Thursday, June 11, 2015

The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 3)...Bruce Jenner, transcending gender and the real agenda of mainstreamed homosexuality...

William Bruce Jenner, now 'Caitlyn', was born on October 28th, 1949, in Mount Kisco, New York. His parents, Esther McGuire and William Hugh Jenner, also had two girls, Lisa and Pam.

In Bruce's high school years, he earned a football scholarship and afterwards he attended Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. Due to a knee injury, he was forced to end his football career, thus, he tried out for his school's 'decathlon' program. Jenner's track coach was the first to recognize his potential in the sport, and encouraged him to pursue the event professionally. Jenner graduated from Graceland College in 1973 with a degree in physical education.

Bruce would go on to win the gold medal as a 'decathlete' in the 1976 summer Olympics, in Montreal, Canada, where he set a world record for the event, not broken until 1980.  Jenner became an 'american hero' by winning an event dominated by Soviet Union athletes during the Cold War. Endorsement and appearance opportunities flowed in and Jenner's "likeness became a nationwide brand" in advertising, movies and TV shows. This is also what landed him on the cover of the 'Wheaties' cereal box, displayed in the first part of this post's triptyched header.

Now, anyone who's looked at my Blog for a hot minute knows I'm not one to follow trends; matter-of-factly, I tend to avoid them like the plague. I rarely partake in celebrity gossip, mind you, I said rarely, not never; and I do pride myself on being an iconoclast.

But when I saw the Vanity Fair cover, featuring Bruce as the trans-gendered 'Caitlyn', (third pic on my header), I felt obligated to say something.

Now, it seems white fascists have gone 'trans-gender' crazy as of late; and Bruce, or Caitlyn, is suppose to be the new poster-person for this age of gender confusion.

But if you're a Black man or woman reading this, what you should really know, and what whitey refuses to tell us is, a 2012 Census revealed that the whole of white people are at a zero population growth.

This means that more white people are dying than are being born. *smiles*

Now, if you're wondering what's this gotta' do with Bruce, or Caitlyn, let me tell ya'...

See, whitey created AIDS to specifically get rid of Black folks, but white fascists have decided it's not working fast enough. They cooked up Ebola in a lab years ago, specifically for us, and it's killing a lot of us off but again, not fast enough. Abortions are killing Black babies, but again, not fast enough.

So the head inbreds are using the mainstreaming of homosexuality as a 'cure-all' to get rid of the 'Black menace'. If these people can coax our young Black men and women to adopt this lifestyle and never reproduce, it'll be mission accomplished.

Enter Bruce, I mean, Caitlyn Jenner...

And the reason they're using Bruce to push this lifestyle is, he was the epitome of white masculine virility for a generation. He was the square-jawed, muscular, aryan ideal. So by his adoption of the white fascist, 'trans-gender' hoax, whitey's hoping that more 'straight' men will lay down their masculinity and follow him...or her.

Now, you may be saying, well, white fascists have to know that Black people won't be the only ones effected by the mainstreaming of this lifestyle...and I do know that, but our situation is different from anyone else's. Here's why...

As I've said in previous posts, Black men and women have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence. So to white fascists, a Black person existing anywhere is a threat to them everywhere. That's why this homosexual campaigning has a bulls-eye specifically on our backs.

Don't believe me? Then check out these pics of Jaden
Smith, (Will and Jada's son), and Magic Johnson's son Earvin to the right. Check out Jaden's muscular legs beneath his dress...and Earvin is just a queer goner. Now, this is designed especially to recruit young Black men into this non-sense, and with the way white fascists have completely destroyed the Black 'nuclear' family it's pretty much destined to work. I remember a Black man who's a friend of mine, telling me his daughter went on a school field trip; and that same evening, she called him asking if he could come get her out of there. Turns out, the overwhelming majority of her female classmates who were rooming together, started making out with one another. So much so, that she wanted no parts of the school 'outing' (pun intended).  

Now, again, there's gonna' be some white folk who say, there's a million cases of this happening amongst them, so what's the big deal. What they're not considering is this, the overwhelming majority of the world, doesn't look like them. The majority of the world is Black and brown, not white. White people are the world's real minority; but they have Black people calling ourselves this so we can feel inferior to them.

So if white fascists are promoting this 'deathstyle' globally, more of us will be affected, not them. 

Ultimately, what I'm trying to say here is the most revolutionary thing a Black man and woman can do, is form a loving relationship with one another. 'Cause every part of the american white fascist social order is diametrically opposed to this. Now, I now that probably sounds incredibly glib and corny, but it's a stark-raving truth!

And Bruce's gender 'transition', is just one more example of how far whitey will go to prevent this. 

And for anyone in the 'lgbt' movement, or anyone who supports this behavior; you should know that no matter what you do, you CAN NOT TRANSCEND YOUR GENDER!

Bruce, I mean Caitlyn, may think she, or he's a woman, but he'll never have the functioning ovaries that can produce children. Conversely a woman who becomes a man, can never produce the sperm needed to conceive kids either. 

Whitey's queer agenda, should prompt us to realize how important it is that our diaspora work on ridding ourselves of the self-hated they bred into us A.S.A.P!

Because this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as how many other campaigns they'll conjure up to get rid of Black folks goes. 

And people who think my rants about the riddance of our self-hatred are overstated, should check out how white cops have declared an 'open season' on young Black men. 

Our (the Black Diaspora's) level of education, our cult leaders, nor our money will save us...ONLY OUR UNITY WILL!

And we can't unite if we're conditioned to hate ourselves and one another. 

So let's be about the work of saying good riddance to our collective self-hatred.

Our survival depends on it!

Kem Wesir! (Meaning Black power in the Medu Netcher)

MontUHURU Mimia


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  1. This article is on point. I also believe that it's the white folks agenda to continue to incorporate blacks into their gay and lesbians lifestyles, groups, meetings, etc. They think this will stop the birth of black babies. It is my prayer that the black race come out of this way of living and give it back to the original owners, them white folks and declare with all their hearts, minds, bodies and souls that they don't want that life of perversion and darkness anymore. It is my sole prayer that black men will desire their black women again instead of trying to always be like the black woman. It's also my sole prayer that black women will began to desire black men again and stop making up excuses for not finding your male mate. This will be my prayer until the day I leave this earth and afterwards I still will be praying.

    1. 'Veronica'...

      I'd love every Black person reading this to realize that the mainstreaming of homosexuality, or 'promosexuality', is exclusively about getting rid of Black folks, period!

      Being that we have the most genetic power to breed whitey out of existence, means every white fascist weapon, whether it be political, financial, psychological or physical, has a bulls-eye on our backs...literally!

      So I just wanted to make that crystal clear with this post.

      Thanks for the compliment and the comment!

  2. You're an idiot. The human population totals over 7 billion and you're worried about this. Anything can be a family: grandparents, two gay aunts (as in the case of two of my cousins whose mom passed away), so long as there is love. Something you clearly need to find in your own heart.

    1. I know the human populous totals over 7 billion people; and I also know that the majority of those people are Black and brown, not white. So the white fascist agenda to mainstream homosexuality will affect us more than it will whitey. That's for starters.

      Also, you say 'anything' can be a 'family'...I agree, but the fact still remains that not EVERYONE CAN HAVE A FAMILY! For instance, two men can't have a child, and neither can two women, that was the point you missed.

      Now, here's another point you missed, you talk about all a person needs is love, well, how much love has america shown Black people? How much love do white cops show young Black men, when they gun them down in the streets like dogs.

      Grow up a little. The world's not some fairytale soap opera made up of rainbows and butterflies.

      And if you can't see that, you're the one who's truly an idiot.

  3. Your words are very refreshing to me on an emotional and psychological level. I enjoy your content. Keep writing and I will keep reading..............

    1. 'Veronica'...

      Thanks for the compliment and the comment. I'm glad my writing resonates with you emotionally and psychologically, and I'm always glad you keep reading and responding.

      Now, this may sound like an incredibly glib statement, but I'm always hoping I can live up to the high standards my ancestors have set with their accomplishments. So ultimately, that's the barometer I'm judging this blog by. Thus, it's always great to hear a sentiment like yours.

      So again, thanks for reading my Blog and I hope you continue seeing things here that you like.