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The legend of Dave Chappelle...

This is the first part of a free ebook I'll be offering on contemporary Black revolutionaries. This tome will expound on their contributions to the Black diaspora and the lessons we, Black people, should take away from their actions.

So without further ado, here's PART 1:

"...'cause once you're famous, you can't get can get infamous, but ya' can't get unfamous."
--Dave Chapelle on 'Inside The Actor's Studio'.

James Lipton, who's the director of New York University's 'The Actor's Studio', said to Dave Chappelle on his second visit to the show, that the above quote was the best he'd ever heard in his decade long tenure hosting this TV series. 

Now, some say Dave's career is currently in shambles...people say due to his reckless behavior and unstable mind state, he destroyed his perfectly good, charmed and lucrative celebrity lifestyle. 

But what most people see as a massive failure, Black people should see as a humongous triumph. 'Cause believe it or not, this man, almost single-handedly, is showing us a real path to freedom. Let me explain how...

First, let's look into the makings of the man...

David Khari Webber Chappelle, was born on August 24th, 1973 in Washington D.C.

His father, William David Chappelle III, was a professor at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Yellow Springs is said to be a hyper-liberal or 'hippie-like' city, and Dave's father was a tireless human rights activist in that community. The commune William belonged to dedicated itself to eradicating all forms of bigotry, ethnic or otherwise. 

David's mother, Yvonne Chappelle, was a professor at several universities including: Howard University, Prince George's Community College and the University of Maryland; she's also a Unitarian Universalist Minister. Yvonne also worked with a historical hero or 'heru' of mine, the Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. Lumumba actually chose her himself. For those who don't know him, this man almost single-handedly united the Congo for Black people by taking back the nation's army, expelling the majority of white fascists in the Congolese government and working to reclaim all of it's mineral resources for his people. 

Malcolm X said of Patrice Lumumba, that he was the greatest Black man who ever walked the African continent.

But of course, the white fascist western powers weren't having any of that; so they sent in the belgian army and their CIA cohorts, to have Patrice forcibly removed and assassinated. But I digress...

This is Dave's pedigree; and this is why he had the mental fortitude and courage to make the choices he would in the future. 

In his early teens, Dave read a Time magazine article about Bill Cosby and saw distinct similarities between Bill's upbringing and his own. He was so moved by what he'd read, he decided then and there that being a comedian was his true calling. Little did Dave know, that he'd clash with the white supremacist factions that allowed Bill to grace this periodical's cover.

Dave began frequenting comedy clubs shortly thereafter, and one piece of advice he'd gotten from an elder comedian was that he should study acting. So he attended and graduated from D.C.'s Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Afterwards, he made his way to New York to pursue being a comedian full time. 

After making a name for himself on the New York comedy circuit, Dave scored a movie role as 'Achoo' in Robin Hood: Men in tights at the age of 19; in the same year, Dave was offered the role of Benjamin Buford 'Bubba' Blue in Forrest Gump. You remember this guy and his famous 'shrimp' soliloquy: "You can barbeque shrimp, boil shrimp, broil shrimp, bake shrimp, sautee shrimp, etc."

Now, this is where the legacy of Dave's parents served him well. He said that the role of 'Bubba' Blue was too demeaning and refused to take it. This is where his revolutionary stance really had its start. 

In 1999, Dave secured a role in Martin Lawrence's movie, 'Blue Streak'. And it was here that Dave solidified his status as an uncompromising force to be reckoned with. 

One day on the set of the film, Dave walked into his trailer to find a dress hanging up on his wardrobe rack. When a member of the production crew told him they'd scripted a scene where Martin sneaks him out of jail disguised as a prostitute in a dress, Dave was like...Oh hell no! And because Dave wouldn't give in, they actually kept their original scene where he didn't have to wear the damn dress. 

In 2003, Dave debuted the 'Chappelle show' on Comedy Central; and of course, this show would go on to break all kinds of ratings and DVD sales records. And it was roughly a year after this that Comedy Central's executives and other white elitists, tried to get Dave hooked on prescription drugs. Dave told this story to Oprah and said they tried to convince him he was crazy, and these meds would help. But Dave was too strong willed to go for the okey-doke. 

And when things got too intolerable on the Chappelle show set, Dave split and went to Africa so he could enjoy a somewhat normal life in relative anonymity.   

I think the majority of people reading this have probably heard the gist of this story beforehand, but what I really want to talk about is how Dave, whether he knows it or not, has showed the Black diaspora how to triumph over white supremacists and their institutions.   

So, what I'd like to do is deconstruct how Black people...and Black men especially, should replicate the mental, spiritual and economic course of Dave's massively succesful middle finger to the white elites. 

Let's elucidate the mental component: Dave's refusal to wear a dress solidified his MASCULINITY...AND HIS MENTAL STRENGTH. 

This stance was an extremely critical message to a generation of Black men who seem to think accepting these kinds of emasculating slights is a matter of course for Black men. And this is not relegated to show business, any time a brotha lets a woman, black or otherwise, talk down to him or tell him what 'they' will do, he's being complicit in giving his manhood away. It's important to set boundaries in the workplace and in personal relationships especially; and it's imperative that Black men let women and employers know that there are certain things he WILL NOT put up with. And I'm NOT saying you should be abrasive and cantankerous, or prone to fits of rage, I'm saying you should firmly dissent when you know something is going against your rights as a man.   

The spiritual component: Dave's refusal to wear a dress meant that he could 'live' with himself and not have to carry the burden of letting his soul be murdered. 

I had a blog on wordpress in the past, and I remember reading another young Black man's blog on their website called 'Locks on the Roks'.

Now 'Locks' referred to the young brotha having his hair in what some people refer to as 'dreadlocks'...but we should know the white elite gave them the name 'dreadlocks' because back when they were trying to colonize islands populated by Black people, it was the Black men with 'locks' that gave them the most resistance and put up the greatest fight. 'Roks' refered to the fact that the brotha actually lived in Korea; as in the 'Republic of Korea'. 

This brotha had a post called 'Sports Day triumph', and it expounded on how he was made to dress up in drag and get pelted with bean bags in keeping with his 'teaching' assignments, for the teacher's degree he was pursuing. Now, the picture this brotha had on his header was the one to the left with John Carlos and Tommie Smith holding up the 'Black power fist' in the 1968 Olympics. Somehow, in his mind, he equated surviving his dressing in drag and getting stuff thrown at him, with what these brothas did in the 1968. He also said proudly, that fortunately, this wasn't his first time dressing in women's cloths; then he talked about how his friends held 'transgender' parties...and this to him was a source of pride. 

I contacted him and asked him how he could defile the memory of Tommie Smith and John Carlos with his story of dressing in drag. He defended this by saying it was something he was mandated to do and he got through it anyhow. Then he deflected his shame by asking me, have I ever been to Korea? I responded, no, but I've never dressed in drag while people threw stuff at me either.

I decided to let it go, 'cause it was clear this brotha grew up in a fatherless home and didn't know any better.

This is the result of the Black community's adoption of 'matriarchies' as the norm. And there is definitely elements in that ideology that murder the souls of young men and turn them into straight up sissies. 

The economic component: I remember watching a YouTube video where Dave was playing a small club after he'd left his show; and some emasculated negro asked him, "Are you rich?"

This is the only thing anglophilic Black men want to know. This simpleton couldn't see the example Dave had set for him and our people; he just wanted to see if Dave had the 'white supremacist's' stamp of approval. 

You see, if Dave had grown up in a fatherless home, he'd have taken Comedy Central's 50 million dollars, he'd have worn that dress in 'Silver Streak', and he probably would have taken the role as the dim-witted 'Bubba' Blue in Forrest Gump or starred in a movie where he got shot in the a$$. 

He would of allowed himself to be 'neutered' and allowed his soul to be murdered. 

But instead, he gave Black men one of the greatest contemporary examples of what we should do to prosper collectively in the future. And what did Dave do you ask? He did this...


Let me explain...

Even though Dave didn't take Comedy Central's money, he knew the white mainstream had already made him a star; meaning, he didn't NEED them anymore to pack any club he played in this country or in the world. 


And he could still 'get rich' on his own terms, playing his cards right. 

At the time I'm writing this, Dave is currently on a national tour, and he doesn't have the white elite's hands in his pockets; and/or, he's keeping the LION'S SHARE of his profits. 

So Dave is setting the precedent for Black men to use white mainstream's institutions to springboard off, so you can own as much of yourself, and your profits, as possible!

That's DOPE!


Again...that's exquisitely dope!

He's saying we don't need america's white supremacist infrastructure to prosper. Or, let's take our profits from this bastardized country and build OUR continent back up. Let's go back to our roots...where the real power has always been!

He's saying, we have a glorious future if we can see that everything white supremacists taught us about Africa is a lie! 

Everything you can find here, you can find over there!

On top of the fact, that if we can control Africa's resources, or at least ONE of it's resources...our people world wide, would be multi-billionaires.

Could you imagine if our people owned all the coffee beans coming out of Africa? Or all the cocoa beans? We'd all be rich!

So I say, let's heed Dave's call to action; and let's turn america's white supremacist paradigm on its ear. Let's become the deified people we've always been, and reclaim the throne of this world that rightfully belongs to us! 


MontUHURU Mimia

Here are two very revealing interviews Dave has given. The first is with Oprah, and of course, being the illuminati slut she is, she tried to spin every one of Dave's arguments to make him look crazy. 

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