Saturday, June 27, 2015

Are Black relationships doomed to fail?

Recently, a Black woman who frequents this Blog made a comment on one of my social media pages and wrote: 'The Collective Relationship between the Black Male/Female is irreparable'.

Now, this statement hit me like a ton of bricks. And let me explain why...

What I'm endeavoring to do on this Blog more than anything, is show Black men and women how the dysfunction exhibited in our Diaspora, is the result of decades of intensive mental conditioning we get to hate ourselves and each the guise of an american education no less. And the kinds(s) of conditioning we get, no other ethnic group does, 'cause Black men and women have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

Now, being that this woman follows my Blog, I'm thinking just knowing these facts, would give her and every other Black person reading my posts, some kind of hope for our Diaspora's future. So when I read her comment, my heart sank.

On top of this, I've been suffering from something I've been calling a 'Black Nationaist fatigue'; meaning, I'm long overdue for a break from examining the minutiae of white fascism. It seems, at least to me, that I've obsessed long enough on trying to show people the nuts and bolts of white supremacy's machinations, and I've also become a bit disenchanted at thoughts of listening to another lecture on the aesthetics of the Black Spiritual Sciences.

So, this past weekend, I decided to kick back, make some popcorn, buy a coupla' of six-packs of cola and watch something purely for its entertainment value. So after about an hour of perusing the internet on my TV, I came upon a particular documentary that struck my interest.

Now, I'll confess that I'm a boxing fan. With that said, I can tell you that I don't obsess over sports figures and I couldn't tell you the latest stats for my local teams, but every once in a while, I don't mind watching a master pugilist get their knuckle-game on. Mind you, I'm saying I'm a boxing fan; meaning, I'm in no way a fan of that MMA crap. Men rolling around on the floor on top of each other, doesn't fascinate me, and more often that not, that's how these MMA fighters end up (pun intended).

Boxing, at least to me, employs a lot more strategy than some MMA fighter who just swings wildly and lands a lucky punch, which nine times out of ten, again, winds up with two men rolling around on the ground. And another aspect of my fascination with boxing is that it's a solitary sport, it doesn't involve teams of over-grown, steroid-ridden men running into each other. In a way, I view writing as a solitary sport, so to speak, with the exception that I don't have to duck any punches in the process; at least not yet. I'm also a bit of a documentary junkie. Thus, I set out to look for some sort of doc about boxing.

What I came across was a film about the champion prize fighter Floyd Mayweather; I remembered watching an interview with him and coming away being more impressed with his insights than I thought I'd be. Now, the title of the doc, or so I thought at the time was, 'Floyd Mayweather-Big Boss', at least this was the 'YouTube' title.

The first frame of this documentary, was a Black screen with three words on it, and those were: 'Guilty-domestic-violence'. Then other words appeared around them. And they stated: 'On December 21st, 2011, controversial boxer, Floyd Mayweather plead guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred in September of 2010'. Now, what I later learned from this doc was Floyd was never proven guilty of this charge. There was no definitive evidence saying that he indeed committed this crime. Also, Floyd said he was advised to plead guilty by his lawyers so he could basically pay a fine and make the case go away. To say that advise back-fired is an understatement. So what the producers of this doc were saying, was they pre-judged Floyd as being guilty, regardless of whether he committed this crime or not.

What I learned later, was this doc was one produced by

the cable network 'Showtime', and it was titled, '30 days in May'; this film endeavored to show  30 days of Floyd's life up until he was sent to jail.

Now, Floyd Mayweather worked out a deal with 'Showtime' where his fights are only broadcast on their network. So I thought they would have a vested interest in treating him better than this. Now, the question I had right from the top was, why didn't they start this documentary after Floyd got out of prison?

I'll tell you why, 'cause even though multi-billion dollar networks like Showtime are in business with Floyd, they still don't like the fact that a Black man has Floyd's kinda' money. So they're gonna' do everything they can to assassinate this man's character. Essentially what this doc was really designed to do, was say to the world that all Floyd's accolades and accomplishments meant nothing 'cause at the end of the film, he'd wind up behind bars. And this doc was especially saying this to the Black Diaspora, so the ever-present message we get to hate ourselves could be reinforced.

Now mind you, I was looking to watch something that wasn't political, something like I said earlier, that was for entertainment purposes only. But the machinations of white supremacy reared its ugly head anyhow.

Now, you might be saying, well, since Floyd is boastful and has a tendency to flaunt his riches, and was complicit in creating this doc for Showtime, why should we care how he's portrayed?

'Cause there's other more sublimely insidious messages embedded in this documentary that have nothing to do with him; let me explain...

In one instance, this doc shows Floyd taking his two sons and his daughter to see the rapper 'Drake' in concert in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. After the show, we see Floyd's children enjoying a moment of domestic bliss playing tag with one another, a second later we see a caption on the screen saying: '19 days before jail'. Now, this is the crap that pisses me all the way off! 'Cause what the inbred white bigots on Showtime are really doing is not only casting aspersion on Floyd's family, but Black families in general. And earlier in the doc, white fascists do this even more sublimely; let me show you how.

Now, what we see to the left, is a pic of one of Floyd's sons placidly sleeping. Seconds after this, Floyd confesses to one of his personal stylists that he's gonna' go to prison for three months. He does this while wearing a Black shirt. A few seconds later, we see this picture to the right. Now, you're gonna' have to excuse this pic for its lack of clarity, 'cause I copied this photo right from the moving image of the documentary itself.

But looking at this particular pic, tell me what you notice immediately. Well, one of the first things you'd notice, are the two white women in white dresses; and the Black man walking to their right. With this pic coming up right after Floyd confesses he's going to jail, it's meant to reinforce the idea that Black men, and Black people in general, are predisposed to family dysfunction, violence, winding up in prison and every other negative thought your mind can conjure up about us; it's also saying, that white women, and white people in general, are the polar opposites, meaning, they're more likely to be morally upstanding, square-dealing and scrupulous. Now, you might be thinking, c'mon bruh, you're really reaching for stuff now.

Think so? Okay, then let's take another look at this pic. If you look at the very top of that picture, on the left hand side, there's a teleprompter flashing the word 'Hypnosis'.

Let's look at this pic a bit more closely to the left. Ya' see this fam?

Now, tell me, do ya' think this is a coincidence?

Of course not, what these inbreds want to do is actually hypnotize us, or our collective subconscious minds, into believing their B.S. about whites always having the moral high-ground.

Now, mind you, your conscious mind may not be picking this up, but your 'subconscious' sure as hell is. And this is all done in the name of furthering the campaign to make Black people hate themselves and everyone who looks like them.

But one great thing happened after I saw this pic, and its sneak attack on the Black Diaspora's subconscious; this told me, emphatically, that the rift between Black men and women is ABSOLUTELY REPAIRABLE!

Here's why...

The reason whitey is obsessed with making the Black Diaspora hate themselves, is without all their efforts, we would have little to no dysfunction in our communities.

I talk ad nauseum about the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma and how it was a shining example of Black folks doing everything right. Well, left to our own devices, this is what we'd recreate all over again...and these inbreds know this. So they keep us in a constant state of self-hatred, which breeds our Diaspora’s dysfunction. 'Cause truthfully, if one initiative worked to keep Black communities in a state of chaos, whitey wouldn't need to employ several at once. Meaning, they wouldn't need to try to make us hate ourselves from watching damn near every documentary, TV show, commercial, movie, billboard ad, etc.

This fact cleared my head...and ended my 'Black Nationalist fatigue'.

So if you're a Black man or woman reading this, know that the dysfunction in our Diaspora is NOT INEVITABLE!

Now, ending the rift between Black men and women might not come in my lifetime, but it doesn't mean we can't look to our children to end it, with some help from us preferably.

That's why its so important, or imperative, that we build an independent schooling system, or home-schooling co-operative(s), where our children can learn the basics of reading, writing and 'rithmetic, without whitey's message of self-hatred embedded in what they learn.

Some Black men and myself have taken on the task of donating monies and supplies to a home-schooling cooperative near us; and this is something the Black Diaspora can do right now to end our cycle of self-hatred. And this is something we need to do NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY!

So if you're a Black man or woman who's reading this, and you're interested in healing the rift not only amongst ourselves, but in our communities, let's start the work to rid ourselves of the self-loathing that was force fed into us through several years of pre, middle and high schooling. Let's take up the task of doing this not only for our generation, but more importantly, for the next one. 

This way, no young Black man or woman has to feel that the rift between us is irreversible...or irreparable. 


MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The gospel of white supremacy (Part 7)...the damsel in distress, the independent sista and the deepened rift between Black men and women...

Merian Caldwell Cooper was an american aviator, screenwriter, film producer and director. His most famous film was 1933's 'King Kong'.  

Cooper started his film career by doing documentaries for Paramount Pictures and from the years of 1933 to 1935, he was head of production for RKO Radio Pictures. The film King Kong which he co-wrote, co-directed and appeared in, was said to be very technically innovative for its time. But the film's real innovation, was how it spoke directly to the bigoted, white fascists who've been ever-present in this country, since Merian and his people got here.

For those who've never seen this crap flick, this film, and it's many incarnations, are about the abduction of a white woman by a colossal ape that's been captured from some tropical island. Somehow, this ape escapes his captors and is completely smitten with some white woman he sees. He scales a large building with this inbred of a woman in his clutches, and is shot down by white men in airplanes.

Now let me tell ya' what this film is really about; King Kong is the cautionary tell to white supremacists about the Black man mating with white women. This is basically the tale of whitey's fear of being bred out of existence, via the Black man. And being that the average white man feels sexually and physically weaker than a Black man, they use their technology, i.e. their airplanes, which are a metaphor for their 'weapons' technology (guns, bazookas, tanks, armed policeman, biological weapons like HIV, AIDS, Ebola, etc.), and how they will ultimately have to use these, to kill off Black men.

Now, let's fast forward from 1933 to 2005; the latest iteration of this silly flick has actress Naomi Watts cast as the white woman in the white dress (The first pic in my header is of her). And for some reason, whitey won't let movies like this one and 'Tarzan' die. I'll speak about the bigoted legacy of the Tarzan movies and TV shows in another post. But if you want further clarification of whitey's real intention with 'King Kong'; all we have to do is look at the 'Vanity Fair' cover with Lebron James on it with some dim-witted, white wench in his arm (pictured above).

Now, since people of every ethnic group grew tired of seeing this dumb-founded flick, white fascists needed to put a different spin on the King Kong mythos.

Enter the movie, ‘Taken’…

This movie was released in 2008, and this flick tells the story of a sweet-as-pie white girl, being abducted by swarthy asians and Black Africans. This girl is then sold into prostitution, until her white father, who just happens to be a retired CIA agent, rescues her.

This was much more palatable to a contemporary mainstream audience. And this film spawned two sequels.

Now, I remember when I was in my pre-teens and would watch old Black-and-white monster movies. Without fail in these films, they'd always show a white woman running from the monster and falling down. Then she’d stay in a prone position, screaming with her arms raised in front of her, before the monster killed her.

Myself and my friends would always laugh at this dim-witted white woman and yell at the screen for her to get up and run.

We never realized we were watching one of the greatest weapons of psychological warfare known to mankind. Let me explain why...

We all know how white women have been touted as the epitome of feminine beauty because of their facial features; but what these monster movies did was show the vulnerability of white women. And this quality, is ultimately what made her epitomize the modern archetype of feminine beauty. The white man was saying that white women are the exquisitely fragile flowers of this earth, and they needed rescuing by men. And this speaks right to the heart of what every man is looking for in a woman; someone who's delicate, soft-spoken and demure...someone who's peaceful and non-judgmental, like I spoke about in previous posts. These traits are the ultimate aphrodisiac for any man.

Now, I also remember the 'Salt 'n' Pepa' song, 'Independent funk', that came out in 1990; this was the decade where 'feminism' was being further mainstreamed for Black women. This was also what I called the 'I don't need no man mantra' period. See, this was the zenith of the white fascist campaign to portray Black women as hard, abrasive and completely argumentative. They propagandized the Black woman as being a female who ultimately wanted to be left alone. So while they portrayed their own women as docile and genuinely domestic, they portrayed Black women as belligerent single-mothers. And this was the message being sent to Black men. Mind you, this is straight out of the 'Willie Lynch letter' which says, white fascists have to separate the Black woman from the Black man.

Now, one of the main ways white fascists popularized this myth about the Black woman, and continue to, is through TV shows; and I'd like to detail how they've done this over the course of decades and generations, through three particular sit-coms.

The TV sit-com (short for situation-comedy, for the uninitiated), 'Sanford and Son', aired on NBC from January 14th, 1972 to March 25th, 1977. Now, this show told the story of Fred G. Sanford, who owned a junkyard in Watts, California, with his son Lamont. And it was adapted from the british TV show, 'Steptoe and Son'.

Now, what's acknowledged during the show is Fred's wife, Elizabeth, has passed away, and Lamont is single. So right off the bat, we see two generations of Black men without Black women. Also, during the course of several shows, we see Fred and Lamont dating various Black women, but somehow, this never results in any kind of relationship; but the woman they seem to always come in contact with, is none other than the inimitable LaWanda Page, a.k.a. Aunt Esther.

And what is Aunt Esther like? Belligerent, abrasive and confrontational. So while we're laughing at Aunt Esther calling Fred a 'fish-eyed fool' and Fred calling her everything but a child of God; subconsciously, the Black Diaspora gets the message that this is what Black male and female relationships are predisposed to be. Across generations.

Now, the TV show, 'The Jeffersons', came at this message from a different angle. This show aired on CBS from January 18th, 1975 until July 2nd, 1985 and is one of the longest running sit-coms in american TV history. This is the story of George and Louise (Whezzy) Jefferson, and their climb up the socio-economic ladder resulting in their ownership of a luxury apartment in New York City. Mind you, this show features a loving Black couple, but white fascists created two relationships to counter this. The first one was in the Jefferson's own home, this being George's contentious relationship with their maid, Florence. Even though George was her employer, she had little to no respect for him; they bickered constantly, and this just reinforces the rift that white fascists want to keep alive in Black relationships. The second, was the marriage of the Jefferson's friends, the Willis'. Helen Willis, the late Roxy Roker, Lenny Kravitz's mother, is married to the white (Uncle) Tom Willis. And this couple speaks volumes to the subconscious minds of the Black audience it was created for. It says to Black men, that more than likely, any Black woman will probably date and marry a white man over you, even if you do have money. And it says to Black women, that your goal in life, if you want to live an upper-scale and affluent lifestyle, is to marry a white man.

The 'Martin' TV show, aired from August 27th, 1992 until May 1st, 1997. This sit-com told the story of Martin Payne, a disc jockey with a girlfriend named Gina Waters played by Tisha Campbell-Martin. Martin works for the fictional radio station WZUP and later for local Public-access television station Channel 51. Now, Martin, is basically a gainfully-employed brotha, who has aspirations of moving up the ladder career-wise; and who's he in a relationship with? The ultra light-skinned, curly haired, bi-ethnic looking Black girl, Gina. And who is Martin always arguing with? Gina's dark-skinned girlfriend, Pam. This says to Black men, in a not-so-subtle way, that if you're gonna' commit to any Black woman, she shouldn't be darker-skinned. And what white fascists who green-lit this show are ultimately saying is, 'pure-bred', or pure-bred looking Black men and women shouldn't be together, 'cause this pairing is bound to lead to an unhappy courtship, dating and married life.

And of course, they do this 'cause they don't want Black men and women producing more pure-bred Black children, that will grow up having the greatest potential to breed white people out of existence.

Now, combine these messages with the ones we get in movies like King Kong and Taken, and the self-hating tenets we're taught in american schools; is it any wonder why Black men and women have such a hard time being in relationships with each other.

And like I've said in the past, no other ethnic group gets the level of self-hating conditioning that the Black Diaspora does. None.

Now, when I've said in the past that the most revolutionary act a Black man and woman can commit is falling in love with each other, that wasn't hyperbole; and these TV show examples are but a few reasons why.

So here's the real question, if we see that everything in this white fascist social order is diametrically opposed to Black women and men being together, what are we gonna' do about it?

What are YOU gonna' do about it?

The only solution is us ridding ourselves of our self-hatred; like Malcolm said, by any means necessary.

So whether you rid yourself of this by chanting, meditation, visualization, etc....

I say, just do what works best for you!

'Cause this revolution won't start with hundreds, thousands or millions of Black'll start with YOU!

So, let's all get to work!


MontUHURU Mimia


My mention of Gina, played by Tisha Campbell in the TV series 'Martin', made me think of a post that a lot of viewers of this Blog seemed to like; that post was titled, 'The cult of the curly-haired, light-skinned, bi-ethnic looking Black girl'; and you can check it out here. 


If you'd like to see the other six parts of this series, you can do that here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The blissful ignorance of anglophiles...a rebuttal...

No preambles here people, I'm just gonna' go in...

Recently, an anonymous comment was made on my post titled, 'Why I no longer listen to David Carroll'; and here's the comment: 'The white liberal has done a number on yall. Need to drop the victim mentality. Immigrants from around the world, including Africans, are coming here and making a better life for themselves. Meanwhile, black Americans are going backward.' 

Now, I wanna' deal with the last comment first; that being: 'black americans are going backward.' And speaking of being backwards, I want you to note how this brain-washed idiot put a capital 'A' on americans, and a lower-cased 'b' on the word Black. This was a diss directed at my capitalizing the 'B' in Black on my Blog, and in my e-books. Note, I purposely capitalize the 'B' in Black, not only to aggrandize my people, but to thwart the myriad attacks on our psyche, that condition, and have conditioned us, to hate ourselves and everyone who looks like we do. And to remind our diaspora, how we are the only ethnic group of men and women, who can create every other kind of man and woman, while none of them can create one of us.

Moving on...

Now, apropos to Black americans being, or going backwards, here's one question I'd have for this anglophile kiss-ass: DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT IN THIS COUNTRY?! 

Imbecilic anglophiles like this person never wanna' acknowledge how far the Black Diaspora has actually come. Now immediately, someone like this will say, well, Obama's not really Black. Well, to that I'll say, this Black president, has not only gotten the most hate mail of any other president, statistically, but a white supremacist website called 'Stormfront', crashed moments after Obama was sworn in, due to a deluge of traffic going through it. And I remember one instance, where 'Teabaggers' protested with guns slung over their shoulder a couple of miles from the white house, holding signs saying, Obama supports 'white slavery'. So that says to me, Obama's Black, whether he wants to be or not. 

And regarding Africans coming here and doing better than Black americans; firstly, the day Obama was elected, I saw videotaped footage of Africans literally running in the streets, celebrating his victory. Second, the reason Africans are coming to america in the first place, is because the white people so many of them love, have got a lot of them literally starving to death living under the tyrannies of a white supremacist regime in their native country/continent. And this also goes for Black Haitians and Jamaicans who like to look down on Black americans. Now, do I think I'm better than them because I'm american...NO!

I just want everyone reading this to understand, that the reason white fascists will let Black Africans, Haitians and Jamaicans, have more access to bank loans and capital to open a business here in america, is Black americans are the only group of Black people in this country that built up a thriving economy that rivaled, or threatened to outperform, whitey's in the early twentieth century. And we did it without whitey's help. I'm talking about places like the Black Wall Street for instance. The area white fascists bombed in 1921, 'cause they felt Black americans were getting too powerful.

And the Black Diaspora did this earlier than any group of spanish, asian and american indian people in this country as well. On top of this fact, we always have to remember that our having the most genetic power to breed whitey out of existence, in america, is the reason they will favor every other ethnic group, before us.

Now, I don't know what ethnic background this person comes from, but I'm guessing they're not white based on their comment about white liberals; and that further pisses me off, cause white people have played the part of fascist degenerate to every Black and brown person, whether or not they care to acknowledge this. 

I remember having an encounter with a Black African on 'YouTube', when a white person dissed the singer Seal, and I came to his defense. This Black African then came to the defense of this inbred and insulted me. Then they went on to say: I'm an African, you're a nig#er, there's a big difference. This person said they were in america for ten years, and then went back to Africa. I told this buck-dancin', boot-lickin', white kiss-ass jerk of a negro, that the reason they were in america for ten years, or at all, is 'cause the same white people they loved so much, had them and their family starving and probably living on dirt floors back in Africa; so they had to leave their native country to make any kind of living. After that I never heard back from them. 

And in a later post, I'll expound on how every other ethnic group in this country has gotten some sort of economic stimulus package, reparations, or both; but Black americans. ESPECIALLY ASIANS, 'cause I know how much Black people love to compare our plight to theirs.

Now, the other part of this dumb-ass comment, was about how Black americans should drop their 'victim mentality'. This is just more of that good ole' christian negro programming that says, the dysfunction exhibited in the Black Diaspora, shouldn't be blamed on white fascists who purposely created it.

Like I've said several times before, Black people should be given a waiver to sign before entering school, saying they're about to participate in decades of conditioning that's gonna' make them hate themselves. They should also be offered one of these before they buy a TV.

Now, my message in dealing with this kinda' conditioning doesn't just stop at blaming whitey; I'm saying Black people should acknowledge what whites have done to us, so we can recondition ourselves out of the self-hatred they've bred into us. 

See, if the Black Diaspora doesn't acknowledge what white fascists have done to us, then the only conclusion a Black american can draw, is that we're born hating ourselves and each other. Thus, reinforcing reasons why we should deepen the hatred for ourselves. 

With that said, It's no suprise that the jerk who made this comment is a fan of Dave Carroll's; this man is notorious for being a self-hating negro. So much so, that when someone asked him, how can he talk about his people so disparagingly, when he was Black himself, he replied: 'Who said I was Black?'

Pardon my french, but this is how fuc#ed up in the head Dave Carroll and his followers are.

I'll tell you, the very person, a Black man, who inspired me to start this Blog, is a follower of Dave Carroll; and now, just like Dave, this guy has becoming nothing but a simp for white fascists. He constantly features anglophilic looking persons on the face of his projects, and he never misses an opportunity to call Black people idiots; and when we don't support him, he wonders why. Then, he makes more videos about how stupid we are for not supporting him.

The stone cold truth is, this person was always pimping 'pro-Blackness' to satisfy his fan base. But once he got a taste of white adulation, he quickly gave the Black Diaspora the finger, and showed his true colors (pun intended). I remember this person saying, Black people are cowards; not knowing that when he walks outside his door and a white person sees him, they're thinking he's the same cowardly negro he rails against.

But ultimately, what the aforementioned white supremacist simp blogger, Dave Carroll, and this dim-witted commenter are trying desperately to do, is have white people see them as 'non-Black'. They figure if they diss Black people hard and long enough, that whitey will pat them on the head and ass, and tell them, 'good boy', as these negros stick their tongues out and wag their tails for massa. 

So when you encounter white supremacist simps like these and (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor...tune them out. 

And keep them tuned out permanently.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to see the post I wrote on David Carroll, along with this idiot's comment, you can do that here.
*Note: this jerk's comment is dated June 6th, 2015 @ 4:12 P.M. 

Also, if you'd like to take a look at a previous post I wrote, further explaining why white american fascists favor Black Haitians, Jamaicans and Africans, over Black americans, you can do that here. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 3)...Bruce Jenner, transcending gender and the real agenda of mainstreamed homosexuality...

William Bruce Jenner, now 'Caitlyn', was born on October 28th, 1949, in Mount Kisco, New York. His parents, Esther McGuire and William Hugh Jenner, also had two girls, Lisa and Pam.

In Bruce's high school years, he earned a football scholarship and afterwards he attended Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. Due to a knee injury, he was forced to end his football career, thus, he tried out for his school's 'decathlon' program. Jenner's track coach was the first to recognize his potential in the sport, and encouraged him to pursue the event professionally. Jenner graduated from Graceland College in 1973 with a degree in physical education.

Bruce would go on to win the gold medal as a 'decathlete' in the 1976 summer Olympics, in Montreal, Canada, where he set a world record for the event, not broken until 1980.  Jenner became an 'american hero' by winning an event dominated by Soviet Union athletes during the Cold War. Endorsement and appearance opportunities flowed in and Jenner's "likeness became a nationwide brand" in advertising, movies and TV shows. This is also what landed him on the cover of the 'Wheaties' cereal box, displayed in the first part of this post's triptyched header.

Now, anyone who's looked at my Blog for a hot minute knows I'm not one to follow trends; matter-of-factly, I tend to avoid them like the plague. I rarely partake in celebrity gossip, mind you, I said rarely, not never; and I do pride myself on being an iconoclast.

But when I saw the Vanity Fair cover, featuring Bruce as the trans-gendered 'Caitlyn', (third pic on my header), I felt obligated to say something.

Now, it seems white fascists have gone 'trans-gender' crazy as of late; and Bruce, or Caitlyn, is suppose to be the new poster-person for this age of gender confusion.

But if you're a Black man or woman reading this, what you should really know, and what whitey refuses to tell us is, a 2012 Census revealed that the whole of white people are at a zero population growth.

This means that more white people are dying than are being born. *smiles*

Now, if you're wondering what's this gotta' do with Bruce, or Caitlyn, let me tell ya'...

See, whitey created AIDS to specifically get rid of Black folks, but white fascists have decided it's not working fast enough. They cooked up Ebola in a lab years ago, specifically for us, and it's killing a lot of us off but again, not fast enough. Abortions are killing Black babies, but again, not fast enough.

So the head inbreds are using the mainstreaming of homosexuality as a 'cure-all' to get rid of the 'Black menace'. If these people can coax our young Black men and women to adopt this lifestyle and never reproduce, it'll be mission accomplished.

Enter Bruce, I mean, Caitlyn Jenner...

And the reason they're using Bruce to push this lifestyle is, he was the epitome of white masculine virility for a generation. He was the square-jawed, muscular, aryan ideal. So by his adoption of the white fascist, 'trans-gender' hoax, whitey's hoping that more 'straight' men will lay down their masculinity and follow him...or her.

Now, you may be saying, well, white fascists have to know that Black people won't be the only ones effected by the mainstreaming of this lifestyle...and I do know that, but our situation is different from anyone else's. Here's why...

As I've said in previous posts, Black men and women have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. So to white fascists, a Black person existing anywhere is a threat to them everywhere. That's why this homosexual campaigning has a bulls-eye specifically on our backs.

Don't believe me? Then check out these pics of Jaden
Smith, (Will and Jada's son), and Magic Johnson's son Earvin to the right. Check out Jaden's muscular legs beneath his dress...and Earvin is just a queer goner. Now, this is designed especially to recruit young Black men into this non-sense, and with the way white fascists have completely destroyed the Black 'nuclear' family it's pretty much destined to work. I remember a Black man who's a friend of mine, telling me his daughter went on a school field trip; and that same evening, she called him asking if he could come get her out of there. Turns out, the overwhelming majority of her female classmates who were rooming together, started making out with one another. So much so, that she wanted no parts of the school 'outing' (pun intended).  

Now, again, there's gonna' be some white folk who say, there's a million cases of this happening amongst them, so what's the big deal. What they're not considering is this, the overwhelming majority of the world, doesn't look like them. The majority of the world is Black and brown, not white. White people are the world's real minority; but they have Black people calling ourselves this so we can feel inferior to them.

So if white fascists are promoting this 'deathstyle' globally, more of us will be affected, not them. 

Ultimately, what I'm trying to say here is the most revolutionary thing a Black man and woman can do, is form a loving relationship with one another. 'Cause every part of the american white fascist social order is diametrically opposed to this. Now, I now that probably sounds incredibly glib and corny, but it's a stark-raving truth!

And Bruce's gender 'transition', is just one more example of how far whitey will go to prevent this. 

And for anyone in the 'lgbt' movement, or anyone who supports this behavior; you should know that no matter what you do, you CAN NOT TRANSCEND YOUR GENDER!

Bruce, I mean Caitlyn, may think she, or he's a woman, but he'll never have the functioning ovaries that can produce children. Conversely a woman who becomes a man, can never produce the sperm needed to conceive kids either. 

Whitey's queer agenda, should prompt us to realize how important it is that our diaspora work on ridding ourselves of the self-hated they bred into us A.S.A.P!

Because this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as how many other campaigns they'll conjure up to get rid of Black folks goes. 

And people who think my rants about the riddance of our self-hatred are overstated, should check out how white cops have declared an 'open season' on young Black men. 

Our (the Black Diaspora's) level of education, our cult leaders, nor our money will save us...ONLY OUR UNITY WILL!

And we can't unite if we're conditioned to hate ourselves and one another. 

So let's be about the work of saying good riddance to our collective self-hatred.

Our survival depends on it!

Kem Wesir! (Meaning Black power in the Medu Netcher)

MontUHURU Mimia


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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3 ways Jill Scott, and Black women, can attract a 'marriage-minded' Black man (Part 2)...Why blame whitey for Black dysfunction?

Originally, I was planning a different topic for this week's post...that was until a comment from a Black woman named 'Saquorya', was made on my last one.

And usually I make my responses in the comment section of this Blog; but this woman's comments were so timely, that I had to respond right away. And I didn't think the limited space in my Blog's comment section, would do my answer, or this debate, justice.

So what I’m gonna’ do here, is present the opening lines of her comment, to get this debate going, 'cause there's a lot to cover. 'Saquorya' wrote: 'My ex husband and I had a discussion. Now, in all this eradication of harmful psychological torment that was heaped on us, we missed something else, what then are women/men supposed to do in relationships, what are their roles and responsibilities? I mean let's be frank we were raised by parents who are also products of the same harmful system so we cannot eradicate everything. So we then have re-learn what our roles are because if they aren't to hate each other than what are they? Most men grow up ill-equipped to take on fatherly/husband roles whereas girls are more equipped to handle momoherhood.'

Now, I want to focus on Saquorya's statement saying: So we then have (to) re-learn what our (men and women's) roles are, because if they aren't to hate each other, then what are they?

And if she's reading this, I'd like to say firstly, and emphatically, that Black men and women, don't need to 're-learn' our roles; what we need to do is re-condition ourselves out of the self-hatred that white fascists have force-fed into us, in the disguise of an 'american education'. 'Cause once we do this, the cohesion between the Black man and woman will return, and the stable Black 'nuclear' families created by this, will teach us our right roles again. That is, if we choose to do the work to reclaim our 'right minds'.

Here's another part of her comment: 'It (the white fascist system) cripples black men from really seeing they have issued they need to face to run deeper than do you hate black women. Black men are insecure and seem to lack headship skills a d knowledge to stand comfortably and confidently in his role. Where can u learn that? If not from God?'

More of her comment: 'I watched my ex (leave) from my brand new truck I bought myself, my Anne Klein dress with matching shoes and my handbag and hair that is natural in them middle of my back and we'll kept for: (for) an overweight woman who had tats, piercings everywhere she was unkempt and smelled of weed. She had four screaming kids in the back seat of her truck whose back window was gone and had a trash bag as a substition for a window.' 

And she continues to speak on how her ex-husband was completely dysfunctional: 'I dress well I am complement and stared at often and told how modestly beautiful I am. That is what,awesome people the ability to attract with modesty. Yes it is possible. My husband called thus bourgeois I liked to dine in nice restuarants.i was bourgeois. I enjoy travel and different cultures. That made me bourgeois. I also cooked different t foods and have an insatiable appetite for learning and achieving things. I was bourgeois for that too. My husband saw fit to abuse me because he felt his woman was the only thing he had the right to control.'

Now, I think the best way for me to answer, or address these questions/comments, are with the last few questions I posed to Black women on my last post.

So, in regards to this, my first question to 'Saquorya', will be: Do you know who you're attracting and who you're attracted to?

And Saquorya, if you're reading this, what I mean is, there's no way you could meet, date, fall in love with and ultimately marry a Black man that was this dysfunctional, without coming from some kind of dysfunctional household, or background yourself. There's no way you should’ve been married to someone who was nothing like you.

Cause a 'universal truth' is: we ultimately attract people who have traits that we ourselves, possess.

Now, I am sorry to hear that you were abused in this relationship, 'cause no one deserves that; but, if you're upper-scale, articulate, world-traveled and morally upstanding, you're not going to attract, or be attracted to, an under-educated, oversexed and abusive Black man. Meaning, a past trauma of yours, is what led you to date and marry this person.

Now, this leads me to some other questions I posed on my last post: Do you have a good relationship with your father? Was he in your life the majority of the time?

And if you've answered no to these questions, then you can't tell me, you weren't thinking the worst about Black men before you met your ex-husband. And this manifested in the relationship you had with him. And if you're saying, well, if I had a more responsible father in my life, I wouldn't hold these beliefs about Black men; I want to remind you how I detailed in my last post, how white fascists, especially through the educational system, not only conditioned us to hate ourselves, but everyone who looks like us. So I can't see how you can just dismiss this as not having any effect on the current dysfunction we see in Black men, or Black people on the whole. Especially in terms of Black male and female relationships.

Now, let me remind you again, how you view every Black man without exception, you wrote: 'Black men are insecure and seem to lack headship skills a d knowledge to stand comfortably and confidently in his role. The headship arrangement is where black men are crippled. He doesn't know anything about his role and how to exercise that role. Men typically are uninvolved with sticking to principles that would provide his family with a better standards or living and a set of morals to live by to make his family productive, but black men are flagrantly absent in this part of a relationship.'

Now, going into a relationship with this attitude towards all Black men, is it any wonder why you had a bad relationship with your ex-husband? And I know for a fact, the household you came from must have fostered the opinions you have of Black men before you met your ex-husband. A woman doesn’t draw these kinds of conclusions on the whole of Black men, after one relationship.

Here's another exerpt of what you wrote: 'To be frank I am sick of hearing what the white system has done. Why? Because when a person repeats victimologies he stays a victim and is powerless to change. I am sick of black men leaning on this same ideologies, not that it' isn't true, but it seems like this explanation of what whites did is more like a crutch now.'

And my response to this is, if you yourself say it's true that this white supremacist system is completely dedicated to our people's destruction, then how can you just dismiss this as a 'crutch' for Black men? The reason you have so much of a problem with all Black men, is because of the dysfunction conditioned into them by this same white system. Remember, everything Black men and women are taught, damn near since they start walking, has conditioned, and is continually conditioning us to hate everything about ourselves and each other.

And again, knowing all of this, why are you so willing to forgive the white fascists who created it?

And when you say people tell you you're good looking, and you wear matching Anne Klein dresses and shoes, and you have a new truck...understand, these things don't impress a 'marriage-minded' Black man. 'Cause this financially and emotionally secure man DOESN'T NEED ANY MATERIAL THING FROM YOU! He's already got these material things...that's why he's marriage-minded. 

What he's looking for in a woman, is someone who's peaceful and non-judgmental; someone who'll give him the benefit of the doubt in case something does go wrong, and someone who believes he can fix a problem if one arises. And here's another question I have to ask you: judging by what you've written, are you really capable of doing that for any marriage-minded Black man?

See, the head inbreds I call white fascists, want us to obsess over material things; so when you say you're natural hair is 'down your back', this smacks of something an anglophile, not a marriage-minded Black man, would be impressed by. Again, it's whitey who wants us stuck on superficial nonsense like this; a marriage-minded Black man isn't obsessing over a woman's physical features, he wants to know what you have to offer him 'emotionally', more than anything.

And here's yet another question, and the most important one I posed to Black women on my last post: ARE YOU A BLACK WOMAN WHO'S CONDITIONED TO HATE BLACK MEN?

Are you Saquorya? Do you know if you are?


'Cause everything you've written, points to the fact that you’re completely conditioned to hate us.

Now, am I saying all of the dysfunction of the Black Diaspora, is all the fault of Black women? OF COURSE NOT! BUT IT'S ALSO NOT ALL THE FAULT OF BLACK MEN EITHER!

The point I'm trying to make, again, is BOTH BLACK MEN AND WOMEN, HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO HATE OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER...and you can't say the white fascists who did this, aren't directly responsible for our dysfunctional relationships.

Moreover, if you were to find the perfect Black man tomorrow, ultimately, your relationship with him still wouldn't work; 'cause consciously, or subconsciously, you're conditioned to hate him.

And understand, the other element of this white supremacist brainwashing, includes us ultimately forgiving white fascists for how they've decimated our minds and communities. That's why there's a church on every corner of a Black neighborhood. They want us to adopt the idea that our dysfunction has nothing to do with them. Thus, the Black Diaspora should continue to deepen the hatred for ourselves; 'cause the only conclusion one can draw behind this, is that Black people are born this way.

Now, here's the last question I have for you: ARE YOU WILLING TO CHANGE YOUR OPINION OF BLACK MEN?

'Cause if you believe there are NO good Black men out there, this will be your reality for the rest of your life.

Again, are you willing to see if you're conditioned to hate Black men, FOR REAL? And if not, you need to be completely honest about that too; so you can plan your life accordingly.

So Saquorya, I hope I've given you the answers to at least one or two of your questions; or I'm hoping I've given you some food for thought. 'Cause ultimately the message of my last post, and ultimately this Blog is, that Black people have lost everything to the self-hatred that's been bred into us by this white fascist social order.

And the riddance of this, is ultimately the only thing that'll save us.

And this is the real responsibility the Black man and woman has to themselves, and each other.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to read 'Saquorya's' full comment, you can do that on my previous post.