Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why did Tommy Sotomayor organize the 'Real Men' Tour?

Djehuty Ma'at Ra,
Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson
and...Tommy Sotomayor? 

What's wrong with this picture folks?

Looks like Uncle Tommy is up to his old tricks again...only this time, he's got some 'conscious' brothas as cohorts.

About a week ago, I was on Djehuty Ma'at Ra's YouTube page, 'Dhealthstore', looking at one of his videos. That's when I saw a message that Djehuty would be on Tommy Sotomayor's Radio show. I was like...what the hell? Why would Djehuty be fraternizing with Uncle Tommy?

A couple of days later, Djehuty made another YouTube video talking about 'The Real Men Tour' and how Uncle Tommy was actually the one who organized it. Plus, Tommy's got a couple of brothas from the Black 'conscious' community like Djehuty to come aboard. 

Later in his video, Djehuty began waxing philosophic about how he thought it was counter-productive for Black men to speak ill of Uncle Tommy because this tour was in fact his brainchild. And he was also intimating that this tour is something that's sorely needed in the Black community...especially for Black men. 

Again, I was perplexed trying to figure out why these brothas would hook up...and then I got really happy about's why. 

This tour represents the first signs that Uncle Tommy's days of being a half-celebrity are numbered and just about up. 

You see, the white elites who've tasked him to come into the Black community with his 'divide and conquer' tactics are noticing that Black folks ain't going for his okey-doke anymore. 

Uncle Tommy's white supremacist handlers are also seeing that Black men especially, are starting to see through Tommy's B.S. 

And if house negros like Uncle Tommy can't keep their credibility amongst Black folks, his white handlers can't use him as an instrument to keep working class Black men and women feuding with each other; so, they had to figure out a new strategy.

Enter...Uncle Tommy's 'Real Men' Tour...(like 'mentor', get it?).

What Tommy's implying is that he's got the answer to how Black men can become 'real men' by following his self-hating doctrine; and just like white supremacists usually keep a 'token' negro in tow, Tommy's bought along some prominent and 'conscious' brothas to get him his 'street cred' back. 

Funny enough, this moment reminds me of when I went to see David Icke in concert (google him if you don't know who he is). I was a firm believer in his fight against western fascism, and at one point feared for his safety because surely a man this brilliant and knowledgeable about secret societies was being watched. That's until he was half way through his lecture and said: "I just happen to live on an island with the highest concentration of freemasons in the world." 

Right then I knew he was one of them; 'cause you don't just happen to live anyplace where they can boast that claim. 

That moment came for me again when I watched Djehuty's YouTube vid where he gave viewers a tour of his Los Angeles store. It was great seeing all the herbs, oils, potions, etc. he had available for a reasonable price...then, when he got to his book section, it seemed strange that it included shuysters/authors like Kevin know, Mr. 'Natural cures they don't want you to know about'...who belongs to one of these secret societies himself. 

I also began thinking about brotha Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson; now he seemed completely on the level. His credibility is iron clad...or is it?

Dr. Johnson almost always prefaces his lectures with the fact that he's a descendant of the late Frederick Douglass, the abolitionist. Now, Frederick Douglass has been sold to us as a great champion of the Black human rights struggle; but what no one tells us in american history classes, is that Mr. Douglass himself was a freemason. 

There's a written letter Frederick forwards to William Lloyd Garrison in May of 1846, where he details how once he gets to London, he's got an invite to a meeting at London's freemasonic hall on Great Queen street. People, you don't get invites like that...especially, Black men didn't get invites like that back in those days, unless you were connected. 

But now that both these brothas are touring with Uncle Tommy, this, and the above examples, confirm to me where their allegiance really lies. 

'Cause if there's one thing about these secret society members I'm surest of, it's that they stick together. They wouldn't risk affiliating with someone who wasn't connected for fear of being exposed themselves. 

So, if you're NOT a fan of Uncle Tommy's you should rejoice about this upcoming tour. Again, this is the surest sign that this self-hating, half-celebrity's fame has nearly run its course. Remember, I told you that one thing about Tommy was abundantly clear to me...and that's the fact that TOMMY WILL DESTROY HIMSELF!

Now that his handlers are telling him to organize this tour, we see Tommy's celebrity slope is becoming more slippery. 

I also talked about Uncle Tommy's karmic a$$kicking,'s on the horizon. 'Cause once his credibility is gone in the Black community and his handlers have no more use for him...he'll be dealing with something far worse than his own self-hatred...and that's OBSCURITY. 

And the sooner, the better. 

Ma'at Hotep, 

MontUHURU Mimia  

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  1. I use to watch Uncle Tommy myself. I liked him at first, but he started downgrading black women. And I am a big (fat) lady also. But the reason why I am obese because I was molested at 12 by my cousin. Instead of my parents pressing charges. They did nothing. So I used food as a comfort. I noticed that Uncle Tommy was a freemason, when I looked at his pictures on Facebook he has 3 facebook pages.He's in a grey shirt sitting down and the way his hands look. He was doing a downward diamond sign. My father is a freemason and my mother is an Eastern star so I know the hand gestures a little. But his time is coming to an end, and when they get through with him. He might have to make a choice,because when you get into higher degree of masonry. You got to do a blood sacrifice (aka possibly kill your daughter) Or be killed yourself. For material gain.Same thing happened with Trayvon, I believe his father had something to do with that. If I'm hearing my son scream right outside the complex where I stay I would be running outside and see who is hurting my son. Zimmerman thought that he got away with murder, because you are a mason. Think again, he going to be end up missing real soon. As for his Umar Johnson and Djehuty Ma'at Ra. I know Umar is a Muslim, I found out that the higher degree of mason's are Muslim. Like my Uncle he's Muslim and a mason, higher degree. And the majority, not all, are set out to sellout the black race. I feel Tommy will get his I do believe in Karma. What you put out there will come back to you. You be blessed a great article.

    1. Hi Patsy,

      Thanks for the response, kind words and the 'follow'!

      I hope you see more posts that you like here in the future.

      Ma'at Hotep
      (Roughly meaning peace and justice)

  2. U say u are obese and u are blaming someone else 4 it?????this page makes no since.u act like this guy is killing innocent black children or raping black women.u make him sound like he is Da anti-christ!!!

    1. Firstly, I don't know your ethnicity or gender so I can't refer to you as a Black or white male or female; but in defense of 'Thomas 7777' a.k.a 'Patsy', I'll let you know that she's not 'blaming' anyone for her being overweight.

      She's saying she was 'molested' as a youth and she used food as a comfort, so try to be a little more sensitive to what she's gone through. You're acting like being molested as a child is some small thing...IT'S NOT AT ALL!

      As far as Tommy Sotomayor goes, I understand people are still going to listen to him no matter what I say; and that's completely on them. I'm just stating the fact that Uncle Tommy's opinions come from a place of Black self-hatred. Now, if you or anyone else still wants to listen to his rants, again, that's on you. I'm not here to tell people what to do, 'cause they're gonna' do whatever they want to regardless.

      I'm saying if you happen to be a Black person listening to Tommy's messages, just understand who this guy is...and what he's been tasked to do, especially in terms of what that means to the Black diaspora.

      And I'm saying, Tommy Sotomayor himself is not the's the people he's working for that are. Tommy's just another symptom of the white supremacist status quo that permeates the american social order.

  3. Free Mason in North America is not the same as Free Masons of that tiny Island spoken about by Icke, which he means Great Britain. There are so many Eastern Stars in the black community and if you will meet an Eastern star, that means he is connected to a Mason by blood.
    Masons are not something that is a monster to be feared, but it is our lack of knowledge that lead us to be chained up in North America and will keep up mentally enslaved.
    Imagine if there was a secret society helping black people get on top and prosper ( someone really needs to form one soon ).

    1. GMA...

      Actually, I have NO problems with 'freemasonry' itself; I understand that these sciences are those of our ancient ancestors that fair-skinned folks have used to stay in power.

      Actually, the BIGGEST secret of EVERY secret society is that they are all practicing the sciences of ancient Black people.

      I just have a problem with its white supremacist elements, which Uncle Tommy is completely mired in.

      While Uncle Tom is telling Black people that we should heed his advice on how to fix our communities, he's following the agenda of white supremacist freemasons and keeping Black men and women hating themselves and each other.

      THAT'S where the problem LIES!!

  4. When I said Eastern Star I meant ( she not he )

  5. Yeah, this is great to see this article. Mr. Ma'at Ra, as he goes by (and that is not his true name, btw) is a fraud and soon it will be well documented, as former workers for his business whistle blow on his corner-cutting operation in Glendale. The man has no spiritual side. His store in Virginia failed almost immediately. He got his youtube channel dismantled for violating the user agreement via the community guidelines. He is a very abusive person, but his wife is the true puppetmaster for the dishonest business practices. He also thanks Jordan Maxwell, a known gatekeeper and possible freemason, but always failed to give any credit to the state Citizens and all the other Patriot movement purists. He successfully destroyed himself on youtube, which was his only way of promoting his products lol. I was so glad to finally leave that hellhole. Too bad the info he gave I now must question every little bit of...

    1. "No lie can live forever."
      --James Baldwin

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. In defense to Dr. Umar (though I don't praise anyone and watch and see) I contacted him immediately after hearing the news in August and he said he made no agreement to be apart of the tour with Tommy Sotomayor which was a relief and considering the tour was scheduled for this month and has not occurred I think he was being truthful. I think they jumped the gun and used his name or did not disclose exactly who would be part of the tour. I'm sure Dr. Umar and Lenor Honor both asked not to be apart of the tour it definitely would have affected their credibility amongst conscious people who see through Tommy Sotomayor's tactics. I also took the time to forward him some videos of TS and being a psychiatrist I'm sure Umar was able to see through him and the fact that he is operating from a position of pain which he would like to inflict on all.

    1. 'Black Energy'...

      Just because brotha Umar didn't agree to be on the tour, doesn't mean he wasn't considering it; and it doesn't dispel the fact that he was probably fraternizing with Uncle Tommy on some level, so to me, he's still suspect.

      Beyond this, Umar always makes it a point to mention he's the descendant of Frederick Douglass, who is and was one of the world's most famous white supremacist freemasons.

      So Dr. Umar is not off the hook.

      At least not with me.

  7. Umar Johnson is not a doctor... all of his credentials are fabricated... so who is he really working for and what is he hiding?

  8. Look him up for yourselves this dude is an agent and has NO DEGREES



    1. Hey Morgan...

      You're kinda' lookin' like an agent yourself, in case you didn't know.