Saturday, November 30, 2013

The cult of the white car...

One evening, I watched an auto ad that placed a white car in the middle of a hockey rink; and in this same ad a hockey player skated across the screen and got in the car with a white family who piled in with him.

Now, this may have seemed like just another TV commercial, but it sublimely made several points in the span of a couple of seconds. 

Lately, I've seen an exponential jump in the number of white cars on the road. It's no wonder with all the car ads basically promoting this color. 

And the stats say that white is still the best selling color on american cars; but I rarely trust stats and the companies that compile their data anyway.

Still, let me tell you why it's important for the white elite to keep people, and americans especially, in lily white cars.

What a lot of people don't realize, or don't want to realize, is the color white is by far THE most unattractive color on a car. 

Beyond it's being the hardest to keep clean, the average white car looks like pale skin; sickly, synthetic and impotent. 

And of course this is a problem for white elitists who wanna' keep every Black person thinking everything white is superior.

Beyond this, cars are not just a means of transportation; they are status symbols, and oftentimes, symbols of male virility. 

The average sports car, like a corvette for instance, is built to the specifications of a man's tastes in women. They tend to be a bit curvier than the average car and with their higher 'rear ends'...hint, hint; they're usually referred to by car buyers and sellers as 'sexy'. 

And what the white elite really don't want people equating to the color white, is that almost nothing growing naturally from the earth is this color.

Dr. Llaila Afrika put it this way, " I practice food racism...if it's white, I don't eat it."

Nearly every white food causes disease, from white flour, sugar, rice, bread, etc.

And it's no coincidence that powdered cocaine is also white. 

Also, and I have to thank Dr. Phil Valentine for this factoid (if you don't know who he is google him), when you look at cancer cells through a microscope, they are pure white. 

So it's imperative that americans be kept driving white cars 'cause white elites know that americans dictate world-wide cultural trends. 

And speaking of world-wide trends, every american knows Black people create the coolest ones; even if they don't want to admit it. Thus, we create them world wide. 

The Hip-Hop culture is a prime example of this. 

This is yet another rock in the shoe of white fascists. 

So, they have to keep whites and Black people mired in the past (12 years a slave, Lincoln, The Butler) to have us think there's no other culture that can top the outdated, stuffy, bloated and irrelevant culture of western whites. 

It's the same reason you see country artists doing anything they can to collaborate with Hip-Hop artists; it's so their completely outdated and bigoted musical genre can still have a heart beat. 

Its also the same reason there's been a deluge of inbreds on our TV screens lately (swamp men, duck dynasty, the hart of Dixie, etc.) White fascists are doing everything they can to make american white southerners seem cooler. 

Black men and women should also take note of how white people go out of their way to tan themselves, inject silicone into their lips and butts and take great pains to talk, dress, sing and dance like us; but they still can't stand us

White people really are pieces of work.

So, I've basically said all that to say this; if you're a Black person reading this post, don't ever feel inferior to these pale-skinned inbreds. 

I've recently seen several TV commercials where white men are dunking basketballs on Black players; but what the white fascists making these commercials don't want you to know is in the 1930's and 40's, white coaches said that Black men weren't smart enough to play the game of basketball.

And as you know, not only were we smart enough, but we revolutionized the damn game.

And the first person to dunk a basketball was a Black man; and at the time, white players had their mouths open in amazement thinking, how the hell did he do that?

So, the next time you're shopping for a car, and are thinking that you'll purchase a white one; think about what you're really buying into. 

And that is...another element of western white supremacy's trick bag. 

Be smart and purchase a Black vehicle. You're car will not only look stronger, but your 'cool points' will definitely shoot up a coupla' notches.

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia


  1. good post. I agree.

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    1. If you're not a white person, you should be.

  3. think the jews who make the movies mentioned above are white. they do not IDENTIFY as white because then they would have to identify with the Germanic people . this they will never do. jews are jews. they are not of the white race. even the Ashkenazi-the group from which are most jews

  4. What you're failing to realize is Judaism is a's NOT AN ETHNICITY; meaning NO ONE'S BORN JEWISH!

    So jews are simply white people who practice Judaism.

    Now if you said the majority of jews can't call themselves jews 'cause they DON'T practice their religion, that I'd agree with.