throughout the Black diaspora. 

H.E.A.R. is an acronym for 'Hue-mans Erasing All Rifts'. Now, when I say 'Hue-mans', let me clarify that I'm only talking about Black people. I know we love to talk about multi-culturalism, problem there is, we're the only ones who tout its tenets. 'Cause quite frankly, every other kind of person outside the Black diaspora either hates Black people, or feels superior to them. 

So whether it's the rift between Black men and black women, or Black elders and the Black youth, or Black americans and Black Africans, we all need to realize, the only way we'll survive the onslaught of genocidal agendas perpetrated by whites, is to band together and put petty differences aside. 

And being that the Black diaspora is in a state of global triage, the sooner we all get started, the better. 

Now, I'm beginning with this topic to first expose who white people truly are, before I offer unifying solutions for the Black diaspora. This post is meant to make sure any and every Black person who reads it never again feels inferior to any pale-skinned inbred. 

So let's get started...  

Secret # 3: White people mistake the perks of 'white privilege' for their being exceptionally hard working.

How many times have you heard a white person say their parents came to this country as  poor immigrants and worked extremely hard to get where they got?

Well, chances are, they have no idea that the doors of opportunity were much more open to them because of their being fair-skinned. 

The average white person talks at length about how Black affirmative action initiatives are unfair 'hand-outs' that we've been issued; but none of them ever talk about the centuries of white male affirmative action that were the mandate of the american status quo.

Meaning, you couldn't get a job in this government for centuries unless you were white and male

Beyond this, white men and people, are the only ones who can effectively 'fail upwards' year after year. 

Here's one example... 

Stanley B. Kinsey is the current Chairman and CEO of NTN Communications, which is a publicly traded interactive video game company; and his academic pedigree looks like this: He acquired a Bachelors of Arts in Math from Depauw Univesity and he received a MBA from Stanford. 

After receiving his MBA, he went to work for the Disney Corporation in 1980. Before leaving in 1985, he was the acting senior vice president of operations and finance for the company. 

He then went on to co-found 'Iwerks Entertainment', which was a leading high tech company credited for creating a new field of virtual reality theaters and entertainment centers around the world. 

Stan quit Iwerks in 1995, due to the company losing massive amounts of money under his mismanagement. Stan himself said: "I went from being a genius to someone who looks as though he's mislead people."

But did that hurt Stan's chances at another job. Not one bit. 'Cause in 1997, he got the job at NTN Communications, which is now also losing massive amounts of money due to Stan's blundering. But what did industry trades and other executives say about him when he was first hired? They said his energy and creativity would add another dimension to their corporation. Mind you, this was right after he wrecked the Iwerks Entertainment company.

Now ask yourself, would any Black person get this kind of second chance after a massive failure? And again, there are several hundred examples of white men doing this year after year. 

But if you listen to white people talk about their accomplishments, you'd swear they're the smartest business people on earth; and they'd tell you they've completed more hours of back breaking work than any other ethnic group in this world. 

And we all know that's a crock. 

Secret # 2: White people can't make a distinction between being 'smart' and 'educated'.

A week ago, a TV show aired a four star hotel's video footage of a completely naked white man, putting a silver tray outside of his room for housekeeping. 

Now, after this guy put the tray on the floor, he accidentally locked himself out of his room. So he was trapped out in the lobby stark naked while other visitors walked around him. 

So what did he do? You'd think he'd knock on one of the neighboring room's doors and ask someone to call housekeeping so they could bring up a spare key. But that would make too much sense. 

What he did was go down the lobby's hall and get on the elevator...mind you, he's stark naked; then he gets off on the hotel's main floor and goes to the lobby desk and asks for a spare key. A$$-naked.  

Now, I think we can all attest to the fact that no sane Black person is gonna' wind up like this; because a. no Black person is gonna' be dumb enough to put a food tray outside their room with no clothes on, and b. if we do by some weird coincidence lock ourselves out of our hotel room in the buff, we're not leaving that room's floor without someone on that same floor, knowing that housekeeping needs to get a spare key up there to let us back in. Now, whether a Black person has a G.E.D. or a PHD, they'd be 'smart' enough to figure this one out. 

White supremacists have fed us the lie that the person who reads the most textbooks or has the most collegiate degrees will inevitably be the 'smartest'. Well, I'm sure the naked white man had an advanced degree to be able to afford his stay in a four star hotel, but he was still dumb as bricks when it came to what to do about being locked out of his room. 


But any one can memorize a set of facts to pass any test if they really want to. 

What white supremacists won't tell us is this: the REAL definition of being 'smart', is having the ability to make good decisions under pressure. THAT'S what it is in a nutshell. Now, if you're well read, that'll be great for your scholastic grades and for sharing cool anecdotes with friends, but it won't help you think 'critically'. 

And every university wants you to believe that colleges teach people to think critically; but what they're doing is conditioning you to 'think' they're teaching you how to think critically.

Critical thinking is common sense, period. 

And what you'll find is, especially amongst 'educated' whites, common sense isn't so common. 

Bottom line, white people are not deep thinkers. They're content to have their opinions given to them; they really don't form their own. 

And the # 1 secret about white people is this: the majority of americans on welfare are WHITE people...and it's been that way for decades. 

Now, Newt Gingrich was quoted for calling President Obama, the 'food stamp' president. But this title would best fit George Bush Jr. and Sr.; here's why...

Out of a reported 46 million people that make up americans living in poverty, 31 million are white and 10 million are Black. 

In the case of the 'Temporary Assistance for Needy Families' welfare initiative (TANF), 70% of all those benefits go to white people. 

Matter of fact, Black people have a shorter life expectancy than whites. So when Black people pass away prematurely, they leave behind tax monies they've paid into this country's social welfare system; and whites who live longer, collect the monetary benefits left by these Black people. 

And, of the 36 million people on food stamps, 24 million are white, 8 million are Black and 6 million were reported to be latino. 

So before your conditioned response to think that whites are smarter than us kicks in, the next time you see one of 'em, consider these facts. 

And as a Black man or woman, don't ever let yourself feel inferior to these people. Because the above stats and info. show that even with the 'white privilege', these people STILL aren't as smart as we are...or have the potential to be. 

And as Sam Jackson said in 'Do the right thing', "...that's the triple truth, Ruth."

Kem Wesir, 

MontUHURU Mimia 

You can see where I got the stat breakdowns for the 'whites and welfare' portion of this post here. 

Now, the person who gathered these stats is a journalist named Edward Wyckoff Williams; and you can find out more about him here.


  1. ALL I AM GOING TO SAY! "THAT IS SSSOOOO TRUE"! I feel that whites have do nothing. Compared to blacks, they never been beaten, whipped. Yea you might have been poor, but the white people get the food and rationings first. The blacks always got the scraps and made it taste better. Than their rationings and the sad part they wanted scrapes. Because they didn't know how to cook. Whites I feel always try to use their privilege. Especially I feel when they have sex with a black man. But you don't want to be an embarrassment to mom and dad, and then yell rape. But you are telling the truth about some whites. Great article

    1. Hey Patsy...

      It's not only the 'white privilege' that caucasians have as an advantage, but fair-skinned jews and asians have gotten monetary 'reparations' to give them another advantage.

      Black people haven't seen dime one for our 'holocaust' in this country.

      So it amazes me when Black people talk so ardently about 'hard-working' asians and jews. My argument is, give Black people their reparations, and let's see if we don't do better.

      Again, thanks for commenting.