Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Black Roots of white supremacy...

"The only thing white people created was the Patent Office, everything else they stole."
--Dr. Llaila Afrika

In my last post, 'Smashwords, Immeasurable odds and what makes my heart weep', I gave readers an account of my angst over whether or not I could accomplish my goals of spreading this particular doctrine, for lack of a better term, to the larger part of the Black Diaspora before I returned to the ancestors. 

And in that post, I also gave a short bio of one of my ingenious contemporary elders, Dr. Phil Emeagwali, and how his brilliance overcame an obstacle many deemed impossible (this being the programming of the american government's 'Connection Machine').

A day later, someone (I don't know the gender or ethnicity of this person) made a comment stating how the 'Black cubes' used for the hardware surrounding the Connection Machine were symbolically satanic; and this was what the machine really represented. Mind you, this was after I'd explained all the symbolism behind the Black cube as it pertained to our people. 

So this is a rebuttal to that person's comment. 

Now, the rock singer Marilyn Manson is a member of the Church of Satan that was headed by some guy named Anton LeVey. And he (Marilyn), said the main tenet of his church, or satanism period, was not to worship Lucifer, but to rally behind the concept of self preservation.

Now, this fits in with the philosophy of white fascists who know they are the world's minority. So they figure this concept gives them the ethical and moral right to do whatever is necessary to keep themselves around, no matter how dastardly the act. 

So when someone...or this commenter, said how the Black cube is a satanic symbol, even after I broke down what this means to the Black Diaspora, it tells me how relative this commenter's statement was...relatively white that is. 

Now, what this commenter is failing to see, is how white people have made a habit of taking something Black people have created, whether it's scientific, spiritual or cultural, and how they not only pervert it, but usually claim it as their own. 

For the record, I'd like to state one prerequisite necessary to being a 'Black Nationalist', or at least an independent thinking Black person; and that's some point you have to make up your mind to stop taking whitey's interpretation of everything as the 'gospel truth', and do the research to see what your ancestors have to say on the subject. Ditto with the mythology of the Black cube. 

And if you think this concept is too far-fetched, let me tell you the REAL origins of perhaps the most universally corrupted of symbols, the 'german' swastika. 

Mind you, the name swastika literally breaks down into Schwarze, which means Black person in german, and 'tika' which means symbol. So, this literally is the 'Black symbol'.

If you take a look at the first picture in my header's triptych, you'll see what looks like a swastika embedded in a window. Now, you'd be inclined to think this must be the headquarters of some hyper-bigoted white organization, if you didn't know the 'swastika' is one of the world's oldest African symbols...moreover, this pic is from an African church in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Originally, this was a symbol of peace and harmony; until the inbreds got hold of it, and turned it into something negative. 

I also doubt the commenter knows that the original skinheads were Black. If you look at the second pic in my header's triptych it shows an advertisement for something called 'Skinhead Reggae' (if you put your cursor over my header, you can click onto and enlarge it to see more of its details). The original 'Skinheads' were brothas from Jamaica who were hanging out with the 'rudeboys' of the island. 

When the Black skinheads expatriated from Jamaica they went to places in the UK like London and Britain; there, the local white boys liked the ethos of the 'Skins', which basically involved being proud of your working class roots. The white boys were especially fond of their style of dress, i.e. the combat boots and suspenders like the original skinhead brotha's pic above. So again, the inbreds took our culture, perverted it and turned it into something negative. 

And if you look at the final pic in my header's triptych, you'll see a poster which depicts the dragon god 'Kukulcan'. 

Now, the Olmecs, who were a mighty Black nation ruling the areas we now know as Mexico, worshiped this deity...and this is where the pale-skinned degenerates came up with the name of the 'Ku Klux Klan'. And one of the higher designations in the Klan is one called the 'Grand Dragon'. Now, the Grand poobah or dragon of the Klan doesn't wear white sheets, he wears a 'dark green' robe.   

Let's see...the color dark green and white robes...where have I seen those before? To the left is a picture of the ancient African diety Ausar, the greeks/freaks call him osiris. Note Ausar's hood...look familiar? This again, is where whitey got the concept for the Klan's white robes and how the holder of the position of 'grand dragon' got outfitted in dark green. And the diety Ausar is also where christianity got the concept of the 'Holy Trinity', i.e. Jesus, Joseph and Mary. You have Ausar (the father), Aset (who the greeks call Isis, as mother) and Set (who our ancestors called 'Heru', as the son/sun; also 'Heru' is not only where christians dreampt up the idea for the character jesus christ, but the name 'Heru' is where we get the word 'Hero' from).

Now, I've said all that to say this, again, I don't know the ethnicity of the person who made a comment on my last post, but had I subscribed to their point of view...which is the symbolism of Black cubes is satanic, It would completely negate all of Dr. Phil's accomplishments in my mind and it would further reinforce why I should hate myself for being Black. 

Ya' got how white supremacy works on the subconscious now?

So, to all the Black people reading this, it's time we stop acting like infants suckling at the pale breast of white supremacy and grow the hell up to find out who and what our ancestors really were...and what they've contributed to this world. 

It's time for us to deactivate the white supremacist chip in our brains, so we can really get free!

Not just free to choose between prada or gucci, or to choose between 'Dancing with the stars' or 'American Idol', but free enough to see through the white supremacist sham called the western status quo. 

And the sooner we do this, the better.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to know more about Dr. Phil Emeagwali, and how he created the internet, you can check that ouhere.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Smashwords, Immeasurable odds and what makes my heart weep...

"It always seems impossible until it's done."
--Nelson Mandela

Recently, I put out a pair of e-books on the 'Smashwords' publishing website; and thanks to all who downloaded copies of these tomes by the way. I never thought they'd get above ten downloads each, but they've both far exceeded that. 

So one day while I was on the Smashwords site, I decided to take a look at its 'African-American fiction' thread, just to see what it looked like. And when I clicked on to it, I gotta' tell ya' people, I was deeply saddened. 

It seemed every other book told the story of some Black man and woman, with some white man or woman...and it was almost exclusively what made up the overwhelming majority of tomes on the thread. 

I just shook my head and thought, damn... 

Then, a real dour sensation came over me...and I thought, can I really affect a good amount of the Black Diaspora with my message before I'm no longer here? Or am I just engaged in some Black Nationalist 'pipe dream' that's got me trippin'?

That's when I remembered one of my contemporary elders, Dr. Phil Emeagwali...or as I call him, the REAL 'DR. PHIL'. 

Dr. Phil Emeagwali was born in Nigeria in 1954; and like many African children he dropped out of school at age fourteen 'cause his father couldn't afford to pay for his studies. But his father continued homeschooling him; and one of his techniques for teaching a young Phil was having him perform 100 math questions in an hour. 

Living in a war-torn country, Dr. Phil saw academics as a way out; so he studied hard and eventually got a scholarship to Oregon State University when he was 17. 

He arrived to the american University system in 1974, and left with four degrees, one of which was a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Scientific Computing, the others were two Masters Degrees from George Washington University, and of course, the Bachelor's he got from Oregon U. 

His brilliance in the areas of math and computer science eventually led him to creating a method where a computer's microprocessors could 'talk' to six other microprocessors at the same time; this won him the 'Gordon Bell Prize' for building the world's fastest computer in 1989. 

His computers are now being used to forecast the weather and the effects of 'Global warming'; but for Dr. Phil...the Gordon Bell Prize was just the warm up. 

The united snakes...I mean states government has/had a multiprocessing 'super-computer' called the 'Connection Machine'; and it housed 65, 536 processors in total. It was so vast they said it couldn't be programmed. That was until Dr. Phil (pictured at the top) came up with his 'Hyperball computer technology' that did it. 

Dr. Phil basically programmed the 'Connection machine' (The Black cubes pictured besides him) to compute at a world-record setting pace of 3.1 billion calculations per second.

I'm definitely going to write a full post about Dr. Phil sometime in the near future, 'cause this wasn't even his grandest invention; but his example has served as my 'template' on how to overcome anything I deem impossible. When it comes to going about this, he's shown me how firstly, you should spiritually center yourself; secondly, you should laser-beam your focus, and finally, you should work like hell towards your goal. 

So, this took away the mental malaise I was momentarily mired in. 

And beyond this, let me tell you how it's no coincidence that the Black cubes of the 'Connection machine' acknowledge who our ancient ancestors truly are. 

Firstly, the Black cube in Islam called the 'Kabba stone' (pictured left), is what muslims circle around seven times to perform one of their most sacred rituals, called the 'Hajj'. And in the muslim faith, the 'Kabba' or the 'Black stone' is the symbol of God.    

The jewish 'Tefillin' (pictured right) are Black cubes placed on the head and various limbs of jewish practitioners to essentially get them 'closer to God' and their commitments towards him. Isn't this funny considering how jews don't care for Black people much. 

And in a more contemporary sense, the 'Mortar board', another example of a 'Black cube', symbolizes someone who's a graduate of the scholastic university's 'higher educational' system. But what it's really symbolizing or acknowledging, is the world's first university, the Sankore Madrasah, located in Timbuktu, Africa; and how ancient Black people are the creators of ALL the world's sciences. And you heard's the WORLD'S FIRST UNIVERSITY. This is where the romans and the greeks/freaks got all their sciences from. Actually, the Sankore Madrasah was called an 'omniversity', 'cause again, ALL THE SCIENCES were housed under its roof. 

But don't take my word for this, go look this up!

Plus, check the name of the 'Mortar Board'...Moors, which we and our ancestors are, plus 'tar'; now, what color is tar? This is making a direct link right back to our people. 

And my apologizes for the digression.

So, the sights of 'African-American' novels with the themes of torrid inter-ethnic trysts, no longer gets me down; it just hardens my resolve to do this work. 

Now, one thing I've been experiencing left and right lately, are Black men and women saying how tired they are of each other, and how their preference for white mates and dates has everything to do with their previous bad experiences trying to date their own kind. 

But I think I've done a pretty good job of exposing exactly why, where and how the Black Diaspora are taught to obsess over white people...but one funny thing I've found is this; even if you're a Black man or woman hell bent on dating and marrying a white person, the meditations or mental exercises I mention in previous posts to get the Black Diaspora out of our conditioned self-hatred will still help you. 

Here's how...

Once you've done these exercises to the point where you're eradicating the white supremacist dogmas in your subconscious, you'll feel better about being Black; thus, when you see your being Black as a blessing instead of a curse, your confidence will increase. 

And once that happens, whether you know it or not, you'll attract a better quality of person towards you; whether their white, Black, purple or whatever.

Of course, that's not my intention, but that's what will inevitably happen. 

And as I've told several people who still ride the fence on whether they wanna' be down with a Black Nationalist doctrine or have a choice to make. 

If you want to work in the best interest of your people by engaging in the meditations I've put forth, then do that; if not, ask yourself a question...why are you reading this Blog when you know what it's message will be?

Think about that...then make the right decision.


MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Do you have a Tommy Sotomayor addiction?

" were my addiction like a strung-out crazy, hit me like a fever when you left me baby."
--Bobby Gillespe of the band Primal Scream, from the song 'Damaged'.

In June of last year, I wrote a Blog post titled, 'Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor'. And to this day, it remains one of my most popular posts. 

Now, recently, this post has gotten over three thousand views, and I truthfully never expected it's views to exceed the triple digit mark.

I also wrote ancillary posts about (Uncle) Tommy which include; 'What (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor doesn't know about his hatred for Black women', 'Why did Tommy Sotomayor organize the 'real men's' tour'? and 'Why Black women should ignore Tommy Sotomayor'.

Now, the last of these, 'Why Black women should ignore Tommy Sotomayor', I expected to be a colossal failure; 'cause I never thought the tale of an emcee battle would translate well into the message of why the Black Diaspora should stop listening to Tommy's message. 

But something happened recently making me think I should write this post to tackle this topic. 

There was a woman who commented on how she liked my first post about (Uncle) Tommy, and told me all the ways she couldn't stand him; and recently, this same woman came back to my post a year later saying she just got through watching one of Tommy's newest videos literally minutes before she made a new comment on that same post. 

Now, as much as I want to point a finger and be critical of this woman, or ask myself, why don't Black men and women just stop watching Tommy's videos?; I can't be...because I know the reason they're doing this. And here it is...

Celebrity is a man made construct the white elite use to influence the masses. Period.

It's one of the greatest, if not the greatest propaganda tool known to mankind. They (the white elite) basically give certain talented people or persons (like sports teams) scandalous amounts of money and notoriety so the proletariat (us, working classes) will not only envy but live vicariously through them to make our lives seem a lot less mundane. 

'Cause if there's one thing the white elite know, it's that we--the working classes, don't like our jobs; or at least we don't like the fact that these jobs are at the nucleus of our lives.

Statistically, the majority of people suffer their first heart attack on Monday morning between the hours of 5 A.M. and 10 A.M. (and please don't take my word for this, go look it up); so they know the proletariat are going to jobs they don't like or outright hate, jobs that are in fact making us sick; so they give us the 'narcotic' of celebrity to ease the pain of our everyday lives. Especially if we're poor.

Now, they've bestowed this notoriety onto (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor. And just like how people stalk or obsess over celebrities, the white elite have us jonesin' for the next 'fix' or 'hit' of Uncle Tommy.

Now, combine this with the fact that Uncle Tom is spewing out a white supremacist based, self-hating message that the Black Diaspora has been conditioned to respond to favorably; and you've got the elements that propegate someone's, especially a Black person's, addiction to Tommy Sotomayor. 

So, if you're a Black person who tends to think the worst of the Black Diaspora, you too will be a fan of (Uncle) Tommy's...just like I was. Now, if you're a person who says they don't like Uncle Tom but can't stop watching him, what I'm saying to you is this...I may not be able to make you give him up, but I can at least put you and my people up on the game that's being run on us with Tommy as a focal point. And the only way to solve this problem is to 'see' it first. 

So how do we solve this problem? 

I know I'm gonna' sound like a broken record, but it's through meditation. 

Only through reconditioning ourselves subconsciously, can we hope to be less attracted to Tommy's white supremacist message. 'Cause if you're still conditioned to hate yourself as a Black person, you're gonna' agree with Uncle Tommy, whether you know it or not...and you're gonna' continue to watch his videos. 

You got how this works now?

So, my message to the Black Diaspora again is this, like Dr. Francis Cress Welsing said (check out her classic book 'The Isis Papers'), Black love is revolutionary...and until we pluck the white supremacist conditioning out of our subconscious, we'll never get to a place where we love ourselves more than we love our white oppressors.

And we'll continue to stay stuck on stupid watching (Uncle) Tommy's videos. 

Black man and black's time we ween ourselves off our Tommy Sotomayor habit; and like any 12 step program will tell's best done one day at a time.


MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The lowly nature of white women (Part 2)...The Black man's spell...

Give us a child 'til the age of seven and we'll show you the man.
--The Jesuits

John Wayne Gacy was known as one of america's most notorious serial killers and was executed for his part in the murders of approximately thirty three people. 

After his autopsy a psychiatrist named Helen Morrison was tasked with having Gacy's brain examined to find its abnormalities. 

After Gacy's brain came back from the lab, here's what she said they found: "They basically told us there's nothing abnormal; no tumors, no (unusual) growths, no sign of any injury..."

Now this proves two things: one, that Gacy wasn't born a serial killer, he was bred into one through years of ritualized child abuse; and two, that Helen Morrison is a quack who has no business in her industry. 'Cause if she really knew the nature of the human condition, she'd have known this fact and those scientists could have saved their monies doing something more productive than studying this man's brain.    

But this and the above statement from the Jesuits, shows the power of mental conditioning. ANYONE'S psyche can be corrupted to the benefit or detriment of someone else; especially in a person's 'pre-teen' years. 

Now, a sista made a comment on my last post titled, 'The lowly nature of white women', where she basically asked two questions on the nature of Black men's conditioning. She asked: One, where does the spell white women have Black men under come from? And two, how did I break this spell?

Now, I was gonna' write about another topic this week, but her questions were so weighty, they demanded an immediate answer. 

Firstly, when I referred to the 'Black man's spell' that white women had us under, I was talking specifically about the conditioning we get at school and church. 

At school we're specifically taught that white people are and were at the forefront of every modern and ancient ingenuity known to mankind; and added to this is how we're taught that our history begins and ends with slavery. Which gives us a profoundly deep sense of shame...inherent in that is young Black men being taught how their ancestors were incapable of protecting their women. That message is sublime but very devastating. 

Then, when we watch TV...the news especially, Black men specifically are portrayed as sub-human, gun-wielding, drug-selling predators on human life. I was privy to this throughout my teen years.

At church, we're surrounded by the message that everything sanctified and sacred is white; from jesus, to the pope and even heaven, how do you think that makes us feel as BLACK men? Again, sublimely, it teaches you that everything about your existence is wrong, since white fascism dictates that everything Black is negative and everything white is positive. 

Now, if you're a Black woman reading this, it should all sound very familiar; because THE BLACK MAN'S SPELL ISN'T EXCLUSIVE TO BLACK MEN!

And this is evidenced by the fact that I see Black men AND women almost literally throwing themselves at white men and women all the time. 

Remember, we (both Black men and women) received the same kind of conditioning from these pale-skinned, degenerate devils we know as the white elite. 

Now, here's where I, and other 'Black Nationalists', have to be very careful. 

Because behind the aforementioned statement about Black men and women receiving the same conditioning, we can reinforce the ill-feelings and rift between us. Here's how...if you're a Black woman reading this and thinking I'm saying you're predisposed to obsess over white men, that's gonna' further deepen your disdain for Black men. 

The message I'm trying to convey is this, if both Black men and women are taught since they've started walking, that everything valuable and sacred is white, how could we not be obsessed with white men and women on some level? And how could we not obsessively hate ourselves and each other?

I need Black men and women reading this to realize that the conditioning we get to hate ourselves is far and away WORSE than any other ethnic group in this country, or this world. 

We, Black people, are given the message that our very skin color makes us predisposed to being immoral and exceptionally dastardly. And that's because the white elite know that they're this way themselves, so they're projecting that onto us...and, they also know we have the genetic power to literally breed them out of existence.  

So, now, if you are a Black man or woman reading this, I want you to indulge me in a little exercise. 

I want you to think about every negative characteristic or trait that you dislike about the opposite sex. I want you to make a mental list of five things you can't stand about Black men or women. 

Got it?

Now, I want you to tear this list up in your mind and throw it away. 

What you should feel is a bit of relief from any enmity you have against Black men or women; and with this new energy I want you to focus on the fact that it is and was white teachers, politicians, cops, media titans, etc. who've had you hating Black men and women all this time. 


Too many Black men and women walk around spittin' mad at the opposite sex never realizing who's responsible for us hating each other...and it's these inbreds we adore and obsess over so much. 

Now for the second question: how did I break this 'spell'?

It was through meditation. 

The subconscious mind is an extremely powerful tool, probably the most powerful one in the world. Because it regulates so many biological functions without us realizing it.

Ponder this, what if you had to think about breathing? What if you had to actively think about keeping your heart beating? Any lapse in thought could be fatal. But we don't have to worry about that, thanks to the subconscious mind. Conversely, this is why it's so hard to recondition; because it's in the deepest recesses of our hard-wiring.  

And this is where we have to go to rid ourselves of the white supremacist conditioning we get throughout seventeen or eighteen years of american pre, middle and high schooling. And when I use the term 'white supremacist', I'm not talking about someone who wears a hood and is burning crosses on people's lawns. I'm talking about any white person working in an institutional capacity (teacher, politician, judge, etc.) who's tasked with carrying out the white supremacist agenda. 

Now, I've employed methods of self-hypnosis to get rid of the white supremacist conditioning embedded in my subconscious, but I think the most effective method of ridding your psyche of this is traditional meditation. 

And I'll explain one of the most basic exercises I've employed to do this here, but I will go into more detail in my forthcoming e-book on this subject, 'How to heal the rift between Black men and women'; I've tried relaying this information in Blog posts, but in order to give a more comprehensive view of what's needed to really accomplish reconditioning ourselves, I'll need a bigger platform to do it in. 

One exercise involves getting to a quiet place...and it's better if you didn't do this in public, there's just too many distractions to deal with. Once you've found a quiet spot, preferably at home, close your eyes and try to picture yourself in an ideal setting; a green pasture, in a forest by a waterfall or sitting under a tree in a peaceful meadow. You should do this for at least ten to fifteen minutes. 

Once you've gotten a clear picture of this in your mind, you should picture yourself getting up and going to an elevator...any elevator; doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a field or a more natural scene. Wherever you are, picture yourself walking towards an elevator. Once in this elevator, try to visualize the elevator car in as much detail as you can. What kind of carpeting is in the elevator, what color are its buttons, are the doors clear or opaque? I know this sounds kinda' hokey, but trust me it works. 

Hit the elevator's down button and watch the doors close, you should then feel yourself going downard. This aids in getting into your subconscious mind, don't worry if you can't picture yourself going down initially, this will come with time; you should try to engage in this part of the exercise for at least ten to fifteen minutes also. 

As you feel yourself descending, say to yourself, "I'm going deep into my subconscious, soon I will be in hypnosis."

Once your elevator comes to a smooth halt, the doors will open and you should picture yourself in a plush home theater; this is the imagery I use and find most effective; again, picture the elevator doors opening to reveal this theater, and step out onto its carpeting. 

Again, make the mental picture of your theater as detailed as possible, see the big screen and its curtains, see the leather or crushed velvet on the seats, and see the rows of seats and the several uniformed floor lights illuminating the row's path. Take a seat right in the center of the theater and imagine a movie starting to play. 

Now is when you should repeat this affirmation, "I will erase the idea that whites are superior in my subconscious." And on the screen picture the word 'erase' in big capital leaders; and repeat the affirmation again, "I will erase the idea that whites are superior in my subconscious." 

Try to do as many of these 'reps' as you can, 'cause just like physical exercise, the more you do, the more effective the exercise will be. After you've done your 'reps', go back into your 'elevator' and take it back 'up' to your 'conscious' mind. Again, in your mind, imagine the elevator car in as much detail as you can. Once you've taken your elevator back up, let your elevator doors open onto your ideal setting, back to your peaceful meadow, or mountain brook...and your done. 

What's most important is getting as deep into your subconscious as you can, and staying there as long as you can. 

This, and some other techniques I'll share in my e-book, is how I got rid of the white supremacist conditioning that had me thinking white women were the alpha and omega of feminine beauty. 

So, to the sista that made the comment on my last post, I hope you see this and I hope this sheds some light on a few things.

'Cause we (the Black Diaspora) should always be ready to share helpful resources with one another, whether they be financial, spiritual or in this case mental...which is the most important. 


MontUHURU Mimia

Monday, June 2, 2014

The lowly nature of white women...

Originally, I had a Blog on WordPress; and I chose WordPress especially 'cause I'd heard so many good things about the website regarding it's outstanding reputation as a platform for Bloggers. 

So after I set up my Blog, the same one you see here, I went to the WordPress forums to make a suggestion about the site. 

I stated how an 'app' that WordPress could include for their Blog's was a 'who's viewed me' button, to better keep track of people who might be interested in a Blogger's work. And I told them they should put this somewhere on the face of their Blog's. 

The response I got from a white female moderator, who also was a Blogger, stated: 'I don't want that on the face of my Blog, the list of people would be a mile long.'

Now, this was not only crass and rude but uncalled for, so I responded saying: 'I understand you're a tenured Blogger on this site, but this would benefit novice Bloggers; so try to be a little more understanding'.

She came back with: 'I'm not offended, but I can't understand how you could say that to me when I help Bloggers solve their problems everyday'. 

This woman was obviously being a b@tch, but I just thought this was an anomaly on the site, so I just left it alone. 

Later, I asked a question about why my videos were playing at such a low speed on WordPress; and here came the same crab-a$$ white woman again, saying: 'My videos play fine, I have a high speed internet connection; of course if you have a dial-up service, you're gonna' have problems'.

I replied saying: 'I didn't ask you and I don't care what kind of service you have; and I noticed you didn't offer any solutions to my problem'. 

She came back with: 'I was just making a distinction between your service and mine'. 

Then I came back with: 'First off, you don't know what kind of service I have; and secondly, if you're just wanna' argue with me, don't respond to my questions. What's wrong with you anyway?'

This prompted this pale-skinned degenerate wench, to tell her supervisor I was harassing her. I was issued a warning for asking what was wrong with her. And I thought to myself...this is WordPress?

A week letter I voiced another one of my concerns on the site, and this crab of a white woman came at me sideways again. To which I told her again: 'look, if you have no interest in answering the questions to my problems, don't comment on them, period!'

Then, I decided to write a Blog post about my encounters with her called, 'WordPress and the cult of neo-liberal white bigotry'. This got me banned from asking anymore questions. 

Now, days later, a white guy came on the site and spoke about how much he hated WordPress and their moderators; in his post he called the moderators everything but a child of god, and he was dropping f-bombs everywhere. He ended his tirade by saying, 'Tumblr for the win, f@ck you' (WordPress). You know what they did to him? They provided him with links pertaining to every issue or problem he had with the site. 

I left WordPress. 

Several years ago, I was on a dating website...yeah, I shamefully admit I did this too; and I was a member of one of their forums promoting inter-ethnic relationships.

One white woman posted a profile question, and it read: Why do Black men always want sex from us (white women)? Surely there's more to you than a phallus operating without a brain...what would a real date be like with one of you? I'm paraphrasing, but this was the gist of her question. When I read this I was livid!

To top this off, embedded in her question was a graphic drawing of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman, sucking off several well-endowed Black men. AND her profile picture was a shot of her a$$.

To my chagrin, several Black men had responded to her saying they'd buy her flowers and they'd hold open doors for her, if they got the chance to date her.

I responded by saying: 'I think the real question is, what does a white woman have to offer a Black man in terms of a long-term relationship? I then said, tell the truth, you don't really want to date a Black man and you're not gonna' introduce me to your family and friends...furthermore, you're sure as hell not gonna' marry me unless I got a million dollars!' And I told her the pic she included in her question proves she only wants sex from Black men. 

Well, the white denizens of the dating site were up in arms, saying how dare I question the sanctity of white woman-hood (lol!); furthermore, you're being an incendiary bigot for your points of view. But something else happened...those same brothas who were saying they would buy this white wench flowers, now relayed stories to me of how white women would contact them saying they could only meet on the condition of it being miles from where they lived. Even the moderator of that particular thread, who happened to be a Black man, said not one of the white women he dated, took him to visit their families or friends. 

I thanked the brothas for their belated honesty and left the site.

I remember another site I happened across, where this oversexed, slut of a white woman got off on calling Black men, Kentucky Fried n@ggers and swinging monkey n@ggers; and got away with it by saying, she liked having sex with Black men. Even though she never provided any pics where she was even in the presence of a Black man. 

And, to my chagrin again, brothas were calling her a 'lovely lady' and very brotha exclaimed how he was so happy she was into Black guys. So, I told her not only was she acting like an ugly, pale-skinned piece of trailer trash, but I told her she was physically ugly too. When she posted a pic of her and two of her friends, I responded by calling them the 'trailer trash trio'. 

Eventually I got blocked, but I did affect her to the point where she started asking her viewers to tell her how pretty she was; so I definitely got under her skin.   

And maybe you think what I did was mean-spirited; but when I see stuff like that, it makes me go to another place. 'Cause I've seen what white supremacy has done to my people, and how we've suffered under its conditioning and institutions...and when white people or white women mock my people, I take it personally. Maybe I shouldn't, but when the cases are extreme like this, I do. 

Now, I could keep going with these examples, and note, I'm not saying ALL white women are like this, but the overwhelming majority of them are! Ultimately, what I'm saying is we Black men, have got to break this conditioned spell white women have us under; and we have to do this at the subconscious level. 

And what really irks me about these women are their overt and covert bigotry towards Black people and Black men especially, when the 'Civil Rights' (or what I call the Black Human Rights) movement benefited them more than it did our people.  

Also, there's this particular fetish white women AND their men engage in called 'cuckoldry'; this is basically when white men, let Black men (usually more than one), have sex with their white wives in front of them. And I know for a fact, that one of white women's greatest sexual fantasies, is having a Black man have sex with them on their wedding night, while they wear their wedding gown; because they write about this all the time on the web. This is sick, but again, that's the nature of the pale-skinned degenerate. 

But what it really stems from is this, white women wanna' be able to have their (wedding) cake and eat it too!

They want the pleasures of being with a white man who'll keep them financially secure, while having sex with a Black man who can create every other kind of man, while none of them can create one of him. So genetically, the Black man is the alpha male, and to them, has the bigger penis. And they wanna' do this while convincing the public at large that they're feminists, who are trying to break the yoke of white male oppression; but when it comes time for them to marry, who do they run to? That same oppressive white man.


Too many Black men have shared this sentiment on-line; and it makes me so mad I could spit; STOP DEGRADING THE MEMORY OF YOUR ANCESTORS WITH THIS CRAP!

Unfortunately again, a lot of white women say this too. I've heard them say, I have sex with Black men 'cause it's the least I could do for 'social justice'...please!

But this all comes back to these questions: How dedicated are Black men and women to healing the rifts that keep us apart? And how long will it take before we get serious in our efforts to get rid of our self-hatred at the subconscious level?

Only time will tell...unfortunately, it's something we're quickly running out of.

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The legend of Henry T. Sampson...(The Remix)

Henry T. Sampson was born in Jackson, Mississippi on April 22, 1934.

His father Henry T. Sampson Sr., was a former executive dean of Jackson State University and has a library wing named after him at Jackson State U.

Henry Jr. graduated from Lanier High School in Jackson, MS and went on to attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, before transferring to Purdue University in Indiana. He received a bachelor's degree in science at Purdue in 1956 and graduated with a Masters of Science in engineering from the University of California in 1961.

Sampson also received an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1965 and his PHD in 1967.

He is the first Black person to earn a PHD in Nuclear Engineering in the u.s.

And, on July 6th, 1971, Henry was awarded a patent for his invention, the 'Gamma Electric Cell'. This patent's number is 3,591,860 and every Black person reading this should take note that the Gamma Electric Cell is where we get the term 'cell phone' from.

The Gamma Electric Cell provides and produces high voltage radio waves that transmit and receive audio signals. And it's inside every cell phone...including the one you own.

This device is what makes 'mobile' telecommunication possible. 

Not only that, this device is what makes mobile internet service possible in every tablet, cell phone and laptop computer...just like the one I'm using to create this post. 

But if the Black Diaspora depends on the white media to tell us about great Black inventors like Henry, we'll never hear about them. 

Now, besides Henry, another name you'll see tethered to this invention is George H. Miley. This is supposedly the white man who helped Henry build this invention. 

But after doing some research, it seems what George is most famous for is a process of 'cold fusion' that produces 'low-energy reactions' in thin metal films. While the Gamma Electric Cell produces much more powerful, high voltage radio waves. 

George was an assistant and associate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; so I guess whites figure sheer proximity to Dr. Sampson would be enough to associate him with the invention of the Gamma Electric Cell.

This smacks of whitey not wanting to give credit to Henry for his creation. But I wouldn't expect anything more from those fair-skinned folks. They've gotta' keep us thinking we're inferior to them, or else we might see them for the icy-blue eyed degenerates they really are.

So anytime you see a story about Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg and you see how they're lauded for their brilliance, or if some white person is keen on telling you how their people have created everything, you can tell them about Dr. Sampson...and you can watch them shut them the hell up!

Another reason we should celebrate Dr. Sampson is HE'S STILL LIVING! So we should honor the man while he can still appreciate the accolades in his lifetime.


MontUHURU Mimia