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The gospel of white fascism (Part 13)...Tariq Nasheed, Black consciousness and the real salvation of Black people...

Tariq Nasheed was born on July 1st, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan. And in his early teens, he and his family moved from Detroit to Birmingham, Alabama. Needless to say, the social life he saw in his new environs paled in comparison to the bustle he'd grown accustomed to in 'Motown'.

At 17, Tariq cobbled together $125 for a bus ticket to Los Angeles. And it was there that he cultivated the pimp personae that helped him curate what he called, 'gaming techniques'. He came up with a technology called 'G.I.C.2', which according to him, stands for “game, intelligence, and common sense, squared”. Unfortunately, applying some of these methods resulted in him having to serve some time in prison.

After being released, Tariq continued plying his trade as a 'macking mentor', to the point where he was able to parlay his enormous street cred into an acting role on the 'Bravo' cable TV network. There, he portrayed an actual pimp for the filmmaker Michael Moore, on his show called, 'The Awful Truth', which aired from 1999 until the year 2000. After appearing on the show, Tariq put his lessons of 'serial flesh management' into a book he wrote in 2000 titled, 'The Art of Mackin', which became a New York Times bestseller.

Seeing that he struck a societal nerve with 'The Art of Mackin', Tariq followed up this book with one called, 'Play or Be Played' in 2004. This tome catered to women wanting to know how to find Mr. Right without being a sex toy to hundreds of men in the process. Then, he followed this book up with 'The Mack Within: The Holy Book of Game' in 2005. Tariq was becoming somewhat of a guru in what mainstream culture was calling the 'seduction' industry, as he followed up the aforementioned book with the title, 'The Elite Way: 10 Rules Men Must know in Order to Deal with Women' in 2009.

Now, even though Tariq was turning a profit being a purveyor of 'playa wisdom', there was a stirring in his heart and mind that he could no longer ignore.

Something in his conscious told him that he was tasked to introduce a new generation to the magnificence of ancient Black/indigenous world history. So, in April of 2011, after much work and dedicated research, Tariq released the documentary, 'Hidden Colors'. And this film almost single-handedly gave the Black 'conscious' community cool points with the youth.

For a lot of young Black men and women, this documentary was the antidote to all the self-hating messages they'd gotten in the history classes of american High Schools. Seeing the illustrious legacy of the ancient Moors and the scholarship that African empires like Kemet, Kush and Timbuktu gave the world, had young Black people feeling proud about their past for once, when all u.s. schools taught them about themselves was slavery and Martin Luther King.

And one of those young Black people who fell in love with the 'Hidden Colors' documentaries, 1 through 4, was a young woman named Sara Nicole.

Now, what I know about Sara Nicole is this: Sara has been modeling for the past decade, and was recently working with Tariq Nasheed on his radio show, 'IZM' Radio. What I also know about her is, she only knew of Tariq Nasheed through his Hidden Colors documentaries—she didn't know about his life, or public image, prior to that.

Thus, Sara made the fatal error of inquiring about Tariq's past and asked him, “Are you a pimp?” And this ultimately is what got Sara fired from IZM radio, on May 30th of this year. And to add insult to injury, the firing happened live on air.

Now, this has many people thinking: Why was Sara fired for asking this question? And why would Tariq imply that Sara is some sort of agent behind this? Sara herself seems to be asking this question via several videos she's made trying to figure out what's going on. Now, I'm pretty sure Sara will probably never see this, but here's what's really going on in a nutshell.

Now, let me just say for the record, that the short bio I wrote on Tariq, is what press and public relations people want us to believe. However, let me give you the straight dope on how and why Tariq came to be a national celebrity.

First off, I know people are gonna' get peeved at me for using the 'f-word' again, but that's the reality here—Tariq is a freemason. And I can hear people sucking their teeth and rollin' their eyes right now. You're probably thinkin', damn bruh, is there anyone who ain't a freemason? But if you look at Tariq's pic (above), you'll notice his hands and their interlocked fingers, that's a freemasonic signal.

And one thing we should always keep in mind is, celebrity is a white fascist construct used to influence the masses—that's it. That is it's only purpose. And the only way you become a national star is through freemasonic networks. Period. Now, the by-product of this is how these famous people entertain us in some way, but that's clearly not the goal white fascists have for them.

Now, Tariq was convicted of some crime, and he did do some jail time. But what press releases won't tell you is Tariq was recruited into freemasonry in prison.

How a person gets chosen to be a freemason in a correctional facility is somebody on the administrative staff has to see an exceptional intelligence on the part of an inmate, and from there they're put through some sort of initiation which gets them into the prison's freemasonic order.

Now, you may be thinking, c'mon bruh, this sounds like straight up fiction. Well, when Tariq was released, his freemasonic relationships are what got him onto Mike Moore's TV show, 'The Awful Truth'. And when Tariq played a pimp on this show, he and his masonic handlers figured that this was gonna' be his ticket to national fame. So, they coached him on how to write the book, 'The Art of Mackin', and made it a New York Times bestseller.

But when white fascists saw how popular the Black 'conscious' community was getting, they figured Tariq would be more successful and influential to Black americans as a purveyor of Black pride. Thus, his complete 180 degree turn from the virtuous playa to the conscious Black brotha.

So, when Sara asked him about being a pimp, she was basically blowin' his cover to people who only knew him as the 'Hidden Colors' guy. And, if more Black people see he's a fraud, he can't be useful to white elites and they'll effectively stop paying him, and move on to the next conscious poser.

Now, I know that people will see this as some fantastic story that I've dreamed up just to have something to write about, but if you do, consider this: running concurrent to Sara's being fired on air by Tariq, is that other conscious fraud 'Brother Polight' having a beef with Sa Neter. And this is not a debate, where they're arguing over philosophies, this is an all-out beef where they're calling each other everything but a child of God. And, Blue and Red Pill (House of Konsciousness) are also in a current feud with Brother Polight.

By the way, if you look at Brother Polight's history, you'll find he went to jail for murder, but somehow beat the rap, and then suddenly found his way into Black consciousness. Coincidence?

And what do Tariq, Brother Polight, Sa Neter and Red and Blue Pill all have in common? You guessed it—all of 'em are freemasons. But don't take my word for this, do your own research and find this out for yourself.

Now, I've said all that to say this, the reason we see this Battle Royal in the Black conscious community is white fascists see how popular it's becoming amongst Black americans and our Diaspora, and how it ultimately has too much potential to unite us.

So their message to Black people is: Any organization, institution or fellowship that looks like it might have the slightest chance of uniting Black folks has got to be destabilized and destroyed. Period.

Cause even if we don't know this, whitey knows that the only thing that'll help us defeat white fascism is not money—they control that, it's not education, cause they control that too. It's UNITY!!! POINT BLANK, PERIOD.

Cause with it, we can accomplish anything, without it, we can't accomplish jack!!

And like Sam L. Jackson said in the movie, 'Do the Right Thing': “That's the double truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. _"When we see a black man who is constantly being praised by the Americans, begin to suspect him. When we see a black man get honors and all sorts of decorations and the United States flatters him with fine words and phrases, immediately suspect that person. Because our experience has taught us that the Americans do not exalt to any black man that is really working for the benefit of the black man."_ --Malcolm X

  2. 'Mandika'...

    Wasn't Malcolm a stone-cold genius?

    Now, with that fact validated, I'll say this: People look for two things instinctively...that's fellowship and leadership.

    And this isn't a negative trait, we just need to understand, like Malcolm was saying, that we need to do this on a more 'grassroots' level.

    I liken this to the fact that 'municipal' voting is more directly beneficial to our communities than national voting. For the simple fact that we can more readily, or just more plainly, see the resources garnered from local votes. Whereas national votes, tend to peter out at the 'promise' level.

    So when we look for comrades and leaders, we should turn to each other more than a cult of personality on TV. Cause like Malcolm said, once they rise to a national prominence, chances are they've already been bought and sold.

    And like Dr. John Henrick Clarke said, we have no friends in other ethnic groups. ALL WE GOT IS US!

    Beauty of that is, that's ALL WE NEED!

    Thanks for your comment!