Saturday, June 24, 2017

3 rules for Black 'Swirlers'...

The Black man who inspired me to write this Blog, was not only someone who wrote passionately and eloquently on his own Blogging posts—to the point where I found myself visiting his site several times a day, but he was a man who professed to be a pro-Black advocate.

Unfortunately, over the course of reading his work, I noticed he'd infuse his editorials with messages that were hyper-critical of Black folks, while giving white fascism a pass for creating the dysfunctions he commented on in our communities. Sometime later, I saw how he wasn't only hyper-critical of our people, but how he flat-out hated being Black—and how he completely despised being a Black man.

One example of this is how he'd put white females on his novel's covers and give them the name 'ISIS'. I saw this again when I read into one of his novels, and in a certain chapter, I noticed how he described one of his characters, who was a white woman, and how she relished having her derriere stared at by a white guy with a trucker's physique. And it was as that moment I knew, this Black man really wanted to be a white woman. This also explained why he primarily writes for and about them.

Additionally, this man extols the virtues of 'goth' culture, which is primarily the domain of young, post-adolescent white girls, and he's also a 'men's advocate', who espouses the virtues of being a MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

And for those who don't know, MGTOWs, are a group of men, overwhelmingly white, who feel the american mainstream is being turned against them in favor of women. Now, my question is, what sane Black man would align himself with an organization full of white guys who feel like an oppressed minority? Mind you, this group is comprised almost completely of closeted gay white men. Now, I understand that Black (indigenous) americans are not a monolithic group, although we should be for our own survival, but another question I'd ask this guy is, what could he, being a middle-aged Black man, possibly have in common with these white 'goth' girls?

And I'll answer these questions later on in this post—but I'd be remiss if I didn't also say that this man is a masterful author and a very astute businessperson, cause again, he's the one who inspired me to write this very Blog. And, to this man's defense, he doesn't know that he's caught in this intensive cycle of self-hatred. Cause one thing I've also noticed is—and this is true of myself as well, it's a lot easier to point out someone else's flaws, but it's a hell of a lot harder to see and fix your own.

I also need to mention that this man creates a good many YouTube videos. And one of his most popular subjects, is the topic of 'Swirling'. And if you don't know, Swirling is a euphemism for people who date, almost exclusively, outside of their ethnic group.

And speaking of Swirling, I recently watched a YouTube video on this subject by a Black man who calls himself Kirigakure Jones. And this brotha, or half-brotha, is not only an advocate of Swirling, but he's promoting a cultural movement amongst Black men called 'Save Yourself Black Men' (#SYSBM). Now, I'd never heard of this movement until I saw his video. But I guess, this ideology is gaining more and more credence with Black men, and this fellowship's manifesto more or less states that the only way a contemporary Black man will encounter true freedom, from turbulent relationships at least, is to date and marry non-Black women exclusively.

I also noticed Kirigakure is fond of adorning his video's titles with Japanese lettering, and he also likes to conclude his vids by speaking a bit of Japanese. And I'll tell you why that's important in a sec'.

Now, a couple of years back, a Black woman who called herself 'Monique' frequented my Blog. She said that Black women could identify with a good number of my posts, cause I seemed to share the same frustration she did about Black men dating outside our diaspora. She even asked for my advice on starting up her own blog with more of a Black Nationalist bent. So I was like, cool—she's a real down sista.

After she started her Blog, I noticed she'd constantly excoriate and denigrate Black men, while giving Black women a complete pass on their foul attitudes towards us. And when I said that my goal was to heal the rift between Black men and women, so I could possibly save one or two Black 'nuclear' families, she stated: 'The rift between Black men and women is irreparable, and the battle to save the Black nuclear family is dead'.

I was shocked.

Later, I found out that this Black woman dated white and non-Black men exclusively, but got angry when she saw Black men with non-Black women. *smh*

Now, what all three of these Black people have in common is: they're all doing everything they can to extol, explore, and imbibe in cultures that they feel don't have a lot of Black people in them, to escape the fact that they're Black themselves.

And examples of these are: Kirigakure, doing his level best to identify himself with fair-skinned asians by adding Japanese writing to his video titles, and his speaking of the language in an effort to further distance himself from our diaspora (I noticed he didn't learn to speak any foreign languages primarily spoken by Black people). And in the case of the Black man who inspired me to write this Blog, his obssessions with the 'goth' culture and blindly agreeing with everything these mostly white MGTOWs say. And lastly, 'Monique' just flat out refusing to date Black men, cause according to her, finding a decent Black man to date is too hard, even though she admits that all white and non-Black men seem to want from her is sex.

And another commonality amongst all these Black people is: they've all, on some level or another, advocated the Swirling lifestyle.

Now, as a Black Nationalist, it's disheartening to see the overwhelming majority of my people taking up with this Swirling non-sense, especially if they have a college degree. It seems like any and every Black man and woman is hell-bent on dating anyone besides another Black man or woman.

But what's most distressing is, we don't see all the white fascist social engineering that went into making us feel this way. The majority of Black people think Black men and women are natural enemies and that the dysfunctions we don't like about ourselves are ones we're born with.

And NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Now, I know that there's Black men and women reading this saying, bruh, there's no way I'm about to date or get into a relationship with one of these Black men or women—and with the way they act, can you blame me?

And the laundry list of reasons why Black women don't wanna' date Black men usually involves them describing us as: broke, uneducated or under-educated, violence prone, formerly or currently incarcerated, being a closeted homosexual, being unemployed or under-employed, engaging in illegal activities, being exceptionally lazy and having too many children out of wedlock.

Conversely, the laundry list of reasons why Black men don't wanna' date Black women, involves a description of Black females as: abrasive, condescending, obese, foul-mouthed, power-drinking, riddled with STDs, being over-sexed, being unnecessarily combative, being completely conditioned by single mothers to hate Black men, seeing white men as their real god, and also, having too many children out of wedlock.

Now, before any Black man or woman breaks their neck nodding their head in agreement with these descriptions, consider this: according to stats from the u.s. Census Bureau, in the 1950's, 80% of Black children were born into two-parent households. As opposed to 2016, where less than half were. Mind you, these stats don't come with the explanation of the white fascist initiatives that broke up the Black nuclear family—but according to the american social order, if we have more money, which we do, and we're more educated, which we are, then our families are supposed to be better off, right?


Now, let me show you why integrating with these pale-skinned degenerates we call white people, is what ultimately destroyed the Black nuclear family and caused the deep rift between Black men and women.

And for the sake of time, I'll give y'all the abbreviated version of the trick that was played on us called 'integration'.

In the 1920's, Black americans created areas of thriving commerce like the 'Black Wall Street' in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And in these areas, we had our own candy stores, banks, bus lines, airports, theaters, hospitals, etc. To the point where some of our businesses were thriving better than whitey's. So, in 1921, white fascists bombed the Black Wall Street.

And mind you, this was during the era of american Segregation.

Five years after the bombing of the Black Wall Street, we built our businesses back up. So a smart white fascist said, if we continue destroying their businesses, they're just going to re-build them—meaning, we need a way to more permanently get their dollars into our pockets. Then the same white fascist said, “Ah, we'll integrate them into our communities.”

Thus, the Black 'Civil Rights' movement was born. Now, these initiatives were promoted throughout the 1950's (when 80% of Black children grew up in a two-parent household) and the 1960's.

Under integration, the white fascist plan was to completely disenfranchise and incarcerate as many Black men as they could, while telling Black women that they'd give them government-sponsored programs that would pay for their food, clothing and shelter. Under one condition—they couldn't have a Black man in the house.

Now, this issued a near-fatal blow to the Black nuclear family. But not every Black woman went for this. There were still scores of Black women who decided to stay with Black men. Thus, even in the 1970's Black people's collective median income began to rise, even through the trick of integration. So, whitey had to pull out three of his deadliest tricks to completely stamp-out the remaining embers that burned in the Black nuclear family.

So in the 1980's, white fascists came up with the deadly troika of 'Reaganomics', crack and AIDS.

And it's these initiatives that basically killed off any semblance of unity between Black men and women—this is what drove such a deep wedge between us.

Now, if you're saying, bruh, I don't care about none of that—all I know is, I can't deal with no more Black men or women, I want you to at least understand this: as a Black man or woman, if you hold onto a grudge towards the opposite gender, it's ultimately gonna' lead to you hating yourself. And let me elaborate on this point...

As a Black man or woman who's sworn off Black men and women, understand that once you get slighted by a Black person of your same gender, you're gonna' start hating Black people on the whole—and eventually, you're gonna' start hating yourself for being Black. And the most celebrated example of this is (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor's precipitous rise to fame. And I was once one of his fans.

I also need to add that this is no theory. I've done this myself and have seen several Black people do this too.

Now, you still might be thinking, bruh, rationales be damned, I ain't messin' with no Black man or woman—I'm done, point blank, period. Well, if this is where you stand, let me take some time to better accommodate your point of view.

I'm of the belief that, if I enter into any culture or activity that I'm unfamiliar with, it's best that I do some research on it. Thus, while I'm in and around that cultural fellowship, I can comport myself with some poise and dignity. And even if I'm somewhat familiar with the habits of a particular ilk, I can still know more about it so I can be better prepared for what I might encounter. Now, if you're a Black man or woman who's wholly dedicated to gettin' your Swirl on, then I've got three rules that should help you better navigate the inter-ethnic waters you're about to venture, or have already ventured into. So, without any further ado, let's go in...

Black Swirler's Rule # 3: As a Black Swirler, please don't blame the fact that your Swirling on not being able to find a good Black man or woman—cause truthfully, you weren't looking for one in the first place.

I meet so many Black men and women who say, I'd definitely be with one of my own kind, if I could find a decent brotha or sista to be with. That's a bold-faced lie. Basically, you're saying this cause you don't wanna' be seen as disloyal to your people. So you might say, or even think this on a conscious level, but subconsciously, you've been wishing to be with a white or non-Black person since your pre-teens. And if you wind up being over-sexed and alone at fifty, again, please don't blame this on Black folks. Cause your dumb ass should have known that the overwhelming majority of white and non-Black men and women, only want us for sex—and nothing more.

Black Swirler's Rule # 2: Don't let yourself become a human hand-wipe for the sexual gratification of white and non-Black people.

And in more layman's terms, don't let your Swirling be an excuse for you turning into a complete slut-bag whore for every white and non-Black person who comes within a foot of you. What I see nearly every Black Swirler doing, is throwing themselves at any non-Black person who talks to them for more than ten minutes. These people feel that the best way to endear themselves to whites and non-Blacks is by spreading their legs or unzipping their flies at the drop of a hat, or some other kind of garment.

Understand, the faster you hop into bed with one of these people, the faster they lose respect for you and your kind. And let me repeat, since some of you are too dense to grasp this concept, the quickest way to show someone that you're not marriage or long-term relationship material, is to offer them sex from the word go. You're playin' yourself like one of them corny-ass John Tesh records.

Black Swirler's Rule # 1: And the number 1 rule for Black Swirlers is this: if you're in between white and non-Black people to date and mate with, just double and triple your efforts to find one. Whatever you do—DON'T date any Black person you might be physically attracted to as a substitute.

Reason I'm saying this is, I see far too many Black Swirlers who default to dating one of their own kind when the well runs dry with whitey, or any non-Black persons. Then, when they go out with a Black man or woman, they proceed to make that person miserable. And what happens right after is, the Black men and women this Swirler dated will inevitably use their terrible experience as an excuse to stop dating one of us themselves, and this cycle just perpetuates itself.

So to the dumb-founded Black Swirlers out there engaging in this behavior, you're not only hurting yourself, but your hurting the rest of us as well. And to put it in more plainly: LEAVE BLACK PEOPLE ALONE, STUPID! Cause you've already sworn us off anyway.

Now, let me say in conclusion, that if you happen to be one of those epic Black Swirlers who's been dating white and non-Black folks for decades, and you still wound up alone...GOOD FOR YOUR DUMB ASS!!!

Cause like I stated earlier, if you chose to ignore all the insidious initiatives white fascists foisted on our people, and you still thought that whitey and non-Blacks had the moral high-ground over us, then you deserved to get used like an expired sex toy.

And like Samuel L. Jackson said in Spike Lee's movie, 'Do The Right Thing': “That's the double truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Personally, I have found myself trying to evolve pass this mindset myself. I had sworn off Black men for years but I am questioning this decision. But I never officially dated outside of my race. None of the non Black men that I showed interest in really seemed genuine nor did it seem right so I never developed a romantic relationship with one. The truth is I lack experience with relationships period and socially awkward. The only reason why I was into this whole swirl thing due to low self esteem and feeling unwanted by my own.

    I was a huge follower of Christelyn Karazin, Breukelen Bleu, Simone 56 whatever BWE/swirler/pseudo Black feminist channel centered around Black women's victimization in the hands of Black men and the need to divest/swirl with White men. I used to follow these women and repeat their rhetoric as a way to sooth my self esteem and feel better about myself. Then I will leave those spaces, feeling worse than ever. Chasing and pursuing non Black men was a euphemism for me. Yes, I am and have always been genuinely attracted to non Black men but I always used it as a way to justify swearing off Black men. Then something inside of me went off.

    I started to wake up and stopped frequenting such spaces. I acknowledged my issues with my self esteem and on the mission to loving myself more.

    By the way, I am only twenty two and trying to get my life together.

  2. "Coco"...

    You say you've always been "genuinely" attracted to "non-Black" men...and I can relate, cause I used to feel the same way about white and non-Black women.

    That's until I did the subconscious work to rid myself of the anglophilic conditioning I'd gotten from my pre-teens, up until then. And what I found was the programming I got in this white fascist social order (and in the american (mis)educational system especially) was so deeply embedded in my subconscious, that it "felt" natural.

    I also grew up feeling “socially awkward”, and that too felt natural, cause I had no other emotion to compare it to. And those “feelings” didn’t end, ‘til I did the subconscious work to get my confidence back from inferiority complex(es) america’s social order had feed to me, and us.

    The point I’m making here is “dysfunctions”, if they’re programmed into us early enough, can feel like we're born with them. And that pretty much sums up the self-hatred that Black people are taught, and most of us will die with, living here in america.

    Now, I know I’ve told this story many times, but it’s just so pertinent to what you and I have gone through, that I gotta’ retell it here. Once in my freshman year of high school, a beautiful young sista said to me, when we were alone: “Man, God didn’t give us (Black people) nothin’—he gave us big lips and nappy hair.” Check that out, she said, “God”, didn’t give us nothin’. Meaning, white fascists had taught her that in regards to our looks, that our very God had forsaken us. And you know what I said to that sista? Nothing. Cause I “felt” the same way.

    Understand that the REAL “race war”, is and forever will be taking place in the subconscious mind. Cause if whitey controls that, he understands he doesn’t have to destroy us, cause we’ll destroy ourselves.

    Now, the reason I wrote this post (and this Blog quite frankly), is to explain why our people exhibit such high levels of dysfunction, and to put these dysfunctions into the context of the white fascism that created them.

    Cause quite frankly, NONE of our dysfunctions are natural to us—NOT ONE. And once we realize that, we can start working to get rid of them.

    So truthfully, I’d love for you to change your mind and start dating brothas again. But even if you don’t, I want you to know “why” you “feel” the way you feel.

    And that something that “went off” in you, was your mature mind deciphering that the women you mentioned, subconsciously hate themselves for being Black.

    It’s the same epiphany that made me stop looking at and listening to Tommy Sotomayor.

    Cause truth be told, Kristelyn Karazin and Tommy Sotomayor, are afflicted with the same self-hatred. They just don’t know it.

    Now, the wonderful part about this whole debacle is, your being 22, means you have the time to recondition yourself out of those “feelings”.

    And like anything else you endeavor to do, the hardest part is getting started, and the best time to start is NOW.

    And I thank you for your candor Coco. Cause what inspires me to write this blog, is the hope that I can have any and every Black person that ventures here, feeling better about themselves when they leave. And I hope I’ve done just a little bit of that for you, here.

    So again, thanks so much for your comment!


    In regards to “techniques” of reconditioning the subconscious mind, there are hundreds out there, but if you look on my page titled: “The Ancient Future”, “Part 14” has a particular one I started out with, and that’s proven itself to be effective. So I hope that helps!

  3. Nice to hear from you. I read and re read your reply twice. And I realized something:

    I have been conditioned to be attracted to and prefer White and non Black men by the media and my environment.

    My father was never in my life growing up. So I never really grew up to see a positive Black male role model besides a male cousin. I started to become attracted to non Black men at an early age from watching television shows that showed them in a much more positive light ie romantic interests and fatherly figures. I developed a crush on Uncle Jesse from Full House because I found him attractive and he seemed like a father figure that I never had in my life. To this day, I still find him attractive.

    Then I moved to Florida and started to live among and hang around White people. The area that I grew up in and still live in is predominately White and Hispanic. Throughout my childhood, I had crushes on various non Black men including one in senior year. But none of these crushes went any further than infatuation. Even when I went away to college, it was pretty much the same despite the fact that I only formed one semi relationship with a Cuban but it didn't last.

    Another reason why I am drawn to non Black men is because I never feel quite attractive enough for men in my own race. I have always been rejected and called ugly by Black men. The beauty standard in the Black Community is light skin, curvy body and long hair. I am petite, dark skin and have shoulder length hair. I have faced scrutiny for my lack of good looks so to say. Of course, there are non Black men that don't find me attractive but none of them have dogged me out the way African American men do. This is a major reason why I usually stick to non Black men when it comes to dating. Also I live in a non Black area so it doesn't help much. My growing angst about this whole subject was what led me to listen to Christelyn Karazin and Breukelen Bleu. I used to love their rants against Black men and the Black Community and adhered to their mindset. I thought that I had somehow freed myself from the limitations of the Black Community and wider society. How wrong was I!

    However I am realizing how my internalized racism and inferiority complex is detrimental to my psyche. Particularly in this day and age. We live in a society where African Americans are at risk of being murdered by the police more than ever, we have a White supremacist named Donald Trump in the White House and we are more divided more than ever as a country. Tell me, how will the BWE/swiirling help this situation in our country?

    It wouldn't.