Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The gospel of white supremacy (Part 5)...Henrietta Lacks and the cult of the 'down low' brotha...

'The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks' is a non-fiction tome that was released in bookstores on February 2, 2010. In it, the author, Rebecca Skloot, tells how Henrietta's cell's were the first and most important line to survive and multiply indefinitely in a laboratory environment (Henrietta Lacks being the Black lady pictured on the book's cover to the left). Ms. Skloot also details how Henrietta's cells were taken a few months before her death without her knowledge or permission, and how her cells were responsible for helping white scientists make some of the most important advances in medicinal history. So much so, that her particular cells were given the name 'Hela', corresponding with the first two letters in her first and last names. And to add insult to injury, the author of this tome also found that the Lacks family, hadn't been informed about the acquisition of Henrietta's cells until 25 years after it happened. And they also didn't know that 'Hela' cells were being sold for profit. 

Ya' gotta' love these caucasians...

Now, In 2004, Oprah aired her show featuring the sexually conflicted, 'down low' Black male author, D. L. King. And in one fatal swoop, this show mainstreamed the term 'down low' for an entire generation. It also popularized the notion that damn near every Black man was having sex with another one. Now, what this did was sound the alarm that every Black man was not only cheating on Black women, but they were exposing them to various STD's, up to and including HIV and AIDS, because its said that 'bi-sexual' Black men are the most likely to carry these viruses. And in 2010, Oprah announced that she'd work with another producer in conjunction with HBO, to release a film version of D.L.'s book, 'On the down low'.

Now, these two incidences, on a superficial level, look like they have nothing to do with each other; but both are linked to a common goal that serves to advance the tenets of white supremacy and the agenda of white fascists. Here's how...

Now, I've explained in previous posts, how after the bombing of the 'Black Wall Street' in 1921, white supremacists figured out how Black people, left to their own devices (i.e. continued segregation), would just build back up the million dollar businesses these head inbreds set out to destroy. So they asked themselves, how can we get those Black dollars into our pockets? That's when they had the break-through of starting the 'integration' movement. And this precipitated the rise of that duped pansy, Martin Luther King Jr. And in later years, King himself was quoted as saying, “I hope I haven't integrated my people into a burning house.”

But by then it was too late – after Martin found out he'd been played like a violin, they repaid his peaceful, non-violent protesting methods, by killing him violently.

Now, inevitably, someone always reminds me that Black people 'willingly' walked away from areas like the Black Wall Street. That's true. But, what they're not taking into consideration is one thing, and that is, every history book Black people were mandated to read, and damn near every book we've read in the american school system period, has taught us to hate ourselves. And I know I keep saying this, so forgive me for being redundant, but NO ONE IS MADE TO HATE THEMSELVES LIKE THE BLACK MAN AND WOMAN...NO ONE!

I can remember in my pre-teens watching the TV drama 'Roots', and how much shame I felt behind that. And more recently, I see we're still being bombarded with these cavalcade of stars coon shows like 'The Butler', 'The Help', '12 years a slave', and 'Django Unchained'. And these movies serve only one purpose, that is to reinforce why myself, and every other Black person, should hate themselves for being Black. And if you think these movies are purely for entertainment purposes, I'm sorry to inform you of this...but YOU'RE WRONG!!

So the message conditioned into every Black man and woman, damn near since we've started walking, has been how we should hate ourselves and love whitey. And this ultimately, is the game of white supremacy.

Now, what this mind-set bred or force-fed into us, was that our sole goal in life was and is, to gain a closer proximity to white people.

We were made to believe whitey had ALL the resources we aspired to, and again, we felt the closer we were to one of them, the more prosperous we ourselves would be. And the head inbreds knew this would work, cause they understood how they'd conditioned us.  


And what I've hoped we've learned from this, is how nothing whitey can offer us will benefit us more, or make us stronger, than our UNITY! 

So again, our money isn't the ultimate power y'all...OUR UNITY IS! Moving on...

So just like the the 'integration' movement was a trick played on the Black Diaspora by white fascists, so was the mainstreaming of the 'down low' sub-culture of Black men. And there was one main reason they used Oprah, who's respected by so many of our people to do this; it was so Black women in droves, after hearing about the acts of these sexually-conflicted Black men, would go to their nearest clinic or medical office, and give them their blood samples so they could get tested for STD's. 

White fascists wanted to study the blood types of myriad Black women, for ulterior motives. Just like they'd done to Henrietta Lacks. 

Now, you might be saying, what's wrong with scores of Black women getting tested for STD's? Obviously they're concerned about their health, as they should be. I say, there's nothing wrong with getting tested for STD's, but that's not what these white scientests wanted these samples for. 

What they're really studying, or trying to decode more our MELANIN. And let me tell ya' the two reasons why.

Firstly, the whole of white fascists, or the head inbreds as I like to call them, are currently ruling the world based on our ancestor's Black spiritual sciences. Like I've said in previous posts, this is the BIGGEST secret of any white supremacist secret society. That's why they use our ancient ancestral symbols to represent themselves, pyramids (back of the dollar bill), Kemetic tekhens or obelisks (Washington monument), the eye of Heru/RA (their 'all seeing eye'), etc. And they know our spirituality, is what gave us the wisdom needed to come up with these sciences. And what's the gateway into this spirituality? Our melanin. 

So if you're a Black man or woman reading this, understand, now more than ever...WHITEY WANTS TO BE YOU!

This is why they burn their skin brown in tanning salons, it's why white women are now injecting silicone into their lips and butts, it's why white men have been and still are smoking cigars--which is nothing but a facsimile of a Black phallus; and it's why every white singer is doing their level best to talk, dress and act like one of us. 

But more than this, they want access to the one substance that will make them as potentially great and powerful as we are, so if they can figure out how to infuse melanin into their own bodies, they wouldn't have to keep using their technologies to compensate for their lack of it. Meaning, they'd have access to the higher spiritual frequencies that gave our ancestors the ingenuity to create ALL of the world's sciences. 

And I do mean ALL OF THE WORLD'S SCIENCES! Alchemy, astronomy, astrology, physics, calculus, etc. ALL came from us. Now, whether whites wanna' acknowledge this publicly or not is another issue. 

Secondly, whitey understands how their birth rates are falling below replacement levels. So now more than ever, they're really scrambling to make sure they're still around in the coming centuries. So what they're trying to do, again by studying melanin, is create a bio-weapon, in fact, the most potent and effective bio-weapon ever produced, to kill off the Black Diaspora with. 

Seems like HIV, AIDS and the EBOLA viruses didn't do the trick, at least not to their satisfaction. Remember, a Black man or woman living anywhere, is a threat to white folks everywhere, being that we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence. So if white people, and white fascists especially, still see living Black/Indigenous people, they know their job isn't done. It's that simple. 

Besides this, Black women have mitochondrial DNA, and this kind no other person in the world has. Whenever you hear these genetic dead-ends referring to the 'Mitochondrial Eve', they're talking about the Black woman. Their own scientists have confirmed how the whole of the human race came through her. Now whitey, who's obsessed with immortality, figures this is a bonus to studying the Black woman. If he can unlock the reasons why Henrietta's cells could survive indefinitely, this would be another breakthrough in making sure this world wouldn't be permanently free of the white menace. 

Now, am I telling Black women not to get tested for STD's? Hell no. You should definitely make sure you're in the best of health. I'm just reiterating the point I've been trying to make with this particular Blog post series. And that's this: Black/Indigenous people, need to stop taking whitey's word as the gospel truth about everything. 

Knowing how dastardly these inbreds are, why do we wholeheartedly embrace whatever they tell us?

It's gotten so bad, I've seen Black men who identify themselves as gay first, and Black second. Even though whitey continues to tell us that disproportionately, it's Black men who are 'homophobic' or anti-gay.

And for those who are thinking, Black women wouldn't have to worry about getting tested so often, if Black men wouldn't go to jail so frequently and engage in homosexual acts...I'd like to tell you about a study done by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

Dr. Kevin Fenton of the CDC, says his findings show that the overwhelming majority of Black men who are incarcerated and have the HIV virus, came into the prison with the virus. So it's the community that's actually infecting the prisons, not vice-versa. So what's going on in the Black community? It couldn't possibly be that we're being infected by factions outside our areas, could it? Heaven forbid. 

But again, this was another myth spread by white media, and we bought it. 

So ultimately, my message is this, we must deconstruct every piece of information white folks dole out to us as truth. Cause more than likely, any information they're giving us is gonna' be to our detriment.

Now, will we ever take this fact to heart? Only time will tell, and I'll say once again, that's the one thing we're quickly running out of. 

Family, if we don't start working together now, we might not get another let's get to work!


MontUHURU Mimia


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  1. Great post! I learned a lot. Yeah, those low down dirty, dirty bastards! I'm praying to the gods/ancestors that more of our people wake up and see the truth...SOON! Time has gotta be running out cause these crackkkers are working triple time trying to save them selves through our DNA and I ain't got shit to give em!

    I read two of your works so far, Revering Revolutionaries and Michelle Rhee. Great works and very informative! I can't understand Black men like Wesley Snipes; they're all so "pro-black" but can't find a good Black Woman. What he did was a smart move and would've have worked if the housenigga didn't snitch, but I can't see him as a revolutionary after the disparaging comments he made about Black Women and his rejection of Black Women. It seems being in the NOI and learning Black History ain't enough to cure some of these "black"men's self-hatred. smh

    1. Nina...

      I'm glad you found this post very informative, and I hope the majority of people who read this have the same experience.

      And I'm glad you bought up the subject of Wesley Snipes, 'cause I wanted to expound on why I included him in that e-book.

      I remember when I was putting the finishing touches on that e-book's cover, I was at work and a unbeknownst to me, a white guy looked over my shoulder; and when he saw Wesley's pic, he commented, "Didn't he go to jail for tax evasion?"

      Now, it wasn't just whitey who felt this way, but everyone in the Black Diaspora seemed to be baggin' on Wesley for what happened. And I just wanted to clarify what Wesley was trying to do, and also clarify that what he was doing WASN'T illegal. Also, I wanted our people to know how he was ultimately trying to obtain his sovereignty through invoking the '861 Position' stated in the Federal Tax Code which states, 'wages aren't taxable'. This is similar to Dr. Phil Valentine applying for his UCC-1 status, which is integral to being considered a 'sovereign' entity/person; and some time in the near future, I'll write a post on this. And coincidentally, this gov't went after Dr. Valentine as well.

      But that's what that chapter of my e-book was really trying to delineate for our people.

      Now, as far as Wesley's preference in women is concerned, we have to look at his past to understand his choices.

      Wesley was quoted as saying that he couldn't, "buy a date in college." In the past he's expounded on how Black women wouldn't consider being with him cause at the time, all the light-skinned brothas were courting all the Black women's favor. Now
      Nina, I know for a fact you've run into Black women who've had this same experience with Black men. I've heard myself from some darker skinned sistas how Black men would pass them up for lighter-skinned, or white and spanish women.

      Now, if BOTH BLACK MEN AND WOMEN can see how this is a symptom of us being made to hate ourselves by white supremacists, maybe we can heal the animosity we hold for one another.

      Now, when I see a Black women with a white man, I'll have to admit, sometimes it affects me, I'm human. But what I've been able to see, especially in the last couple of years since I've come into the knowledge I'm hopefully imparting here, is that this occurrence is a symptom of us being made to hate ourselves. And this knowledge diffuses that anger and frustration.

      And it's because of how we've been conditioned, that almost every Black man and woman with a college degree, will go out of their way to date and marry anyone, but another Black man or woman.

      So I hope you can feel me on this. Cause if we can't see what's happened to the Black Diaspora in terms of mental conditioning, and we can't see how that results in Black men and women dating outside their ethnic group, here's what happens to us. One, we cast aspersion on every Black man and woman we see doing this, two, we cast aspersion on the whole of Black people, and three, we ultimately wind up hating ourselves for being Black.

      And again, this is the game of white supremacy.

      And it's not like I've conquered these feelings and it's over. I still have to work on this daily through meditative techniques I've dedicated myself to.

      So, I hope this makes you look at Wesley a bit differently...but let me know what you think, cause ultimately, this is what I'm trying to get every Black person who ventures to my Blog to see. So I'm hoping this message is clear enough to get through effectively.

      Again, thanks for commenting!

      And keep WRITE ON SISTA!

  2. May the Most High rest Mrs Lacks' beautiful soul. There's just something about the Black man and Black woman, Adam and Eve, the only perfect human beings fashioned by the hands of Elohim. Mrs Lacks has that "Eve gene", as well as the Black women like her, its just that simple. My heart goes out to her family who have not been properly compensated for what they did to Mrs Lacks, as big pharma continues to profit off their dear mother. Its things like this that make me believe there IS A GOD, and HE MUST EXACT HIS RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE. Maybe not in this world, but in the world to come, Maranantha Yehoshua!

  3. "So what they're trying to do,again by studying melanin, is create a bio weapon, in fact the most potent and effective bio weapon ever produced, to kill off the Black Diaspora with.."
    Very Powerful Proclamation My Good Kinsman, And In The Vein Of Our Interesting Negative Planners Through Media And Print Giving A Nudge And 'Wink Wink', If Your Not Already In The Know...Please Check Out An Eye Opening Sci-Fi Tome--- THE MELANIN APOCALYPSE by Darrell Bain