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The gospel of white fascism (Part 12)...What do Jesse Williams, Colin Kaepernick and Lavar Ball have in common? (Special Memorial Day edition)

“It's been a long time, I shouldn't of left you, without a strong rhyme to step to. Think about all the weak shows you slept through, time's up, I'm sorry I kept you.”
--Rakim, from the song, 'I know you got soul'

To the readers of this Blog: Right off the rip, I need to say that I sincerely apologize about my extended absence from this forum. I didn't intend to be away this long. But behind changing where I live, my job and myriad computer problems, it's been a long, hard road back to my Blog. Now, I broker no excuses, 'cause quite frankly, there are none. Everyone's busy. So it's up to me to make the time to tend to my duties here. Conversely, the time away has given me a different perspective on topics that I might not have otherwise. And being that I've been away so long, my mind's capacity-filled with ideas/topics for posts. Also, I do have plans to create an ancillary website to accompany this Blog. So do stay tuned, 'cause the best is truly yet to come.

And to those who cared enough to check back on this Blog every once in a while, I say thank you, thank you and thank you!

Now, with that outta' the way, let's get down...

Lavar Ball was born on October 28th, 1968 in southern Los Angeles, California, and was raised there as well. He attended Canoga Park, High School in Los Angeles, where he quickly excelled in sports.

His prowess as a quarterback on Canoga High's football team, and his exceptional performance as a 'forward' on the school's basketball team, influenced his decision to pursue a career in athletics.

Lavar went on to play basketball at West Los Angeles College for a season, before transferring to Cal State Los Angeles, where he competed in the NCAA Division 2 finals. And it was at Cal State, where he met his wife, Tina.

After college, Lavar tried out for, and was accepted to the National Football League's (NFL's), New York Jets team, on March 7th, 1995.

After retiring from athletics, Lavar focused his energies into becoming a personal trainer, and training his three sons, Lonzo, LiAngelo and LoMelo, to play basketball. Behind his training endeavors, Lavar created the 'Big Baller Training' company, which is where he got the name for his 'Big Baller Brand' clothing line.

Over the course of years, Lavar's sons adapted quickly to his training methods, and as a result, Lonzo, his eldest son, became a basketball star at UCLA, and his younger sons are both exceptional players at their High School.

Kristine Leahy was born on October 16th, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois. She attended Prairie Ridge High School in that state's Crystal Lake area, and this is where she first fostered her love of sports. So after attaining a Bachelor's of Science degree in Journalism, she combined her twin interests and went on to pursue a career as a sports journalist. Kristine is best known for her stint as a host on the NBC TV show, 'American Ninja Warrior', and for her co-hosting of the Fox Sports broadcast 'The Herd', with the show's main host, Colin Cowherd.

Now, on Wednesday, May 17th of this year, Lavar made his now infamous appearance on 'The Herd', and has gotten tremendous amounts of jeers behind his discussing the 'Big Baller Brand' clothing line he created with and for his sons.

See, Lavar knew ahead of time that Kristine especially, didn't care for his clothing brand, and didn't care to see him in their studio either. So when Colin asked him how many of his clothing brand's $500.00 priced sneakers had been purchased, Lavar replied, “I've sold a good amount, to me.”

Then, the ditzy, blond-haired inbred Kristine asked, “How many?” To which Lavar masterfully replied, with the now famous phrase, “Stay in yo' lane.”

Now, in addition to Lavar's making the line, “Stay in yo' lane” a popular catch-phrase, he also raised the ire of the blond-haired white woman, 'cause nothing, and I mean nothing, gets under a white woman's skin more than being ignored by a Black man.

So, Kristine started comparing Lavar's brand with others, and basically tried to belittle his clothing line saying it didn't cater to women (white women especially). And Lavar very tactfully, shut her down. Then, Colin asked Lavar about taking meetings with Nike, Adidas and other well known sneaker brands, to which Lavar replied, “I don't need them for nothin'.”

Now, in terms of Lavar's personality, I couldn't be happier to see a Black man putting a white man, and his women, in their place. He ingeniously raised his children to be prodigious at a certain craft and predicted the best for them. And now, Lavar's prophecies are coming true. Beyond this, I think it's an absolute breath of fresh air to see a Black man aggressively fighting for his family. And his unapologetic stance makes him something akin to a real-life superhero for the Black Diaspora.

Unfortunately, I can't be entirely happy with Lavar Ball's current successes. And that's because I see the game white fascists are playing on us, through him. Now, let me explain what I'm talking about...

What Jesse, Colin Kaepernick, and now Lavar, have been tasked to show us, is how only bi-ethnic Black men are the ones truly capable of being the Black community's real leaders (Barack Obama). And Lavar takes it a step further, by showing us that the only kind of young Black men worth protecting, are bi-ethnic ones. So while our 'pure-bred' young Black men are being shot down in the streets by thrill-kill white cops, we see Lavar fighting tooth and nail to keep his bi-ethnic boys from being exploited.

Now, you might be saying, bruh—can't you just be happy that a Black man's finally standing up and protecting his family? You may also be thinking, everything's not a conspiracy man, c'mon.

I might've thought that to, if I didn't know one additional fact. Lavar Ball is a freemason, and so are two of his sons.

Now you're probably saying, here we go with that non-sense again. More tales about secret handshakes and the illuminati.

But if you look at the 'Big Baller Brand' logo (left), you'll notice how the first 'B' is made to look like a '3'. That's 'cause the 'B's' of the 'Big Baller Brand' are actually '3's', representing the 33 degrees of freemasonry, as seen in the picture below.

Now, you might be saying, bruh, then what's the extra three for? Well, according to freemasons, the number 33 represents the number of spinal vertebrae leading up to the 'Pineal Gland', and this is supposedly where a person's 'consciousness' is kept. The number 33 also represents the highest degree of freemasonry. But for freemasons, especially white ones, born into specific blood-lines, there's another degree to be attained, and that is the 33 and a third degree. And this is what Lavar is really reppin'.

The aforementioned info. might also lead you to think, well bro, Lavar ain't white. True. But you don't have to be from a pure white blood-line in order to rep for this level of white fascism. Case in point, one of my favorite albums from back in the day is one by a group called 'The Power Station' (above right). Now, this was a side project of the popular group 'Duran Duran' from back in the 80's. I want you to take note of two things about this cover, one, the number 33 and a third at the bottom right, and two, the colors red, Black and white on the cover's graphic. See, I've already told you about what the number 33 and a third reprsents, but freemasons are notorious for dressing in the colors red, Black and white, cause these are the colors of the nazi flag. Now, you might say, bruh, 33 and a third is just the speed that the record is suppose to be played at. But again, that number not only reps the white fascist elite in the record industry, but it's tells us that the members of The Power Station were freemasons themselves, and were paying homage to who actually made them famous.

Also, if you look at this picture of Lavar and his kids (above), you'll see the two to his right are flashing freemasonic hand signals (Note the mostly red, Black and white attire). This hand-over-hand gesture, is one you'll see continuously from freemasons, like in the accompanying photo from Yale University, dating back to 1941. You can click on the photo to see it better.

Now, let me get one thing straight for the record—freemasonry in and of itself, is not an inherently evil practice. Actually, this is one of the spiritual sciences created by my ancient Black indigenous ancestors. What I have a problem with, and am commenting on here, is the white fascist 'spin' on these sciences.

Another topic I wanted to touch on, which is related to this one, is someone asking me my feelings about the movie, 'Get Out'. Well, here's my take on this flick in a nutshell.

Even though this movie is supposed to be a cautionary tale about Black men dating white women, it was actually made to quell white men's sexual inferiority complex around Black men. Now, let me explain further...

I wrote a post on why Mike Strahan, the ex-football star, was paired with Kelly Ripa on the TV show 'Live! With Kelly and Michael', and I remember one of the post's comments was from a young white guy named George, who was trying to figure out why they were matched as well. His comments are as follows:

'I see the commercializing of soft cute white women with huge black alpha males as the stereotype and I'm gonna make some examples: Doutzen Kroes with her black man (some famous DJ), Heidi Klum (of course though again I gotta admitt they look sooo hot together), Coco, Kendra Wilkinson and the chaos in the media with her being pregnant by a black NFL Star, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Kidman and Ellen Pompeo. Of course all of these are super hot white girls.'

At the end of the comment he asks, “What's happening?”

Now, the average white man doesn't realize why white fascists are pairing white women with Black men. So, the movie 'Get Out' was green-lit by white men who aren't 'in the know' to say to Black men specifically, that our women aren't with you 'cause you have a bigger penis. They're with you for some dastardly ulterior motive.

And of course, I know someone's gonna' ask this question: Why are Black men always bragging about their penis sizes or sexual prowess? To that I'll say, Black men didn't give ourselves this stereotype, white men did. However, what Black men do have, is the most genetic power of any other kind of man, to breed whites out of existence.

And in an age where white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels, this is why Jesse, Colin, and now Lavar, have all been tasked with extolling the virtues of bi-ethnic Black men. And that's why the Black Diaspora needs to 'Get Out' of the white fascist mind state that has us treating them and white folks like deities, while we treat each other like dirt.

And like Sam Jackson said in the movie, “Do The Right Thing”: “That's the double truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to see the blog post where I talk about Mike Strahan and Kelly Rippa, and if you'd like to read 'George's' complete commentary, you can check them out here.


  1. I'd say, at the end of the day, the only real obligations that Brothas have is to themselves and the well-being of the children.

    I've been covering on my Google+, as well as others on YouTube, how most of the historical inter-ethnic sexual relationships between Amerindian "Black" people and European "White" people involved "White" men and "Black" women, as well as the fact MOST OF THOSE AMERINDIAN "BLACK" WOMEN THAT SLEPT WITH EUROPEAN "WHITE" MEN WERE WHORES, in one capacity or another. Part of this is rise in inter-ethnic dating with Brothas and non-"Black" females is the realization that trying to "build" with the majority of "Black" females is a fool's errand, plus guys such as me, Kirigakure Jones, Hardcore Tito, BGS IBMOR, etc. are exposing how the majority of the abject dysfunction present in most "Black" females is due to the legacy of their whorish relationships with European men and/or their betrayals of us in favor of plantation privileges and state benefits.

    On one hand, I think that it doesn't matter who Brothas sleep with because ultimately, we have the dominant genetics. On the other hand, I would advise Brothas not to get caught up in ethnic/phenotypical xenophilia of dating non-"Black" women. Only get with women that truly like you and/or are willing to help you out.

    Check out Safa Karu on Google+ and YouTube. He thoroughly exposes the freemasonic/fascist/Eurocentric roots of the Afrocentric philosophy.

    1. 'Kev'...

      Over 90% of Black women are condescending, abrasive, combative and foul-mouthed when they're around Black men. And I'm not basing this strictly on stereotypes, I've been witnessing this fact for the better part of my adult life.

      So I get where you're coming from when you say trying to 'build' with the majority of this generation's Black women is a 'fool's errand'. As a 'realist', who doesn't subscribe to the tenets of being an 'afrosimptrick' (your term), I completely feel you on this.

      However, as a Black Nationalist, what I don't want brothas to forget is Black women aren't born this way. They go through a very intensive conditioning process, more than any other kind of woman, to hate Black men and themselves. If you read the main tenet of the 'Willie Lynch Letter', and this is whether you agree that bad ol' Will was a fictional character or not, you'll see that at the nucleus of this letter's oppressive message is this mission statement: 'We MUST get the Black woman away from the Black man'.

      Also, brothas need to understand that if left unchecked, their denigration of Black women, once they've been slighted by another Black man, will lead to reasons why they don't like Black people on the whole, and ultimately, this will justify why they should hate themselves for being Black.

      That's how this works. And again, I'm not speaking about this theoretically, I'm speaking from experience.

      Now, am I saying that a Black man should endeavor to be with a Black woman who's power-drinking, over-sexed, profane and has children by different fathers?

      HELL NO!!!

      But I would beseech Black men to recognize the white fascist conditioning inherent in creating the weave-headed she-males posing as Black women today.

      Now, speaking on another topic, I was hoping you would take the time to comment, cause I was planning on telling you how much of a necessary voice you are in the 'bloggersphere' and that you should keep your Blog going. But I see I didn't have to, cause your Blog has a new posting this month.

      I also wanted to say that whatever topic you decide to tackle, up to and including your disenchantment with the Black conscious community, shouldn't keep you from posting your editorials consistently, cause you truly have an encyclopedic knowledge of ancient Black history that our people need.

      This is gonna' sound like a huge cliché, but our Blogs are bigger than us. And if we can show several Black people, or even one, what white fascism has done to make us hate ourselves, and how we should make a commitment to love ourselves at all costs, then the time we spent writing on these forums will have been worth it.

      By the way, thanks so much for checking back with this Blog every once so often. I definitely see you bruh!


      Please leave me the URL address of your YouTube channel, I've misplaced it trying to transfer files from my old PC to my new one.

    2. 'Kev'...

      About your 'YouTube' channel--I remember's 'bigkev9539'.

      I'll be watchin' bruh!

    3. Thanks for the reply.

      The reason why I have the position that I do regarding "Black" (Amerindian) women isn't because of any inherent hatred nor because of initially being uninterested in them, but rather, it's because I, like others, are shocked at the state of the social climate that exists in our 'communities'. As I, Hardcore Tito, BigBkel, Kirigakure Jones, and others have pointed out (using historical research and social observations), this "gender war" and intense enmity that exists between "Black" men and women WAS INITIATED BY "BLACK" WOMEN. Basically, many, if not most of them, actively sided with the colonial regime to push the "niggas ain't shit" narrative all in exchange for the HOPES of practicing hypergamy ("marrying-up") and assimilating into mainstream and upper-class European society. Now that they're being chewed up, spit out, and turned out by the same system and people that they defended, as well as being intellectually exposed by Everyday Brothas, now they wanna run the typical "Po' miserable 'Black' woman" blame & shame game that got them sympathy in the first place. Like one YouTuber named Warren Lance (Warren Bowens) put it, "women created the game". And Rom Wills followed up by saying that "it's the women that create the players". So therefore, the bottom line is that most of the dating & mating (as well as financial and social) woes that most "Black" women experience are self-inflicted wounds; these are rooted in low-character (jealousy, disloyalty, etc.), unrealistic, and unfair expectations and motives.

      The whole reason why I grew suspicious of both the mainstream/White Supremacist narrative and Pro-Black (simp) narrative is because it revolves around a shitload of self-flagellation regarding Brothas. Basically, we're supposed to blame ourselves for circumstances that we're really not at fault for (mostly). That, plus the fact that most of them are charlatans in one way or another.

    4. 'Kev'...

      I understand that you don't have to be against Black women to aggrandize Black men. And I fully understand that you don't hate Black women. I also agree that no Black man should assimilate to the hyper-masochistic 'Pro-Black simp' paradigm, where a brotha just puts up with the foul attitude of a Black woman, and praises her regardless of how she acts.

      But again, when you look at any of the dysfunctions displayed by our people, it's dangerous to view them from a perspective outside the context of white fascism, which not only precipitated the rift between Black men and women, but is at the genesis of every one of our dysfunctions.

      None of the negative traits we see in Black america are natural to us. NOT ONE. And if a Black man who's become a men's rights advocate is just going to obsess over the belligerence of Black women—again, without putting it in the context of white fascism, then it's almost guaranteed that he's gonna' wind up hating himself for being Black. Meaning, if this kind of man carries around that level of indignation towards Black women, and has any problems with a Black man, or several of them, here's my question: where does his mind logically go from there? At some point, this man's gonna' start disliking/hating Black people on the whole. And after that, his mind's inevitably gonna' conclude that he doesn't like being Black himself—whether he knows this consciously or not.

      Now, I also understand that Black men's rights activists, the majority of them at least, are not self-hating. But one of my problems with them is, I only hear them talk about bitter, belligerent Black women and Pro-Black male simps—I rarely, if ever, hear them talk about white fascism.

      And I've seen a good number of Black men's activist/MGTOW vids, and it just seems like their diatribes are focused on being critical of Black people. In the case of Kirigakure Jones, and I know we're gonna' disagree on this, but I've seen his videos and in his heart of hearts, he doesn't like being Black. This is why he's got japanese lettering next to his name, and he always closes out his vids by speaking this language. What he's doing, whether he realizes it or not, is trying to associate himself with fair-skinned asians, in the hopes that he can be viewed as one.

      But I also agree with you about most Pro-Black simps being disingenuous when it comes to helping, or wanting to help the Black Diaspora. Cause many of them are stone-cold anglophiles, subconsciously. But here's my question, again: who programmed their subconscious to think this way?

      Finally, the bottom line with me is this: any ideology that doesn't promote UNITY in the Black Diaspora, is one I can't subscribe to. And if I do, then what am I really writing this Blog for?

      But trust me, I dig where you're comin' from, I just hope you can see where I'm comin' from too.

      Again, thanks for commenting and being a supporter of this Blog.

  2. Through the years as I've grown in consciousness there is not too much I can view in the media not catch the the subconscious attempts by whitey to manipulate the lower parts of our brain(brain stem). Lately I've seen how the media has been pushing for three things....
    one, the ultra feminist movement
    two, the homosexual agenda
    and three this whole bi racial thing.
    One thing I now about whitey is that he is a nervous nellie megalomaniac.
    So this whole bi racial agenda shows me there's something in it for whitey.
    Like my dad use to tell me, "Neva trust white people".

    I think whitey has finally figured out he doesn't belong here(earth). As their population decreases and the global white power structure crumbles, whitey in his delusion is once again turning to the Black race to save them.

    We need to separate ourselves and let nature take its course.

    1. 'Mandika'...

      Feminism, homosexuality and inter-ethnic dating/marriage, and the embracing of these practices, tells Black folk that white fascists are committed to mainstreaming any and everything that is UNNATURAL.

      Feminism was a trick played on women to get them into the work-force, cause a white fascist stated, they couldn't tax half the population if women were at home being housewives. Homosexuality results from childhood trauma(s), the most common of these are being molested as a child, and people are hard-wired to love others who look like them.

      Under the tenets of white fascism though, these concepts have been repackaged as completely wrong-headed.

      We should always remember, that it's not in a white fascist's best interest to do the right thing. Meaning, if they didn't do their level best to keep Black men and women apart, their birth rates would sink lower than they are now. Mind you, white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels, so whitey is SCRAMBLING to make sure they don't get bred out of existence.

      Now, when you say 'Neva trust a white person', I agree to an extent. Cause what whitey's doing more of now is using Black people to speak for him. So we have to be discerning about the Black people we trust as well.

      But what our people should really concern themselves about is healing this rift between Black men and women. Cause without that, we can't have any UNITY. And that's the only weapon that'll defeat white fascism.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Y'all Niggas is CONFUZED!

    First of all, would you take a offense to a loud, sill 6-4 Knee-grow telling you to "stay in yo lane?" Great, then why wouldn't that edomite do the same?

    Second, let me let y'all in on a little secret you were unaware of, this is pretty genius so take out a pen and pad::


    If you love white women, you love white people. That's reality. They came out a white man's dyk and share none of your heritage. That's the reality

    In my opinion a man, ANY MAN can be with who he wants, but don't be a luh' milqtoast sukka about it.So if you prefer the white woman, you prefer the white man, because she is his other side. Just admit it and we are all happy

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      If you think I'm in love or obsessed with white women, then you obviously didn't understand what you read in this post, or on my Blog.

      So the only "Nigga" confused, is you.