Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3 reasons why the Black diaspora should ‘reject’ the mainstreaming of homosexuality…

Firstly, let me start off my post with this preamble:

I in no way endorse or encourage the physical, verbal, or mental abuse of any person because of their ethnicity, cultural background or sexual orientation.This post is in no way seeking to initiate any such actions towards anyone. I believe every person’s human right is to live freely and without harm coming to them because of their beliefs; however radical, as long as they don’t cause harm to another human being. 

With that said, I’d like to appeal to all Black people who are not anglophiles or brain-washed drones of the western world’s white supremacist system. 

The other day I watched Will Smith and his son on the Ellen show. They came out to thunderous applause and both ran up and down the aisle between Ellen’s studio audience, high-fiving several people as they went. When they got to actually sit down for the interview, Will went into his spiel about how he kisses his son on the mouth and what a ‘natural’ way this is for any man to show affection to and for his son. Then he began promoting his new film ‘After Earth’ which is yet another flick about this world in its post-apocalyptic phases. Kinda’ like ‘I am legend’.

Hmmm…seems like Black people are constantly getting those twin themes from Will’s flicks. Human extinction and homosexuality (check out Will in ‘Six degrees of separation’). The real reason Will became a ‘Scientologist’ (Note Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, a notorious bigot), and why he’s pushing the same aforementioned messages in his films, is due to his working with white supremacists who guide his career choices. And they are trying to get Black men especially to adopt and adapt to the homosexual lifestyle with a passion. 

I know the ‘PC’ thing to do is say, that’s okay…after all, it’s just entertainment. But nothing could be farther from the truth! So without further ado, here’s my top 3 reasons why any sane Black person…and especially Black men, should resoundly REJECT homosexuality:

Number 3: Homosexuality is the result of a childhood trauma…NO ONE IS BORN THAT WAY!

Every time I bring this up, there’s a guaranteed knee-jerked reaction from people as they tell me, “That’s not the truth!” If you look into the history of any homosexual person, what you will find is the overwhelming majority of them come from unstable and abusive households. And the abuse they suffer at the hands of parents, other family members, friends of their family or strangers outside their homes is what makes these people sexually conflicted. I can hear you guys saying, c’mon that’s bogus. But don’t take my word for it…do the research. I’ve had instances when I’ve shared this with two gay men, and both of them said that wasn’t the truth. But after talking for a couple of more minutes they both confessed to me that they were molested by someone in their youth. 

As a younger man I would always wonder why some of the best looking men were gay. I would think, they could have any woman they want. What I later realized was exceptionally good looking young boys are PRIME targets for pedophiles; that’s why so many male models are gay. I also realized the reason gays tend to be so exceptionally smart is because their home’s living conditions were often so volatile that they had to think on their feet at a very young age to survive their home's traumatic environment. They had to exercise their mental muscles at a lot younger age than people who lived in placid, stable two parent households and this manifests in their being exceptionally bright later on in life. 

Number 2: Homosexuality is being used as a covert means of population control in the Black diaspora.

“We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”
—Margaret Sanger, the creator of Planned Parenthood.

After the contraceptive ‘pill’ was made available to the public, Margaret Sanger opened one of the first ‘birth control’ clinics in Harlem, New York. She also hired an all Black female staff, so Black women would feel more comfortable trying this pill. But this proved to be a much too overt operation to bring about her goals. Flash forward to the present day, Jason Collins is on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the first professional basketball player to profess that he’s openly gay. See the connection?

One of the reasons I wrote this post is because of how hard they’re pushing homosexuality’s mainstreaming on Black men. Because they know we set the cultural trends. They also know if we ‘openly’ accept this lifestyle as normal, every other ethnic group, consciously or subconsciously, will adopt this lifestyle as ‘cool’. It’s the same reason Kanye West is wearing a damn dress…the pansy.  

On top of this, white elitist men know that Black men have the genetic ability to literally breed them out of existence. This is THE biggest reason they would have Black men adopting the gay lifestyle. Wonder why america concentrates ALL of its law enforcement in Black communities? It’s got nothing to do with stopping crime. It’s really an attempt to get all free Black men behind bars so they can’t mate with Black women. And if they’re there long enough, hopefully, they too can adopt the gay lifestyle that’s so pervasive in prisons. 

And the Number 1 reason is: Some of america’s biggest bigots are gay white men. 

I can really hear you guys moaning behind this statement. You’re probably like, c’mon…white gay men are some of the most liberal in the world. Really?

I remember hearing the Black female comedian Sheryl Underwood, ya’ know, the one who co-hosts the women’s TV show ‘The Talk’...saying that one evening she went to a gay club, and one of the white male patrons there called her a ‘porch monkey’. Beyond this, what's even more shameful is I heard Sheryl declare that she won’t date a man unless he knows who ‘Shelly Fabares’ is. That’s the woman who played Donna Reed’s oldest child on the Donna Reed show for the aspiring anglophiles out there. And she probably wonders why she’s still oversexed and unmarried...or why there's not a line of white male suitors beating a path to her door. Sad.

Beyond this example, I remember watching a group of gay white men picket in front of a blood bank in dire need of donors; this circle of white gay men chanted, “No black blood…no black blood.” Still think these people are your friends? Welp, here’s one more example, I worked around a gay white man who took pleasure in reading aloud complaints that were sent to my department, this was until I gave that pansy a good talking to. This man did everything he could to get me fired, and he even tried to tell me that only my people use ethnic slurs as endearments…after I called him a bigot, he quietly walked off. 

So if you’re a Black person reading this, especially if you’re a Black man, know this lifestyle is being pushed on you to make it ‘popular’. The white elites figure that the final nod of approval this lifestyle needs is an endorsement by us. Especially when it comes to the Hip-Hop community.

So when you see ads for gay pride parades, or any medium of entertainment that extols this lifestyle…JUST SAY NO…HOMO!

Hotep (Peace),

MontUHURU Mimia

Addendum: YouTube's King Lo the Rastar has done an excellent video thesis on the mainstreaming of homosexuality; he's named this series of vids 'The "F" bomb'; you can see it on his YouTube channel here.

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