Monday, June 2, 2014

The lowly nature of white women...

Originally, I had a Blog on WordPress; and I chose WordPress especially 'cause I'd heard so many good things about the website regarding it's outstanding reputation as a platform for Bloggers. 

So after I set up my Blog, the same one you see here, I went to the WordPress forums to make a suggestion about the site. 

I stated how an 'app' that WordPress could include for their Blog's was a 'who's viewed me' button, to better keep track of people who might be interested in a Blogger's work. And I told them they should put this somewhere on the face of their Blog's. 

The response I got from a white female moderator, who also was a Blogger, stated: 'I don't want that on the face of my Blog, the list of people would be a mile long.'

Now, this was not only crass and rude but uncalled for, so I responded saying: 'I understand you're a tenured Blogger on this site, but this would benefit novice Bloggers; so try to be a little more understanding'.

She came back with: 'I'm not offended, but I can't understand how you could say that to me when I help Bloggers solve their problems everyday'. 

This woman was obviously being a b@tch, but I just thought this was an anomaly on the site, so I just left it alone. 

Later, I asked a question about why my videos were playing at such a low speed on WordPress; and here came the same crab-a$$ white woman again, saying: 'My videos play fine, I have a high speed internet connection; of course if you have a dial-up service, you're gonna' have problems'.

I replied saying: 'I didn't ask you and I don't care what kind of service you have; and I noticed you didn't offer any solutions to my problem'. 

She came back with: 'I was just making a distinction between your service and mine'. 

Then I came back with: 'First off, you don't know what kind of service I have; and secondly, if you're just wanna' argue with me, don't respond to my questions. What's wrong with you anyway?'

This prompted this pale-skinned degenerate wench, to tell her supervisor I was harassing her. I was issued a warning for asking what was wrong with her. And I thought to myself...this is WordPress?

A week letter I voiced another one of my concerns on the site, and this crab of a white woman came at me sideways again. To which I told her again: 'look, if you have no interest in answering the questions to my problems, don't comment on them, period!'

Then, I decided to write a Blog post about my encounters with her called, 'WordPress and the cult of neo-liberal white bigotry'. This got me banned from asking anymore questions. 

Now, days later, a white guy came on the site and spoke about how much he hated WordPress and their moderators; in his post he called the moderators everything but a child of god, and he was dropping f-bombs everywhere. He ended his tirade by saying, 'Tumblr for the win, f@ck you' (WordPress). You know what they did to him? They provided him with links pertaining to every issue or problem he had with the site. 

I left WordPress. 

Several years ago, I was on a dating website...yeah, I shamefully admit I did this too; and I was a member of one of their forums promoting inter-ethnic relationships.

One white woman posted a profile question, and it read: Why do Black men always want sex from us (white women)? Surely there's more to you than a phallus operating without a brain...what would a real date be like with one of you? I'm paraphrasing, but this was the gist of her question. When I read this I was livid!

To top this off, embedded in her question was a graphic drawing of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman, sucking off several well-endowed Black men. AND her profile picture was a shot of her a$$.

To my chagrin, several Black men had responded to her saying they'd buy her flowers and they'd hold open doors for her, if they got the chance to date her.

I responded by saying: 'I think the real question is, what does a white woman have to offer a Black man in terms of a long-term relationship? I then said, tell the truth, you don't really want to date a Black man and you're not gonna' introduce me to your family and friends...furthermore, you're sure as hell not gonna' marry me unless I got a million dollars!' And I told her the pic she included in her question proves she only wants sex from Black men. 

Well, the white denizens of the dating site were up in arms, saying how dare I question the sanctity of white woman-hood (lol!); furthermore, you're being an incendiary bigot for your points of view. But something else happened...those same brothas who were saying they would buy this white wench flowers, now relayed stories to me of how white women would contact them saying they could only meet on the condition of it being miles from where they lived. Even the moderator of that particular thread, who happened to be a Black man, said not one of the white women he dated, took him to visit their families or friends. 

I thanked the brothas for their belated honesty and left the site.

I remember another site I happened across, where this oversexed, slut of a white woman got off on calling Black men, Kentucky Fried n@ggers and swinging monkey n@ggers; and got away with it by saying, she liked having sex with Black men. Even though she never provided any pics where she was even in the presence of a Black man. 

And, to my chagrin again, brothas were calling her a 'lovely lady' and very brotha exclaimed how he was so happy she was into Black guys. So, I told her not only was she acting like an ugly, pale-skinned piece of trailer trash, but I told her she was physically ugly too. When she posted a pic of her and two of her friends, I responded by calling them the 'trailer trash trio'. 

Eventually I got blocked, but I did affect her to the point where she started asking her viewers to tell her how pretty she was; so I definitely got under her skin.   

And maybe you think what I did was mean-spirited; but when I see stuff like that, it makes me go to another place. 'Cause I've seen what white supremacy has done to my people, and how we've suffered under its conditioning and institutions...and when white people or white women mock my people, I take it personally. Maybe I shouldn't, but when the cases are extreme like this, I do. 

Now, I could keep going with these examples, and note, I'm not saying ALL white women are like this, but the overwhelming majority of them are! Ultimately, what I'm saying is we Black men, have got to break this conditioned spell white women have us under; and we have to do this at the subconscious level. 

And what really irks me about these women are their overt and covert bigotry towards Black people and Black men especially, when the 'Civil Rights' (or what I call the Black Human Rights) movement benefited them more than it did our people.  

Also, there's this particular fetish white women AND their men engage in called 'cuckoldry'; this is basically when white men, let Black men (usually more than one), have sex with their white wives in front of them. And I know for a fact, that one of white women's greatest sexual fantasies, is having a Black man have sex with them on their wedding night, while they wear their wedding gown; because they write about this all the time on the web. This is sick, but again, that's the nature of the pale-skinned degenerate. 

But what it really stems from is this, white women wanna' be able to have their (wedding) cake and eat it too!

They want the pleasures of being with a white man who'll keep them financially secure, while having sex with a Black man who can create every other kind of man, while none of them can create one of him. So genetically, the Black man is the alpha male, and to them, has the bigger penis. And they wanna' do this while convincing the public at large that they're feminists, who are trying to break the yoke of white male oppression; but when it comes time for them to marry, who do they run to? That same oppressive white man.


Too many Black men have shared this sentiment on-line; and it makes me so mad I could spit; STOP DEGRADING THE MEMORY OF YOUR ANCESTORS WITH THIS CRAP!

Unfortunately again, a lot of white women say this too. I've heard them say, I have sex with Black men 'cause it's the least I could do for 'social justice'...please!

But this all comes back to these questions: How dedicated are Black men and women to healing the rifts that keep us apart? And how long will it take before we get serious in our efforts to get rid of our self-hatred at the subconscious level?

Only time will tell...unfortunately, it's something we're quickly running out of.

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


  1. im glad you're talking about the spell the bm is under with the ww. do you think the spell comes from tv? a friend said it does I feel that it is not a spell but the longing for the ww is actually coded in the bm's dna. I feel it got there from when the wm tied you to a tree and beat you with a whip and told u that u better never even think about being with his woman. he told you that you would never be good enough for his woman. I think this is passed down in the male chromosome of the bm's dna. that is why bw do not give a shit about a ww or wm because we don't carry the male chromosome.

    there is a problem with this theory tho, because not only are American bm infatuated with ww, but bm in the diaspora are too! the only brown men I see that are not impressed or don't give a shit about a ww are Puerto Rican men. wonder why that is. it is very interesting because carribean bm, African bm and of course aa men all love ww like they are something special. so the slave theory might not hold up. Im thinking it could just be as simple as global white supremacy putting ww on a pedestal.

    but let me ask you; how DID you break the spell?

    1. Hello...

      This is a very loaded question that deserves a thorough answer; and I don't think the 'comment reply' section gives me enough space to really do my answer please look at my next post 'cause I'm dedicating it to this question.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. even though you say that not all white women are like this, you say the majority of them are....have you met the majority of them? It is the same as Tommy Sotomayor saying black women are like he says they are. He cannot say it because he has not met them all.

    How can you call a white person "whitey" even if it offends them?
    it is no different than a white person calling a black person "nigger"

    So you have conducted a survey of every white woman in the world and found out that their greatest fantasy is to be had by a black man on their wedding night?

    My only problem with people that state their views on issues and have a platform that is followed by people, is when the blogger uses all inclusive statements and people believe it hook, line and sinker.

    I personally think you sound as abusive, angry and bitter to white people as Tommy sounds towards black females

    1. Firstly, believe it or not, I DON'T think about (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor outside of this blog. I'm not in a room meditating on why Uncle Tom is doing what he's doing; he's a white supremacist freemason, who's following the dictates of his white masters, period.

      I also have a Blog post titled: do you have a Tommy Sotomayor addiction? 'Cause it seems like the majority of people venturing to this Blog only want to comment about him. If you notice, my posts about him are two years old. So for argument's sake, let's keep him outta' this.

      Second, the reason I said not all white women are like this, is because, THEY AREN'T...NOT ALL OF THEM. Now, I can tell you from personal experience, and my own perspective, 'cause that's the only one I can vouch for, that the MAJORITY of white women, I HAVE ENCOUNTERED, act this way. Again, I can only speak for myself. So my question to you is: if I clearly said NOT ALL WHITE WOMEN ARE LIKE THIS, WHAT PART OF THAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?

      The reason you're getting so emotional over my saying these things about white women, even though, I said they're not ALL like this, is a: you're probably a white woman yourself, and b: you're not used to hearing the truth about you and your kind.


      One thing you and yours don't understand is, you can't compare your situation to that of the Black Diaspora, 'cause no one's conditioned you to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you.

      The conditioning my people get to hate themselves is far and away worse than any other kind of person gets on this planet. This is because, we have the most genetic power to breed you inbreds out of existence. And who's behind the machinations of giving my people this kind of conditioning? IT'S YOUR PEOPLE!

      Until you've seen the destruction of your people's families, due to forces outside your community, then you'll never understand what it is we've gone through. It's the same reason there's so much dysfunction in our communities, which you degenerates are now gentrifying us out of.

      Furthermore, everyone and anyone reading this Blog has their own mind! I'm not influencing anyone to do anything they wouldn't do anyway. But trust me, NO ONE reading this Blog, is believing what I'm writing 'hook, line and sinker'.

      Now, if you don't like me referring to your people as the murderous, inbred, pale-skinned pieces of degenerate trailer trash that you are, THEN DON'T COME BACK TO MY BLOG!


      Go to some white feminist's website, where you people can pretend you don't wanna' partake in the 'white privilege' anymore. GO TRY TO SELL THAT CRAP SOMEWHERE ELSE.

      SO LONG!