Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why black women should ignore Tommy Sotomayor...

Recently, I wrote a blog post titled, 'Why I no longer listen to Tommy Sotomayor'; and I never expected this blog to receive the amount of attention it's gotten behind that post.

Now, in that post I kinda' touched on the freemasonic machinations that have helped Tommy become so popular, in such a short amount of time. I also commented on how he was tasked to negatively target black women by the white elite, and how this was yet another play on the 'divide and conquer' tactic.

But the fact that so many people are still coming to my Blog to read this post, means that maybe I wasn't as clear about some things pertaining to Tommy's attacks on black women as I'd meant to be.

So, I'd like to approach clarifying my message in another way. 

Now I know this might be a bit unorthodox, but I'd like to share with black women how they should treat Tommy's attacks, by telling the tale of a famous Hip Hop 'MC' battle. Again, this might be a bit unusual, but trust me, it'll be worth it to those black women who want a crystal clear message on how to deal with Mr. Sotomayor in the future. 

So, indulge me a little... 

MC Shan, who's real name is Shawn Moltke, was born and raised in the housing projects of Queens Bridge, New York. His cousin was and is the world renowned Hip Hop producer, Marly Marl. 

In an effort to promote his group, MC Shan put out a single called 'The Bridge', in 1985. This basically was a song meant to put himself and his cousin on the map in the Hip Hop world. 

KRS-ONE, who's real name is Lawrence Krisna Parker, was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York. He and his partner DJ Scott LaRock, were an up and coming Hip Hop duo who put together their own local group; and the name they chose for themselves was 'Boogie Down Productions'. KRS took offense to the song, 'The Bridge', even though it wasn't directly targeting him; he thought Shan was saying Hip Hop started out in Queens Bridge, when the whole world knows the culture started in the South Bronx. 

So KRS put out a rebuttal song called, 'South Bronx', in 1986 to make sure everyone knew the true locale of Hip Hop's origins.

MC Shan got peeved at this and put out a counter-rebuttal 'dis' single called, 'Kill that noise', in 1987. Basically telling KRS to shut up about the whole Queens Bridge/South Bronx Hip Hop origins debate. 

KRS ONE struck back with a death blow; he put out the single, 'The Bridge is over', in 1987 on his debut album 'Criminal minded'. Now, I was in my teens at the time and I can attest to the fact that this was one of the greatest, if not THE greatest 'dis'/rebuttal song in Hip Hop's pantheon. I actually lived in Queens, and the song was so hot, even WE were feeling it. 

After the smoke cleared and the rubble settled, KRS ONE was acknowledged as the clear victor of that battle; and even Marly Marl, who was MC Shan's cousin, had to admit that KRS bested him. 

Now, fast forward decades later; a DVD series created by Quincy Jones the third...the famous record producer/musician Quincy Jones' son, called 'Beef' hits the shelves. In this series KRS talks about his battle with Shan. 

And in KRS ONE's monologue, he says something EXTREMELY pithy that pertains to how black women should handle Tommy Sotomayor's attacks. 

KRS said: "MC Shan could have won that battle, simply by ignoring me. I'd be nowhere..."

You see, the reason Tommy is so hard on black women, besides the fact that he's probably had a lot of problems with his own mother, is that Tommy is following the orders of his white supremacist handlers. Again, he's been tasked to magnify the faults of black women, so Black men won't want anything to do with them, period.

He's like Willie Lynch in black face.

The sad irony of this is, most of Tommy's viewers and listeners are black women. And I think that's because they want to know if someone's going to do something about him. 

But I'm telling you, the best way to pro-actively respond to Tommy's attacks, is to stop 'reacting' to them. 

Wanna' know the real reason Tommy obsesses so much on the self-destructive behavior of black women and Black people in general?

It's because Tommy himself is set on self-destruct. 

One overwhelmingly obvious fact about Tommy is, above all else, he HATES BEING BLACK!

And the fact that he so desperately wants to be white and knows he never will be, is a source of deep pain within him. This is why he's so contentious and abrasive...'cause consciously or subconsciously, TOMMY DESPISES HIMSELF. 

And again, this is also the reason why he's always reporting stories about Black people abusing themselves or others, 'cause it emulates the war that's raging inside him. 

So black women, when you see Tommy's insipid rants about you and/or Black people, don't pay it any mind, 'cause I know one thing about Tommy if I know nothing else...with his unsettled and highly unstable state of mind...


And all you and I will have to do, is sit back and watch. 

I'm also a firm believer in karma. And Tommy is definitely due for a karmic a$$kicking. It may not happen today, next week or next year, but trust me; karma's gonna' come knockin' on his door. And when it does, it won't be pretty. 

Either way, you and I won't have to worry about this imbecile's self-hating message much longer, because whether or not Tommy knows it...he's digging his own grave. 

And black won't have to do anything but let him lay in it.   

So once more, whenever you feel the urge to tune into one of Tommy's eighty YouTube channel's, his facebook page or his website, do yourself a favor, and tune out. 

And stay tuned out. 


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. You are telling the TRUTH. I agree with you totally!!!

    1. I'm glad you like the post; thanks for commenting!

    2. Paranoid hoodrat BS. Tommy tells the truth about the vast majority of black women so he's an Illuminati self-hater? Get a grip ladies, and stop perpetuating the stereotype and giving him ammunition. Posts like this just write Tommy's next show for him!

    3. Anonymous...

      First off, I'm a Black MAN!

      Second, the fact that you're calling Black women 'hood-rats' speaks to how you've been conditioned to feel about all Black women. And if you don't feel that way about them ALL, then you certainly didn't show that here.

      Third, if you feel Black women are hood-rats, then how ultimately must you feel about Black people and/or yourself for being Black?

      Fourth, if you can't see how much Uncle Tommy hates himself for being Black, then I feel sorry for you.


    5. 'Vonhugo'...

      Question: can you make a distinction between a Black woman with a bad attitude, and Black women in general?

  2. ALSO Tommy Sotomayer has a FAKE avatar under the name of Jason Black on facebook and youtube

    1. Tommy has at least fifty pseudonyms, so why should he stop now?

      I wouldn't be surprised if he put on white make up and tried to pass himself off as a klansman.

      This is actually positive though, 'cause it shows how more and more people are seeing through Tommy's B.S.! So he's got to don a different name and possibly a different message, because his fifteen minutes are just about up.

      And it's gonna' be a sad day when his audience dwindles down to nothing...and that's where he's headed.

      And I for one say, it can't happen fast enough; good riddens to him!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. thats real...and also the fact hes also a woman beater (look him up by his real name) also applys to his "black women lovin" character lol..hes sad n on the bandwagon like many are

    1. Tommy Sotomayor is a PARASITE...period.

      And parasites will do anything they can to survive; anything.

      So it's up to Black people...and Black men especially, to provide an antidote that will get rid of this disease of a person.

      And I'm NOT saying anyone should violently attack Uncle Tommy, again, simply ignoring him and having him relegated to obscurity will be more than enough to end his career.

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Yet ALL of you blacks hang on his every word. Why? Because you KNOW that what he shows all is the TRUTH about your average black woman.

    3. 'steelers01'...

      white fascism created the foul attitudes of Black women. Tommy Sotomayor can't see that.

      And that's my problem with Uncle Tom Sotomayor.

    4. Now that is nothing but a load of bullshit! "White fascism" (whatever that is), has NOTHING to do with the foul attitudes of black women. Just spew!

    5. 'steelers'...

      white fascism, which most people call white supremacy, pitted Black women against Black men. Thus, their white fascist initiatives created the 'angry Black woman'.

      The angry Black woman WASN'T born angry.

      She was bred into being that for the specific purpose of destroying Black relationships/marriages. And this was done to keep us from creating Black children who have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

      And since Uncle Tom Sotomayor loves white people and hates himself, he's just like the Black women he talks about.

  4. This conspiracy angle is just silly and stupid. So there is no merit to what the man has been saying, even after watching those shameful and depraved videos he runs of how some black women behave?

    1. Like I've said before, Uncle Tommy is NOT the Black diaspora's biggest problem...the white supremacist conditioning that's got us hating ourselves is!

      Uncle Tommy is just a symptom of the problem.

      Conversely, if you don't think Tommy is being helped by his white supremacist handlers, then you're just not paying attention to who's funding his lifestyle and I feel sorry for you.

  5. Omg, if you dont like him just dont listen to him, to make a whole page about him is so insane, manifoldhope

    1. That's my point EXACTLY!

      I'm saying Black women and Black people period should IGNORE UNCLE TOMMY SOTOMAYOR!

      The Black diaspora has got bigger problems than him as I said in my last reply.

  6. Hello. It's not the "white elite" that run the world, it's the nefarious individuals behind the "white elite" that run things. They are the ones that are responsible for all of the ills of the world and they would like nothing more than to sit back and watch us destroy each other and ourselves while they look on with glee. Racism was created on purpose. We have all been used and manipulated, but some people would rather believe it's all whitey's fault. All the best to you.


      The white elite are THE people who 'run things'; problem is, you're probably white and don't wanna' think your people are that dastardly and underhanded.

      Well guess what? THEY ARE! And if you can't handle it, too damn bad!

      Go start a movement to get your people to act more human to everyone else!

      Problem is, when you do that, they'll do you in too!

      So go sell that nonsense somewhere else...I'M ALL STOCKED UP HERE!

    2. Your post was wonderful, on point and refreshing. Every now and again, I will watch a post by Tommy Sotomayor, naively wanting to believe that he can't possibly really hate black women as much as he claims...wanting to believe his femal fans who claim that he only says these things because he cares. But i am disappointed and incensed everytime i see him.

    3. Sista...

      The point of my writing this post, was to show Black women that their, and your, attention(s) are PRECIOUS.

      And Black women and men collectively, need to focus our attention(s) elsewhere!

      So, if you happen across another of Uncle Tom's vids, take your eyes and your attention TO ANOTHER WEBSITE!

      There's millions of options on the web to choose from!

      So there's no need for anyone of us to keep feeding this buck-dancing, cooning beast Uncle Tommy is, with more of our attention.

      So let's ALL TUNE HIM OUT, so we can watch him wither away and die of obscurity!

  7. I stop listening to Tommy,Kwesi100 and the rest of the youtube black race hating blacks.I still listen to daniggawiththetattoos and NATURALLY THE BLACK AUTHORITY.I heard Kwesi100 call black people monkeys right then I know I was through with him.Plus Tommy is good for calling black people niggers and I don't like it.

    1. As I say in this post, the best way to deal with these self-hating Black persons is to ignore them...if more of us did that, they wouldn't have a platform to spew their negativity from.

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. I don't support Tommy or agree with anything he says. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, there IS something behind the "white elite"and the governments of the world. If you wish to blame every white person in the world for what's wrong in the black community, you do that.

    1. You're right, there is SOMETHING behind the 'white elite' and the governments of the world...and that's MORE WHITE ELITES!

      Again, let me reiterate, I know white people don't like to think about how dastardly, mean-spirited and nefarious their people are...BUT YOU CAN'T DENY THE FACT THAT THEY PROVE THEY ARE EVERYDAY!

      Am I blaming every white person for what happens to Black people? No.

      But I am blaming the white people in power for the suffering of poor asian, spanish and Black people globally! And btw, I could care less about the suffering of poor asian and spanish people, 'cause your people taught them to hate us too!

      And don't take my word for it, check the history books; it'll tell you how your people are predisposed to commit genocides, famines and the world's preponderance of chemical and biological warfare(s).

      And you, as a white person, probably don't know, or don't care to know, how you personally benefit from this; or how your peers do.

      So, as I've been telling a lot of you pale-skinned types lately...GO SELL THAT CRAP SOMEWHERE ELSE; I'M ALL STOCKED UP HERE!

      And if ya' don't like what I'm sayin', just stay way the hell away from my Blog!

    2. Greetings. Ever since I started teaching at a predominantly black school, I started searching for what has happened to us as a people. A lot of my students hate themselves. And a lot of the black boys hate their black female counterparts. A lot of this and more sent me searching for answers . . . and I found you. I agree with you on a lot of things. The only issue where I can't is that of Christianity. No, I know that Jesus wasn't white. He was brown like you and I. Keep on telling the truth about what has happened to our world. Did you ever think or wonder why genocide happens mostly to people of brown skinned or dark skinned complexion? I think it's because Satan HATES the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) and he focuses a lot of this inhuman (and human) hatred on the aboriginal peoples of the world. I think that racism is of Satan. Just think about it and get back to me. Much love!

    3. Hello...

      Understand, I don't hate christians or christianity; I just want the Black diaspora to know how that religion is a direct adaptation of our Black spiritual sciences.

      If you look back to our African/Kemetic/Kushite roots, you'll find out the story of Jesus, Joseph and Mary is a direct adaptation of our ancestor's story of Asaur (who the greeks/freaks call Osiris), Aset (who the greeks call Isis) and Heru (who jesus christ was adapted from)...Also, 'Heru' is where we get the word 'hero' from.

      Besides this, the ORIGINAL 'IMMACULATE CONCEPTION' was an ancient Black man and woman having a pure-bred Black child, 'cause we were/are the ONLY ones who can do that.

      And RELIGION itself is a means to keep the Black diaspora divided. I remember one time I saw a group of Black isrealites arguing with a Black brotha who was directly from Africa about who was the REAL god; Yahweh or Allah...this is the REAL agenda of religion.

      If we took the time to look into our Black spiritual sciences, like 'The Orishas' and 'Voudun' or 'Voodoo', we'd realize, these sciences are the ones that truly empower us!

      The Haitian revolution was preceded by a Voodoo ceremony; and it's credited with being the ONLY successful slave revolt in world history. Don't take my word for this, look it up!

      The very first slave ship to arrive on american shores was called the 'Good Ship Jesus', google this fact.

      When you talk about satan hating the ORIGINAL MAN AND WOMAN...and mind you, I don't use the word 'aboriginal' 'cause whitey came up with that phrase and it breaks down into 'abhorring' the original; I say remember, white people are the world's MINORITY, so they are always obsessing on ways to lessen the world of it's populations of brown and primarily Black people.

      And whitey knows that Black people have the genetic power to breed them out of existence, and whitey's in even more trouble now than ever 'cause white birth rates are falling below replacement with all the man-made famines, genocides and biological and chemical weapons white people are famous for producing, answer me this, who's REALLY the devil?

      My mission statement is to show the Black diaspora not only how we've lost everything to our self-hatred, but how we've been conditioned since birth, more than any other ethnic group, to hate and hurt ourselves by this pale-skinned degenerate.

      And both Black men AND women suffer from this self-hating sickness. And we shouldn't think we're born this way, 'cause we're not; WE DON'T NATURALLY HATE OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER LIKE MOST OF US THINK WE DO!

      But here's the REAL, REAL QUESTION: how do we heal the rift between the Black man and woman?

      The answer to that will solve our people's problems.

      And I actually offer some solutions in my Blog post titled 'How do we heal the rift between the Black man and woman?' And here's a link for it:

      So, I hope you see I'm not anti-christian, I'm especially not anti-BLACK christian; I'm against our truest enemy, the white fascist/genocidal degenerate.

      The people who made us hate ourselves.

      Thanks for commenting...and I hope you see more things you like on this Blog.

  9. OK the movie not real and he did say if he get a white chick he would stop talking bout black relationships true

    1. Chris...

      But you see what happened don't you?

      Uncle Tommy got with a fair-skinned woman, who he considers white but isn't really...and you see he's STILL talking disparagingly about Black people in general and Black women specifically.

      So his word isn't worth anything; like 99,9 percent of what he was a bald faced lie.

      This just speaks to what kind of low life this guy really is.

    2. I was telling someone the other day Dont waste prayers on Tammy because I believe this is bible prophecy and demons will walk the earth in the last days and times are perilous. I also think Tommy mother was racist and evil towards dark skinned men and put it on him just like Michael Jackson's evil dad and she was definitely marked with beast. So Tammy is an omen child Sorry cant save him!!

  10. Great Post! I have ticked Tommy off myself personally (causing him to try to defend himself on video), by including him in a video I made on Youtube calling him out (among others) for hating Black women. Keep up this good work! The wise will open their eyes and the fools will be left behind in the mud

  11. I love the lesson in unfaming someone through the hip hop history lens, however this method of defamation wouldnt apply to him. He's already very popular and his fan base is growing. It's growing because most of his opinion resonates with his viewers in a light of truth. He takes obscene current events that depict black men and women at their worst and narrates why the world looks down upon you. He forces the viewer to look in the mirror and identify with themself in hopes that you see the flaws, the horrific parenting practices, the self hatred of hair and skin, the slave food that is consumed, the irresponsible financing, the sense of false wealth, the hypocrisy in family court, the learned violence thats handed down from generations of slave mastering etc... The list is too long and yet some black men and women who view his shows ironically turn away because the image is too harsh the language is too strong and the message is too obvious for you to change the not so rights that your guikty of. Let's say that your perfect; a model man or woman in the black community and none of the errors apply to you, then why would you need to feel threatened by the message? Why would anybody want to see positive change within a group if it can help far more than it can harm? Can you name one incident, news report or broadcast that depicts a tragedy directly linked to his show? Where is the proof of his self destruction, destruction of his viewers on record? Use your energy to be creative in helping people change for the bettter without steering potential followers down a falty track based on a proofless agenda.

    1. Anonymous...

      You make a lot of good points about Uncle Tommy's message resonating with his Black/indigenous viewers. And the fact that he and you point out how the Black Diaspora is consumed in and with, eating copious amounts of 'slave food' (which is really the food of white southerners, I'll tackle that in another post), generations of learned violence, senses of false wealth, hypocrisy in family court (based on a white supremacist justice or 'just-us' system) and cycles of self-hatred, ARE ALL TRUE.

      But, the fact you're NOT seeing is this: BLACK/INDIGENOUS PEOPLE ARE NOT BORN THIS WAY!

      See, what pseudo-intellectuals like yourself fail to realize is everyday of our lives, damn near ever since we start walking, and especially in american schools, BLACK/INDIGENOUS PEOPLE ARE TAUGHT TO HATE THEMSELVES MORE THAN ANY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP IN THIS WORLD!

      EVERY history book, we're mandated to read in pre, middle and high-schools teaches us to hate ourselves! EVERY ONE OF THEM!

      Now, do you think there's gonna' be some kinda' symptoms behind this kind of conditioning? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT THERE'S GOING TO BE!

      Now, this is not an excuse, because we're not told this is the kind of scholastic or social conditioning we're getting, we just receive it; there's no one there to tell us how this will effect/affect us and our communities in the future.


      They are the ones who not only created the american school's white supremacist curriculum, but they're again, the one's funding Uncle Tommy to continue his/their agenda of keeping the Black man and woman hating one another.

      See, people like you love to point out the Black community's flaws, so you can feel superior to us; but you never point out the dastardly deeds of white supremacist's...I.E.YOUR PEOPLE!!

      These are the people keeping our people, and the world, in a destabilized state.

      So the next time you wanna' wax philosophic about what's wrong with our community, look in the mirror, 'cause it's someone who looks like you who created the problems we need to fix!

  12. I thought at one time perhaps I was overreacting to his commentary until I heard his response to the DNA results today and it blew my mind. He's quick to tell the black woman what is wrong with her and how she is tearing down the moral fiber of the family unit but he doesn't offer any constructive criticism on how this can be rectified. Only "keep your legs closed" or "stop being a whore". This leads me to wonder what was his relationship with his mother or his grandmother? It couldn't have been a positive one? Is he raising a male child? If he is, he definitely isn't setting an up-building example.

    1. What I like to remind people of, especially since I wrote this post two years ago, is how Uncle Tom is not the Black Diaspora's REAL problem; he's just a symptom of it.

      Understand, ever since you and I have entered school, we've been mandated to imbibe in an american school curriculum that is designed specifically to make us hate ourselves. And like I've said so many times before, the conditioning we get to hate ourselves is TEN TIMES WORSE than any other ethnic group gets.

      And we all need to realize, Uncle Tom's time is almost up. The Black Diaspora is slowly but surely waking up to his agenda and proceeding to tune him out.

      But the question still standing is this: how do we heal the rift between the Black man and woman? And can we do this before it's too late?

      This is what we REALLY need to focus our attention(s) on...Uncle Tom is falling by the wayside and will be an afterthought soon enough. So again, don't waste your precious attention or time giving this imbecile another thought.

  13. Im glad you wrote this blog. Tj the tom sickens me. I came accross his youtube vids today & had to dig into what makes this guy tick. I happily came accross your blog. Im not sure if my 1st comment posted but i'll say i agree his self hate & hate of Black women are a sad symptom of the systemic racist oppression Blacks have suffered for centuries

    1. 'Hugh'...

      What I also wanna' impart to our diaspora is, we need to take the 'emotionalism' out of our thoughts on Uncle Tom, 'cause this ONLY HURTS US!

      What we need to do individually and collectively, is recondition ourselves out of the self-hatred that's been bred into us over the course of several decades. Now, I used to talk about ways to do this at the subconscious level via meditative techniques; but that didn't go over so well, even thought this way would be the most effective. But even if the Black Diaspora is able to identify what's been done to us by white fascists, i.e. how they've made us hate ourselves and each other, Black/indigenous men and women could see ourselves in a different, and more positive light.

      This would ultimately be the first step in the right direction.

      And quite frankly, if Uncle Tom were gone tomorrow, there would be another sell-out to take his place.

      So let's concentrate our efforts were they would yield the most results, and that's towards plucking the self-loathing out of ourselves, so we can unite and build back the esteem and sovereignty, that's rightfully ours.

      ThANKHS for commenting!

    2. Agreed ,self hate must be dealt with and erased but simply ignoring the "toms" is not the ticket. Your writing this post is a recognition of the "Toms" pathological thinking and action. If you'd chosen to ignore it we wouldn't have the wonderful platform to vent our frustrations. The Chinese happily used the term "uncle Tom" to mark and identify those who sold their own out by collaborating with the Japanese & western powers. The only difference is that they actively dealt with them. In a way your blog is actively dealing with the Tom mentality. It has been developed along with other internalized self hate for 400 plus years. From history to art to religion and all of Anglo culture has been derisive of "Blackness" of Africaness. It will take a full on cultural revolution to rid our selves of this and we can only do so by correcting our behavior and dealing with the Toms that undermine our growth.

    3. 'Hugh'...

      Understand, my point to writing this post was to expose reasons why we shouldn't stay stuck obsessing over Uncle Tom, cause again, he's merely the symptom of our bigger problem.

      Now, it's true that we should expose those espousing the self-hatred that's been bred into us by white fascists; but what's more important is going about the work of eradicating our self-hatred. THAT'S THE ULTIMATE GOAL! AND THE SOONER WE GET STARTED, THE BETTER!

      And the full-on revolution your talking about to pluck this self-hatred out of us, starts with YOU! And every Black man and woman who endeavors to read this post.

      And as far as asians actively dealing with their 'ethnic-traitors', my next post is going to be about asians, and how the Black Diaspora is told to emulate and exalt them. I had been planning on writing this for a while, but now, I think I need to put this info. out in the 'bloggersphere', 'cause our people desperately need it.

      ThANKHS for commenting!

  14. Wrong! The elite are the Zionist Jews and the Jews want nothing but hate between whites and blacks. The Jews woukd prefer that no one heard Tommy talk. Illuminati,Free Mason,NWO are all diversion words the Zionists use to take away you attention from reality. The Zionists want black.girls to act foolish and want whites to hate them for it.

    1. 'Rich'...

      One thing you're not taking into consideration is judaism is a RELIGION, IT IS NOT AN ETHNICITY!

      So the zionist jews you're referring to, are white people who practice judaism. Well, let's hope they practice their religion, cause far too many white jews don't.

      Everyone needs to understand that NO ONE IS BORN JEWISH!

      Furthermore, I could become jewish if I wanted to.

      I do make a distinction between white people and white fascists though.

      Problem is, whites will always side with white fascists because the white fascist system benefits them.

  15. Spot on! uncle tommy is messed up and it's so sad to see many black people listening to him. A lot of his black male fan base use the black women are bad rhetoric to date outside of their race, but I think they already had that mentality, uncle tommy is only fueling the fire really. Do you think there are more black men that hate black women than vice versa?

    1. 'Sistah'...

      Firstly, I hope you know that I'm a Black man myself.

      Second, I also hope you know that the majority of people who listen to Uncle Tommy are Black women...not Black men.

      So what does this say about them?

      Third, white fascists have taught both Black men AND women to hate themselves and each other more than any other ethnic group, because we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.

      So your question about do Black men hate Black women more than the converse, is not as important as every Black person knowing that our real challenge is to recondition ourselves out of the self-hatred white fascists have programmed into us.

      And that is the REAL message of this post.

  16. Thank you for this. I RECENTLY stumbled upon his Youtube videos. Sometimes he makes some pretty valid points in my opinion, however, I realize the ultimate goal of his thoughts is for "women" to bow down to him and his beliefs, because he is a hurt grown boy, who despises his dark skin. Sadly he has a daughter to raise as well, and I truly feel that his thoughts are a form of child abuse!
    Lately he's been gaining steam with other young boys whom may have felt the way he did growing up, and they like to bash anyone who does not share the same opinion. They are turning into "cult-like" followers and this is very disturbing. I am all for freedom of speech, but his tomfoolery and hatred needs to stop. Sure its easy to not pay attention to him, but what is someone to do when one of his crazy followers behaves like an animal in "real life"?

  17. Do white people control everything black people do? Sounds so.

    1. 'Velvet'...

      I'm not talking about white people per se, I'm talking about white 'fascist freemasons'. So I'm making reference to the 1% of elite whites who control all of the world's resources.

      I'm definitely not talking about the average white man and woman I see walking down the street everyday.

    2. 'Velvet'...

      And one last thing I forgot to mention is, these same fascist/elitist whites not only control Black people's access to resources, but they do the same for brown, yellow and non-elite white people too.

      Whether you or they know it or not.

  18. This blog is the truth, and the killing part is he's raising a black girl. I feel sorry for that child.

  19. Do yall realize exactly what yall saying. Tommy has never ONCE made up a story. BECAUSE his stories are the NEWS. He's not the first to report on those things , he just repeating. I don't see yall pissed off at the first person reporting the news , nope, just the second person. That's a bit judgemental and a sucks ass excuse yall using about someone who's telling black hood rats that they trashy..

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      Y'all people living in trailer parks don't think deeply enough to realize that Tom is repeating what he learned in the american educational system, and that's where he learned to hate himself and everyone who looks like him.

      Who's telling us that white people who live in trailer parks are trashy?

      Y'ALL don't understand that the reason Black people get taught our ancestors were slaves, when no other ethnic group does, even though the word 'slave' comes from the white 'Slavs' or 'slavic' people, is so we do internalize a self-hatred that makes us shun each other.

      And Y'ALL people do this specifically to us, cause white fascists know we have the most genetic power to breed Y'ALL out of existence.

      So why don't Y'ALL ever get around to judging the american educational system and the american social order for doing this?

      What sucks ass is Y'ALL not realizing how dastardly Y'ALL people are in terms of how your fascist factions treat us.

      So when are Y'ALL gonna' make this fact news?

    2. Irish were first slaves in America followed by black Americans... Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps in the 50's there biggest cities destroyed by you Americans and they rose today Japan is a properous country even Japanese Americans are successful even Africans fresh off the boat succed in America y'all just making excuses and full of hate. I dont like Tommys language or him saying everything he does but he is reporting the truth he is not making it up black pedophiles rapists are given free rein in the black community just because their black anyways its a waste of time speaking to people like you you are the blind leading the blind and will never enjoy life because of your obsession with race you should listen to a great black man Lennon Honor overcoming race based trauma programming which you are operating under

    3. 'Anonymous'...

      First off, white people, or white 'Slavs' were the first recorded slaves in world history. Period. Again, that's why we get the word slave from them. Now, when you talk about irish-americans and upward-mobility, you have to talk about how the american social order gave them access to the 'white privilege' shortly after arriving in this country. Thus, many of them became police officers and made socioeconomic climbs that way.

      Second, the japanese americans you speak of who were put in 'internment' camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, were given billions of dollars in reparations under the Regan administration for their suffering. In addition, ALL fair-skinned asians have been given access to the white privilege because out of every type of non-Black person, they have the least amount of genetic power to breed white people out of existence.

      Third, Africans have been given more access to resources than African-americans, cause in the early 1900's we built up economies like the 'Black Wall Street' which thrived to the point of rivaling the american economy. So much so, that in 1921, the american government bombed the Black Wall Street. Native Africans, especially in the americas, never built that kind of economic power so they pose less of a threat to white fascists. Ditto Black Haitians and Jamaicans.

      And when you talk about pedophiles, you have to talk about the mess white catholic priests have made in the whole of organized christianity.

      Lastly, despite all the 'excuses' us Black americans make, I'd like to remind you we still have a Black american president. So what's white people's excuse for letting that happen?

      Y'ALL people need to venture beyond the gates of your trailer park every once in a while, that way you wouldn't think you had the moral high ground in every situation...and you'd be less likely to believe everything you see on TV news.

      Y'ALL feel me?

  20. Tommy sadly is telling the truth white supremacy does not force black women to have babies by different father white supremacy does not cause black on black crime. When the Nepalese refugges were given homes amongst the ghettos white supremacy did not force the black Americans to bully harass and even murder that is a choice the black community makes to be violent. And those who move on and do the best for their families are called coons and uncle toms

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      Black teen pregnancies have dropped nearly 51% over the last decade, while white teen pregnancies have nearly doubled.

      And the majority of violent crimes in this country, especially involving guns, are committed by white men.


      And how come you don't recognized the bullying tactics of white cops on Black men in this country? Or the white fascist american social order period?

      Who forced the KKK to prey on my people?

      The reason you can't recognize that Uncle Tommy Sotomayor hates himself for being Black, is because you hate Black people too. Whether you know it or not.

      So go sell that dim-witted ignorance you're spewing to someone who doesn't know better.

      You don't have a sharp enough mind to engage me in any kind of real debate.

      Y'ALL FEEL ME?

  21. I am a black woman I live in Africa most of us in Africa cannot be compared to what Mr Sotomayor say about black women except for the Brazilian hair. I feel sorry for him because he is definitively either psychologically disturbed or he is being paid to put his own race down and the later is betrayal of the highest order. That Tommy of yours does not know African women in Africa.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      (Uncle) Tommy may be IN our ethnic group, but he's NOT one of us.

      So, your phrase: 'That Tommy of yours', certainly doesn't apply to me, or any other clear-thinking Black person that's discarded Uncle Tom as a self-hating lover of white fascism.

  22. Thank you for this blog post & ALL of your comments since. Much Love & Respect to you. I just sent you a friend request on FB. I need more likeminded individuals like you on my timeline.

    1. Gwen...

      Got your friend request on 'FB', thanks again!


      Meaning I wish you life, prosperity and health in our people's ORIGINAL language, the Medu Netcher (MDU NTR).

  23. Nicely put. That tommy guy is a fanatic. He bans anyone not praising him on his chat. A phoney sell out to his own people fascist. I agree he will self destruct.