Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Lobbyists should be banned from politics...

Jack Allan Abramoff is a former american lobbyist who was jailed for being at the nucleus of a continuing criminal enterprise. 

His cadre of crooks included a congressperson, nine other lobbyists, congressional aides and white house officials; one of which was former Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles.

Before his incarceration, Jack was a top lobbyist for the firm Preston, Gates and Ellis; he later joined the Greenberg Traurig law firm in March of 2004.

And it was for himself and these firms, that he bilked nearly a hundred million dollars out of native american owned casinos. 

And for the above crimes, Jack was sentenced to six years in federal prison for mail fraud, conspiracy to bribe public officials and tax evasion. 

After serving four years of his six year sentence, he was released and wrote his autobiography, 'Capitol Punishment: The hard truth about washington corruption from america's most notorious lobbyist'. He was also the subject of two films, one being a documentary titled: 'Casino Jack and the united states of money'; the other was a feature film titled 'Casino Jack' starring Kevin Spacey as Abramoff. 

Now, as is par for the course with public officials who fall from 'grace', Jack is reinventing himself as a staunch advocate AGAINST political corruption. You know...the same kind he went to jail for. But this is just one celebrated example of what goes on everyday in the hallways and back rooms of capitol hill.

Lobbyists are legal bribe merchants...straight up. They are the political bagmen who grease the palms of politicians, so corporations can have their way with government policies and the public at large.

They're like political parasites as they're voracious in their need to infect and affect every part of political bodies. But as far as unscrupulous behaviors go, they've really got nothing on the politicians themselves.

What I've learned through my research is the covert corruption lobbyists are engaged in, is not always at the behest  of lobbyists; a lot of times, politicians seek these guys out themselves. 

You see, politicians know that being bought off by lobbyists is just a perk of the job, so they not only come to the table with their hands out, but they're actually calling these firms to negotiate just how much grease it'll take to sufficiently keep their pockets full.

I've read stories of politicians telling lobbyists that they don't have to be physically present to pay for their expensive dinners; oftentimes, the politicians will just instruct a lobbyist to leave a credit card with the restaurants owner, and when the politician shows up, they just use the card for their bill. Whether it's comp'ed master suites at hotels, private jet rentals, sky boxes at sporting events or upper-scale shopping excursions, politicians are 'all in' when it comes to grabbing at these free goodies. 

And it's not like politicians only have one or two of these bribe merchants to choose from, some politicians have upwards of ten to thirty lobbyists at their beck and call.

Now, I'm not naive enough to think that politicians are gonna' vote to bite the hand that's feeding them; but it's up to grassroots, working class folks to put as much of a stop to this as possible. 

There's legislation mandating some transparency for the lobbyist grift machine, but those laws are so full of loop-holes that they're downright negligible. 

One thing's for sure, true change never happens from the top down, only the bottom up. 

It's up to the proletariat to stop casting ballots for the 'duopoly' of Democrats and Republicans who've been bought and sold decades ago; and It's time for a truly independent political party that's not corrupted by corporations so working class folks in this country, who do the lion's share of the work, can receive the lion's share of the benefits. 

Ultimately, it's up to you and I to stop this kinder, gentler form of bribery, so we too can partake in the 'fat of the land'.  

Now will this happen in my lifetime? Probably not; but it's up to us to get the ball rolling so the next generation won't have to suffer at the hands of capitol hill's rotting moral underbelly.

It's morally imperative that we either form a truly independent party that represents us, or boycott the voting structure completely, so the politicians will have to hear us again. 

Personally, I think the only viable solution would be to boycott the vote en masse and shut this whole governmental sham down. 

That's what it's really gonna' take to have a government for and by the people.

Truly independent people can 'govern' themselves, we don't need proxies. 

So, it's time to wipe these greasy palms clean; and the sooner we do this, the better. 


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why Black people should boycott the movie '12 years a slave'...

"...even my conditioning's been conditioned..."
--Wendell Harris Jr.'s script for the movie 'Chameleon Street'

The Help (2011)

Django Unchained (2012)

The Butler (2013)

And now...the movie '12 Years a slave'.

Recently, a fellow blogger criticized me for being too hard on white people. 

This person suggested that I concentrate on speaking about how badly Black people treat each other instead of railing against covert and overt white bigots. 

Well, if he thinks I'm being too tough on whitey, movies like the ones I mention above, are the reason why.  

Now, we're encouraged to talk about Black people and how cruel we are to one another, but no one wants to talk about how we as a people, got to such a place of self hatred in our communities. 

We all need to realize that beyond the decades of conditioning Black people endure to get them to hate themselves, which is conditioning no other ethnic group in this world gets by the way, that movies like the ones I mention above are 'triggering instruments' to keep us mired in the paradigm of white supremacy.

And the reason these movies are being pumped out year after year right now, is to thwart the idea that we as Black people, should feel proud to have a Black man as the american president. 

And again, there's an almost knee-jerked reaction some people have when anyone refers to Barack Obama as Black, that has them telling you he's got a white mother. 

But, as I've mentioned before, I never heard of a 'Teabagger' until Obama was president; and I don't remember white supremacist websites crashing due to an overwhelming influx of traffic until Obama was president either. 

Now, the movie '12 years a slave' is supposedly a true story about a Black man named Solomon Northup from upstate New York, who visits the antebellum south as a free Black man, and how during his visit, he's wrongly abducted and sold into slavery. 

Now, beyond the film's slave narrative, this movie's main plot point, speaks to an idea white supremacists are interested in mainstreaming. 

What this film's really saying is, white elites want us reeled in from our thinking we can survive and thrive without them, back into the bondage of good ole' christian negro programming that made us revere them like gods. Thus, the free man (Solomon) goes back to the slave owning south and is captured, basically saying in a way, he wanted to be captured; whitey's sublimely intimating, how subconsciously, Solomon would feel better not having to think for himself living in captivity. Basically, he'd be happier being a slave, whether he knows it or not; and so would the overwhelming majority of the Black Diaspora. That includes YOU too! This movie also triggers the 'shame paradigm' that's been bred into us, so we can continue feeling inferior to whitey all our lives at the mere mention of slavery.

So, they're putting out propaganda films disguised as family entertainment, just so we Black folks can long for the good ole' days when we looked to them for every answer to our questions.  

I remember the post I put out about that craptastic film 'The Butler', and some Black guy told me that my critique of the film wasn't valid because I basically said the film was used to portray Obama as a butler or a 'servant', rather than the president.

He went on to tell me that Obama's a lackey for white supremacists and the movie portrayed white presidents as friends to Black people. 

Now, this observation tells me that he probably paid money to go see this film, or paid money for a bootleg copy of it. 

So, even 'conscious' Black people are going to see these flicks.

I remember one 'conscious' Black person I saw on YouTube, said in their video that they couldn't stand Quentin Tarantino, but went to see 'Django Unchained' five times, 'cause their friends were seeing it.  

These are the dumbfounding effects of the brainwashing Black folks get in this country.  

So I'm saying again, if you're a 'conscious' Black person, or an independently minded one at least, stop supporting these cavalcade of stars coon shows. 

And you see this one has Brad Pitt and Micheal Fassbender in it. Just to make the poison a little sweeter. 

And this movie was directed by a Black brit I respected, Steve McQueen. He made a terrific movie called 'Hunger' about a prison's hunger strike in ireland. 

And supposedly, he's suppose to direct a 'biopic' about Fela Kuti, the revolutionary Nigerian singer. 

Well, I hope that film turns out better than this one.  

But since Steve has shown he's a stooge for white supremacists and their agenda, when that flick comes out, I'll be sure to miss it. 

And it's reactions like this, that will ultimately mark the 'unmaking' of a slave.  

And that's something Black people desperately need to show the powers that be in this country and abroad. 

Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia 

If you'd like to check out my Blog post about that 'craptastic' movie 'The Butler', you can see it here.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why I no longer listen to David Carroll...

When I was an ardent fan of (Uncle) Tommy Sotomayor's, I'd always hear rumblings about this guy named David Carroll; and how he too was an advocate for Black men.

So one day I decided to check out his YouTube channel.

What I initially heard were his rants about black women and how they were so deleterious to a Black man's life and state of well being. 

He'd wax philosophic about how Black men should avoid black women at all costs, and he told numerous tales of how he counseled younger Black men on these exact points.   

But then I experienced a bout of deja vu; in that, David began talking disparagingly about Black people on the whole...just like Uncle Tommy Sotomayor does. 

Firstly, David would start his rants by toking on a large cigar...which is nothing but a facsimile of a Black phallus. 

If David were a deep thinker, like he fancies himself to be, he'd know that white men smoke cigars because consciously or subconsciously, they know that a Black man's penis has the genetic power to literally breed them out of existence. 

And they smoke these Black phallus' to look powerful..or at least as genetically powerful as Black men. 

Coincidentally, this is where the stereotype of Black men having bigger penises comes from; it has nothing to do with physical size, this stereotype is making reference to a Black man's genetic power to create every other kind of man, while none of them can create one of him. 

*Side Note: For any Black christians out there, the concept of mary's 'immaculate conception' is actually making reference to Black people as well. Beyond the fact that mary's miraculous virgin birth was just a fable, the 'real' immaculate conception in ancient Africa was the birth of a healthy Black baby. 

Because no other person on the planet could produce a Black baby except for a Black man and woman. Once again, this speaks to our power to create every other kind of person while none of them can create one of us. 

But back to David...when I'd watch one of his videos, after he puffed on his insipid cigar, I'd hear him say things like: "Black people don't have the capacity to think critically..." 

And from there, he'd expound on that point. 

Also, anyone who see his vids will notice how he has a vinyl album of a Martin Luther King jr. speech hung upside down. 

In my header's triptych, you'll also see the last picture of Dave has that record AND one of Obama's campaign signs hanging upside down. 

This is suppose to show how much he despises ignorant Black people, but what it's really showing is how he feels emotionally wrong, or how internally, he feels his world's been turned upside down for being born Black. 

In one other instance, someone commented on his YouTube channel, that he must despise himself for being Black if he's got such a low opinion of Black people. To which he replied: "Who said I was Black?"

After about a week, I stopped my visits to his channel. 

At one time, I held a bit of animosity for him and people like Uncle Tommy Sotomayor; but now, I feel sorry for them. 

Because it must suck to want to be white so badly, knowing you never will be. 

People like Dave and Tom will never realize the blessing it is to have been born a Black man. 

Again, any Black man who doesn't recognize that he's got the power to create every other type of man, while none of them can create him, is doing himself a grave disservice. 

Black men should be honored to have been born into the majestic, regal and powerful body of a Black man. And this is not hyperbole; consciously or subconsciously, white supremacists know how powerful we are, that's why they've declared an outright war against us. 

But all Tommy and Dave can see are the 'cons' of being born a Black man. They've forsaken the rose for its thorns. 

And what really kills me about Tom and Dave is they'll swear up and down that they're advocates for Black men. These guys feel they have all the answers for the Black diaspora and every Black person should heed their message. 

One thing I've recognized though that I didn't before, is Tommy and Dave genuinely don't know how much they hate themselves for being Black. 

Several years ago, I knew an attractive Black woman who would exclaim to me: "I don't know why I don't have a man...even the ugly women have men, so why don't I?"

Problem was, she had no idea how much she was conditioned to hate Black men. 

I'd seen her get into relationships with Black men she genuinely liked, and after a couple of weeks, she'd tell them some of the most insulting things in the world; and they'd eventually leave. And she genuinely had no idea she was doing this. 

I liken this to what Tommy and Dave are doing. 

When people tell them they're self-hating Black men, they look at these people like they're crazy; because again, they genuinely can't see what they're doing. 

This is what I mean when I say the real battlefield is the subconscious mind. 'Cause that's where Black people have to go to recondition themselves out of this self-hatred. 

This is work people. There's no shortcuts to this and there's no easy fix for this. 

Mind you, we've spent nearly 18 years in this country's school system learning to hate ourselves; that's not gonna' be resolved overnight. 

And I'm including myself in this too.

I've taken on a meditative regimen to recondition myself out of my own prejudices against my people. So I'm not just pointing fingers. 

But, if you invest the time to do this, your life will be so much more fulfilling; you'll never again have that deep internal sense of feeling like your wrong in this world. And you'll experience a whole new self-attractiveness that you hadn't before; also, you'll see your people for what they are...and that's the most attractive people on this earth.  

So for all of you who are still stuck on Uncle Tommy's and Dave's self-hating messages, you need to look deeper into yourself and ask why you're a fan of these Black men who clearly wish they were white. 

Then you could truly see them for what they are; miserable, self-loathing men who are hurriedly on a path to one place...



MontUHURU Mimia

Friday, October 18, 2013

Why Black people should boycott the film 'I'm in love with a church girl'...

For Black christians who've gotten sick of Tyler Perry comes 'I'm in love with a church girl'.

Now, I know what you're're like, bro, you can't have a problem with this 'PG' rated, family friendly, christian film. 

Actually, I don't have a lot of problems with this film. 

I just have one. 

And that is, why does Ja Rule need to date some fair-skinned spanish woman (Adrienne Bailon) to find some value in going to church? 

Some may say I'm nit-picking about this, or I'm making a big deal over nothing; but answer me this question: with all the church-going black women in this country, why couldn't they find a black actress to play Ja Rule's love interest?

Why not cast Keisha Night-Pulliam as Ja's love interest?

Or why not Raven Symone? Nia Long would also be a good choice as the woman who baits Ja back to church. 

If you look at this film's movie poster to the right, you'll see the sublime messages being sent to the Black diaspora. 

You see fair skinned Adrienne Bailon in a white top, with a halo-like glow around her, being portrayed as the the angelic 'savior' who's trying to tame the lowly (literally Ja is 'beneath' her on the poster) street savage portrayed by Ja Rule. 

And notice Ja is dressed in Black; so he's literally 'the Bad Black man' surrounded by cops. 

This is also a play on the dichotomy of 'heaven and hell'. 

*Side Note: In regards to 'angels', the concept for these 'celestial' creatures comes from ancient Africa (Kemet/Kush/Nubia). 

The picture on the right is one of the ancient African deity Ma'at. 

Coincidentally, Ma'at is where we get the word 'mother' from. And as you can see, she is a 'winged' woman. This picture is on pyramid walls in Africa, and predates white supremacist christianity. 

And this is where christianity got the concept for the 'winged' white female angel, as seen on the left.  

Also, when you combine the words Ma'at, which again means 'mother', and the word 'Netcher' which means Goddess, you not only get the phrase 'Ma'at Netcher'; but since Ma'at also represents environmental and human nature, this is also where we get the term 'Mother Nature' from.

Another side note...whenever you see a depiction of 'Lady Justice', also know this is another representation/rip-off of the concept of Ma'at. In the depiction of Ma'at below, we again see how she predates the modern day 'Lady Justice'. 

Also notice how the
African depiction of Ma'at representing truth and justice has her scales in balance; and notice the white Lady Justice has her scales off balance; this shows how whites have purposely perverted both these concepts. 

So if you wonder why the court system is so corrupt, here's one early depiction of how whites view the concept of truth and justice...a blind-folded and off-balanced woman.  

But back to this crap's the original movie
poster for this flick. See how Ja is again, dressed in all Black and Adrienne is dressed in white, with the 'white christ', or as spanish people call him, 'christo blanco' behind her. 

This again sends the message that Adrienne is suppose to be some sort of sanctified savior. This flick was suppose to come out on 'christmas' of 2011. This film's delayed release was due to Ja just getting out of jail. 

But if this were released on christmas, it would send a more powerful message that the only way a Black man can be truly redeemed is through the help of a 'fair-skinned' christian. And again, what better way to entice a Black man to go to church, than using a fair-skinned woman as bait.

Here again, is a shot from the film. Notice that Ja's still in Black and Adrienne's still in white. The reason white elites are pushing so hard for this film to be successful is, they feel Black men are seeing through the sham of the christian church. 

They especially need young Black men to come back to church, to essentially make it 'cool' again. 

So, before heading back to the multiplex to purchase a ticket for this flick, understand what you're really being exposed to. 

Another white elitist sham.

Just like christianity. 

MA'AT Hotep, 

MontUHURU Mimia  

Here's a trailer for this flick.

Notice @ 1:34, Adrienne Bailon, dressed in white, describes church as the 'best SHOW on earth'; while the white Lamborghini pulls up next to them.

I gotta' give it to the white elite, they don't sleep when it comes to their agenda. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seal, Heidi Klum and the specter of doomed marriages...

Recently, I viewed Seal performing his song 'Whirlpool' on YouTube.

Now, between Seal's melancholic delivery of the song's lyrics and the lovely rhythms of the acoustic guitar on this track, this song is nothing short of mesmerizing. 

Then I realized, I've always been interested in Seal's backstory, but I've never run across any articles that dealt with it in a really in depth way. 

Beyond all the hype about his breakup with Heidi Klum, I wanted to know more about him...and I wanted to know why his marriage failed. So I endeavored to find out. 

And here's what I found...   

Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel was born in Nigeria on February 19th, 1963. One of Seal's names, Olusegun means 'God is victorious' in the Yoruba language.

His parents, a Nigerian mother and Brazilian father, Adebisi and Francis Samuel, expatriated to London, England shortly after he was born. 

They gave Seal up for adoption when he was months old and Seal grew up in a foster home in Westminster, a bustling London city. 

*Side Note: The distinctive scars on Seal's face come from the auto-immune disease Lupus, and the strain Seal is afflicted with is known for affecting the skin above the neck. 

At the age of four, Seal's mother re-claimed him for two years, but took ill and had to return to Nigeria. Seal then went to live with his father; and for the next several years, Seal endured his wrath. While talking to a journalist, Seal once described his father as: " embittered man of lost opportunity." Seal also said of his father: "...unfortunately for him, he was brought up by a strict disciplinarian, in a different culture..."

This lead to Seal leaving home at the age of 15.  

He recounts the years after leaving home as ones where he slept on subways and did anything he could to survive.

He told a reporter of a certain subway line he favored; saying that after the subway's workers cleaned the tracks and platform, he'd seek refuge in a certain alcove besides the tracks where it was warm.  

Seal temporarily dropped out of high school, but re-entered a short time later and went on to earn an associates degree in architecture. 

After his school career, Seal worked a succession of odd jobs, which included: a stint at McDonalds, posting flyers for call girls in London's red box telephone booths, working as an electrical engineer and designing leather clothes. 

While doing this, he began singing regularly in bars and clubs; this led to him securing a lead singers position in a funk band called 'Push'. Eventually, he toured japan with this group in the mid-80's.   

While in asia, Seal joined a blues band in Thailand. Shortly thereafter, he traversed through india on his own. 

In 1990, Seal contributed lyrics and vocals to the song 'Killer', produced by a musically collaborative friend of his, 'Adamski'.  

After securing a production deal, Seal began putting together tracks for what would become his debut album 'Seal'. 

In 1991, Seal released his first single 'Crazy' from his album, and the song was an instant hit. Beyond the hypnotic musical swells and pulse of the track, I think what intrigued people most was the song's chorus: "But we're never gonna' survive unless, we are a little crazy."

It not only spoke to what Seal had been through personally, but it captured the socio-political zeitgeist, in that, every global citizen was seeing the sham of world governments and their institutions. 

It also spoke to the fact that no one's coming to save us but ourselves.

The single 'Crazy' was followed up by the songs 'Future Love Paradise', 'The Beginning' and 'Violet'. Seal's debut album went on to sell a million copies in the UK, and 3.5 million worldwide. 

But adjusting to his new found success was hard for Seal; during this time, Seal was involved in a nearly life-threatening car crash, he had a double pneumonia, and in another bout of bad luck, a person was shot right next to him while he walked on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. 

He came away from all these incidents unscathed enough to record his next and most successful album, the eponymously titled 'Seal'.  

This album included hits like, 'Prayer For The dying', 'Don't Cry', 'Newborn Friend' and the inimitable 'Kiss From A Rose'. 

The song 'Kiss From A Rose' would prove to be the greatest selling single of his career; and the fact that it was featured on the movie soundtrack 'Batman Forever' helped promote the album. The song also won Seal three grammys in 1996. And quite frankly, Seal's song was ten times better than the Batman movie it was promoting.

The grammy awards Seal won were in the categories of 'Best Male Pop Vocal', 'Best Song Of The Year' and 'Best Record Of The Year'. 'Kiss From A Rose' remained at the number 1 position on the U.S. Billboard charts for 12 weeks. 

But even these accolades couldn't quell the disquietude that stirred in Seal's soul. 

All those years of abuses suffered at the hands of his father and his early years of abandonment came to a head in his next album 'Human Being'.  

Seal released this album in 1998 after dealing with problems with his record label and his producer Trevor Horn. The first single 'Human Beings' was inspired by the death of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, as well as Seal's thoughts on death, self-esteem and fame.

But what really inspired this LP was displayed on its cover...and that was Seal's consummate self-loathing. 

I suspect this is how Seal's father made him feel all those years he lived under his rule. Seal's pose almost makes him look like he's cringing while waiting for another one of his father's blows. 

It speaks to a body dysmorphia that probably had Seal feeling almost other-wordly and alien-like, even in the midst of fame. It also looks like he's suffering from an almost 'Kafka-esque' mind-state at the thought of his facial and physical features. 

And this internal strife would cause him to make poor choices in relationships. 

Enter Heidi Klum...  

Now, for those who don't know, Heidi Klum is a german-american model who's been half naked on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issues; and she's credited for being a fashion designer, actress and television producer. 

Since germans are known for their loose morals, it figures that Heidi wouldn't be an exception. But let's delve deeper into how she and Seal first met. 

Seal and Heidi's first meeting was in 2003 at the 'GQ' awards in London; but weeks later, they stayed in the same hotel. And Heidi stated that she saw Seal in 'biker shorts' after he'd just come from a gym. 

She said she was immediately impressed with his 'package' and promptly introduced herself. Mind you, Heidi was pregnant with her ex's child at the time. 

This tells you everything you need to know about Heidi. 

Now, even though Heidi exposed herself as a super skank, what happened next is what really sealed their pun intended.  

As Seal told a journalist, about a month into their courtship, Heidi told him she was pregnant with her ex's child. 

Actually, Seal put it like this; after Heidi told him she was expecting a baby, Seal laughed and said, "Already? That's amazing."

This implied they had sex several times before. 

Heidi replied, "Not with you stupid."

Seal said there was an awkward silence after that; then he replied, "It doesn't change the way I feel about you, 'cause the fact that you're here tells me you think a lot about me."

This is the moment Seal went from being a singing superstar to an outright simp. And unbeknownst to him, it was gonna' be all downhill from there.

Now, a lot of people are under the impression that Heidi settled for Seal, when actually, it was Seal who settled. 

The moment this tramp told him she was pregnant, Seal should have replied with some sort of pleasantry and slowly phased this skank out of his life. Seal could've had any woman he wanted, instead, because of his feelings of self-loathing, he wound up being another simp tethered to another skank.

This was also when they got visited by what I call, the 'specter of doomed marriages'. 

You see, the reason simps and skanks get along so well is they're both from unstable and abusive households; and it's damn near impossible for them to get out of that frame of mind.

Unfortunately, neither one of them realize this and they're doomed to be in bad relationships for the rest of their lives. 

That is, unless they can diagnose the problem in their subconscious and work to recondition themselves out of it. 

And most people don't even recognize the problem at that level. 

So the question simps, skanks and everyone else has to ask themselves before entering a relationship is: do I know who I'm attracting and who I'm attracted to? 

And it's a fact that if you come from an unstable and abusive household, you're gonna' be attracting and attracted to, people from unstable and abusive households. 



Problem is, most people never get to the point of asking  themselves this question. 

So, in all of this, I hope Seal learned a lesson from his mistake. 

Unfortunately, he'll be tied to this tramp for the rest of his life. 

Heidi actually started an affair with her bodyguard before she and Seal officially split. 

But I think Seal is smart enough to have learned one maxim I overheard from a wise man. And that is...

When you lose, don't lose the lesson. 

And after a painful loss like this, I think Seal definitely learned his. 

At least I hope he has.

Ma'at Hotep,

MontUHURU Mimia

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why Black people are 'not' their own worst enemies...

About a year ago, I started a Blog on "Wordpress".

I did this because I'd heard this was THE best website for bloggers; so, I set up shop and shortly thereafter, I had some questions to ask their moderators. 

One of the questions I posed was: did the site ever consider adding a 'who's viewed me' app.?

The response I got back from a white woman was, I don't want that information displayed on my blog, the list would be a mile long. Mind you, her entire response came off as crass and belligerent.

So I responded back by saying, I understand you've had a blog here for some time, but this app would help 'newcomers' to network more try to be a bit more understanding. 

She replied saying, I'm not offended but I don't understand how you could say something like that to me, when I help people on this site everyday.

I was thinking, who the hell does this crab think she is? 

Next, I asked their moderators if there was a way that I could get my Blog post's videos to play at a regular speed, 'cause on their site, my vids tended to stutter. 

This crab of a white woman came at me sideways again, saying that she doesn't have that problem because she's got a high-speed internet connection. Again, her entire response had this cantankerous tone.

Then I realized, I was just dealing with an inbred bigot b#tch. 

After a couple of these episodes, I asked ms. thing: if you're just gonna' be difficult, why don't you just avoid my questions...what's wrong with you?

She then reported me to her superiors saying that I was harassing her. 

So, I resolved to write a Blog post about it titled: "Wordpress, volunteer moderators and the cult of neo-liberal white bigotry."

Again, ms. thing reported this to her superiors, and this eventually led to my question asking capabilities being suspended.  

On this same question-asking forum, there was a young white guy who was perturbed about one of his questions that went unanswered. 

He proceeded to curse everyone of the moderators out and call them everything but a child of god; every other word in his rant was "f-this" and "f-that". 

So you know how ms. thing and her fellow moderators responded? They offered him links to every one of his inquiries, and none of them said anything about his profane tirade against them.  


A couple of days ago, I was casually channel surfing and came upon the game show "Family Feud", hosted by Steve Harvey. 

One of the questions Steve was tasked to ask the panelists was: why would "tarzan" where a Black loin cloth?

One white woman responded, "To fit in?"

To which Steve laughed and said, "Why, 'cause you think there's a lot of Black people in the jungle?" Both Steve and the lady chuckled, but they both knew this question was beyond derogatory. 

Steve went to another white female in this family and posed the same question. 

She replied, "Because there might be a death know how you have to wear Black to a funeral..."

I shook my head and turned. 

*Side Note: There are NO jungles in Africa. What they...white geographers and such, are calling "jungles" in Africa are actually "rainforests". The difference is, jungles are comprised of inter-twined vegetation (trees, roots, vines, etc.) that are impenentrable. Rainforests are areas of dense vegetation where sunlight can reach the forest's floor and they're areas that people can traverse through. The jungles of the world are primarily in south america (i.e. Bolivia, Honduras, etc.), asia and australia. 

Now, I've highlighted the above two examples because I want to make it very plain as to why I rail against both covert white bigots and overt white supremacists on this Blog. 

Recently, I've been criticized for being too hard on whitey. I've been told I come off like a 'bitter old man' in terms of my animosity towards our pale-skinned brethren. 

The person critiquing me is also a blogger. 

And he's made commentaries on my blog's stylings on his own website and blog. But on his website's post, he used a sickening mantra to legitimize why I shouldn't talk so disparagingly about whites; and that mantra is...Black people are their own worst enemies. 

Now, let me tell you how and why this saying is part of a white supremacist's trick bag that's always used on Black people. 

Any Black person who goes around thinking they, or their people are their own worst enemies, is doing two things:

1.) They're reinforcing their school and media-induced hatred of themselves and other Black people, because this saying offers nothing in the way of solutions for getting out of that self-hatred.


2.) They're encouraging themselves to see the white elite as blameless for everything that happens to any Black person or groups of Black people. 

Now, is every one of Black people's problems a white person's fault? Of course not; but in instances like the white elite blowing up those levees during Hurricane Katrina so Black people could be killed and displaced, or the killing of Sean Bell in NYC in a hail of fifty bullets when he was coming out of a those instances, white supremacy, and it's institutions, are directly responsible.

This doesn't mean you should have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to whites...I'm just saying it behooves every Black person to know who they are and how they operate. 

I remember a time when I was speaking to a young brotha who was directly from Africa at my job. He was saying that it was ashamed Black people in Africa, and the diaspora, developed the AIDS virus 'cause we're so promiscuous. 

To which I replied, "You don't know what happened?"

I then said, "white scientists went into Africa and gave our people the AIDS virus disguised as a polio vaccine...that's how Africa got AIDS."

The brotha was shocked because no one ever told him this. I could see on his face, for the first time, he didn't see himself, or his people as these sub-human savages. 

Now, his not knowing this information, is the equivalent of being stuck in the paradigm of "Black people are their own worst enemies"...'cause how could you think these things and NOT hate yourself for being Black. 

This is also one of the reasons I rail against christianity, 'cause this is another tool in a white supremacist's trick bag that's constantly used on Black people. 

I remember working with a mature Black man at my job who was a "church-goer", and he confessed to me that for the majority of his life he was a "womanizer", and he was always saying something disparaging about the Black youth...especially young Black men. 

I recall one day he said to me, "The devil operates with impunity," because I guess this is a biblical proverb. Then he asked, "uh...what does impunity mean?"

I shook my head and walked off.  

This man used christianity as a crutch, because he had no talent, no skills and no kind of collegiate degrees; all he had was the church, 'cause you can find one of those on every corner in a Black neighborhood. And he had no idea that the reason he slandered young Black men so much is because in the church, the message he was getting time after time was, everything masculine is negative and everything feminine is positive (Tyler Perry).

Now, the person who criticized me is a Black christian. 

And I'm sure he and the majority of Black christians have never read the bible cover to cover. 'Cause if they had, they'd find this:

Ephesians 6:5:
Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. 

Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but as slaves of christ, doing the will of god from your heart.

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the lord, not people. Because you know the lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slaves or free. 

Makes a little more sense now as to why the bible was the first book in this country that Blacks were allowed to read...don't it?

Slaves of christ?!

So basically, this tells us if there is a "christian" god, he didn't have a problem with Black people being slaves. Beyond this, do you know the first slave ship to wash up on american shores with Black people in it was called the "Good ship jesus"? Google it.

And I won't even go into the whole "curse of Ham" non-sense that christianity pushed on us. 

Christianity, and all of the other worldly religions, are designed to keep Black people away from our Black "spiritual sciences", like "The Orishas" and "Voudun" or Voodoo. 

These are the sciences our ancestors in Haiti used to get themselves free from the tyranny of Napoleon's armies. And IT WORKED! The Haitian slave revolt is credited with being the only successful slave revolt in world history. 

So I've said all that to say this...Black people are NOT their own worst enemies, covert white bigots, white supremacists and their institutions ARE!

Just like metaphysician Dr. Phil Valentine said: "The last place you're gonna' find out the truth about christianity, is IN christianity; you have to go outside of it to really know its agenda."

The same holds for the saying "Black people are our own worst enemies". Meaning, until you look outside of that saying, you'll never see who's responsible for getting you and your people to hate themselves. 

Black people in america go through an intensive conditioning process over the course of 18 years to be taught to hate themselves in schools. Damn near every book a Black person reads in school tells them they should hate being Black. And this doesn't include the sublime programming you're gonna' get from movies and TV. 

*Side Note: If you're a young Black person reading this, I still encourage you to get a High School Diploma and a collegiate degree, but understand what the game is while you acquire these certificates; because if you have both sets of knowledge, then you'll truly be powerful.

So if you wanna' know why exposing white supremacy is at the nucleus of what you'll see on this blog, review all the reasons I've just given.

Like I say on this Blog's other page titled: "More about me and this blog", I warn people emphatically, that this Blog is not for squeamish anglophiles.

So when it comes to pale-skinned inbreds, I gotta' tell it like it is, or I can't tell it. 

And if you can't handle that, there's a million other blogs on this site that will cater to your "ethnically-neutral" tastes. 

Go visit one. 


MontUHURU Mimia