Saturday, June 13, 2015

The blissful ignorance of anglophiles...a rebuttal...

No preambles here people, I'm just gonna' go in...

Recently, an anonymous comment was made on my post titled, 'Why I no longer listen to David Carroll'; and here's the comment: 'The white liberal has done a number on yall. Need to drop the victim mentality. Immigrants from around the world, including Africans, are coming here and making a better life for themselves. Meanwhile, black Americans are going backward.' 

Now, I wanna' deal with the last comment first; that being: 'black americans are going backward.' And speaking of being backwards, I want you to note how this brain-washed idiot put a capital 'A' on americans, and a lower-cased 'b' on the word Black. This was a diss directed at my capitalizing the 'B' in Black on my Blog, and in my e-books. Note, I purposely capitalize the 'B' in Black, not only to aggrandize my people, but to thwart the myriad attacks on our psyche, that condition, and have conditioned us, to hate ourselves and everyone who looks like we do. And to remind our diaspora, how we are the only ethnic group of men and women, who can create every other kind of man and woman, while none of them can create one of us.

Moving on...

Now, apropos to Black americans being, or going backwards, here's one question I'd have for this anglophile kiss-ass: DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT IN THIS COUNTRY?! 

Imbecilic anglophiles like this person never wanna' acknowledge how far the Black Diaspora has actually come. Now immediately, someone like this will say, well, Obama's not really Black. Well, to that I'll say, this Black president, has not only gotten the most hate mail of any other president, statistically, but a white supremacist website called 'Stormfront', crashed moments after Obama was sworn in, due to a deluge of traffic going through it. And I remember one instance, where 'Teabaggers' protested with guns slung over their shoulder a couple of miles from the white house, holding signs saying, Obama supports 'white slavery'. So that says to me, Obama's Black, whether he wants to be or not. 

And regarding Africans coming here and doing better than Black americans; firstly, the day Obama was elected, I saw videotaped footage of Africans literally running in the streets, celebrating his victory. Second, the reason Africans are coming to america in the first place, is because the white people so many of them love, have got a lot of them literally starving to death living under the tyrannies of a white supremacist regime in their native country/continent. And this also goes for Black Haitians and Jamaicans who like to look down on Black americans. Now, do I think I'm better than them because I'm american...NO!

I just want everyone reading this to understand, that the reason white fascists will let Black Africans, Haitians and Jamaicans, have more access to bank loans and capital to open a business here in america, is Black americans are the only group of Black people in this country that built up a thriving economy that rivaled, or threatened to outperform, whitey's in the early twentieth century. And we did it without whitey's help. I'm talking about places like the Black Wall Street for instance. The area white fascists bombed in 1921, 'cause they felt Black americans were getting too powerful.

And the Black Diaspora did this earlier than any group of spanish, asian and american indian people in this country as well. On top of this fact, we always have to remember that our having the most genetic power to breed whitey out of existence, in america, is the reason they will favor every other ethnic group, before us.

Now, I don't know what ethnic background this person comes from, but I'm guessing they're not white based on their comment about white liberals; and that further pisses me off, cause white people have played the part of fascist degenerate to every Black and brown person, whether or not they care to acknowledge this. 

I remember having an encounter with a Black African on 'YouTube', when a white person dissed the singer Seal, and I came to his defense. This Black African then came to the defense of this inbred and insulted me. Then they went on to say: I'm an African, you're a nig#er, there's a big difference. This person said they were in america for ten years, and then went back to Africa. I told this buck-dancin', boot-lickin', white kiss-ass jerk of a negro, that the reason they were in america for ten years, or at all, is 'cause the same white people they loved so much, had them and their family starving and probably living on dirt floors back in Africa; so they had to leave their native country to make any kind of living. After that I never heard back from them. 

And in a later post, I'll expound on how every other ethnic group in this country has gotten some sort of economic stimulus package, reparations, or both; but Black americans. ESPECIALLY ASIANS, 'cause I know how much Black people love to compare our plight to theirs.

Now, the other part of this dumb-ass comment, was about how Black americans should drop their 'victim mentality'. This is just more of that good ole' christian negro programming that says, the dysfunction exhibited in the Black Diaspora, shouldn't be blamed on white fascists who purposely created it.

Like I've said several times before, Black people should be given a waiver to sign before entering school, saying they're about to participate in decades of conditioning that's gonna' make them hate themselves. They should also be offered one of these before they buy a TV.

Now, my message in dealing with this kinda' conditioning doesn't just stop at blaming whitey; I'm saying Black people should acknowledge what whites have done to us, so we can recondition ourselves out of the self-hatred they've bred into us. 

See, if the Black Diaspora doesn't acknowledge what white fascists have done to us, then the only conclusion a Black american can draw, is that we're born hating ourselves and each other. Thus, reinforcing reasons why we should deepen the hatred for ourselves. 

With that said, It's no suprise that the jerk who made this comment is a fan of Dave Carroll's; this man is notorious for being a self-hating negro. So much so, that when someone asked him, how can he talk about his people so disparagingly, when he was Black himself, he replied: 'Who said I was Black?'

Pardon my french, but this is how fuc#ed up in the head Dave Carroll and his followers are.

I'll tell you, the very person, a Black man, who inspired me to start this Blog, is a follower of Dave Carroll; and now, just like Dave, this guy has becoming nothing but a simp for white fascists. He constantly features anglophilic looking persons on the face of his projects, and he never misses an opportunity to call Black people idiots; and when we don't support him, he wonders why. Then, he makes more videos about how stupid we are for not supporting him.

The stone cold truth is, this person was always pimping 'pro-Blackness' to satisfy his fan base. But once he got a taste of white adulation, he quickly gave the Black Diaspora the finger, and showed his true colors (pun intended). I remember this person saying, Black people are cowards; not knowing that when he walks outside his door and a white person sees him, they're thinking he's the same cowardly negro he rails against.

But ultimately, what the aforementioned white supremacist simp blogger, Dave Carroll, and this dim-witted commenter are trying desperately to do, is have white people see them as 'non-Black'. They figure if they diss Black people hard and long enough, that whitey will pat them on the head and ass, and tell them, 'good boy', as these negros stick their tongues out and wag their tails for massa. 

So when you encounter white supremacist simps like these and (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor...tune them out. 

And keep them tuned out permanently.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to see the post I wrote on David Carroll, along with this idiot's comment, you can do that here.
*Note: this jerk's comment is dated June 6th, 2015 @ 4:12 P.M. 

Also, if you'd like to take a look at a previous post I wrote, further explaining why white american fascists favor Black Haitians, Jamaicans and Africans, over Black americans, you can do that here. 


  1. This is the most racist drivel I've ever been witness to. You obviously have a huge chip on your shoulder and should realize that people like yourself are the reason racism still exists in 2015.

    1. 'Racist drivel?'

      I spend the majority of my time on this post talking disparagingly about a couple of anglophilic 'non-white' people, who have a deep and abiding love for white fascists and fascism.

      Now, if you have a problem with me talking about how whites reacted, or are reacting, to the Obama presidency, that's not conjecture, those are facts! Look that up yourself, if you don't believe me.

      Obviously, you didn't know that the sentiments of this Blog are not for mainstream consumption.

      So if you don't like what you've read, you never have to come back here.

      So long!

    2. So Black person will never be able to tell the truth in all its honesty because it's people like you who hate hearing the truth about you and your people's actions and behaviors over the past years. They use to say "the truth hurts," now I understand it really does hurt you and yours.

      Go on and declare your "no racism" movement and I will continue to declare "reparations, exclusion and due diligence."

      This fight will never end....

    3. 'Veronica'...

      'Go on and declare your "no racism" movement and I will continue to declare "reparations, exclusion and due diligence."'

      Very well put Queen!

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. MontUHURU Mimia. How old are you?