Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Black men shouldn't smoke cigars...

Recently, I was mandated to work with an older Black man, who for some unknown reason, felt he needed to show me how much money and status he had. 

Now, unbeknownst to this man, the fact that he was working into his retirement was a tell-tale sign of his inability to impress me with anything. But I understood we wouldn't be working together for long, so I thought, I'd grin and bare it. 

This man even showed me his paycheck with his social security number on it, thinking those figures would impress me. Not only was I unimpressed, but if I were a more nefarious person, I would've made a mental note of his social security number and bankrupted him.   

Anyway, after he flashed me his paltry earnings, he pulled out a cheap cigar and started toking on the thing. My eyes kinda' glazed over as I continued working, that was until he picked up his empty beverage bottle and spit some off-colored liquid into it. 

After that, I got up and left. When I returned he asked, "Does my smoking creep you out?" I said no, I just had to go to my desk to retrieve a document. I thought that would be the end of it, but he lit up another 'stogie' and began toking on that. I then told him I don't smoke, and it did in fact, bother me. 

He then put his 'girthy' cancer stick away. 

I'd been working with this jerk for the better part of four days, and what I learned was this man's mind was completely mired in the american status quo. Meaning, every one of this man's thoughts reinforced reasons why everything white is right. And unfortunately, he'll go to his grave thinking this way.

And, as is mandatory for the overwhelming majority of older Black americans, he despised the Black youth. But that line of thought just follows this man's policies of Black self-hatred. Again, every one of his actions showed how much he loved the very people who kept him poor and made him feel inferior his whole life, and those people are the white elite. 

So, he was really conditioned to dislike me and didn't know it himself. 

And, he thought because white men showed him how they smoked cigars to look and feel powerful, that he'd emulate them. But if he knew, or really loved himself, not only wouldn't he be working for someone else into his retirement, but he'd give up cigar smoking in an instant. 

Here's why...

What this dunce of a man doesn't know is cigars are really meant to represent the Black phallus. Now, if you don't believe me, then let's explore the reasoning behind my theory...

No matter how much a white man might deny it, he knows Black men can breed him and his kind out of existence. So like I said in my previous post, a Black man living anywhere is a threat to white men everywhere. 

And in his desperation to be closer to that kind of power, he inserts a cigar in his mouth (mocking fellatio), lights up his 'stogie' and tries to appear like his phallus has the dominant genetics of a Black man. Unfortunately, this only reinforces what he truly is. The world's most recessive-traited man. He wants to play the role of the alpha male, but intrinsically and instinctively, he knows he never will be. 

That place is reserved for Black men. 

And the fact that white men can't do anything to change this pisses them off. 

So, cigars are all about symbolism (Cinematic Symbolism). And smoking one has essentially become a white supremacist ritual that men the world over have been tricked into adopting. Just like the elder dunce-of-a-Black-man I was working with. 

And I don't need to go into the detrimental health issues these things cause. A couple of these being: giving men a low sperm count (which is always on the white supremacist agenda for Black men), hardening and narrowing of the arteries, myriad lung cancers, etc. 

So I'm saying all that to say this...if you're a Black man, PUT DOWN THE CIGAR, 'CAUSE YOU'VE GOT THE REAL THING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS!

And this goes way beyond penis envy. white men would so like to be you, that even though they've got the majority of the world's resources, they'll still sing, dance, dress and talk like you, while trying to make you hate yourself


Cause whether they wanna' admit it or not, every man in this world wants to be able to create any other kind of man, while none of them can create one of him. 




MontUHURU Mimia

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The cult of the curly-haired, light skinned, bi-ethnic looking Black girl...

"Take the kinks out of your mind, not your hair..."
--Marcus Garvey

The TV series 'A Different World' debuted on NBC on September 24th, 1987; it was a spin-off of the wildly successful 'Cosby Show' and lasted six seasons on the network.

Now, I know I'm dating myself by saying this was one of my favorite shows on TV for several years. See, the Cosby Show was so rigidly catering to mainstream white audiences, that I really couldn't watch too much of it.

Actually, now, with shows like 'Basketball Wives' and the 'Love and Hip Hop' reality TV series, I wish the Cosby Show or something close to it would make a comeback.

Anyway, what the Cosby Show lacked, A Different World made up for in terms of being politically conscious at more of a 'down-to-earth' level; and even its 'earthiness' was tempered by all the young Black men and women in the show being college students. It was damn near perfection. 

Another reason I tuned in faithfully, is 'cause I had a major crush on Cree Summer. 

Cree played Winifred 'Freddie' Brooks on the show, and man, I was beyond smitten with this woman. 

She has the same alluring traits that have, or had me attracted to Jill Scott; and those are a quasi-regal aire, and that new bohemian/earth mother-type vibe; lovely. 

Fast forward a decade...or two later *smiles*; and I notice the ONLY kind of black woman I see on TV, is this woman. When I say this woman, I mean, the curly haired, light skinned, bi-ethnic looking black woman. 

And any time I see a pure bred, or darker-skinned black woman, they're purposely being portrayed negatively as having boatloads of attitude (ala Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, etc.)

Now, I readily admit, in the past, anytime I saw a curly haired, light skinned black woman, I'd almost drool; that's until I threw the white supremacist shackles off my psyche and saw them for what they really are...half-bred black women. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not casting aspersion on these women's characters; the majority of them that I've met are very endearing and sweet; but I'm the one who's different. Meaning, whenever I used to look at someone who's darker skinned, my white supremacist conditioning would kick in and I'd think, man, their skin's sooo dark!

Now, when I see anyone, especially a black woman, with a higher grade of melanin than mine, i.e. anyone who's darker skinned, I get real envious...and here's why...

Not only do increased amounts of melanin block the sun damage that causes most skin cancers in other people, it also acts to eradicate 'free radicals' in the skin. Meaning, your skin will tend to look younger (reference the saying 'Black don't crack'); and I think we've ALL noticed how darker skinned women tend to have flawless looking skin. 

At least I have. 

But there's another, greater advantage to having highly melanated skin; one rarely anybody talks or knows about.

Now, regarding this, here's a question: have you ever seen a white colored solar panel?

I didn't think so. 

They're ALL Black; that's because the color Black is a better conductor of light and electricity. 

And what are our thoughts biochemically? Answer: electric impulses.

So the Black woman or man who's got the darkest skin will literally be able to think more quickly than his white counter-part. Now, whether they capitalize on this is something different.

But don't take my word for this, go and look this fact up!

But I think we've all seen instances where Black people have shown they're quicker thinking; for instance, I remember when I was young, there was an incident where someone was running down the street waving a weapon in the air. 

As a group of people ran by me, I ran with them; even though I didn't know what was going on. There was one white guy who looked past us trying to investigate what was going on, until he saw the guy with the weapon, then he ran.

White people's propensity to make good decisions when they're put under pressure, or danger, is when you'll usually see how deficient they are...mentally (i.e. they've got no common sense). Or their complete inability sometimes to handle the pressures Black people endure everyday, speaks to our being mentally stronger...and quicker thinking, thanks to melanin!

I remember when I was in high school, a darker skinned young women literally told me, ", God didn't give us nothing...we've got big lips and kinky hair..."

Funny, how lately, white women are injecting silicone into their lips (and butts) to make them look like ours, and fashioning their hair like black women; to the point where they're actually wearing weaves and hair extensions 'cause black women have made them popular. 

Now, if you're a Black woman reading this, let me tell you why you should absolutely revere your kinkier hair--it's because it acts like an antenna allowing you access to higher spiritual frequencies...let me explain...

It's been proven that kinkier Black hair has higher levels of crystalline properties, and the most common component in quartz crystals is know, the material they use in computer chips. And they use silicone in computer chips 'cause it's a better conductor of electricity (just like your darker Black skin); and being that hair is at the top of your head, the increased amounts of silicone in it acts with antenna-like qualities to connect you to higher spiritual realms. And again, don't take my word for any of this...go look this fact up!

But, if you're old enough to remember TV antennas, remember they had the straight 'rabbit ear' antennas to get channels 1 though 13; but if you wanted access to the higher channels (13 and above), you had to have a 'rounded' or 'OHM' antenna. Well, the 'rabbit ear' or straight antennas act like a white person's straight hair, which can only access the lowest levels of spiritual frequencies.

And kinky Black hair is especially high in its silicone content when it's locked (Dreadlocks...actually, I just call them 'locks' 'cause there's nothing I dread about them).

Now, getting back to darker skin...I say, bottom line, darker Black skin just plain looks better!

For instance, check out this picture to the right of three sistas with varying skin tones.

Which woman looks the prettiest?

In my eyes, it's the darker skinned sista, hands down!

And white supremacists tried to get slick here, by flanking the darker skinned sister between two lighter skinned sistas to make her look less desirable. 

And the dark skinned sista still beats 'em both!

So, I've said all that to say this...especially if you're a darker skinned Black woman...


Praise and pamper both as often as you can; 'cause contrary to what white supremacists would have you believe, both your hair and skin are working for you...not against you!

Ma'at Hotep and Sutekh (colloquialism in the Medu Netcher for Black Power!)

MontUHURU Mimia


Shouts out to brotha 'Transcendenal Prodco' for creating this vid that explains the concept of Black hair acting as an antenna to access higher spiritual vibrations better than I ever could. 

Check out 'Ancient Dreadlocks'...and enjoy!


Some of the captions in this vid are too small to read on my Blog's miniature version of 'Ancient Dreadlocks'; in order to view them better, swipe your cursor over the vid's title and click onto it, this will take you to the YouTube page's expanded version of this vid; there, you can read all the captions clearly.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why the NBA made Lebron take off his mask...

Lebron Raymone James was born in Akron, Ohio on December 30th, 1984 to a sixteen year old mother, Gloria Marie James.

Gloria struggled to put food on the table as she and Lebron moved from apartment to apartment in the more improvished areas of Akron; so she decided to let Lebron stay with a youth football coach, Frank Walker, who introduced Lebron to the game of basketball at nine years old. 

James played in a youth basketball league dubbed the 'Amateur Athletic Union' with three friends who called themselves the 'Fab Four'; James' friends in the Fab Four included Sian Cotton, Dru Joyce III and Willie McGhee.

Now it's said there was some controversy with the 'Fab Four' because unlike their local peers, they were afforded the privilege of going to a private, mostly white school, St.Vincent-St. Mary High School. Now, anyone who's paid attention to the proliferation of 'charter' schools in Black communities won't see any controversy at all; meaning, the real agenda of charter schools was always to siphon off resources from local, predominately Black public schools so they could 'cherry-pick' the Black students who'd be afforded a better quality education.  

White elites saw these young men were gifted athletes, and they knew they would be NBA prospects in several years, so they were given access to this private institution. They were ripe for exploiting. 

James averaged 21 points and 6 rebounds for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in his freshman year; and he averaged 25 points and 7 rebounds during games in his junior year. 

It wasn't long before talent scouts came calling, and soon after, he appeared in 'Slam' magazine, and was called 'the best high school basketball player in america'. 

James even played football for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and excelled to the point where he was named 'first team all state'.

Right out of school, James was recruited to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA draft of 2003 and scored 25 points in his first pro game. This set an NBA record for the most points executed by a prep-to-pro player in his first outing; he was eventually named 'Rookie of the year' for his accomplishments. 

I think we all know what happened later, but I'm not really wanting to write Lebron's bio, I want to speak on something that happened a bit more recently. 

In February of this year, Lebron suffered a broken nose from colliding with another player during his game with the Chicago Bulls. As a result he wore a mask to protect himself against further injury.

Now, this is the original mask Lebron wore after being discharged from the hospital. 

And when the white elite saw this, they were like...Oh, hell no!

So, after Lebron debuted this mask, NBA commissioner Adam Silver had a little chat with his boss, the Miami Heat's CEO, Nick Arison. 

And what a surprise...Lebron was ordered to wear this 'clear', white mask.

Now, maybe you're thinking I'm seeing too much into this, but if ya' think I'm trippin' a little too much on an ethnic tip, I'd like you to look at another pic of Lebron on the Vogue magazine cover below. 

Now, if you look closely at Lebron here, you'll see how the fair-skinned model, Giselle, was 'photoshopped' into this cover's photo. She's made to look like she's being cradled in Lebron's arm, like the photo of 'King Kong' beside it (reference Denzel Washington in 'Training Day' saying, "...King Kong ain't got nothin' on me.")

Also, if you look at the 'O' and 'G' in back of Lebron's head, it's made to resemble something close to horns or antlers; or something feral to make him look like an animal. 

See, no matter how many products Lebron sells for major corporations, he's still considered a menace by his white benefactors. 

This is what the white elite really see when they look at Lebron...especially with his Black mask on.

And again, no matter how genial his image, the sheer fact that he's a pure bred looking Black man who stands at six feet and eight inches, makes him a threat to the very existence of white men and women everywhere.  

It's bad enough america has a Black man as president, they don't want to be reminded that Lebron, and his kids, could literally breed these white elites out of existence; especially with white birth rates falling below replacement levels.

The moral of this story is, as a Black man or woman, don't ever think white supremacists in this country really have your best interest at heart, no matter how much money your making with, or for them.

The end game will always be, the riddance of pure bred looking Black people. 

So, here's two questions I'll keep posing as long as I Blog, and that is: how can Black men and women heal the rift between them? And, how committed are we to healing this rift?

'Cause white supremacists don't sleep when it comes to their agenda...just ask Lebron.  

Ethnicity first!

MontUHURU Mimia

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why I'm 'in love with love'...

Firstly, I'd like to apologize to the loyal readers of this Blog about the dearth of posts here lately.

I've always prided myself on being a prolific writer, problem is, my laptop's mother board is fried, so I'm scrambling to put out posts the best way I can on public computers. 

I'll soon purchase another laptop though, so hang in there with me...this is only a speed bump on my way down the road of the 'bloggersphere'. let's get down...

Recently, someone who viewed my YouTube videos, 'Kem Queens' and 'Kem Love', said since I'm 'in love with love', I should look at their music video and then subscribe to their YouTube channel. And this person happened to be Black. 

I immediately blocked this person.

You see, my life has never been that placid...and it's not now, for me to just go around obsessing about 'love'. 

My mission with these two videos was, and is, to give Black men and women positive, loving images of themselves; because we're not gonna' get that anywhere else in the mainstream american media. 

Seeing ourselves in a positive light is the first step to 'consciously' reconditioning ourselves out of our collective self hatred. 

Some may see this as frivolous or silly, but this is truly the first step in the Black diaspora gettting back to love.

Not the syrupy, hyper-sentimentalized kinda' love you hear about in songs, but the kind that can unify us so we can begin to mend fences and form functional relationships with ourselves and our communities. 

Is this 'hyper-idealistic'...probably; but the process has got to start somewhere; it's my small contribution to my bigger goal of Black people uniting and wanting to work together again. 

So don't misunderstand these videos as me trying to sell you something...other than the idea that we HAVE to heal the rift between Black men and women.

Our survival DEPENDS ON IT!

Recently, I saw an ad for a TV show called 'Swirlr'.

Now, this show is all about creating inter-ethnic relationships to promote the idea that love has no color. And, it has a Black person as its creator promoting it, so Black people will be more likely to tune in. 

But from what I saw, the emphasis was not put on spanish and asian people 'hooking up', the emphasis was always on Black men and women being matched with white men and women. 

Again, the white supremacist agenda is at work trying to keep Black men and women specifically from forming loving relationships. 


So when you look at my current and future videos, don't think I'm just trippin' on love; my agenda is to have Black people see themselves as something other than repugnant, so we have a chance at being around in the future. 

It's vitally important that we get this message out as much as we can!

So I hope you see my vids in a different light, if you thought I was just giving my people something pretty to look at. 

I'm giving you a glimpse of how we need to see ourselves, so our children can repair the damages we've done under the spell of the american white supremacist educational system.

So don't get it's bigger than sensual photos and soul music; I'm hoping to inspire future minds to save what we have left of the diaspora, before we go the way of the dinosaur; and it starts with you...and us, seeing ourselves as worthy of being here. 

And I hope y'all feel me on this, 'cause as a Black nationalist I live by Gil Scott Heron's pithy and prophetic axiom, "The revolution will not be televised..."

It will be internalized...'cause it must start in our minds!


MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, March 1, 2014

How can the Black diaspora heal the rift between Black men and women?...(Part 3) Kem Queens...

Recently, a friend of mine had myself, and a few of his other friends over his house.

So to entertain us, he put on a movie called 'End of Watch', which came out in 2012.

Now, the majority of people at my friend's house, are like the majority of commercial movie watchers; meaning, their whole movie going experience is pretty casual. And I'm not saying it's suppose to be formal, but there's not much thought put into what they're watching. They just watch movies to watch them.

For those who haven't seen this flick, 'End of Watch' is about two beat cops patrolling crime-ridden, South Central, Los Angeles neighborhoods. 

Now, one cop is white, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, brother of the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight, Secretary); and the other is played by Michael Pena, and both these guys are good actors.

Now, being that cops, especially white cops, have been exposed for being the criminally-minded cowards they are (and this revelation is nothing new, reference the movies 'Serpico' and 'Q&A' with Nick Nolte), the police are now tasked with making themselves look better to the public. 

So, what this film basically a police propaganda farce of epic proportions. 

The film starts out with a chase scene where the sound is dropped out, while Jake's voice explains how dangerous patrolling these neighborhoods, primarily Black neighborhoods, are and how heroic these predominately white cops are for taking up the challenge of attempting to civilize the swarthy denizens of these areas. 

Now, the fact that Michael Pena is partnered with Jake's character as a cop, is telling audiences how spanish people are not as savage as Blacks; except for the fact that, and this is a spoiler alert in case you haven't seen the film, it's a spanish street gang who kills Michael's character off at the end.

There's also mention throughout the film of Michael's character having a child on the way, this is meant to point out how many kids spanish people have, and how they're pro-creating at faster rates than Blacks or whites.
At one point, Jake's character's female love interest puts her hand on the belly of Micheal's pregnant wife; this is suggesting that whites should have as many children as possible, being that white birth rates are falling below replacement levels. 

Then, Michael's wife starts suggesting how being sexually adventurous keeps the marriage fresh; and then she starts telling them to try different sexual positions. This of course appauls the delicate sensibilities of Jake's white fiancee; and this intimates how spanish people will never be as civil or civilized as whites are. 

See, the average casual movie goer isn't going to catch all these sublime messages. Moreover, if you're eating or have eaten while watching this movie, and the lights are low; your brain's in an 'alpha state'. Meaning, your subconscious is more receptive to these suggestions. 

There was also a laughable moment when Jake and Mike's characters come into the apartment of some Black gangsters, and there's one Black gangster who says to them: " cops are punks; if you take off your gun and badge, I'll kick your ass..."

Now, I know from the experience of hearing cops talk on TV, how this statement sticks in their craw.

See, it feeds into white men feeling 'sexually inferior' to Black men, whether they are or not. White men wanna' show Black men how they're just as virile as we are, regardless of Black men being stereotyped as having bigger phallus'.

And remember, I always emphasize this stereotype has nothing to do with actual penis size; it's referring to the fact that genetically, ALL Black men can create any other kind of man (white, asian, spanish); but none of them can create one of us. 

So, Mike's character takes off his gun and badge, and he and the Black gangster fight; and the Black guy basically kicks his ass. But then the fictional script comes into play, and Mike's character gets in some suspiciously lucky punches, and wins. 

After this, this Black gangster tells his homeboys how this cop took off his gun and badge and just fought him 'straight up'; and how 'gansta' that was. 

This is how white cops wanna' be tough, and once again, stronger than Black men. When we all know the overwhelming majority of them aren't. Physically or mentally.

There are also some scenes of Jake's and Mike's characters police station meetings, where all the cops are sitting at desks, getting their assignments. 

There's literally one Black cop in the whole group; and later in the movie, he's portrayed as sleeping on his desk. I've seen this portrayal of Black men in several movies. In one instance, this Black cop is asleep on his desk, and Jake's character puts shaving cream in one of his open hands, he then proceeds to tickle his face; and when the Black cop swats himself in the face with this cream-filled hand, they take a long laugh at him. 

This is saying, even when we reach the status of white men, we're really not one of them; or we're really not qualified to be there. This implies how we got some hand-out or 'affirmative action' hook-up, to do the same job a white man does. And again, it's funny how white men never talk about the white male affirmative action initiatives in place for centuries insuring no one but them would get a job in this government. 

So I've said all that to say this: with the overwhelming amounts of propaganda and sublime messages Black folks get from movies like this, in conjunction with the insidious american educational system, how could you not hate yourself for being Black, either consciously or subconsciously?

This is why I say the most revolutionary thing Black people can do, is recondition themselves out of their self hatred, so we can heal the rift between Black men and women, and start building healthy personal and community relationships with one another again. 

The last statement leads me to why I've created the two videos 'Kem Love', and the one I'll feature at the end of this post, 'Kem Queens'...and 'Kem' means Black ya'll. 

It's imperative that the Black diaspora see itself in loving and compassionate ways, 'cause we're NOT gonna' get this anywhere in the mainstream commercial media. 

So, I'm hoping this video acts as a bit of an antidote to the american status quo's plans for us. 

'Cause the white supremacist propaganda machine runs 24/7...and when it comes to us, there's nothing they won't do to keep Black men and women apart and hating each other.

And if you can't handle that truth, shame on you for being an anglophilic, brainwashed negro. And we all know we've got far too many of those types around us. 

So let's all get focused and get to work!


Montuhuru Mimia


Here's the video I promised, 'Kem Queens'; hope you guys dig it. And if you have a chance visit my YouTube page here.