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The cult of gay white bigotry (Part 2)...Black orphans and the gay white adoption agenda...

Here's some quick stats from the u.s. Census Bureau, before I get to the point of this post:

Approximately two million gay persons in the u.s. are interested in adopting children.

An estimated 65,500 adopted children are living with a gay parent.

More than 16,000 adopted children are living with gay parents in California, the highest number among the states.

And finally, gay parents are raising four percent of all adopted children in the united states. 

Now, superficially, we should rejoice at the fact that gay couples have opened their homes to a large section of america's orphan population. And this should be especially true for Black americans, being that half of the 100,000 kids waiting for adoption in this country are African-american. African-american boys wait the longest to find families; and the most desirable adoptees, are babies and young kids who haven't been mistreated and don't have disabilities.  

I remember, decades ago, how pop star Madonna's contested adoption of a 1-year-old boy from Malawi, Africa made headlines. I also remember how a 1994 federal law was enacted, to forbid ethnic discrimination in a child's adoptive placement. 

And, if you've paid attention to any kind of 'social media' sites, or the TV news lately; you've heard how Bruce Jenner, the iconic u.s. Olympics, gold medal winning athlete, has come to the conclusion that he's now, and always has been, a woman. And this comes in the midst of seemingly every aspect of the 'lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender' (lgbt) community, being mainstreamed for acceptance by the american social order.

Now, we could think this is all coincidental, but if you've been reading this Blog for any amount of time; I think you know how bogus that idea is. So let me tell you the real reason, gay adoption, just like the membership in this lifestyle, has skyrocketed.

First off, many white corporate magnates and hyper-rich white CEO's, say they don't believe in God, or in any ancestral deities that the Black Diaspora worship. People like the neo-liberal bigot Bill Maher, will say they're not tethered to any religions or any form of spiritual science. The majority of them even say how they don't believe in silly forces like karma. 

Now, I remember listening to a 'Pan-Africanist' speaker, and how he said, on one of his lecture tours, a sista told him that she took her son to a department store like Montgomery Ward, or some other comparable department store. And how her son asked her, when they walked through the entrance, "Ma, do you see what I see?" The sista replied, "No son, what do you see?" The precocious, strong-minded young brotha declared, "Do you notice all the Black people are in the clothing section, and all the white people are in the gun section?"

And, american gun manufacturers are saying, they can't keep up with white people's orders for guns and ammo since Obama became president. So, whitey's declarations about not believing in karma, is A BALL-FACED LIE!

These people know they have a karmic-asskickin' coming! That's one reason why so many white stars and white people in general, are adopting Black children; 'cause they WANT BLACK PEOPLE TO FORGIVE THEM!

They want us to adopt the negro christian programming we've gotten in american churches and schools, so we can give them a pass for their centuries of mistreating us. So their adoption of our children has little or nothing to do with whitey's altruism, and more to do with their wanting to stave off, the very thing they claim not to believe in...karma.

And second, I've mentioned several times on this Blog and in these posts, how white birth rates are falling below replacement levels. Now-a-days, these pale-skinned inbreds are really quaking in their boots about the inevitability of their not being around in the coming centuries. And of course, the white elitist bulls-eye is on the back of Blacks, due to our having the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

So what's a more effective way of ensuring that the Black Diaspora adopts homosexuality, other than through whitey's mainstream media initiatives? Simply, through having our children, grow up in a gay household.  

This would almost guarantee that the young Black man or woman, would be sexually conflicted and never think about having a child. Unless, of course, they adopt one like their gay parents.

The mainstreaming of homosexuality, is nothing more than another white supremacist initiative to exterminate the global, or in this case national, Black population. 

And several white people have rebutted this point by saying, hey...white fascists are mainstreaming homosexuality for white people too. That's true. But one thing these degenerates don't realize is, the MAJORITY OF THE WORLD DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THEM!

The overwhelming majority of the world's population is asian. China has always been well known for it's booming population, and along with more densely populated places like India, it makes asia the world's leader in birth rates. And you know who's right behind them? 


Then you have every other ethnic group, with whitey dead last.

See, the majority of these inbreds have never been outside the u.s. and think everywhere on earth, is like here. The majority of them don't read anything edifying, at least not unless bigots like howard stern and rush limbaugh push them. So they're simply ignorant to the fact that the majority of the world is Black and brown. One thing I love seeing, is when one of these genetic dead ends says to a Black person, go back to Africa, and the brotha or sista tells them to go back to europe. They just freeze. 

And in case anyone thinks that gays are our allies in any kind of human rights, or 'Civil Rights' struggles, you'd be in for a big surprise. I've personally worked around these degenerates, and some of them are bigger bigots than their straight peers. Beyond this fact, what really grates on me concerning the queer populus, is how they believe that Black people especially, should recognize them as a 'marginalized' minority. Now, mind you, these are white men and women we're talking about. See, these gay inbreds wanna' have their cake and eat it too. Meaning, they wanna' have the white privilege AND be recognized as an oppressed minority. And they're actually indignant about this. I've seen a lot of them visibly upset about how we don't mention them in our 'Civil Rights' struggles.

But here's my question to them right off the top: where were the queers when my people had fireman's water hoses turned on them? Where were they when we had attack dogs sicced on our women and children? 

They were right behind their straight peers, saying nothing

Now they wanna' take credit for what we did? Please!

And beyond the tax and other societal benefits of being married with children, you gotta' ask yourself this: if these white gays were so hung up on having kids, why the hell are they gay? Why can't they see the contradiction in this? And why can't they recognize this as a personal problem?

And still, these gay inbreds got the nerve to say their struggle is just like ours. If someone ever brings this issue up, tell the confused nut(s), if for no other reason, a queer's struggle has nothing to do with ours, 'cause a gay person can hide their sexuality, we can't hide our ethnicity. 


Now, conversely, this also says, we Black people have to do a better job of adopting our children. And for that, we'd have to get rid of the self-hatred bred into us by these white fascist forces. 'Cause if you're conditioned to hate yourself and everyone who looks like you, you're not gonna' ever consider adopting a Black child.

Now, here's the question I pose again and again: is it too late for the Black Diaspora to get our right minds back? And if it's not, will we do this in time? Do we even wanna' recognize how we've been conditioned to hate ourselves and each other?

That's a question we individually and collectively need to answer...with a quickness!


MontUHURU Mimia


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