Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The technology of 'neckties'...

The modern day clothing accessory known as the 'necktie', can not only be traced back to the ancient romans, but to the adolescent king, Louis XIV, in the mid 17th century. 

Once the boy-king started wearing lace neckties or 'cravats' as they were called then, this set the clothing trend for french nobility; it then trickled down to the proletariat before taking its place as a modern day, world-wide fashion staple. 

Side note: there's actually a holiday called International Necktie Day celebrated on the 8th of October in various cities like Tokyo, Sydney, Dublin, etc.

Now, its said that ancient roman soldiers were one of the first kinds of people to wear this accessory; which when you know the article of clothing's true function, makes a lot of sense. But before we go there...let's look at this device from another perspective.     

Now, a lot of people refer to neckties as 'nooses'; and this isn't altogether false. If you look at the rounded 'loop' on the top of the necktie, the resemblance to a noose is pretty dead-on, pun intended. But let's get down to the nitty-gritty of what this article of clothing is; the necktie actually is an instrument of white penis envy. 

Now, if you're a Black woman reading this, you need to realize that 'penis envy' never had anything to do with you; this had to do with the white man's feeling sexually inferior to Black men 'cause they knew/know we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence. Thus, another reason you shouldn't listen to white feminists, 'cause male chauvinism is an invention of  white supremacy, period. Hell, white women had to fight for the right to vote in this country. 

Now, if you look at the necktie to the right, you'll see again, how the top loop and its bottom knot are indeed shaped like a noose, and the bottom of the tie is shaped like a long phallus. This article of clothing says, especially to Black men, that the reason we're targeting you, especially for lynchings (i.e. hangings--noose), is because of your bigger phallus. Now, when I say 'bigger' phallus, I'm not necessarily talking about penis size, I'm talking again, about a Black man's bigger genetic dominance over whitey. 

So this article of clothing is saying, especially to Black men, that the consequence of your genetic (i.e. sexual) dominance over us (white men) is death. That's why we continually see the killing of Black men by white male cops.

Now, on another level, what this article of clothing is also tasks to do, is keep us out of our natural intelligence. You see, our ancient Black ancestors said that a man/woman's true intelligence comes from their heart, not their head. So what putting on a necktie does for every kind of man is restrict access to his heart (i.e. chest area) and stomach (i.e. gut instinct), so they can be kept in there logical, linear-thinking minds. This makes them more or less like automatons or robots. This is why I said earlier, that it didn't surprise me that roman soldiers wore this, or were mandated to, 'cause its an instrument that aided in their obeying commands without question; whether they knew it or not. 

A lot of scientists call the stomach, the second brain. This is because there's a similar network of neurons working in the 'enteric nervous system' making us 'feel' our innards. And this system has nearly 100 million neurons, more than the spinal column or the peripheral nervous system. Again, resulting in 'gut' instincts or 'butterflies' in the stomach when we are scared or 'nerv(e)-ous'. 

This is why our ancestors wore loose, free-flowing clothing; so they kept their access to the real areas of intelligence. 

Now, I liken men's neckties to women's 'corsets'. These were clothing devices that restricted a woman's access to her nether regions, i.e. erogenous zones. This was done as a measure to keep women chaste and physically/mentally celibate. Again, to Black women who fancy themselves 'feminists' or identify with white feminism, all these chauvinistic tactics, and the philosophy of chauvanism itself, was created by white men, not Black men.  

This is why white supremacy is so focused on academics, 'cause if you're kept obsessing on facts and figures, you can be kept out of your natural and true intelligence. Learning how to more effectively retain information, so you can write it down later for a test, will not help you make better decisions under pressure; which is really what makes a person smart. Half the collegiate populations of this country couldn't tell you the difference between being smart and educated; and white supremacists wanna' keep it that way. 

Lastly, this is the reason our youth, especially our young Black men, wear loose fitting jeans. Instinctively, they know that wearing restrictive, body hugging attire, not only makes them look effeminate, but it cuts off access to their true selves. Had they conformed to the european model of wearing tight, restrictive clothing, they wouldn't have had the ingenuity to create something like the Hip-Hop culture. They'd probably still be listening to that stuffy, out-dated and sleep inducing classical european piano music. The die-hard listeners to that music fall asleep during performances while its being played live. 

And before you say a young Black man looks retarded for wearing his pants hanging off him, think how much more retarded you, especially as a Black man, look wearing a european suit knowing how much whitey has invested in killing you off via white cops, their manufactured virus' like Ebola and Aids, blowing up levees during Hurricane Katrina, etc. 

So to Black men and women, let's take a cue from our ancestors and take off the body hugging attire of our oppressors. And to Black men, if you absolutely must wear a necktie to work, I hope you now have a clearer understanding as to why that's part of your uniform. 

Let's take off these choke collars and start choking off our love for these low-down, pale-skinned degenerates we know as white people.

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia 

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  1. Nina...

    There's some glitch on this site that erased your comment here, but I still remember what you said about Dr. Wesing's 'secondary penis envy' pertaining to white women.

    You expounded on white women being envious of a Black woman's natural place at the side of a Black man and her envy of a Black woman's biologically dominate genetics, if I remember correctly.

    In my opinion, I think a more appropriate term for this might be 'venus envy' instead of penis envy.

    White women are not only envious of the fact that a Black woman belongs with a Black man, or that a Black woman can create every other kind of woman, while none of them can create one of her; but white women are also envious of a Black women's curvaceous body. Especially her bodacious derriere and her full lips; and it's commonly known that white women are now injecting silicone into themselves in order to emulate a Black woman's exquisite femininity.

    And I hope I addressed the comments you made earlier correctly, if not, let me know.

    Again, thanks for commenting.