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What do Prince, Miquel and Michael Jackson have in common?

In the summer of 1984, the movie 'Purple Rain' was released into theaters. 

It was of little consequence to me since I wasn't a fan of Prince's music in my mid-teens, and I kind of pursed my lips whenever the film was mentioned. To me, Prince was some kind of androgynous, sexually conflicted freak, and the movie looked too much like some sort of bad b-rated musical.

That was until I relayed these sentiments to my older brother; who quickly retorted, "Yo...that movie's dope." 

I was shocked. You see, my brother was such a harsh critic when it came to what was culturally cool, that if he liked it, that meant it had to be something special. So with my big bro's stamp of approval, I hurried to the theater to check this flick out.

I went to see this film with a friend. And while he casually watched this movie, I was having a religious experience. 

I always fancied myself a bit of an iconoclast...or at least some sort of an outsider; and this movie not only reassured me that other people felt the same way, but it bonded me to Prince in a way I'd never quite experienced before. It almost made Prince my mentor, and if nothing else, it definitely informed me that I needed to pursue a career in the arts. 

What I didn't know--but would find out decades later is, that evening, I'd fallen into a carefully laid trap crafted by white supremacists. And here's the reasons why... 

Prince Rogers Nelson released his first album for Warner Brothers records in 1978; the LP was titled 'For You' and he played every instrument on it and wrote all the songs with the exception of 'Soft and Wet' which he co-wrote with his friend/mentor Chris Moon. Several albums later, he released 'Purple Rain' as the title of a movie and an LP. Now in the movie we see what pretty much resembles Prince's real troubled childhood home-life. And one element of the film that really appealed to people, especially a lot of younger folks, was that they'd come from a similar home. This instantly endeared Prince to a certain moviegoer, and this was done by design. And if any young movie-goer ever felt like a pariah, this movie said all you have to do is find someone, or someone(s) like you. 

What's also worth mentioning is Prince's style of dress; throughout Prince's career, he's worn high heels, eye-liner and women's attire; and became sort of a fashion icon. I'll talk about what impact this had on young movie-goers in a second.

*Side note: I remember reading a review of the movie Purple Rain years ago, and a white journalist said Prince's suffering wasn't genuine because he wasn't ugly and poor. You gotta' love those wiley caucasians. 

Now let's talk about this man, Michael Jackson. I still can't believe Mike is gone, and I don't think the world will see an entertainer this talented for years to come. 

He was more than exceptionally talented; the man was a flat out genius. Those movements he performed were and are legendary. I can still remember him moonwalking during the Motown 25 special, and myself, along with my family, were simply mesmerized by what he did that night. 

And in case anyone is still pondering about Mike's death, I'll tell you straight out that he was murdered. And the circumstances went something like this:

Michael Jackson's last full studio album was 'Invincible', and it was released on October 30th, 2001. It was his last album for Sony records and it was a fast seller; problem was, Sony didn't promote the album. Not only that, but Sony returned thousands of copies of the record that the public wanted to buy. 

This was done because Sony's goal was to get back Michael Jackson's musical catalog which included all of the Beatles music. They figured by sabotaging the album, Mike would be in such dire financial straits that he'd have no choice but to give back this catalog. But Mike was smart enough to know that the catalog was worth more than his debt to Sony. 

So Mike announced he was going back on tour...that was the purpose for the european 'This is it' concerts. Those tickets sold like hot cakes. Mind you, the tour was originally slated for ten shows; but tickets sold out so fast that the greedy promoters added forty more...thus, the fifty shows Mike was going to perform. But then Sony and the promoters had a revelation. They and Sony knew that if Mike performed these shows, he'd get out of debt to Sony. And, if he made it a 'world' tour, he'd clear a substantial profit. 

So the only way they were gonna' get that catalog back, was to kill him. And you know the rest.

*Another side note: Michael Jackson's catalog also included Little Richard's publishing catalog. Yep...the 'Good golly Miss Molly' Little Richard. So what Mike did was give Richard back the rights to his music. Remember when Little Richard complained about not getting any accolades for his contribution to music; well the reason he's been so quiet lately, is because Mike hooked the brotha up; and now, Little Richard is set for life. 

But before Mike had a change of heart about Sony and the industry, he too was part of the white elite's agenda. 

But before I tell you the part Mike played, let's talk about an artist by the name of Miquel Jontel Pimentel--better known as "Miquel". 

Miquel was signed to Jive records in 2007, and he looked quite different when he first made his way onto the music scene.

To the left is a picture of Miquel when he first started gaining notoriety in the music industry. He was being billed as the typical R & B crooner. Note the short hair and hoodie. Miquel was being sold as the next Usher until Jive wanted to change his image; and believe it or not, he's yet another cog in the wheel of the white elite's agenda machine. 

So now that we have all the culprits accounted for, let's see what white secret societies have them tasked to do, and what outstanding trait all these artists have in common. 

The one trait all three of these artists share is...they're all exceptionally effeminate and have been tasked with making homosexuality acceptable to Black men. 

Not only have these three worn hyper-effeminate articles of clothing and long processed hair, but their mannerisms smack of men who are bi-sexual or openly gay. I even saw Prince in a full-on women's dress once. This is the reason the white elites ALLOWED them to be the most popular artists of their time. Now, don't get me wrong, ALL these brothers are very talented; Prince and Michael especially are/were extraordinarily talented--but this sends the message to everyday Black men that the only way to be an 'acceptable' Black man is to model yourself after a woman. 

And quite frankly, this is the same message of Black christian churches on every corner of our community, that everything positive is feminine and everything negative is masculine.  

Another trend with Mike and Miquel is, or was, 'high water' pants. The reason for this is high water pants are emasculating. They send a message that a man, regardless of his age, is a 'geek'; and notice the word geek rhymes with meek and weak. As you can see to the left, the man in high water pants is wearing what looks like a purse; and the brotha behind him is like...Oh hell no! High waters generally send a message that a man is undersexed and/or sexually conflicted; or he's at least very easy to push around.

As we all know Michael was famous for wearing high waters, and he was also famous for wearing his arm-band on every one of his various jackets.

*Note: The reason Mike wore an arm-band and military styled jackets like the one in the picture below is, it was his way of showing allegiance to the white elite's Nazi party.
See, the Nazi's never went anywhere, they've just morphed into corporate executives. And they're the ones who control the music industry; they're also the ones who killed Mike when he went against them. 

Coincidentally, that's why Mike almost always wore the colors red, white and Black; 'cause these are the colors of the Nazi flag. And the artist who's wearing the Nazi arm-band these days is Will-i-am. Also note that Nazi's were famous for their rampant homosexuality.

You see, the white elites know that Black people, and Black men especially, set the standard for what's culturally cool. And if Black men say being gay is cool, then that'll be the final stamp of approval gay culture needs to be accepted by everyone in the u.s. Because whatever we do culturally, is accepted universally. 

So when you see Miquel's styles of hair and fashion, know what you're looking at has been carefully crafted by white supremacists.  

It is one more attempt at getting Black men to adopt, adapt and engage in the 'death-style' of homosexuality. 

'Cause regardless of what anyone says...if everyone, or a large amount of the population became gay, the next generation(s) won't be born. 

That's why homosexuality is a 'death-style', not a lifestyle.

And that's why we need to think twice before we download or pick up music from one of these hyper-effeminate brothas. 


MontUHURU Mimia

If you want to read my older post that delves a little deeper into why the Black diaspora should reject the mainstreaming of homosexuality, you can find it here.

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