Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why the Black Diaspora can't pray away their self-hatred...

In the time I've come to curate this Blog, there have been several instances where I mention how it's absolutely imperative that the Black Diaspora recondition themselves/ourselves out of the self-hatred bred into us by the american school system and other mediums. 

Every time I've said this, almost without fail, a Black person will respond saying they'd rather pray to resolve these issues. 

Here's why that's a losing proposition. 

A couple of years ago, a woman friend of mine had a relative who was in rehab. As you could imagine, she didn't particularly like going to this facility to visit this relative, so on a few occasions, she asked me if I'd join her for a bit of moral support. I agreed.

One afternoon, this relative invited us to see the rehabilitative regimen this facility made them go through; and basically what it consisted of was heaping doses of christian doctrine and prayer. What struck me as odd was the seemingly militiristic regimentation of the classes they were mandated to take to complete the program; the place really came off like some sort of christian concentration camp. Nevertheless, the relative of my woman friend completed this program and left the facility. 

Less than a month later, my woman friend's relative relapsed and was back in that same rehab facility. And I'd heard about the same things happening to the majority of this facility's patients. 

You see, what the Black church and the white supremacists who founded these religions won't tell you, is prayer does change things; but one thing it doesn't change; and never will, is behavior. 

In order to really change any kind of negative behavior, you have to plumb the depths of your subconscious, because more often than not, these are symtoms of some sort of childhood abuse(s). Just like the Black Diaspora's self-hatred. 

Now, you may think analogies of child abuse have no place in the landscape of what's happened to the Black Diaspora in american schools, but I can assure you, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, that's exactly what that education exposed us to. 

Let me give you an example; thinking of this kind of abuse, right off the bat, I can still remember the young Black woman in high school who told me, "Man, God didn't give us (Black people) nothing, we got big lips and nappy hair..." And I understood exactly how she felt, 'cause I'd been made to feel the same way. Now, let's look at this statement from both theological and psychological points of view. 

This young Black woman said emphatically, "...GOD didn't give us nothing..." This means the message she got in any church she went to, 'cause you know there's one on every corner of Black neighborhoods, told her that the white jesus, or as spanish people like to call him, christo blanco, made her feel like an outcast or pariah not only to the notion that she could ever be beautiful, but to the notion that she, or her people, had anything to do with what was righteous, divine or sanctified. Those virtues were reserved for whites only. And she was doomed to live and die this way. Now, can you see the kind of psychic damage she endured to get this lowly opinion of herself at such a young age? That is but one result of the american school system's methodical abuses of Black children, thus, I use the term child abuse. 

And Black people have to remember, in terms of the Black slave trade in the americas, the people in control of this were white christians. The Ku Klux Klan practice something called 'white christian science', why do you think they burn crosses? And like I've said in previous posts, the first slave ship to wash up on these shores with Black people in its belly was called, 'The Good Ship jesus'. Don't take my word for this, go look it up. Also, in the wake of a lot of Black slaves committing suicide rather than live under white people's torturous conditions, white christianity made suicide a sin, so every one of their Black slaves could literally be worked to death. And here's some more christian scripture that speaks to this sentiment:
Ephesians 6:5-8 reads, 'Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.  Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart.' And this part really gets me...'Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving THE LORD, NOT PEOPLE!! Because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.' Now, here's what the Black Diaspora, or the portion that considers themselves christians need to question, why would their bible endorse slavery? And why would they tell people to obey these slave masters like they obey their god? Doesn't that contradict the first commandment? You know, the one that says: 'I'm the lord your God, you shall not have any Gods before me.'
Black people need to realize what white supremacists have done is, they've taken our Black spiritual sciences (Like Vodun/Voodoo, Yoruba, The Orishas) and are now ruling the world with them, and gave us their impotent white supremacist religions (i.e. christianity, buddhism, islam, judaism, etc.). See, our ingenious ancestors knew the spiritual sciences dealt not only with the conscious, but the subconscious mind; they also knew that the rituals performed in the Black spiritual sciences before or during prayers in some way, shape or fashion, could connect the person doing them to the subconscious, which gave those incantations, divinations and prayers their real power. Without these rituals, prayer becomes a crap shoot; where you have a fifty-fifty chance of what you're praying for happening or not.

I personally have tried some divinations without tying them to the subconscious; and without the subconscious acting like more or less of a battery for these spiritual forces, they don't work. This is what's happening to Black people stuck in the paradigm of christian prayer.

And mind you, we're talking about literal decades of conditioning we've gotten to hate ourselves; so saying five 'our fathers' and ten 'hail marys' ain't gonna' do squat to reverse our self-hating mind state.

So what I'm currently working on is a technique to get into the subconscious mind within the span of less than five minutes. I realized, the more traditional methods of meditation I offered in previous posts were a little too labor intensive. So much so, I was having trouble keeping up with them. But this technique is helping me to consistently keep up with daily meditations. I'm putting this technique through more trials, but once I'm done, I'll definitely share this with the family next year.

And speaking of years, this one has been particularly trying for me; but I'd like to thank all the people who ventured to this Blog and commented, pro or con. In 2015, I've got plans for this Blog to be more productive and informative; so stay tuned, 'cause the best is truly yet to come. 

See you next year! 

Ma'at Hotep and Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I tend to stay away from any convo with black people about religion because I find it to be futile and exhausting. Black people, collectively seem to be in a Jesus stuper and there's just no turning back. Again, it looks like white supremacy has won once again. Are you familiar with the song, "Jesus Paid It All?" if not the last line of the chorus goes, "he washed me white as snow." I tried to explain to my mom one day that it meant that we wish to be white like white jesus/people, bit she didn't get it so I rested my case. I even tried to explain to some black women Johovah's witnesses that stopped by one day about that scripture you mentioned above about "slaves obey your masters" is meant to keep black people in perpetual subservience to white supremacy, but they weren't buying it and gave me some bullshit explanation, I can't remember what is was. You just cannot get many black people to see that the Bible is what brother Malcolm said (I'm probably paraphrasing) "used as a tool to keep us enslave." It has been very successful too.

  2. Nina...

    I understand I'm not going to win a lot of fans with this post...or this Blog; but that's the priced one pays for being truthful.

    A lot of the time the truth indeed hurts, but this is what we must endure if we're going to break the Black Diaspora, or ourselves, out of certain patterns of behavior...or 'stupors'.

    It would be exceptionally easy for me to cater to the Black christian demographic and tell them everything they wanna' hear about the white jesus, or as the spanish call him, christo blanco; but then I'd be like every other chrtistian lemming who is telling Black people to stick with the american or european status quo, which is killing us.

    A lot of commenters have implied, or outright accused me of being some kinda' 'conscious' opportunist who is doing this as a means to get women or monetary gains. I tell them if I REALLY wanted to do any of that, I'd pattern myself after on-line Black male christians who constantly post scriptures and verses other christians are familiar with; trust me, that would be TOO EASY.

    I started this Blog 'cause I'm down for my people, period; to the exclusion of spanish, asian and white people.

    So, if I see something that's genuinely hurting them, even though it's point of view may be unpopular, I gotta' tell it, or else, what am I really doing here?

    So, I'd love to make a lot of friends via this Blog, but I'd rather make allies who are truly committed to the cause of really freeing the Black Diaspora of the white supremacist conditioning we've gotten to hate ourselves.

    And that means sometimes, you gotta' be willing to be unpopular. It's a feeling I've become very accustomed to; and I figure that won't end anytime soon.

    As always, thanks for commenting!

  3. And as always, thank you for reading my comment and responding.

    Part I:
    I also want to clarify some comments I made in the other post about ben and j-lo, regarding black men and IR. While I am aware and understand that both black men and black women are subjecting themselves to be sex toys for white people, I focused on black men more because of some observations I made and facts.
    I recall a study I read some years back that surmmarized that MEN IN GENERAL tend to date/marry out moreso than women (with exception of american born asian women). Now the white supremacist media has yet to mention this study because they want to make it seem as if black men are the ONLY men on the planet that does this. Then there's studies that continuously show that black women overwhelmingly prefer black men over any other man, unfortunately there are no studies showing the same about black men. The largest IR couplings are between White men and Asian women, but nobody's asking, "Do White men want/like White women. We know that for centuries, White men have been insanely lusting for non-white women, but whites don't wanna go there because they have to keep White women feeling good on that mythical pedestal to maintain the system of racism.
    As you have notice, there has been an increase in the anti-black woman hatred exhibited by some of everybody, including "black" males openly degrading and demeaning black women in front of the whole world while praising/defending White females. To the contrary, you do not hardly see or hear of black women doing this to black men. The latest being Australian white female rapper, Iggy Azaela who has an army that includes buckdancing coon Negro males (rapper T.I. being the head coon) just waiting to save her from any scrutiny from intelligent black people (men included) about her and other whites who appropriate black culture and black womanhood. Mind you these same coons were all in their feelings when her white male rapper counterpart, Macklemore swept the Grammys earlier this year.

  4. Part II:
    All of this white supremacist programming showcasing of anti-black woman hatred, especially from "black" males is causing anger in many black women causing some black women to conclude that black men, collectively, unconcously or subconcously HATE black women. I'm reading and hearing black women say things like, "Black men hate Black women" "Black Men Prefer NonBlack Women" Black Men Don't Care for Black Women" " Black Women should "expand our options" etc, etc. Not to mention there was an article published in the Huffington Post last month entitled "A Black Women Declares Black Men Do Not Like/Hate Black Women." It makes me sooo angry and sad when I hear or read a black woman say these things. All of this anti-black woman hatred is causing some black women, as one of my black female bloggers put it, "subject themselves to be the sex toys for sex play or exploitation by racist white men." Now I understand the mind games the whites supremacist are playing here, but because of many blacks refusal to learn about the system of white supremacy too many are playing along....its devastating. Just utter and complete chaos and confusion. The constant promotion/marketing of nonblack females as more desirable than black women and some of these "black" males falling for it REALLY has me into my feelings right now, bruh. So bruh, I say all that to say this. I'm in no way insinuating that ALL black men are self-hating, white/nonblack woman obsessed, but TOO many are. As I have described above, there are just some behaviors that are more prevalent among the black man populous. I'm aware that brothers such as yourself are willing to acknowledge and detox the self-hate, which is why I am drawn to your blog. It's refreshing to see a black man's perspective especially about IR dating, marriage and self-hate.

  5. Part III:
    Last, but not least you were correct about my assessment regarding secondary penis envy in white women. I have called it booty envy. lol But I like your name for it Venus envy. A black woman youtuber called it Black Vaginal envy. So there's two names for it.

  6. Nina...

    Kola Boof said, "I'd rather be a white man's whore than the gum on a Black man's shoe; f@ck Black men."

    Now, I understand these are her sentiments, but they are not exclusive to her where Black women are concerned.

    After the eighties, Black women openly dissin' Black men became a sport; I couldn't turn on any TV program with a Black woman's forum where they didn't covertly or overtly talk about Black man being uneducated, broke, on the 'down low', or being the reason why the rates of HIV infection were so prevalent in the Black community.

    So again, making derogatory statements about any Black person, is not exclusive to Black men.

    It still boggles my mind how Shonda Rhimes can create a TV show about a Black woman having sex with a married white male president, when we finally have a Black man as president of this country. A lot of Black men considered this a slap in the face, and Black women, for the most part, love Olivia Dope, I mean Pope.

    Now, regarding the study you saw saying men, regardless of ethnicity, date outside their ethnic group more than women; this may or may not be true, but here's why the Black Diaspora needs to ignore this fact...understand, no white, spanish or asian man or woman, is conditioned to hate themselves the way Black people are.

    So, for the most part, rates of divorce are on the rise, but, white men and women don't really have too much of a problem dating, falling in love and marrying one another; ditto for spanish and asian men and women. Now, Black men and women have been force fed so much self-hatred by white fascists that we can barely DATE ANYMORE. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE!

    Now, its the same ol' story of the white supremacist strategy of 'divide and conquer'; only if Black men and women stay mired in their anger towards one another, not only will the current rift between us not go away, but it will DEEPEN!

  7. Nina...

    Understand, if you as a Black woman can't see beyond Black women's issues, exclusively, you can be kept angry at Black men; and the same goes for Black men in the converse.


    What we need to do first is think about what's best for BLACK PEOPLE...FIRST AND FOREMOST!

    Now this doesn't mean we should shun issues that pertain directly to Black men and women, but it does mean that we should be thinking more about what's best for Black men, women, children, the elderly, etc. MORE THAN WE THINK ABOUT WHAT'S BEST JUST FOR BLACK MEN, OR BLACK WOMEN.

    And trust me, the worst thing you or I can do, is endeavor to be in a relationship with a good Black man or woman while having steam engines full of anger towards them, because, at some point that anger will sabotage the relationship.

    And this is no theory, I see this happening every day and it's happened to me.

    I had a Black woman who was very smitten with me converse with me about our plans for the future, she said I was 'different' than the other men she'd come across, whatever that meant. But once we started conversing on a regular basis, we had a disagreement on some issue, and all this anger just spewed out of her. This anger was specifically pointed at Black men; needless to say, we stopped talking.

    There was another Black woman I knew who always wondered why she couldn't find a study man friend, she'd always say, "Even the ugly women have men, why don't I have one." She was exceptionally good looking, even though this was a pretty shallow statement. What she didn't realize was, every time she'd pair up with a Black man she liked, she was so conditioned to hate them/us, that she'd proceed to say some of the most vile and derogatory things to them. Thus, she remained single. And again, she DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS DOING THIS!

    This is why my stripe of Black Nationalism deals with the subconscious more than most, because that's where we really have to go to resolve these issues, myself included. 'Cause it's not like I've fully reconditioned myself out of my white supremacist bred self-hatred, I'll be meditating to get rid of this for the rest of my life.

    A couple of weeks back I was walking down the street and saw a jewelry store with Black balloons hung up outside of it in a bunch; I immediately though, did someone die, or is someone in mourning? Turns out, they were advertising their 'Black Friday' sales initiative; this is just one example of how far I still have to go.

    To conclude, it's IMPERATIVE that we see ourselves more as Black people than Black men and women exclusively; this will dictate whether we, collectively, have a chance to get our right minds back or not. AGAIN, BLACK MEN AND WOMEN HAVE TO COME UP OUT OF THE MIND-STATE OF POINTING FINGERS AT EACH OTHER, AND SEEK A COMMON SOLUTION TO OUR COMMON PROBLEM.


    It all goes back to reconditioning ourselves outta' this self-hatred whitey's got us in. So let's keep our eyes on our REAL enemy, WHITEY AND HIS/HER INSTITUTIONS.

    And...I'm glad you liked the coined phrase 'venus envy'; I was gonna' use the name for a short story, but it's already been taken. Oh well...

    Again, thanks for commenting!