Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What's the world's greatest weapon of mass destruction?

Recently, there's been an upswing in the number of comments on my (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor posts, and even though I've endeavored to answer them, I'm wishing people would see how Uncle Tom really isn't the Black Diaspora's biggest problem, he's only a symptom of it. 

Now, while I browsed through the comments on these posts, I came upon one written, or supposedly written, by a white cop. He expressed how when any young Black man is shot down in the streets by one of them, it's more than just a case of police brutality, what's being performed is essentially a ritual sacrifice. 

He went on to explain how after a young Black man is shot down, he's usually left lying in the streets for hours; and he sights how this method was used with Whitney Houston, being that she spent her last hours lying in a bathtub, 'cause she was also a sacrifice for her white supremacist freemasonic handlers. The white cop then wrote how they're left there, so these 'demonic' forces can 'feed' off them. He went on to explain, how our people's 'Kemetic' history ties us to the true Gods and Goddesses of this and every other world, thus, the 'essence' we emit post-morten is the most desirable in its use to 'feed' certain demonic forces. And in exchange for these sacrifices, these entities give their power(s) to the white cops of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA). 

I just wanna' add, how this organization's name has always struck me funny, being that white cops are the least 'benevolent' folk you'll ever run into.  

This cop also said, a white rookie must do two things to join the 'occult' factions of the police force; one: he must pay some sort of monetary dues, and two: he must offer up a human sacrifice. And this sacrifice helps him ascend within the ranks of the police force and/or keeps these demonic entities 'fed'.

He concludes his comment saying, the next time a young Black man gets slain by one of his fellow inbreds, what Black americans should do is stop making 'noiseless noise'; which includes acts like rioting in our own neighborhoods and marching. He also says we should follow the example of Jamaicans, Haitians, and real Africans (as opposed to us fake ones) and explore the rituals of 'left hand path majick' to get some real payback and revenge. 

Now, I can appreciate what this person was trying to do, but just like every other good deed whitey endeavors in, this one is laced with his/their egregious arrogance.

So when I responded, I told him, not only did I know about 'left hand path majik/magic', ritualistic sacrifices and the spiritual deities he spoke of, but I know my people are from ancient Kemet, or Kem (which means Black). And what I told him most emphatically was, I also know that all those 'spiritual sciences' the occult factions of the PBA practice, are the sciences OUR ANCESTORS TAUGHT YOU! 

And, the only ones who would endeavor to use these sciences in a truly 'benevolent' manner, is US!

He also mentioned how these demonic forces keep cops from going to jail, even when there's copious amounts of evidence that they're guilty of an unprovoked, brutal and cold-blooded murder; but this is more attributable to the white supremacist factions of the PBA taking care of their own, and not necessarily any kind of spiritual science. 

This cop also says something to the effect of, 'the secret (of this science) is to reveal the secret'...that's just B.S.! Like I said in that same post, the REAL secret of every white supremacist secret society is they're ALL practicing the sciences of ANCIENT BLACK PEOPLE! 


I also told him that what he's not realizing is Haitians, Jamaicans and real Africans, while knowing these spiritual sciences, are still living under the oppressive yoke of white supremacy.  

Why is that?

It's because, what's potentially more powerful, than Black/Indigenous people's almighty 'spiritual sciences' is conditioning someone to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them. 

Cause once you do that, you don't have to worry about someone using a superior technology, in this case our spiritual sciences, against you. If you keep someone, or a group of someones, in a constant state of self-hatred the only ones they'll practice any kind of insidious spiritual magic on, is THEMSELVES!

So understand this, the world's greatest weapon of mass destruction is mind-control, i.e. mental conditioning. Cause with that, you can literally get a person, or a whole nation of people, to do anything you want them to. Up to and including killing themselves, quickly or slowly.

So, in this white cop's short-sighted wisdom, he couldn't fully or didn't want to realize fully, the depths of his people's wickedness beyond these practices. Again, whitey doesn't wanna' believe they're this capable of being that inhuman. Moreover, this craka thought he was teaching me something. 

Remember this, especially if you're a Black man or woman, once you have a true 'knowledge of self' and your history as a Black/Indigenous person, there's almost nothing a craka can teach you from that point on about 'true' power.

The world's truest power comes from 'spirituality', and being that you have the greatest access to it, there's nothing you need to fear about whitey going forward. But if you're stuck in a white-supremacist induced self-hatred, it's 'check and mate'...the game's over!

So what we must do, is recondition ourselves and our children, out of the intense self-loathing these inbreds want us to live with, from the cradle to the grave. 

Now, once again, here's the question we must ask ourselves: are we, the Black Diaspora, too far gone in our self-hatred to get our right minds back? Will we at least make sure our children don't suffer through the same kinds of self-hatred we've adopted? And will we do either of these things before it's too late?

These are the most important questions we'll answer...and we need to answer them post-haste and with a quickness!

Cause if we don't, we should know what's gonna' happen...and it's far worse than what we're going through now.


MontUHURU Mimia


You can find this cop's comment under the Tommy Sotomayor post here.

The comment's under the date of November 3rd, 2014, at 6:16 P.M.


  1. Well, sleeping Black People are in for a very,very rude awakening. I've been saying (and I hate to see it happen that way) that something catastrophic may have to happen in order to get more of us awake and back together in unity again.

    1. Nina...

      Our ancestors stated emphatically that their can be NO creation (or evolution) without trauma.

      And the most blatant examples of this are childbirth and how the universe was created, i.e. the 'big bang theory'. But I'm hoping, probably beyond hope, that huge swaths of Black folk don't have to perish before the Black Diaspora can find the unity we need to make forward movements as a people.

      Sadly, I think my generation may be too comfortable in their white supremacist self-hating mind-state, to change. But we still have to lay the groundwork for future generations.

      Now, will we do this in time?

      Again, that's the $64,000 question.

      As always, thanks for commenting!

  2. Tommy Selloutmayor is just doing what his White Massas' want him to do:bash and put down Black women for White approval and acceptance. I can't stand him and I recently posted a petition on my timeline on Facebook for others to sign to stop this man. He is dangerous and influencing young, Black males to hate, degrade and look down on their own mothers, sisters, nieces, aunts and grandmothers. And I fear that his influence will start young, Black women hating Black males to go on a killing spree and kill, rob and sexually assault Black women.

    Those are my fears and concerns, being a young, Black woman.

    As for the information of the police ritual of killing young, Black males on the streets. I am not shocked. Being of Jamaican descent, I have read up on the Illuminati and freemason's sacrifice of celebrities and people in books and online. It is interesting you put that perspective in this article. Anyways good article.

    1. Coco...

      The point I'm making, or at least trying to, with this post and Blog quite frankly, is there's something more insidious than (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor and these pale-skinned degenerate, thrill-kill cops...and that's the tenets of white supremacy.

      While Black men and women are stuck pointing fingers and staying spitting mad at each other, the white supremacist, i.e. the people subsidizing Uncle Tom and the cops of the PBA, go unrecognized.

      I've seen so many instances of Black men saying, I'm done with Black women cause of their attitudes, or Black women saying, I'm done with Black men cause they're broke and don't respect us...but neither one of us realizes that the white supremacist is the one who's conditioned us into this state of mind.

      So my question is: when do we, the Black Diaspora, start aiming this animosity we have for each other, back at these white supremacists?

      The concerns you have about the Black man's mind state, and his potential to kill Black women, is a product of the conditioning we've gotten by white fascists to hate ourselves and each other. And where we get conditioned into this mind-state, the most, is in american schools. There, more than anywhere, do we and every other Black person, get taught to despise ourselves and everyone who looks like us.

      This is the reason that Black people are so reluctant to work and stick together.

      And while your concerns about the mind-state of Black men are valid, ask yourself, how many Black women have been killed by white fascist manufactured diseases like HIV, AIDS and EBOLA?

      And I'm not even gonna' talk about what white supremacists have done to the state of the Black 'nuclear' family.

      Now, I know a lot of us aren't gonna' take to my suggestion that we should meditate at the sub-conscious level to erase the self-hatred that's been bred into us. But if we can at least SEE WHAT THIS PALE-SKINNED DEVIL HAS DONE TO OUR MINDS, then maybe we, collectively and individually, can work to fix it.

      And I'm hoping you feel me on this. Cause I understand your concerns about Black men and how you say you're 'done' with us. But understand, just like you weren't born disliking Black men, we weren't born disliking Black women. Again, this was a trick played on both of us by white fascists. And it's way past time we eradicate the evils of our self-hatred.

      Once again, let me know what you think about my reply; I'm glad you liked this post; and as always, I encourage you to keep commenting on what you see here.

      Thanks for your comment Coco!

  3. ew... Black corpses emit the most power for demonic forces to feed off of? Wow.. learn something new every day. Can I also add, not all Blacks are descended from KMT. There are so many other great African (and other) great Black empires from which we descend, KMT is but one of many.