Saturday, September 28, 2013

What (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor doesn't realize about his hatred for Black women...

"The most dangerous place for a Black man to be is with a black woman."

"Are black women the biggest enemy of Black men?"

"The most classless, vile and unladylike women are..."

"Systas can't keep their legs or their mouths closed."

"Sistas are made of weaves, tattoos and bad attitudes." 

These are but a few of the sentiments Uncle Tommy has spewed on his several YouTube channels.

Tommy has basically made a career out of slandering black women; and he has hordes of them and Black men, hanging on his every word. 

I should know, I was one of 'em. 

But after hearing these sentiments repeatedly, and hearing Tom say how Black people in general, lack the capacity to think critically, I came to my senses and dumped this self-hating Uncle Ruckus bastard. 

But if Uncle Tommy knew what I've recently found out, he'd stop his rants about black women tommorrow. 


And what I mean is, if you're a Black man who hates black women, guess what? You're gonna' hate yourself consciously or subconsciously for being Black. 

Just like if you're a Black elder who hates the Black youth, you're gonna hate yourself for being Black; and if you're a Black African who hates Black americans, you're gonna hate yourself for being Black...etc.etc. 



Now, understand what I'm saying; I'm not suggesting that as a Black man or woman you have to love and trust every single Black person you meet...that's impractical. I'm just saying again, you can't hate any one group of Black people without it affecting you. 

Now, if Tommy knew this, he'd rethink his whole approach to dealing with black women and Black people altogether. 'Cause if we know nothing else about Tom, we know he loves himself above anything or anyone else. 

With that being said, here's why Uncle Tom will never come to this conclusion. 

It's because Black people like Tommy actually like feeling inferior to white people. 

They're comfortable feeling subordinate to them, because they've been so conditioned to think white people created everything known to mankind, that to them, it feels intrinsically right to let them have their way. Even when it hurts them and their kind. 

I remember talking to a Black co-worker of mine, and this person was a mature Jamaican man; we talked about a white co-worker who was obviously dim-witted and while we verbalized this to each other, this man said to me: "Yeah, that guy's an idiot. But I shouldn't say that, because he is white after all."

I thought my head was gonna' explode. 

I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. 

There was another instance where I worked along side a mature African guy who would always boast about his 'manly' status. He would question other men about how sexually active they were and tell black women he couldn't be with them because he's such a 'big African man'. 

I remember one day, some white man rejected him in some form or fashion, and this 'big African man' started balling like a baby. He was so conditioned to love them, that he was literally brought to tears by some pale-skinned inbred because that person disliked him. 

Now, I'm not casting aspersion on Black Jamaicans or Africans, but this is how conditioned Black people on the whole are to hate themselves and love whites. And because we spend the majority of our lives mired in this kind of conditioning, it feels totally natural. 

Now, what this makes me think of, is brotha Gil-Scot Heron's hyper-prescient and timeless quote: "The revolution will not be televised." 

This proverb is beyond pithy 'cause it's the stark raving truth. And in it's truest sense, especially pertaining to Black people, the greatest revolution isn't going to happen in the streets, or on social media, or anyplace where it can be publicly broadcast. 

It's gonna' happen in our minds. 

'Cause until you and I do the subconscious work to recondition ourselves out of the white supremacist mindset we've had force fed into us, we'll always love whites more than we love ourselves. 

And for those of you who want to include brown people in our revolution, understand, they love white people just as much, or possibly more than we do. And consciously or subconsciously, they hate us just like white people again, possibly more so. 

So understand, we have to do the meditative, subconscious work necessary to truly love our Black selves and each other again.

And for those Black people who think it's all about finance, remember, the Black 'nuclear' family was more intact when we as a people had less than we do now. 

So I'm saying to every brotha and sista out there, the subconscious mind is the real battlefield. And I've begun building my arsenal with a meditative regimen that'll help me fight off the truest enemy of our people...and that's Black self-hatred. 

Now, might our revolution involve taking to the streets in the future? Possibly. But again, until you're mentally ready to defend yourself and your communities, you won't take up arms to protect yourself anyway.

And I for one, intend to be ready to defend myself. 

Kem Wesir, 

MontUHURU Mimia

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jill Scott, Aresnio Hall and how christianity corrupted the maxim 'spare the rod and spoil the child'...

This past Tuesday night, I was channel surfing and came upon the new Arsenio Hall show.

I remember all the great guests Aresenio had on his original show some twenty odd years ago, and I remember how after bringing on Louis Farrakhan, his show was canceled post-haste.

Arsenio announced that the hypochondriac comic Howie Mandel would be one of his guests, and right before I was gonna' turn the channel, he said he'd have on Jill Scott.

Now, I'd be lying if I said I've never had a crush on Jill. 

She has an almost regal quality mixed with a new-aged bohemian type of sensibility. Combine that with her hyper-evocative voice and her lovely looks, and that pretty much seals the deal...for me at least. So I stayed tuned in to Arsenio. 

I muted the TV while Howie was on, 'cause quite frankly, I've never found him very funny. And even his hypochondria diagnosis couldn't change that. 

Finally, Jill came on. And when she walked out, I was kinda' shocked. 

Jill had on this tight mini-skirt and these four to six inch heels. To top that off, she had her cleavage popping out of her white collared shirt, 'cause the top three buttons were undone. 

I was thinking...Jill?

Now, Jill's got an upcoming movie roll in some insipid looking romantic comedy called 'Baggage Claim'. She's playing some round-the-way stewardess who hops from bed to bed with various men, and Arsenio showed a clip from the film. 

As I sat wondering what in the world she was doing, Arsenio asked about her son Jett, and mentioned she was a single mother. Then it all became clear. 

Jill's doing this 'cause she's looking for a man. 

I then understood why Jill was going so hard as far as her sultry new make over was concerned. But there's a difference between looking sexy and looking sleazy. Jill was accomplishing the latter. 

She then spoke about rearing her male child Jett. And said she believes in the old axiom 'spare the rod and spoil the child' when it comes to disciplining him. Then she spoke about the spankings she got as a child, and in one instance, she said she didn't remember any part of a beating after being hit with her mother's open hand. 

I just shook my head. 

Now, if you're a christian reading this, let me tell you how your religion has ruined an old African proverb. 

The saying 'spare the rod and spoil the child' is an African maxim referring to the usage of an 'African Healing Rod' to cure a child of their ailments. But white supremacist christianity has co-opted this phrase to mean that Black people especially, should take up a stick and beat their children with it. 

Now, what most people don't know is when you continually strike your child, that child is ten times more likely to wind up in abusive relationships throughout their lives. 

Either that or they become abusers themselves.

Now do you understand why there's a christian church on every corner of Black neighborhoods. Those white devils want our areas to maintain a certain level of dysfunction, and what better way to do it than through this wicked cult called christianity.

So again, if you're a Black christian, you might wanna' emulate the band R.E.M. and lose your religion.

Getting back to Jill...her spankings, or physical abuses, are the reason she's an unwed mother trying so hard to lure a man with her sexuality. Due to the abuses she endured, she'll more than likely always be in a bad relationship. And if she does find a 'good man', she'll more than likely drive him away (reference Halle Berry). Additionally, if Jill was conditioned to hate Black men by her mother and doesn't know it, then it's check and mate, the game's over in terms of her ever being with, or being able to keep, a 'good' Black man.  

So, if you're a woman reading this, realize that a 'good man' is not going to seriously date or marry a woman who dresses like she's oversexed. As a matter of fact, this is the woman he'll RUN from. 

And I understand that Jill being a single mother makes her think that prospects for finding a good man are few, but acting and dressing like a harlot, is not the way to attract Mr. Right. 

After seeing Jill on Arsenio's show, I watched a YouTube video of her doing a recent radio interview, and she had what looked like four weaves in her hair. Again, if Jill wants to attract that right guy, she should do what she's done previously, which is don a dashiki and wear her hair naturally. 

Hopefully, Jill will find a way back to her true self, instead of looking like one of the co-stars of sluts, I mean, 'Sex and the city'. 

And I for one, can't wait 'til she does. 

Ma'at Hotep,

MontUHURU Mimia

Just so you know, I'm NOT trying to sell you anything. But here's an example of 'African Healing Rods' and their capabilities. Even though this white lady keeps calling them 'Egyptian Healing Rods', make no mistake, they're from Africa. And for those of you who don't know...and there are still some of you out there...EGYPT IS IN AFRICA!

Check a map. 

Enjoy this vid!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Project H.E.A.R. (Part 2)...What is the 'Zero-Sum' game of the white elite?

"...when the man runs his game, lord knows he sure runs it mean..."
--lyric from Melvin Van Peebles stage play, 'Ain't suppose to die a natural death'. 

A couple of years ago, I was watching BET's 'Comic View', and there was a popular comedian named Earthquake who was doing his thing on stage.

Now, Earthquake had a very 'down-home' type of delivery, which was part of his charm; and being that he was a mature Black man, I guess he was representing his southern roots. 

But on this episode, he said if he met god, he'd ask him one question: what did the first brotha do to make life so hard on Black men? 

Now, at the time I kind of laughed this joke off, but then I started to ponder the question. And even then, it surprised me that this mature Black man, and Black men in general, didn't know and thoroughly understand the answer. 

Now, if you're a Black christian, you should be very familiar with the 'curse of Ham'. The Book of Genesis records an instance of Noah cursing his son Ham's descendants to be slaves. Although there is no biblical evidence that Ham was the father of African peoples, various Jewish, Christian and Islamic writers came to believe that he was, and their association helped to justify centuries of African enslavement. 

This is why I don't subscribe to white supremacist religions of any sort. Mind you, ALL religions were created by white supremacists as a means of keeping global Black populations under their control.

Even the 'book of mormon' says in 'Nephi 5:21' that: " they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people, the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them." They're talking about Black people in this passage folks. So as you can see, mormons are notorious bigots. 

And being that white elites keep us mired in religion, and in the paradigm of bowing and begging, we're kept out of our spiritual sciences like the 'Orishas' and 'Voudun', which is where the real power to effect change lies. 

But the basic function of religion, especially pertaining to Black folks, is to internalize some sense that you as a Black person, are inherently wrong. Now combine this with the white supremacist education we receive, and you almost can't help being a self-hating 'hue-man'. 

Beyond that, the real reason we're so subjugated and reviled, especially when it comes to Black men is this...


Coincidentally, this is why Black men have the stereotype of having big phallus'. It has nothing to do with physical penis size, it has to do with genetic power over recessive-traited people. We can literally breed any ethnic group out of existence 'cause we can create any other kind of man, but none of them can create one of us. So as Chuck D (Public Enemy) stated, we are Public Enemy # 1 to the white elite.

Black people, and Black americans especially, forget that white people are the world's MINORITY. Three quarters of this earth's population is Black and brown. Meaning that white people always have to be conscious of population numbers and populus stat breakdowns.

You must have noticed how every TV commercial you see lately has a black woman paired with a white man, or a Black man paired with a white woman (Cheerios commercial). This is because the white elite need to keep us separated so we don't produce any pure bred Black boys that will turn into genetically-dominate Black men. 

And with white birth rates falling below replacement levels, the white elite are scrambling to find ways for white couples to have as many kids as possible. Why do you think white male politicians are damn near outlawing abortions. It's so their women can keep all those white children. 

The MTV show '16 and pregnant' was created to make pregnancy for young white girls 'cooler', so they'll be inclined to have more children. There's actually an article on young white girls getting pregnant so they can be on the show. 

And this speaks directly to what I call the 'Zero-sum' game of the white elites. And the phrase 'Zero-sum' is talking about white people's need to win at all costs. There is no room for Black people to win with them because we have the ability to wipe them out. 

In terms of this 'game'...for white people, failure is not an option.

Thus the reason why white elites use genocides, germ and chemical warfare, disease manufacturing, induction of global famine and drought situations, creation of civil and tribal wars, etc. to achieve this goal. 

They will and are doing anything they can to win this game; 'cause if they don't, they die. Period.

And the Black man's genetic power to wipe them out, is his 'original sin' (where have we heard that before?). 

So for 'Earthquake' and every other Black man wondering why white supremacists lock us in prisons as much as they do, or keep us hating ourselves as much as we do, here's your answer. 

And now that we have this question answered, it's time to take back what's rightfully ours; our black woman and our Black communities. 

So let's get to work.  

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

The first line in this post is again, from Melvin Van Peebles' stage play 'Ain't suppose to die a natural death'; and here's a clip of this play from the 1972 Tony Awards TV broadcast. Check out a young Garret Morris before he went on the first incarnation of 'Saturday Night Live'. In this montage, we see the results of white supremacist gestapo-like police officers, and how they operate in our communities; in keeping with the agenda of the 'Zero-sum' game.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Project H.E.A.R. (Part 1)...Three secrets about white people every Black person should know...

For those who haven't seen my last post, 'Project H.E.A.R.' is an initiative I've started to thwart the schisms throughout the Black diaspora. 

H.E.A.R. is an acronym for 'Hue-mans Erasing All Rifts'. Now, when I say 'Hue-mans', let me clarify that I'm only talking about Black people. I know we love to talk about multi-culturalism, problem there is, we're the only ones who tout its tenets. 'Cause quite frankly, every other kind of person outside the Black diaspora either hates Black people, or feels superior to them. 

So whether it's the rift between Black men and black women, or Black elders and the Black youth, or Black americans and Black Africans, we all need to realize, the only way we'll survive the onslaught of genocidal agendas perpetrated by whites, is to band together and put petty differences aside. 

And being that the Black diaspora is in a state of global triage, the sooner we all get started, the better. 

Now, I'm beginning with this topic to first expose who white people truly are, before I offer unifying solutions for the Black diaspora. This post is meant to make sure any and every Black person who reads it never again feels inferior to any pale-skinned inbred. 

So let's get started...  

Secret # 3: White people mistake the perks of 'white privilege' for their being exceptionally hard working.

How many times have you heard a white person say their parents came to this country as  poor immigrants and worked extremely hard to get where they got?

Well, chances are, they have no idea that the doors of opportunity were much more open to them because of their being fair-skinned. 

The average white person talks at length about how Black affirmative action initiatives are unfair 'hand-outs' that we've been issued; but none of them ever talk about the centuries of white male affirmative action that were the mandate of the american status quo.

Meaning, you couldn't get a job in this government for centuries unless you were white and male

Beyond this, white men and people, are the only ones who can effectively 'fail upwards' year after year. 

Here's one example... 

Stanley B. Kinsey is the current Chairman and CEO of NTN Communications, which is a publicly traded interactive video game company; and his academic pedigree looks like this: He acquired a Bachelors of Arts in Math from Depauw Univesity and he received a MBA from Stanford. 

After receiving his MBA, he went to work for the Disney Corporation in 1980. Before leaving in 1985, he was the acting senior vice president of operations and finance for the company. 

He then went on to co-found 'Iwerks Entertainment', which was a leading high tech company credited for creating a new field of virtual reality theaters and entertainment centers around the world. 

Stan quit Iwerks in 1995, due to the company losing massive amounts of money under his mismanagement. Stan himself said: "I went from being a genius to someone who looks as though he's mislead people."

But did that hurt Stan's chances at another job. Not one bit. 'Cause in 1997, he got the job at NTN Communications, which is now also losing massive amounts of money due to Stan's blundering. But what did industry trades and other executives say about him when he was first hired? They said his energy and creativity would add another dimension to their corporation. Mind you, this was right after he wrecked the Iwerks Entertainment company.

Now ask yourself, would any Black person get this kind of second chance after a massive failure? And again, there are several hundred examples of white men doing this year after year. 

But if you listen to white people talk about their accomplishments, you'd swear they're the smartest business people on earth; and they'd tell you they've completed more hours of back breaking work than any other ethnic group in this world. 

And we all know that's a crock. 

Secret # 2: White people can't make a distinction between being 'smart' and 'educated'.

A week ago, a TV show aired a four star hotel's video footage of a completely naked white man, putting a silver tray outside of his room for housekeeping. 

Now, after this guy put the tray on the floor, he accidentally locked himself out of his room. So he was trapped out in the lobby stark naked while other visitors walked around him. 

So what did he do? You'd think he'd knock on one of the neighboring room's doors and ask someone to call housekeeping so they could bring up a spare key. But that would make too much sense. 

What he did was go down the lobby's hall and get on the elevator...mind you, he's stark naked; then he gets off on the hotel's main floor and goes to the lobby desk and asks for a spare key. A$$-naked.  

Now, I think we can all attest to the fact that no sane Black person is gonna' wind up like this; because a. no Black person is gonna' be dumb enough to put a food tray outside their room with no clothes on, and b. if we do by some weird coincidence lock ourselves out of our hotel room in the buff, we're not leaving that room's floor without someone on that same floor, knowing that housekeeping needs to get a spare key up there to let us back in. Now, whether a Black person has a G.E.D. or a PHD, they'd be 'smart' enough to figure this one out. 

White supremacists have fed us the lie that the person who reads the most textbooks or has the most collegiate degrees will inevitably be the 'smartest'. Well, I'm sure the naked white man had an advanced degree to be able to afford his stay in a four star hotel, but he was still dumb as bricks when it came to what to do about being locked out of his room. 


But any one can memorize a set of facts to pass any test if they really want to. 

What white supremacists won't tell us is this: the REAL definition of being 'smart', is having the ability to make good decisions under pressure. THAT'S what it is in a nutshell. Now, if you're well read, that'll be great for your scholastic grades and for sharing cool anecdotes with friends, but it won't help you think 'critically'. 

And every university wants you to believe that colleges teach people to think critically; but what they're doing is conditioning you to 'think' they're teaching you how to think critically.

Critical thinking is common sense, period. 

And what you'll find is, especially amongst 'educated' whites, common sense isn't so common. 

Bottom line, white people are not deep thinkers. They're content to have their opinions given to them; they really don't form their own. 

And the # 1 secret about white people is this: the majority of americans on welfare are WHITE people...and it's been that way for decades. 

Now, Newt Gingrich was quoted for calling President Obama, the 'food stamp' president. But this title would best fit George Bush Jr. and Sr.; here's why...

Out of a reported 46 million people that make up americans living in poverty, 31 million are white and 10 million are Black. 

In the case of the 'Temporary Assistance for Needy Families' welfare initiative (TANF), 70% of all those benefits go to white people. 

Matter of fact, Black people have a shorter life expectancy than whites. So when Black people pass away prematurely, they leave behind tax monies they've paid into this country's social welfare system; and whites who live longer, collect the monetary benefits left by these Black people. 

And, of the 36 million people on food stamps, 24 million are white, 8 million are Black and 6 million were reported to be latino. 

So before your conditioned response to think that whites are smarter than us kicks in, the next time you see one of 'em, consider these facts. 

And as a Black man or woman, don't ever let yourself feel inferior to these people. Because the above stats and info. show that even with the 'white privilege', these people STILL aren't as smart as we are...or have the potential to be. 

And as Sam Jackson said in 'Do the right thing', "...that's the triple truth, Ruth."

Kem Wesir, 

MontUHURU Mimia 

You can see where I got the stat breakdowns for the 'whites and welfare' portion of this post here. 

Now, the person who gathered these stats is a journalist named Edward Wyckoff Williams; and you can find out more about him here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Project H.E.A.R. and why haitians, jamaicans and Black africans love Tommy Sotomayor...

"...everything associated with Black americans is bad."
--Tommy Sotomayor

When I was an advocate of Tommy Sotomayor and his diatribes of Black self-hatred, I'd roam through his several hundred YouTube channels looking for his latest post.

And one sentiment I seemed to run into time and time again...which no one contested by the way, was the fact that Black americans were the most insipid and ignorant kinds of Black people in the diaspora.

This, and Uncle Tommy's rants about how much he hated Black people, eventually led me to tune him out all together.

But recently, I saw this statement on a YouTube channel that wasn't Tommy's; so I investigated the person who posted the comment. Turns out, this person was a Black Jamacian living in the UK. And in his statement he wrote: I'm a Black british educated man, and these Black americans are some of the dumbest people in the world. And one person even gave it a thumbs up...mind you, not one Black american contested or protested this statement.

As a Black american myself, I've known some Jamaicans who are very cool...and the majority of them usually are; but there's a large contingent of Black island people, i.e. Jamaicans, Haitians, dominicans, etc. who can't stand Black americans. And I'm like, what's up with that?

Now, I kinda' know what's going on here, because once anyone from outside this country gets here, they're automatically told, or it's intimated, that they shouldn't like Black americans. It's almost like, welcome to america...we all hate Black americans and you should too. 

What kills me about this is, some Black immigrants don't realize they're here because the white elite has so oppressed them in their native country, that they can't make a living there.

And if Black Africans and island people feel they're so much smarter than Black americans, they should find a way to make a living in their native countries, so they can keep themselves and their families there from starving. 

I remember the Amadou Diallo shooting in New York; where this young man from Africa, came home from work and undercover officers shot him dead in a hale of forty-one bullets. Those white officers didn't stop to check if Amadou was Haitian, Jamaican or African...they just saw Black and killed him.  

Now with that said, Black people from the islands and Africa having a problem with Black americans, is but one more case of the 'Yakubian'/Willie Lynch 'divide and conquer' tactic white supremacists use to keep Black people apart. If you don't know who Yakub is, google him. And quite frankly, this is the 'mindstate' of the average Black person who listens to Tommy Sotomayor. Not only do they distance themselves from everything associated with the Black diaspora, but just like Uncle Tommy, they've been conditioned to hate themselves and do. 

This is why I've felt the need to start something I'm calling 'Project H.E.A.R.'; this is going to be an initiative to stop all the self-hatred and schisms in the Black diaspora. Or at least my attempt to aid in its stoppage. H.E.A.R is an acronym for 'Hue-mans Erasing All Rifts'; and when I use the term 'Hue-man', I'm referring to Black people. 'Cause whether we want to believe it or not, asians, white and spanish people all hate us, either consciously or subconsciously. The sad part is, again, Black people usually hate themselves too.

Mind you, I'm not immune from the ravages of the white supremacist education I've received; I too have my own prejudices about my people that I'm reconditioning myself out this is not about me pointing fingers, It's about me trying to offer practical solutions. 

Project H.E.A.R. will be a multimedia endeavor that will include literature, music and video to get it's message across. 

I wasn't originally gonna' include this, but as I'm writing, I've got the 'CW' televison network playing in the background. And there's a Tyler Perry 'prodco' marathon of coonery that's been on for the past twenty-five minutes. Now, I usually keep my TV tuned to a channel where I can at least 'see' Black people, so I'm not inundated with white or anglophilic images. And I've got my TV on 'mute' so I won't have to hear the minstrelsy that's passing for dialogue on Tyler's TV show. A second ago I put the sound back on, and Tyler Perry's 'House of Payne' was on the screen. 

This episode is about a young, commitment-phobic Black man, who's about to be married, and his need to play video games while his Black woman-friend is on the phone making catering arrangements. When the woman says the caterer is out of chicken, the Black man wants to call off the wedding. Its these 'bafoonish' images I'm gonna' address and contest in the 'Project H.E.A.R.' initiatives. 

So I hope people who enjoy my blog stay tuned for these particular posts and videos; 'cause with this 'Project', I'm going to primarily address the one subject that's caused the Black diaspora the most harm...and that's self-hatred. 

And with shows like 'House of Payne'...the sooner I get these posts and videos out, the better. 

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why won't Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant come out of the closet?

Back in 1997, I remember all the hullabaloo over Oprah Winfrey's appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show when Ellen 'came out' to the public. 

On that particular episode, Winfrey played a therapist who was trying to help Ellen accept and adjust to the fact that she was a sexual deviant. 

Funny thing about this was, Oprah detailed the accounts of hate mail she received for helping Ellen to mainstream homosexuality for an entire generation.

Oprah says after the episode aired, she received letters stating: 'Ni#ger, go back to Africa; who the hell do you think you are?'

So much for the 'liberal' gay white community.

Beyond this, what grates on me about the white gay community is they're always so quick to call Black people, and Black men especially, a bunch of 'homophobes' or people who are anti-gay. But they never talk about the prejudices they have against Black people and Black men especially.

Some of the biggest bigots in this world are gay white men. And that's a fact.

But since the late 90's, homosexuality has been made 'cool' by the white elites and their media. Now, no one dares to utter a derogatory word about queers, especially white ones, or else their careers might be over. 

Moreover, now these white degenerates are telling Black people that the 'gay rights movement' should be acknowledged and 'grouped in' with the Black 'Civil Rights' movement; or what I like to call the 'Black Human Rights movement'. 

White queers are doing this so they can give their 'gay rights causes' some legitimacy by putting them under the umbrella of 'Civil' or 'Black Human Rights' initiatives. 

Here's the thing though...where were white gays when their people were spraying us down with fireman's water hoses? Where were they when their people sicced attack dogs on us? They were right behind their 'straight' white peers saying nothing. Now they want to take credit for what we did?

I don't think so. 

But here's my question to Oprah. If she doesn't have a problem 'outing' Ellen, why won't she come out of the closet herself?

Here's why...

Any Black person in their right mind, who hasn't been turned into an anglophile, knows that homosexuality is a form of sexual deviancy. This is a practice that degenerates (Ellen DEGENERES) engage in; and NO ONE IS BORN THIS WAY, THIS IS THE RESULT OF A CHILDHOOD TRAUMA! 

Homosexuality is a 'deathstyle', not a lifestyle. 

I remember watching some PBS special where they were trying to get a group of young men and women to accept homosexuality in some summer youth camp. After showing some kind of social guidance film on why gays were just like the rest of us, one camp supervisor who was a Black male, started crying as he beseeched the young men and women to accept the gay lifestyle and accept themselves if they felt they were gay. 

Then one young, strong-willed Black brotha got up and eloquently exclaimed: "There's something wrong with them...they sick!"

So, instinctively, Black people on the whole know there's something intrinsically wrong with homosexuality. 

And this is a problem for Ms. Winfrey and her 'friend' Gayle King. See, Oprah's been tasked by white supremacist freemasons to influence the thinking of Black people. And she can't do that very effectively if Black people know she's gay. 'Cause on some level, right thinking Black folks are going to reject everything she says. And rightfully so. 

So Oprah and Gayle...her 'friend', have to maintain the appearance of 'straight' women. 

Enter stuntman...I mean, Stedman Graham. 

This guy had been tasked to play Oprah's love interest, and as of late, he's completely dropped out of the public eye; and I think that's because on some level, he's realized people know he's just posing. Even Gayle King got in on the action; she was suppose to be dating Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker; who's another 'elite' queer himself. 

I remember Cory making a speech at the opening of the new Prudential Center arena in Newark; on the podium besides him was rock singer John Bonjovi. Now Cory said to the attending audience that he always had a 'major' crush on John. Then, he tried to retract his statement by saying he was secure enough in his manhood to utter that sentiment. 

Coincidentally, this is also why Oprah built a 'girl's only' academic school in Africa. She's saying the only people worthy of a good education in Southern Africa are females; and the young men of the area be damned. It's a declaration that she'd rather have those young men relegated to lives of servitude and starvation.

It's also no coincidence that Oprah and Tyler Perry are fast friends; yep...he's a fairy too. Why do you think he's running around in dresses, calling himself 'Madea'?

*Side Note: In Greek (or freak) mythology, Medea was a woman who murders her two infant male children. So Tyler Perry's Madea represents Tyler effectively killing off his masculinity to earn bonus points with white supremacist freemasons and their fraternities. 

The name make more sense now?

And lastly, let's look at Iyanla Vanzant, who was born Ronda Eva Harris in Brooklyn, New York on September 13th, 1953. 

She's a Yoruba priestess and an ordained 'New Thought' Minister. Now, the 'New Thought' ministry involves the discipline of 'metaphysics' and deals with our ancient ancestor's spiritual sciences. 

I remember Dr. Phil Valentine (google this brotha if you don't know who he is) said religious factions tasked with keeping Black folks mired in poverty and forgiveness, were going to have to engage in a more 'spiritually' based form of religion to keep the mind of Black folks comfortably trapped in white supremacy. Cause more and more Black people are seeing christianity for the sham that it is. 

That's why Iyanla, or Ronda, is well versed in the Black spiritual sciences. It gives her more credibility with our people now-a-days; and it makes her seem like less of a queer white supremacist, which she is. 

She fits in extremely well with Oprah's message of feminist empowerment; because like the christian church, Iyanla's mantra says everything masculine is negative and everything feminine is positive. I've heard her refer to unemployed Black men as 'unemployed boo-boos', and she says Black men don't stay with their families because they're 'heart broken'. Of course she never mentions the fact that some black women have been so conditioned to hate Black men, that they wind up driving them away. That couldn't possibly be the case.

Now, Iyanla is a product of a very unstable and abusive household; and like I said previously, homosexuality is the result of a childhood trauma. And whenever you see her, she's usually sporting not one, but two 'thumb rings', like the one on the right. This is a sign that someone is identifying themselves as a homosexual. 

Check for this the next time you see Iyanla on TV. 

Beyond that, when I tell Black people Oprah's gay, their response is sheer disbelief. Like, aww...that CAN'T be the truth. 

I guess they don't want to believe that she's fooled them for so long, or they don't want to discredit her in their own minds because she's one of our people's biggest stars. 

And mind you...ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE! It's not like shes trying hard to hide this. 

So, if you're an independent thinking Black person, or you fancy yourself one, let's start seeing Oprah and her gang for what they are; a bunch of white supremacist queers tasked with keeping working class Black folks loving white people and hating their Black selves. 

And when you see her and her deviant crew on TV, get up and physically tune them out; then begin to tune them out mentally...once and for all. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The legend of Dave Chappelle...

This is the first part of a free ebook I'll be offering on contemporary Black revolutionaries. This tome will expound on their contributions to the Black diaspora and the lessons we, Black people, should take away from their actions.

So without further ado, here's PART 1:

"...'cause once you're famous, you can't get can get infamous, but ya' can't get unfamous."
--Dave Chapelle on 'Inside The Actor's Studio'.

James Lipton, who's the director of New York University's 'The Actor's Studio', said to Dave Chappelle on his second visit to the show, that the above quote was the best he'd ever heard in his decade long tenure hosting this TV series. 

Now, some say Dave's career is currently in shambles...people say due to his reckless behavior and unstable mind state, he destroyed his perfectly good, charmed and lucrative celebrity lifestyle. 

But what most people see as a massive failure, Black people should see as a humongous triumph. 'Cause believe it or not, this man, almost single-handedly, is showing us a real path to freedom. Let me explain how...

First, let's look into the makings of the man...

David Khari Webber Chappelle, was born on August 24th, 1973 in Washington D.C.

His father, William David Chappelle III, was a professor at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Yellow Springs is said to be a hyper-liberal or 'hippie-like' city, and Dave's father was a tireless human rights activist in that community. The commune William belonged to dedicated itself to eradicating all forms of bigotry, ethnic or otherwise. 

David's mother, Yvonne Chappelle, was a professor at several universities including: Howard University, Prince George's Community College and the University of Maryland; she's also a Unitarian Universalist Minister. Yvonne also worked with a historical hero or 'heru' of mine, the Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. Lumumba actually chose her himself. For those who don't know him, this man almost single-handedly united the Congo for Black people by taking back the nation's army, expelling the majority of white fascists in the Congolese government and working to reclaim all of it's mineral resources for his people. 

Malcolm X said of Patrice Lumumba, that he was the greatest Black man who ever walked the African continent.

But of course, the white fascist western powers weren't having any of that; so they sent in the belgian army and their CIA cohorts, to have Patrice forcibly removed and assassinated. But I digress...

This is Dave's pedigree; and this is why he had the mental fortitude and courage to make the choices he would in the future. 

In his early teens, Dave read a Time magazine article about Bill Cosby and saw distinct similarities between Bill's upbringing and his own. He was so moved by what he'd read, he decided then and there that being a comedian was his true calling. Little did Dave know, that he'd clash with the white supremacist factions that allowed Bill to grace this periodical's cover.

Dave began frequenting comedy clubs shortly thereafter, and one piece of advice he'd gotten from an elder comedian was that he should study acting. So he attended and graduated from D.C.'s Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Afterwards, he made his way to New York to pursue being a comedian full time. 

After making a name for himself on the New York comedy circuit, Dave scored a movie role as 'Achoo' in Robin Hood: Men in tights at the age of 19; in the same year, Dave was offered the role of Benjamin Buford 'Bubba' Blue in Forrest Gump. You remember this guy and his famous 'shrimp' soliloquy: "You can barbeque shrimp, boil shrimp, broil shrimp, bake shrimp, sautee shrimp, etc."

Now, this is where the legacy of Dave's parents served him well. He said that the role of 'Bubba' Blue was too demeaning and refused to take it. This is where his revolutionary stance really had its start. 

In 1999, Dave secured a role in Martin Lawrence's movie, 'Blue Streak'. And it was here that Dave solidified his status as an uncompromising force to be reckoned with. 

One day on the set of the film, Dave walked into his trailer to find a dress hanging up on his wardrobe rack. When a member of the production crew told him they'd scripted a scene where Martin sneaks him out of jail disguised as a prostitute in a dress, Dave was like...Oh hell no! And because Dave wouldn't give in, they actually kept their original scene where he didn't have to wear the damn dress. 

In 2003, Dave debuted the 'Chappelle show' on Comedy Central; and of course, this show would go on to break all kinds of ratings and DVD sales records. And it was roughly a year after this that Comedy Central's executives and other white elitists, tried to get Dave hooked on prescription drugs. Dave told this story to Oprah and said they tried to convince him he was crazy, and these meds would help. But Dave was too strong willed to go for the okey-doke. 

And when things got too intolerable on the Chappelle show set, Dave split and went to Africa so he could enjoy a somewhat normal life in relative anonymity.   

I think the majority of people reading this have probably heard the gist of this story beforehand, but what I really want to talk about is how Dave, whether he knows it or not, has showed the Black diaspora how to triumph over white supremacists and their institutions.   

So, what I'd like to do is deconstruct how Black people...and Black men especially, should replicate the mental, spiritual and economic course of Dave's massively succesful middle finger to the white elites. 

Let's elucidate the mental component: Dave's refusal to wear a dress solidified his MASCULINITY...AND HIS MENTAL STRENGTH. 

This stance was an extremely critical message to a generation of Black men who seem to think accepting these kinds of emasculating slights is a matter of course for Black men. And this is not relegated to show business, any time a brotha lets a woman, black or otherwise, talk down to him or tell him what 'they' will do, he's being complicit in giving his manhood away. It's important to set boundaries in the workplace and in personal relationships especially; and it's imperative that Black men let women and employers know that there are certain things he WILL NOT put up with. And I'm NOT saying you should be abrasive and cantankerous, or prone to fits of rage, I'm saying you should firmly dissent when you know something is going against your rights as a man.   

The spiritual component: Dave's refusal to wear a dress meant that he could 'live' with himself and not have to carry the burden of letting his soul be murdered. 

I had a blog on wordpress in the past, and I remember reading another young Black man's blog on their website called 'Locks on the Roks'.

Now 'Locks' referred to the young brotha having his hair in what some people refer to as 'dreadlocks'...but we should know the white elite gave them the name 'dreadlocks' because back when they were trying to colonize islands populated by Black people, it was the Black men with 'locks' that gave them the most resistance and put up the greatest fight. 'Roks' refered to the fact that the brotha actually lived in Korea; as in the 'Republic of Korea'. 

This brotha had a post called 'Sports Day triumph', and it expounded on how he was made to dress up in drag and get pelted with bean bags in keeping with his 'teaching' assignments, for the teacher's degree he was pursuing. Now, the picture this brotha had on his header was the one to the left with John Carlos and Tommie Smith holding up the 'Black power fist' in the 1968 Olympics. Somehow, in his mind, he equated surviving his dressing in drag and getting stuff thrown at him, with what these brothas did in the 1968. He also said proudly, that fortunately, this wasn't his first time dressing in women's cloths; then he talked about how his friends held 'transgender' parties...and this to him was a source of pride. 

I contacted him and asked him how he could defile the memory of Tommie Smith and John Carlos with his story of dressing in drag. He defended this by saying it was something he was mandated to do and he got through it anyhow. Then he deflected his shame by asking me, have I ever been to Korea? I responded, no, but I've never dressed in drag while people threw stuff at me either.

I decided to let it go, 'cause it was clear this brotha grew up in a fatherless home and didn't know any better.

This is the result of the Black community's adoption of 'matriarchies' as the norm. And there is definitely elements in that ideology that murder the souls of young men and turn them into straight up sissies. 

The economic component: I remember watching a YouTube video where Dave was playing a small club after he'd left his show; and some emasculated negro asked him, "Are you rich?"

This is the only thing anglophilic Black men want to know. This simpleton couldn't see the example Dave had set for him and our people; he just wanted to see if Dave had the 'white supremacist's' stamp of approval. 

You see, if Dave had grown up in a fatherless home, he'd have taken Comedy Central's 50 million dollars, he'd have worn that dress in 'Silver Streak', and he probably would have taken the role as the dim-witted 'Bubba' Blue in Forrest Gump or starred in a movie where he got shot in the a$$. 

He would of allowed himself to be 'neutered' and allowed his soul to be murdered. 

But instead, he gave Black men one of the greatest contemporary examples of what we should do to prosper collectively in the future. And what did Dave do you ask? He did this...


Let me explain...

Even though Dave didn't take Comedy Central's money, he knew the white mainstream had already made him a star; meaning, he didn't NEED them anymore to pack any club he played in this country or in the world. 


And he could still 'get rich' on his own terms, playing his cards right. 

At the time I'm writing this, Dave is currently on a national tour, and he doesn't have the white elite's hands in his pockets; and/or, he's keeping the LION'S SHARE of his profits. 

So Dave is setting the precedent for Black men to use white mainstream's institutions to springboard off, so you can own as much of yourself, and your profits, as possible!

That's DOPE!


Again...that's exquisitely dope!

He's saying we don't need america's white supremacist infrastructure to prosper. Or, let's take our profits from this bastardized country and build OUR continent back up. Let's go back to our roots...where the real power has always been!

He's saying, we have a glorious future if we can see that everything white supremacists taught us about Africa is a lie! 

Everything you can find here, you can find over there!

On top of the fact, that if we can control Africa's resources, or at least ONE of it's resources...our people world wide, would be multi-billionaires.

Could you imagine if our people owned all the coffee beans coming out of Africa? Or all the cocoa beans? We'd all be rich!

So I say, let's heed Dave's call to action; and let's turn america's white supremacist paradigm on its ear. Let's become the deified people we've always been, and reclaim the throne of this world that rightfully belongs to us! 


MontUHURU Mimia

Here are two very revealing interviews Dave has given. The first is with Oprah, and of course, being the illuminati slut she is, she tried to spin every one of Dave's arguments to make him look crazy.