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The lowly nature of white women (Part 6)...Margaret Sanger and the legacy of 'Planned Parenthood'...

"We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population."
--Margaret Sanger

Lately, I've been overdosing on the lectures of a particular Black 'Pan-Africanist'. Reason why, is he's the only Black Nationalist I've ever heard talking to Black folks about reconditioning the subconscious mind, and how to relieve our children of being infected by the self-hatred inducing doctrines of the american school system, by means of home schooling, or opening his own school.

But truthfully, I'm still assessing whether or not this brotha is real or another paid agent; cause one thing I do know, is whenever a 'Black leader' gets any kind of national prominence, he's usually being financed by white supremacist freemasons. That's why I'm not mentioning his name.

Now, for the people who follow this Blog, they know that I've also been overdosing on a particular grouping of Blog posts, that being the 'Lowly nature of white women' series. I can almost hear folks now saying, c'mon bruh, how many more of these white women are you gonna' dis on this Blog?

The reason I really had to do this particular post, is I was listening to a particularly moving lecture given by the aforementioned 'Pan-Africanist', and he just happened to mention Margaret Sanger. What instantly popped in my head hearing her name, and knowing her history was...'Lowly nature of white women'. So, if I'm being hackneyed or a bit redundant at this point, forgive me...but in this case, just indulge me one mo' time.

Margaret Higgins Sanger was born on September 14, 1879, in Corning, New York. She is lauded as an american birth control activist, sex educator and a nurse. She was also considered an advocate of woman's rights issues.

Now, this is what white fascists want you to think about good 'ole Margaret. But if you're a Black man or woman reading this, and I'd advise anyone who isn't, to go read another Blog, cause this one's not for you; let's use our melanated mind's to see what Margaret's agenda, and the 'woman's rights agenda', really had in store.

Margaret was one of eleven children, and she later wrote in her book titled, 'My fight for birth control', that, “I associated poverty, toil, drunkenness, cruelty, quarreling, fights, debts and jails with large families.” Sanger also believed that the 'toils of motherhood' are what made her mother perish prematurely. From this, she looked upon child birth as more of a sexually transmitted disease, than an act between two consenting and loving adults. Her mind-set was also formed by her father, who was a known alcoholic and showed his family little to no consistent displays of affection. Both her parents also imbued Margaret with their incessant bigoted views on Black people especially.

Seeking a better life, Margaret attended Claverick College and Hudson River Institute in 1896. She went on to study nursing at White Plains Hospital four years later. 

In 1910, Margaret moved with her husband to the New York City community of Greenwich Village. This area has a long history of being the city's center of bohemian culture, and she thought this would be the perfect place to start her eugenics project, disguised as a 'feminist' or 'woman's rights advocacy' campaign. 

In 1912, she started writing a newspaper column under the guise of a 'sex educator', called, 'What every girl should know'. In this paper, she began espousing the need for a 'magic pill', to be used to control pregnancies. She was also quoted as saying, "No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother."

In 1914, she started a feminist publication called 'The Rebel Woman'. This rag promoted a woman's right to have birth control. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe it is a woman's right to choose whether she does or doesn't want a child, my problem is again, Margaret hiding her agenda to kill off Black people with this 'feminist' disguise. 

Now, in keeping with her 'woman's movement' facade, Margaret made quotes in her books, like one titled, 'Pivot of Civilization', that point to her so-called 'liberal' leanings; in it she says, “Instead of laying down hard and fast rules of sexual conduct, sex can be rendered effective and valuable only as it meets and satisfies the interests and demands of the pupil him/herself.” In other words, there's nothing wrong with casual sex, as long as it doesn't produce a pregnancy.

Aided by this spin on the liberalist 'woman's movement', Sanger popularized the term 'birth control' to hide her real eugenics agenda, especially its direct targeting of the Black Diaspora. Note that Gloria Steinem, who was said to be the 'mother' of the 'feminist movement', proudly promoted the use of contraception as a means of birth control and was completely behind Sanger in her expressions of a woman's right to abortions. And I think the majority of people reading this post know that Gloria was also a CIA agent. If you didn't know this, I'll leave a link for a post I wrote on her, at the end of this one.

On October 16th, 1916, Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in the u.s. on 46 Amboy Street, located conveniently enough, in the Brooklyn, New York neighborhood of Brownsville. A predominately Black neighborhood, mind you. This clinic was the first of its kind in the u.s.  

Now, Margaret was arrested for this clinic's opening; and she and her sister spent 30 days a piece in government sanctioned penitent work programs behind this. But because of these arrests, Margaret's movement got a lot of publicity, and along with that came funding from various outside donors. So what this tells me, is these arrests and lenient sentences, were ALL STAGED to give Sanger's movement greater social traction. And for those who think white supremacist freemasons had nothing to do with this movement, understand that one of Margaret's biggest donors was John D. Rockefeller Jr., and yes, he belonged to the infamous Rockefeller family. And they continuously made contributions to her campaign in future decades, although anonymously to protect the family's name.

Following the opening of the Brooklyn clinic, was one in Harlem, New York, with a staff comprised solely of African-americans.

In 1921, Sanger founded the 'american birth control league'. 

And in March of 1925, at an 'international birth control' gathering in New York City, Dr. S. Adolphous Knopf, warned of the population menace being created by the 'Black peril'. Now this guy wasn't acknowledged as a nazi or klansman, but he was in fact a member of Sanger's american birth control league; which along with other bigoted groups, eventually became 'Planned Parenthood'.

Now, in 1926, Margaret began showing her true colors, pun intended, when she spoke before a group of Klanswomen in Silver Lake, New Jersey. Pictured above. And if you'd like to see the picture more clearly, click onto it and it'll expand.

In 1929, she formed the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, which served as the focal point of her lobbying efforts to legalize contraception in the u.s.

And in 1939, Sanger's real intentions for the Black Diaspora continued to make themselves known, when her 'Clinical Research Bureau' and the aforementioned 'american birth control league' fused to form the 'Birth Control Federation of america' (BCFA). 

Now, it was a Dr. Clarence J. Gamble who was selected to be the BCFA regional director for america's southern states. Mind you, Dr. Gamble was one of the owners of the soap making company, 'Proctor and Gamble', and was no stranger to Sanger's organization(s). He also served as director of the american birth control league previously.

After being selected, Gamble wasted no time drawing up a memo entitled, 'Suggestion for Negro project'. 

And in an Atlanta, GA. conference, he argued that the Black Diaspora might catch on to their organization's plot to exterminate them. So, he plotted on having titular Black figure-heads, to front their initiatives. And the first place he and Sanger went to find these boot-lickin', buck-dancin', Uncle Tom types...was the Black church.

Gamble concieved the 'Negro project', as more or less of a traveling road show. In this initiative, a charismatic Black minister was to start a religious revival and contributions would come from other local cooperating ministers. A 'colored' nurse would follow, and a 'colored', subsidized Black doctor would come behind her. Gamble even suggested how music might be a way to lure our diaspora to these gatherings.

Margaret answered Gamble on December 10th, 1939, and made her infamous quote saying, “We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten the idea out if it ever occurs to any of the more rebellious members.”

Birth control was presented both as an economic betterment vehicle and as a health measure that could lower the incidence of infant mortality. At the 1942 BCFA annual meeting, BCFA Negro Council board member Dr. Dorothy B. Ferebee–a cum laude university graduate and also president of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the nation's largest Black sorority–addressed the delegates regarding Planned Parenthood's minority outreach efforts, saying the points of the initiative that might be the most contestable to the Black Diaspora are: 

1.) the concept that when birth control is proposed to them, it is motivated by a clever bit of machination to persuade them to commit race suicide. In layman's terms, we might be too smart and see through Margaret's B.S.

2.) The 'husband rejection'--now let's look at this particular point, check the wording here...a husband REJECTION! Black feminists take notice! This was effectuated later in america's government assistance programs, that told Black women the only way they would qualify for the gov't's help with monetary assistance to eat and pay bills, was, they had to GET RID OF THEIR BLACK MAN!

3.) The fact that birth control is confused with abortion. 


4.) The belief that the use of birth control, or abortions, is inherently immoral.

Thus, in the black Chicago Defender for Jan. 10, 1942, a long three-column women's interest article discussed the endorsement of the Sanger program by prominent Black women. There were at lease six direct references, such as the following example, to birth control as a remedy for 'economic woes'. These points were: ". . . it raises the standard of living by enabling parents to adjust the family size to the family income." Readers were also told that birth control," . . . is no operation. It is no abortion. Abortion kills life after it has begun. . . birth control is neither harmful nor immoral."

But ultimately, the Black Diaspora were too smart to take this crap at face value, so Black ministers were solicited to make these edicts more palatable. One such boot-lickin', 'chicken george' type negro, was Bishop David H. Sims, of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Bishop Sims offered to begin the "softening process" among the representatives of different Negro denominations attending the monthly meetings of the Federal Council of Churches and its Division of Race Relations.

These and other efforts paid off handsomely after World War II. By 1949, virtually the entire black leadership network of religious, social, professional, and academic organizations had endorsed Planned Parenthood's program.

So for any Black christians out there wondering why the Black 'conscious' community might have a problem with you, now ya' have a clear example as to why. 

Margaret died on September 6th, 1966. Across the nation numerous women's 'health care clinics' carry her name and in New York, they even named a street after her called, 'Margaret Sanger square'.

Now, numerous types of buck-dancing, negro bourgeois members worked with Margaret before her death, and in her organization's name after her passing. These include: W. E. B. DuBois, who worked with her on the "Negro Project"; Mary McLeod Bethune and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

Much later, that epic grandmaster of grinnin', boot lickin' and buck-dancing, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accepted an award from Planned Parenthood and complimented the organization's efforts.  

And the greatest irony of Margaret's story is this, at least in my eyes...pale-skinned inbreds are extremely reluctant to believe in karma. At least that's what they tell us. But if you look at the fact that gun manufacturers can't keep up with whitey's demands for arms, this tells you more than anything else, how they know they have a karmic ass-kicking comin' one day. 

But how ironic is it, that today, abortion clinics are being closed in droves by white politicians, due to white birth rates falling below replacement levels.

That's some straight-up karma for Margaret's and whitey's ass!

So to every Black man and woman reading this, and especially Black men, know that these women have no monopoly on sweetness, urbanity, beauty or scruples...and I'm here to affirm that these women are some of the most under-handed, oversexed and crooked women walking the face of the earth.

Now, I know a lot of Black men will say, well, they're sweeter to me than the majority of Black women. If this is your opinion, I'd like you to take two things into consideration, 1.) white women have never been taught to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them by any organized school system, over the course of decades. And 2.) It's much easier to have a genial demeanor when you want for nothing. A good majority of white women have never witnessed the travails our women have suffered and/or survived.   

And all this aims back to my point of the Black Diaspora desperately needing to rid ourselves, of this white supremacist induced self-hatred. 'Cause, it's taken EVERYTHING FROM US!

So how much longer are we gonna' contently sit by and have it rob us, collectively, of our self-worth and human dignity?

Only we can answer that question.

And here's one more question we need to ask ourselves post-haste...knowing all this, do we even wanna' change?

We're not gonna' be able to sit idly by and ignore the machinations of white supremacy much longer please, individually and/or collectively, let's get to work on making this change!


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to read my article about that under-handed 'feminist' Gloria Steinem, you can do that here.

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