Friday, October 18, 2013

Why Black people should boycott the film 'I'm in love with a church girl'...

For Black christians who've gotten sick of Tyler Perry comes 'I'm in love with a church girl'.

Now, I know what you're're like, bro, you can't have a problem with this 'PG' rated, family friendly, christian film. 

Actually, I don't have a lot of problems with this film. 

I just have one. 

And that is, why does Ja Rule need to date some fair-skinned spanish woman (Adrienne Bailon) to find some value in going to church? 

Some may say I'm nit-picking about this, or I'm making a big deal over nothing; but answer me this question: with all the church-going black women in this country, why couldn't they find a black actress to play Ja Rule's love interest?

Why not cast Keisha Night-Pulliam as Ja's love interest?

Or why not Raven Symone? Nia Long would also be a good choice as the woman who baits Ja back to church. 

If you look at this film's movie poster to the right, you'll see the sublime messages being sent to the Black diaspora. 

You see fair skinned Adrienne Bailon in a white top, with a halo-like glow around her, being portrayed as the the angelic 'savior' who's trying to tame the lowly (literally Ja is 'beneath' her on the poster) street savage portrayed by Ja Rule. 

And notice Ja is dressed in Black; so he's literally 'the Bad Black man' surrounded by cops. 

This is also a play on the dichotomy of 'heaven and hell'. 

*Side Note: In regards to 'angels', the concept for these 'celestial' creatures comes from ancient Africa (Kemet/Kush/Nubia). 

The picture on the right is one of the ancient African deity Ma'at. 

Coincidentally, Ma'at is where we get the word 'mother' from. And as you can see, she is a 'winged' woman. This picture is on pyramid walls in Africa, and predates white supremacist christianity. 

And this is where christianity got the concept for the 'winged' white female angel, as seen on the left.  

Also, when you combine the words Ma'at, which again means 'mother', and the word 'Netcher' which means Goddess, you not only get the phrase 'Ma'at Netcher'; but since Ma'at also represents environmental and human nature, this is also where we get the term 'Mother Nature' from.

Another side note...whenever you see a depiction of 'Lady Justice', also know this is another representation/rip-off of the concept of Ma'at. In the depiction of Ma'at below, we again see how she predates the modern day 'Lady Justice'. 

Also notice how the
African depiction of Ma'at representing truth and justice has her scales in balance; and notice the white Lady Justice has her scales off balance; this shows how whites have purposely perverted both these concepts. 

So if you wonder why the court system is so corrupt, here's one early depiction of how whites view the concept of truth and justice...a blind-folded and off-balanced woman.  

But back to this crap's the original movie
poster for this flick. See how Ja is again, dressed in all Black and Adrienne is dressed in white, with the 'white christ', or as spanish people call him, 'christo blanco' behind her. 

This again sends the message that Adrienne is suppose to be some sort of sanctified savior. This flick was suppose to come out on 'christmas' of 2011. This film's delayed release was due to Ja just getting out of jail. 

But if this were released on christmas, it would send a more powerful message that the only way a Black man can be truly redeemed is through the help of a 'fair-skinned' christian. And again, what better way to entice a Black man to go to church, than using a fair-skinned woman as bait.

Here again, is a shot from the film. Notice that Ja's still in Black and Adrienne's still in white. The reason white elites are pushing so hard for this film to be successful is, they feel Black men are seeing through the sham of the christian church. 

They especially need young Black men to come back to church, to essentially make it 'cool' again. 

So, before heading back to the multiplex to purchase a ticket for this flick, understand what you're really being exposed to. 

Another white elitist sham.

Just like christianity. 

MA'AT Hotep, 

MontUHURU Mimia  

Here's a trailer for this flick.

Notice @ 1:34, Adrienne Bailon, dressed in white, describes church as the 'best SHOW on earth'; while the white Lamborghini pulls up next to them.

I gotta' give it to the white elite, they don't sleep when it comes to their agenda. 


  1. I heard it was a flop anyway. Ja Rule should of came out with an album first and then a movie. Whoever his publicist is dropped the ball.

  2. Hi again Pat...

    Good point about Ja needing to put out an album before this crap movie; and his publicist definitely did drop the ball.

    What pissed me off about this is, with all the Black women looking for a good man in church, and the success of Tyler Perry with Black audiences...especially Black women, you'd think they'd consider that and cast a Black woman as Ja's love interest.

    Now you're gonna' get some fair-skinned spanish woman to use as bait for a Black man to go back to church?

    What they're not considering is spanish people for the most part, wouldn't be going to a church that Black people attend regularly.

    And I'm not saying ALL, I'm just saying MOST of them wouldn't.

    So every Black person should stay as far away from this flick as possible; they shouldn't even rent this movie.

    Thanks again for commenting.

  3. White elitist sham?? Yep! That just about sums it up!!