Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3 Reasons why Hurricane Katrina was far worse than Hurricane Sandy...

On August 23rd of 2005, Hurricane Katrina descended on New Orleans; and for it's residents, especially it's Black residents, life would never be the same. 

Now, lately, I've been hearing white folks talk about how much they suffered behind 2012's Hurricane Sandy; and now they're saying this disaster was just as bad, or in some cases worse, than the ravagings of Hurricane Katrina.

Now, this is nothing new. This is white people's attempt to show they can endure in the face of adversity like Black people can. 

This is also their attempt to show they can come through a trauma without crying foul like Black people do. 

But what I'll display here is how odious and insidious these people are when it comes to bending the truth to make themselves look better. 

They have no problems spinning facts to try and make light of Black people's suffering in america or the diaspora. 

So, here are my 3 reasons why Hurricane Katrina was far worse than Hurricane Sandy:

Reason#3: Even the white media are admitting the facts about which storm was worse.

The new york times ran an article comparing the overall damages of Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, and even they had to confess that Sandy was no Katrina. 

Here's some stats:

In terms of overall deaths suffered in these storms, Hurricane Katrina has Sandy beat; with Katrina having more than 1900 deaths and Sandy having barely over 200.

In terms of buildings destroyed, Katrina had over 1.2 million homes decimated and Sandy had about 305,000 living units deemed unlivable. 

In terms of sheer costs for damages, Sandy comes in at roughly 71 billion, while Katrina's dollar amount comes to 148 billion. 

And, in terms of displaced families, Katrina comes in at roughly 600,000 displaced residents; while according to the new york times...officials are still compiling data for Sandy's numbers. Read: the number of displaced residents for Sandy are embarrassingly small compared to Katrina's. 

Reason#2: During and after Hurricane Sandy, white displaced residents looking for food weren't called 'looters' or 'refugees'. 

It's amazing to me how Black people in the diaspora have such an affection and reverence for america; especially after Hurricane Katrina. 

After Black people were flooded out of their homes, many went looking for food in local supermarkets and strip malls. The TV news proceeded to label these people...american born citizens mind you, 'refugees' and 'looters'.

Intimating that Black people who were trying to survive were just criminals trying to get something for nothing. 

What this country was really saying and showing us, is we're NOT considered 'true' americans, like fair-skinned folks are; basically, we were and still are 'second-class citizens' in their eyes. 

And, what the TV news rarely spoke about was how these Black people were randomly shot down by police for trying to find sustenance. 

There was an instance where groups of Black people who tried to cross a bridge to get to dry land, were held back at gunpoint by police and told they were barred from going into the next town.

Still think america loves you Black people?

And last but not least...

Reason#1: Hurricane Sandy was a 'natural' disaster, while Hurricane Katrina's disaster was man-made.

Let me explain this point...Hurricane Sandy's devastating rains and winds were an 'act of god', just like Katrina's were.

Difference is, the flood waters of Katrina came behind the white elites bombing of the levees in new orleans. 

In 2006, Spike Lee aired a documentary on HBO called 'When the Levees Broke'. 

In this doc, several residents confessed to hearing three explosions before the lethal waters that killed many of their neighbors rushed in. 

One woman said she not only heard the explosions, but felt them. 

Rumor has it that this was done to displace large numbers of Black people out of areas like the fifth and ninth wards, because the white elites discovered some natural resource beneath those lands. 

I might dedicate a Blog post to that one day when I have researched the facts further; but what I do know is white fascists in america have a love affair with displacing Black people out of their neighborhoods in this country. 

And they give this act a pretty sounding name like 'gentrification'; when it's just good 'ole fashioned ethnic cleansing. 

So the next time a white person might wanna' talk some of this Hurricane Katrina vs. Sandy nonsense to you, remember these facts.

And either give them the finger...or walk the hell off. 

Ma'at Hotep,

MontUHURU Mimia

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