Saturday, April 18, 2015

The re-mixing of my e-book, 'The Coup of Carrots'...

Hotep and Sutekh family!

Just wanna' let ya' know about the 're-mixing' of one of my short-storied e-books, 'The Coup of Carrots'. 

Now, the earlier version of this e-book had three stories in it, instead of one. I wanted to expand on some characters that appeared in my original version of this tale; namely, Terrence Johnson, a.k.a. 'Big Tee' and Craig Johnson. 

While I felt Terrence and Craig needed a back story to make their characters a bit more three dimensional, ultimately, their narratives didn't serve the best interest of the overall tome. So I've republished this work in it's original form. And at the end of the story, is more of a detailed explanation as to why I've chosen to do this, in the author's notes, under the title, 'A butcher's Belly'.

So, if you have or haven't already, read my short story 'The Coup of Carrots' by clicking on the side bar's book cover, and enjoy the new(ish) tale, told in its old and original way. 



If you've read both versions of this e-book, I'd love your feedback as to which one you prefer; this or the older one. So please, leave a comment or two about that, or anything else pertaining to this book or Blog. ThANKHS.

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