Saturday, March 1, 2014

How can the Black diaspora heal the rift between Black men and women?...(Part 3) Kem Queens...

Recently, a friend of mine had myself, and a few of his other friends over his house.

So to entertain us, he put on a movie called 'End of Watch', which came out in 2012.

Now, the majority of people at my friend's house, are like the majority of commercial movie watchers; meaning, their whole movie going experience is pretty casual. And I'm not saying it's suppose to be formal, but there's not much thought put into what they're watching. They just watch movies to watch them.

For those who haven't seen this flick, 'End of Watch' is about two beat cops patrolling crime-ridden, South Central, Los Angeles neighborhoods. 

Now, one cop is white, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, brother of the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight, Secretary); and the other is played by Michael Pena, and both these guys are good actors.

Now, being that cops, especially white cops, have been exposed for being the criminally-minded cowards they are (and this revelation is nothing new, reference the movies 'Serpico' and 'Q&A' with Nick Nolte), the police are now tasked with making themselves look better to the public. 

So, what this film basically a police propaganda farce of epic proportions. 

The film starts out with a chase scene where the sound is dropped out, while Jake's voice explains how dangerous patrolling these neighborhoods, primarily Black neighborhoods, are and how heroic these predominately white cops are for taking up the challenge of attempting to civilize the swarthy denizens of these areas. 

Now, the fact that Michael Pena is partnered with Jake's character as a cop, is telling audiences how spanish people are not as savage as Blacks; except for the fact that, and this is a spoiler alert in case you haven't seen the film, it's a spanish street gang who kills Michael's character off at the end.

There's also mention throughout the film of Michael's character having a child on the way, this is meant to point out how many kids spanish people have, and how they're pro-creating at faster rates than Blacks or whites.
At one point, Jake's character's female love interest puts her hand on the belly of Micheal's pregnant wife; this is suggesting that whites should have as many children as possible, being that white birth rates are falling below replacement levels. 

Then, Michael's wife starts suggesting how being sexually adventurous keeps the marriage fresh; and then she starts telling them to try different sexual positions. This of course appauls the delicate sensibilities of Jake's white fiancee; and this intimates how spanish people will never be as civil or civilized as whites are. 

See, the average casual movie goer isn't going to catch all these sublime messages. Moreover, if you're eating or have eaten while watching this movie, and the lights are low; your brain's in an 'alpha state'. Meaning, your subconscious is more receptive to these suggestions. 

There was also a laughable moment when Jake and Mike's characters come into the apartment of some Black gangsters, and there's one Black gangster who says to them: " cops are punks; if you take off your gun and badge, I'll kick your ass..."

Now, I know from the experience of hearing cops talk on TV, how this statement sticks in their craw.

See, it feeds into white men feeling 'sexually inferior' to Black men, whether they are or not. White men wanna' show Black men how they're just as virile as we are, regardless of Black men being stereotyped as having bigger phallus'.

And remember, I always emphasize this stereotype has nothing to do with actual penis size; it's referring to the fact that genetically, ALL Black men can create any other kind of man (white, asian, spanish); but none of them can create one of us. 

So, Mike's character takes off his gun and badge, and he and the Black gangster fight; and the Black guy basically kicks his ass. But then the fictional script comes into play, and Mike's character gets in some suspiciously lucky punches, and wins. 

After this, this Black gangster tells his homeboys how this cop took off his gun and badge and just fought him 'straight up'; and how 'gansta' that was. 

This is how white cops wanna' be tough, and once again, stronger than Black men. When we all know the overwhelming majority of them aren't. Physically or mentally.

There are also some scenes of Jake's and Mike's characters police station meetings, where all the cops are sitting at desks, getting their assignments. 

There's literally one Black cop in the whole group; and later in the movie, he's portrayed as sleeping on his desk. I've seen this portrayal of Black men in several movies. In one instance, this Black cop is asleep on his desk, and Jake's character puts shaving cream in one of his open hands, he then proceeds to tickle his face; and when the Black cop swats himself in the face with this cream-filled hand, they take a long laugh at him. 

This is saying, even when we reach the status of white men, we're really not one of them; or we're really not qualified to be there. This implies how we got some hand-out or 'affirmative action' hook-up, to do the same job a white man does. And again, it's funny how white men never talk about the white male affirmative action initiatives in place for centuries insuring no one but them would get a job in this government. 

So I've said all that to say this: with the overwhelming amounts of propaganda and sublime messages Black folks get from movies like this, in conjunction with the insidious american educational system, how could you not hate yourself for being Black, either consciously or subconsciously?

This is why I say the most revolutionary thing Black people can do, is recondition themselves out of their self hatred, so we can heal the rift between Black men and women, and start building healthy personal and community relationships with one another again. 

The last statement leads me to why I've created the two videos 'Kem Love', and the one I'll feature at the end of this post, 'Kem Queens'...and 'Kem' means Black ya'll. 

It's imperative that the Black diaspora see itself in loving and compassionate ways, 'cause we're NOT gonna' get this anywhere in the mainstream commercial media. 

So, I'm hoping this video acts as a bit of an antidote to the american status quo's plans for us. 

'Cause the white supremacist propaganda machine runs 24/7...and when it comes to us, there's nothing they won't do to keep Black men and women apart and hating each other.

And if you can't handle that truth, shame on you for being an anglophilic, brainwashed negro. And we all know we've got far too many of those types around us. 

So let's all get focused and get to work!


Montuhuru Mimia


Here's the video I promised, 'Kem Queens'; hope you guys dig it. And if you have a chance visit my YouTube page here.


  1. loved the movie breakdown. analyzing movies is a true skill. I loved your video kem queens also. this blog is a great asset to the black community.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for taking the time to read this Blog.

      '...a great asset to the Black community.' That's the greatest compliment I've gotten thus far.

      Ma'at Hotep and Kem Wesir! ( roughly meaning peace and Black power!)