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Black women and the real agenda of white feminism...

Gloria Steinem, who's considered the primary leader of the feminist movement during the late sixties and throughout the seventies, worked for america's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and spied on 'Marxist' students in europe; she was also known to disrupt their meetings on several occasions. 

She became a celebrity due to her CIA connections and was made editor of 'Ms.' magazine, which was directly funded by the CIA.

She tried suppressing this information with the help of her CIA connected friends; namely, Katherine Graham of the Washington Post and Ford Foundation President, Franklin Thomas. These two prevented the literary publishers Random House from exposing this fact in the 'Feminist Revolution' periodical; regardless, this came to light in the New York 'Village Voice' on May 21, 1979.

Now, I though it was important to start here in case there are any women, especially Black women, who think I'm just out to undercut their prerogative to be 'fiercely independent'...this post isn't about that. 

I wanna' dismantle the lie of how the feminist movement was enacted to 'empower' women and show you how, especially in terms of Black women, it makes you more vulnerable to the dastardly agenda(s) of white supremacists and their institutions. 

Here's a photo of Gloria espousing the glories of having an abortion. 

Firstly, I think anyone who reads this Blog should recognize the 'illuminati pyramid' Gloria's throwing up; of course, this shows her affiliation with these secret fraternities. And if you're a Black woman reading this, remember, the ultimate goal for white supremacists, especially in terms of the Black Diaspora, is depopulation. So, Gloria's just following the agenda of her white supremacist handlers. Seeing this, it's no wonder why the first clinics offering the 'birth control pill' were set up in Black neighborhoods. 

Beyond this, let's get to the real agenda of this 'movement' and why it was mainstreamed...a mature white male aristocrat, on a Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), channel thirteen in New York, confessed to being in a conversation with a Rockefeller. He said, the Rockefeller asked him: "What do you think of the feminist movement?" The mature aristocrat replied saying, he thought it was positive, with women demanding equal pay for equal work. The Rockefeller then explained how they 'funded feminism'; and the main reason he stated was: "We couldn't tax half the population, if they (women) were staying home, being housewives...we had to get them into the workforce to be able to tax that revenue." The Rockefeller then went on to explain, "Also, we knew with both parents out of the house, what would essentially be raising their kids would be the TV; so that generation and the following generations, would be more easily programmable than this one."

Now, I understand Black women, especially collegiate ones, find the feminist ideology very beguiling and empowering, but you need to understand what separates you, the Black feminist, from the white one. 

White feminism is usually adopted by liberal white women upon entering college; being that on the surface it looks like it's meant to empower them, or just give them a group to identify with. But Black women should understand, once these women's collegiate careers are over, what they wind up doing is running to one of the white male oppressors they'd been railing against during their collegiate years, and marrying them. And along with this, white women still have their 'pale-skinned privilege' to fall back on in case they should find themselves too far outside the american status-quo. Meaning, at the end of the day, their being white still gives them more access to resources than Black women. 

Now, when the Black woman becomes a feminist, she's quickly told to disown her oppressive Black man. What she's not comprehending is, Black men are not the ones oppressing them, white men and their institutions are...not only that, but these same white men are oppressing Black men as well. The white feminist is reluctant to share this important piece of information with Black feminists though, 'cause again, white feminist like the fact that they can essentially 'have their cake and eat it too'.

So when the Black woman accepts this doctrine, how she usually winds up is either adopting homosexuality as a cure for dealing with men period, or she winds up the way the majority of collegiate Black men and women do...oversexed and alone at fifty after years of being a sex toy for white, spanish and asian people, and remaining unmarried their whole lives. 

Also, if you're a Black woman reading this you need to know how the Black 'Civil Rights movement' did more for white feminism than white feminists did. 

It was the Black Civil Rights movement that essentially got more white women and gay white men into the american workforce; they won't admit this, but this is the stark-raving truth. The Civil Rights movement lifted all boats socio-economically, a lot of the times, moreso for white liberals, than Black people. 

So, if you're a Black woman who's thinking about joining up with these pseudo-revolutionary white women, consult your melanated mind and wake up to the fact that these white women are not only going to drop this ideology as soon as they leave school, but they're also gonna' run right back to the oppressive man they themselves had to fight to get the right to vote in this country...their own, pale-skinned degenerate, white man.

You've got a choice to make make the right one!


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Great post! It's a shame that the Black Civil Rights Movement helped propel White librels moreso than it did for black people, just like affirmative action benefits white women the most. A friend of mine and I was saying that the labeling of white women as a minority group is a trick. These crackkkers always have a trick up their sleeve don't they? smh.

    As for black feminists aligning themselves with white women, that's just not happening because most of the black feminist/womanist bloggers I follow do not care for white women's (mainstream) feminist movement and talk about how racist white feminists are. The black women who joined white women when the mainstream feminist movement started found out that white women did not have black women's interest in mind so they stopped following them. These sistas say that black women need a feminist/womanist movement of our own in which black women serve and protect the interest of black women/girls and demand respect from a society that is both racists and sexist toward black women.

  2. 'Nina'...

    I remember watching the TV show 'chopped' a couple of years back, and this show is one where chef's compete for a cash prize on the 'Food Network'; there were two female and male contestants on this particular episode. Now the female contestants were Black and white. And they were up against two white male chefs.

    Well, the men got eliminated, and the two women, Black and white, immediately hugged like they were long lost sisters. Now, I'm saying this to illustrate the point that Black women, especially collegiate Black women, can sometime mistake white females as allies across the board based on gender. And there's nothing wrong with this individually, but collectively, and in the long run, these white women still have the 'pale-skinned' privileges Black women don't, And that more than anything is the message I wanna' convey here.

    I too have heard Black women say that white feminism has done nothing for them, conversely, I know some Black women who swear by it. So for those women, I'd like to tell the real truth about why feminism was mainstreamed in the first place.

    Now, one point I failed to make here is how 'feminism' was a trick played on women, just like 'integration' was a trick played on Black people; the goal was the same, that is, getting these people's money into the pockets of white fascists, but I don't think the majority of Black people or women really know this.

    This was another point I wanted to make clear to Black women specifically. And I also wanted them to know how sometimes, just based on the fact that the Black Diaspora is so conditioned to hate themselves and to love white people, we can just fall into any kind of 'fraternity' with whites, even when it has nothing to do with us.

    And Black men and women should always remember, our greatest enemy is WHITE FASCISM...'cause the construct of sexism started in white fascist circles, right along with their institutional and personal bigotry towards us.

    As always, thanks for commenting!

  3. Let me first say, I am a white woman. I agree with a lot of what you say. Just remember, The white fascists that control the world, perhaps the illuminati, have ruined everything for everyone who is not in their very small elite group. No doubt, your race has been screwed the worst. But we have all been screwed and most people are too hooked into the matrix to have a clue as to what is really going on.

    1. I understand your sentiment, but there's a couple of things you're forgetting...beyond the institutional fascism and bigotry my people face, we're also conditioned to hate ourselves more than any other ethnic group on this planet via the american educational system; this is something you never had to deal with.

      On top of that, whether you realize it or not, you have the 'pale-skinned privilege' I talk about in this post. So even though you want to empathize with my people, you'll never fully understand what your people have made us go through in this life.

      Finally, there are some white women who are just as bigoted towards my people as the white male fascists I talk about here.

      So there truly is no commonality in our struggle.


    This sums up Black Women Empowerment (BWE), Kola Boof teaching them well comments from Neecy, from Neecy’s Nest who quickly went back and edited the post, when realizing the magnitude of what she was saying not before Google cached it though.


    around* Hmph! Your secret is safe with me!

    And I do not *NECESSARILY* disagree with Non Black gene hypergamy as long as the woman sets herself and child up for success by being partnered with a man who is going to be a part of the child’s life and support and help raise him/her. Any other scenario FOR ME, is just not good, because even if the child is lighter and whiter looking, it still (more than anything) needs that father figure support in their lives.

    Yeah, yeah, no Black Woman can admit this publicly or even privately without receiving some kind of verbal flogging or pearl clutching or pffer for psychological evaluation – but I GETS IT! Here at the NEST we can talk about these things openly without being judged

    But hey, at this point, I say a Black woman has every right to do whatever SHE personally feels will set her or her children up for success. And frankly, quiet as kept, if certain Black Woman want whiter and lighter kids, I say it’s her own personal choice to do that, and as long as she is a good nurturing mother who made the best choice for a quality husband and father of her child, OH WELL go for it!

    Black women have been through so much that I will be the last to tell another Black Woman that she is “WRONG” for feeling this way. Everyone else on this planet can have preferences and certain traits they like in others, but the minute a Black woman does (that doesn’t fall in line with what Black people expect) then it’s a problem? PSSH!

    But I have NEVER cared if a Black Woman is colorstruck. That is because why shouldn’t Black Woman be?? With all the crap BW have put up with from their race and culture that has placed any and all things far from Black and closest to White on a pedestal, I personally feel Black Woman have the right to do the same damn thing.

    If a Black Woman decides she doesn’t want to have her potential future Black daughters be shunned and treated poorly because she is not light enough, her hair is not straight enough, etc., then I feel she has a right to seek to pro create with men who will give her children that will not suffer with that. And really how can any Black person today chastise a Black Woman for doing this, when the community has done nothing but put down and step on Black Woman who do not look mixed or who are not light?

    So yes, here at the NEST, you have my blessing to deep down seek out men who are going to give you children who will not deal with the nonsense colorism that you or other Black Women have had to deal with.

    Your secret is safe with me.

    1. Harry...

      In the future, I'd prefer if you made your own comments instead of cutting and pasting someone else's Blog posts here. 'Cause even though there's some commonality in 'Neecy's' post to this posts points on Black feminism, they're not necessarily talking about the same thing.


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