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The legend of Sophia Stewart...

In 1979, Sophia Stewart attended the City University of New York and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, she then went to the University of Southern California and studied cinema at the USC Film school. While at USC, she got a job with Columbia film studios working in the vice president's office, and in her time away from work, she wrote scripts and movie treatments. In 1981, one of these found it's way to a vice president of Twentieth Century Fox (TCF). One of TCF's vice presidents asked her if she'd written anything else. After Sophia sent a six page movie treatment to the VP, she was commissioned to write for movies and television. 

Throughout this time Sophia had been working on and completed a script titled, 'The third eye'. She proceeded to shop it around to various Hollywood producers and movie studios, but was never contacted about any offers to purchase her work. 

In 1986, she saw an ad in a national magazine that was looking for a science fiction manuscript that could be turned into a comic book. So Sophia sent her script. And this is how the 'Wachowski brothers' got a hold of her work.  

Larry (now Lana) and Andy Wachowski were born and raised in Chicago. Both were college drop-outs who ran a carpentry business while creating comic books. The Wachowski's wrote for Marvel Comic's 'Razorline' imprint before branching out to film making. They created a script titled 'Assassins' that was eventually acquired by Warner Brothers, who gave them the rights to do two more films in a three picture deal. Now, the script for 'Assassins' was completely rewritten by the author Brian Helglend, and it's said that the Wachowski's tried to take their names off the writing credits, but couldn't. (Yeah right...you'll see why that's probably a lie later). 

The Wachowski's moved on to their next film project, this time making their debut as film directors with a homoerotic 'techno' thriller called 'Bound'. Mind you, the brothers were not only giving the public hints about their sexual orientation, but with the fake writing credits for 'Assassins', they were showing their penchant for underhanded behavior. And after this is when they acquired the script by sista Sophia Stewart...and it would change all of their lives forever. 

In 1999, Sophia went to see the movie 'The Matrix' with a friend. After watching several minutes of the film, she turned to her friend saying, "I wrote this..." She in effect realized that someone at Warner Brothers, namely the Wachowski's, had stolen her script.

Now, in case you were wondering, that wasn't a typo when I wrote about Larry Wachowski turning into Lana. This guy is so mentally unstable he actually got a sex change. Pictured to the left is a photo of the Wachowski brothers while they were still writing comics. 
Then, after they came into some money behind their plagiarized 'Matrix' success, Larry got surgery to become Lana, as pictured to the right. The person that says success makes you who you really are, wasn't lying.  

In 1994, Sophia filed a lawsuit against Warner Brothers films and the Wachowski brothers for copyright infringement and racketeering. 

After a decade of litigation, Sophia finally won her lawsuit presided over in the Central District of California; and she will recover damages from all the Matrix movies, as well as 'The Terminator' movie franchise. 

But what does 'The Matrix' have to do with 'The Terminator'? As Sophia states, these two movies are one in the same. Sophia's book 'The third eye' chronicles how The story portrayed in 'The Terminator' is in essence the 'pre-quel' to 'The Matrix'. 

Sophia says she was blown away when she saw George Lucas' 'Star Wars' movie. And it gave her the idea to write a story about the second coming of christ, and how he'd have to battle machines, or cyborgs that would essentially try to control humanity in the future. 

Sophia also says, "Sarah Connor is 'Neo's' mother..." And she explains how in her script and book John Connor was an adolescent Neo who at thirty is found by rebel factions (Morpheus--played by Lawrence Fishburn and his crew) and taught how to fight the 'machines' (Agent Smith and his factions) to save humanity. Sophia also says the 'JC' in John Connor's name stands for jesus christ. She also explains that 'The Terminator' movie(s) are the 'machines' attempt to kill off John Connor (Neo) by sending a cyborg from the future to kill Sarah and John, her unborn child in the present/past. 

In 2007 Sophia was awarded 150 million dollars in damages for this case; and after winning a second bout of litigation recently, its said Sophia will win upwards of 10 billion dollars for all the years of red tape she's suffered at the hands of the american movie industry and judicial system. 

Now, I told you how Sophia said George Lucas' movie Star Wars was her inspiration for writing what essentially became 'The Matrix' and 'The Terminator' movies...by the way, Sophia also said she wrote herself into The Matrix as 'The Oracle'; but what Sophia didn't know was that George was copying from the ingenuity of her ancestors. Here's how...

To the left is a picture of an ancient Kemetic/African 'Djed Pillar'; it's a symbol representing strength and power. Now, doesn't this look almost exactly like the handle of a 'Light-Saber'? Not only that, but the 'Djed Pillar' is where George Lucas got the term 'Jedi' from. 

See, Sophia was recognizing the ingenuity of her ancestors and didn't even know it. 
Ya' want a little more proof of George's cultural theft...bet; check out this pic of Darth Vader and King 'Tut'. 

Note the similar shape of the 'head-dresses'! Or as KRS-ONE would say, "...ya' want a little clarity, check tha' similarity."


So let's get back to our rightful place of sovereignty and be the Kings and Queens our birthrights have destined us to be. 


Enjoy your reward(s) Queen...you earned them.


MontUHURU Mimia


To all of you who downloaded a copy of 'Revering Revolutionaries', I'd like to thank you, the e-book has over 100 downloads and counting. I only thought I'd get 20 at most. 

Also, I'd like to apologize about not posting this on the weekend; I had a little more research to do on Sophia's story, so this post took a bit longer than usual to write. 

And...if you'd like to see the court documents of Sophia's case, you can check them out here.


  1. Nice article! Just goes to show you how everyone takes everything that Black Men and Women create and falsely claim it purely as their own. Same thing happened to Henrietta Lacks (I actually have the book on her, but I have not gotten around to reading it yet for some reason).

    1. Kevin, I'm not sure I understand how this article can be compared with Henrietta Lacks' cancer. :0( She didn't create the cancer that killed her. Now, if the deceased Henrietta had wittingly created an anti-cancer in her body that saved her life and then the science community stole that I could see how the cowardly and sneaky theft of Sophia's literary works are similar . . .

  2. Kevin...

    I have yet to find the time to read the book 'The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks', but I do know about the 'HeLa Cell' (anyone who doesn't know what this is should 'google' it)...but you're absolutely right; they're always claiming our cultural or technical inventions as their own.

    Righteous comment Kev...thanks for commenting!

    1. When will you make your next post?

    2. Just getting back from a vacation...I'll post soon. THANX FOR WAITING AND INQUIRING!

  3. This was brilliant! I Would of never known... Thank you.

  4. When is tha movie coming out because from the sounds of her interviews its coming out no time soon meaning next 2015 or 2016 and 2017,i don't want to wait that long for this movie because I am dying to see this movie,I want to see a release date and a trailer please hurry up people.

  5. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/matrix.asp

    It's amazing what even a small amount of REAL research will turn up.

  6. Funny the last comment brings up "real research" because obviously none of you knows even how to spell research. This nonsense story about Sophia Stewart is an urban legend that has been debunked over and over. Here's a link to the final ruling:
    The court dismissed the lawsuit because "plaintiff had not entered any evidence to bolster its key claims..." and awarded the Wachowski brothers over $300'000 in attorney fees (according to Stewart they never collected, they could have taken every cent she has but they are decent people unlike greedy Sophie Stewart and you have the nerve to come up with this kind of lame character assassination trying to discredit Larry). Btw, according to a Time magazine article S. Stewart had failed to show up for her court date. And apparently none of you (except the users whose comments you deleted I guess) ever even read the court document on S. Stewarts site. After she failed with her frivolous litigation she sued her former lawyer (now deceased) and if you read the document on her site you'd realize that again the court denied the ridiculous amount she'd requested! The biggest travesty of course is that greedy S. Stewart continues to lie and claims she won $15 Billion in damages and asks for $10/15/20 donations in exchange for the court ruling that only exists in her head. But I realize none of you "truthseekers" reads because that's acting white right?

    Your propaganda exercise here is full of batshit crazy claims but it's not worth my time exposing some of your other fairytales. Keep deluding yourself, you ain't helping the black community one bit when you spread these outrageous lies. I realize you all want to believe this nonsense, it fits the ongoing public discourse of black victimology that you cling to so desperately. So D: Carroll is absolutely right in his assessement of the state of the American Negro in 2014!

    1. Wait,hold up, I don't get it. These court documents:


      were filed much later than these:


      Could you please clarify these assertions, if possible?

  7. What is there to clarify Kevin? Did you read what I posted and did you carefully read the court documents? You have to simply read what's right in front of you. Who is named as the defendant in the document on matrixterminator? Right, it's Jonathan W. Lubell not the Wachowski brothers. J. Lubell was S. Stewart's lawyer but as I already stated in my posting he's deceased now. So again, after S.Stewart failed with her lawsuit against the Wachowski brothers she simply sued her lawyer in hopes of getting at least something out of him. And what does it state in the document? "...the court hereby grants the motion in part, but denies the request to enter judgment in the amount requested...judgment will be entered against him upon the submission by Plaintiff of evidence to support the amount of damages to be entered in the judgment." Do you grasp what this means? S.Stewart has been awarded $0 because she has again failed to submit the evidence to bolster her claim. That's why she resorted to ask for donations.Btw that you did not realize this on your own should be cause to worry for you, people will take advantage of you if you are unable (or unwilling?) to see the obvious right in front of you Kevin.

    1. 'Kev'...

      I'm in the middle of research for another e-book, but in the near future I will address the issues of the veracity of Sophia Stewart's claims against the Wachowski's...and I can no longer call them brothers because Larry is so mentally unstable, he's now Lana.

      But what I will say is this, if you want to see what's blatantly obvious, as Henry says, then you and everyone else should realize why the original Matrix movie was so revolutionary and why the Matrix sequels sucked; it's because the Wachowski's didn't write the original movie, Sophia did.

      Also, 'Henry' only has the 'mainstream media's' version of what happened in this court case; now, who do you think the titans of the mainstream media are gonna' believe? Two white guys or Sophia? Mind you, they stand to lose tons of money behind the Wachowski theft being exposed.

      Henry is suffering from the white man's disease of thinking something as ingenious as the Matrix couldn't come from a Black person; now will he admit this, of course not; but understand, he's comfortable with thinking his people are the only ones who could possibly think on this level; and again, I will further address this matter in another post to expound on this point. So stay tuned!

  8. I won't address your "white man's disease" allegations or point out the fallacies in your reply but let me just ask you this: Did you take up S. Stewart on her offer and donated $10/15/20 (or whatever your heart cares to give) to download the judgment document?

    1. Henry...

      You say according to a 'Time magazine' article, Sophia failed to show up for her court date. Now, who do you think the executives of Time magazine are gonna' favor? Sophia or the sexually conflicted and plagiarizing Wachowski's?

      Mind you, The Matrix was put out by Warner Brothers Studios who's owned by Time Warner Inc.; and Time magazine is also owned by, you got it...Time Warner Inc. But of course that's just coincidental, right?

      You say you don't wanna' address the 'white man's disease' or fallacies in my argument; but even you have to admit the original Matrix movie was masterful and the sequels sucked. It seems like two different people wrote those scripts...that's because they did.

      And no, I didn't donate for the 'judgement' document...'cause donations are a form of voluntary payment...Sophia could have easily charged a flat fee for those documents, but she didn't.

      Again, one of the symptoms of the 'white man's disease' is thinking you're right all the time or you're the definitive authority on everything...shame of it is, you people don't know how wickedly WRONG-minded you are.

  9. Sorry for the late reply but this will be my last comment here anyway. You're beating around the bush and are trying to avoid the subject. So finding out if Sophias claim is true or not isn't worth 10 bucks to you? If you come back with legit court document that shows she won $15 billion in damages I will not only refund you the measly $10 but also apologize. If you fail to do so you write an update to this fairytale article here and admit the truth.
    Of course this is a rhetorical proposal as we both know that you don't want to hear the truth if it doesn't fit your narrative that negroes are professional victims. You know what's funny: In February 2013 she posted on her site that she won a $150 million plus judgment against her former lawyer J. Lubell and shared the court document from December 2012 where it clearly states that the amount she requested was denied because she failed to enter evidence. She asked supporters to post the info all over the Net and after many replies from gullible supporters who are unable to read finally someone who can read and has integrity comes back with a question. User Ree states she put the document up on her site and people were giving her a hard time pointing out the obvious, that no damages had been awarded. What is S. Stewarts reply? "You need not defend it. Those people are sent by the evil ones to keep confusion." Then in a follow-up comment she states that as soon as her attorneys do her damages at a PREHEARING everyone will know the amount because it will be all over the news. So she admits right there that her claim about the $150 million is not true.

    Then in her latest update she basically claims she won $15 billion in damages. Her site is a joke, in the About section the person who wrote it admits that she got no damages from the Wachowskis and still refers to a $150 million lawsuit she supposedly won against J. Lubell. No mention there of the $15 billion she claims to have won. Even the dates are wrong and if you compare the two entries in the News you'd realize it doesn't even make sense if you'd pay attention.

    It just costs 10 bucks to find out the truth but apparently neither her black supporters care to upload that elusive court document anywhere nor does S. Stewart care to give it to the news. Instead she now begs supporters to buy her book. Will you do that at least since you care so much for poor S. Stewart?

  10. This is a post scriptum to my reply above, I really have no intention on spending much more time on this issue but I had to add this because it's too comical:

    In the Matrix 4 E-Book comments section someone was posting this:
    "By the way Sophia, are you really african american? On coast to coast you said you were hispanic and native american yet you promote yourself every where else as black? Which one is it? Im guessing it depends on who is asking."

    And this is S. Stewarts reply:
    "I never gave myself the African American label. No one asked me about my blood lines, or where I got my gifts from. The media gave me that label. I have lots of damages as evidence"

    Go figure!

    1. Henry...

      Firstly, if you're gonna' reply to me again, don't bother saying this is my 'last comment' or talk about a 'post scriptum' if you intend to keep replying to my comments...okay.

      Second, you missed the whole point of my last argument...what sources are you using for your information? If you're using the 'Time magazine' article as a point of reference, I'm showing you how there's a clear conflict of interest where Time magazine and Warner Brothers are concerned when they're both owned by Time Warner Inc...the very people who the Wachowski's worked for.

      What do you expect these people to say? Do you expect them to admit to stealing Sophia's work? Do you expect them to say, yes we paid Ms. Stewart based upon the fact that we stole from her?

      You're gonna' have to do better than a Time magazine article to prove your 'in the right'; and no, I don't have to spend ten dollars to find out that white owned corporations are not gonna' confess to stealing from a Black person. I already know better...and it's too bad you don't, or won't admit just how dastardly your people are.

      But then again, it's just like Time Warner Inc. speaking against the Wachowski's isn't it? When you're playing on the same team, I guess it would be dumb to bite the hand that feeds you. In this case, if you're white, you're not gonna' admit how underhanded and wicked whites, i.e. your own kind are.

      I get it.

      And when all else fails, make the argument that Ms.Stewart isn't Black of denies her ethnicity...and that's really the whole point of your argument isn't it? What it comes down to is white people deep down in their hearts, don't think Black people are SMART ENOUGH TO PRODUCE SOMETHING THIS INGENIOUS WITHOUT THE HELP OF WHITES...THAT'S REALLY WHAT YOU'RE SAYING. BUT AGAIN, YOU DON'T WANT TO ADMIT IT.

      AGAIN, I GET IT.

      If white corporations, or the white people in authority aren't gonna' be truthful, then what can I expect from someone like you?

      And for the record, I don't overestimate white people or take their word as the gospel truth for anything anymore...that's why I know about Sophia Stewart in the first place.

  11. An absurd and pathetic article filled with bigotry, mistruths and lies. As a black man myself I have to say shame on you, empowering ourselves doesn't hinge on oppressing other groups. If you think we deserve equal rights then you need to think everybody deserves equal rights or you should keep your dumb mouth shut.

    1. 'dolo'...

      The real shame here, is a Black man, if you really are one, has the temerity to talk about mistruths without any information to counter my argument with.

      Talk is cheap.

      So if you are a Black man, act like one.

      Prove me wrong.

      I dare you.

      But if you're just a boy, who can't back up his talk with any action, then you need to keep your own damn mouth shut when grown folks are talkin'.

  12. My Good Kindred....Excellent Post, Coupled With Superb Rebuttals...LoL
    The Onward & Upward March Continues..

    1. 'Wyze'...

      Thanks for the compliments and the comment(s)!!

      I hope you continue to like what you see here!