Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Barbary Slave Trade (Remix)

6/3/16: Hotep and Sutekh family...just wanna' let you know, this post isn't about the 'Trans-Atlantic slave trade' or the enslavement of Black people. This post is about a time when ancient Black people enslaved millions of white people. More specifically, it's about the Black 'Berber' people of north Africa enslaving some 2 million white christians at the same time the Trans-Atlantic slave trade occurred. So if you want to read more about that, take a look at this post. I'll be glad ya' did. 
-MontUHURU Mimia 

The Black man who inspired me to write this Blog, is now waxing philosophic about the openly bigoted nature of the superhero films he loves to see. But because his subconscious mind is anchored in a profound self-hatred, he’s not speaking disparagingly about the white fascists who green-lit, wrote and cast these films, he’s pointing an accusing finger back at Black people and saying we lack the critical thinking skills to recognize the film’s bigotry like he does.

Which goes to show you, how in the mind-set of Black self-hatred, no matter how much white fascists are at fault, you always have to put the blame on Blacks.

Now understand what I’m NOT saying…I’m not saying this man was born with this self-hatred, I’m saying it was bred into him by the white fascist social order we live in. This is especially true when it comes to the american educational system. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll say again, that Black people get taught to hate themselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

Mind you, when I first visited this man’s blog, he was a ‘pro-Black’ advocate. That’s what initially drew me to his blog and kept me coming back. Then, his true colors showed (pun intended) and he revealed himself as an epic anglophile. Now, what if I’d been an impressionable young Black man looking for some sort of older role model? How would this have affected me?

Additionally, a bigoted white boy commented on one of my posts saying that I shouldn’t extol the virtues of ancient Black people, cause all we’ve done throughout history is eat and sleep (and he used more colorful language than that). He also said that in regards to slavery, even though the very word ‘slave’ comes from the white ‘Slavs’, or Slavic people, white people never sold each other into slavery, and they never sold their own kind to Black people, because their scruples wouldn’t allow them to do that.

After I read the white boy’s comment, and I thought about the Black man who inspired me to write this blog, I thought I’d take some time to tell readers about a slave trade that goes completely unmentioned in the annals of white fascist history.

Between the years of approximately 1530 A.D. to 1780 A.D., Black Africans abducted nearly 2 million white people in what’s known as the ‘Barbary Slave Trade’.

The term ‘Barbary’ refers to the Black ‘Berber’ peoples of Northern Africa’s coastal regions. And quite frankly, the reason whites gave the area this name was because they were conquered by these Black people, so the term ‘Barbary’ is really another way of saying ‘Barbaric’ or ‘Barbarian’.  It’s the same reason they gave the name ‘dread-locks’ to ancient Black people. ‘Cause when white colonizers encountered Black people with knotted hair, they said they were some of the most fearsome warriors they contended with. That’s why they ‘dreaded’ our people with ‘locks’. And that’s why we should only refer to them as ‘locks’, not ‘dreads’ or ‘dreadlocks’.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how some people (some Black island people included) say that Black americans didn’t fight ‘hard’ enough to get out of slavery. That’s a complete lie. During the Civil War, when white northern armies were getting their rear ends kicked by southern whites, the white north began recruiting Black men to fight against southern militias. And Black american men fought so gallantly and fiercely, that both white southern and northern armies were forced to take notice.

To the point where General Ulysses S. Grant proclaimed to Abe Lincoln that: “By arming the Black troops, we have added a powerful ally.” And because Black men now had guns, both armies of white men agreed to free our people after the war for fear that we’d unleash that kind of terror on them. And I know inevitably, some brainwashed negro is gonna’ bring up Abraham Lincoln and still proclaim that ultimately, it was him who set us free. And to that I’ll say, Lincoln himself said in a letter to Horace Greeley that if he could keep the union together without ending slavery, he would. Moreover, Lincoln owned slaves. And Lincoln was so low down, that he had hundreds of freed american slaves sent to his slave colony in Haiti to be ‘re-enslaved’. So that should tell you all you need to know about ‘stinkin’ Lincoln’. Or at least that’s what I call him.

Moving on…

The ‘Berber’ Blacks raided up coastlines of europe, particularly the British isles and even as far as iceland, capturing and enslaving white christians. And these whites were forced to work as galley slaves, laborers and concubines for ancient Black people.

Any Black man and woman reading this should also note that the ‘Berbers’ were master sea navigators. And they were often referred to as Barbary ‘pirates’ because they were especially adept at pillaging the ships of europeans and taking their goods (Somali pirates).

Now, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, which is the only slave trade we get taught about in american schools, is said to have taken place roughly between the 1600’s and 1800’s. So what does that mean in the context of this article? Well, since the Barbary Slave Trade took place from roughly 1530-1780, Blacks were enslaving whites at the same they were enslaving us.

Which begs the obvious question: If these slave trades were happening at the same time, why do we always hear about the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, but never the Barbary Slave Trade?

It’s because the white fascists who control the american educational system want Black people to feel inferior to them and other whites, from the cradle to the grave.

And they couldn’t do that if we knew about the Barbary Slave trade. Cause once they tried to show us TV dramas like ‘Roots’ or crap movies like 'Django Unchained', then we could counter them by saying: “Well, why don’t you make a TV show or movie about how my people enslaved yours?”

Now inevitably, some white or brainwashed Black person is gonna’ say: “Well, you can’t compare the two trades, cause during the ‘Trans-Atlantic’ slave trade, 10 to 20 million Black people were enslaved, as opposed to the ‘Barbary Slave Trade’, where only 2 million whites were enslaved."

And I’d counter with this: Well, during my entire school career, I was made to believe that the only slaves that existed in the world were ‘Black’ slaves. I was never taught that there was any other kind of slave but ones who looked like me. Also, when you talk about the 2 million white jews who died at the hands of white 'Nazi' germans in the 'Holocaust', no one ever says that only 2 million of those people suffered in those concentration camps and jewish ghettos. 

I have to admit family, it took me more than three decades to find this out. And the majority of Black people I know, from ages 8 to 80, will never know this.

Now, Blacks being told that we were the only slaves in world history, is a key component in the white fascist engineering that destroys the esteem of our people. It’s one of the many ways we are made to hate ourselves more than anyone on this earth. Just like the Black man who inspired me to write this blog does.

And if you’d like to do your own research on the ‘Barbary Slave Trade’, one popular book on this subject is titled: ‘Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: white Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800’ by Robert Davis, an Ohio State University professor. But if you look at other books on this topic, what you’ll find are depictions of Black men enslaving white women. And this is done for two reasons:

One, it reinforces the damsel in distress archetype given to white women. This is used to extol the virtues of a white female’s vulnerability, knowing this trait is the one that attracts a man to a woman most. To further clarify this point, it’s saying that white women are the epitome of feminine beauty.

Two, it's saying that Black men weren’t strong enough to enslave white men. So it reinforces the white man’s false image as the world’s ‘alpha’ male.

But beyond this, history also notes how some of these Black ‘Barbary’ pirates got their white slaves by buying them from white slave masters. Cause one argument I hear over and over again from white and Black people, is how especially dastardly we are cause we're the only people who sold each other into slavery.

Now inevitably, there’s gonna’ be some brainwashed anglophile of a Black person who’s gonna’ tell me…bruh, you can’t be proud that your people enslaved white folks. That’s ignorant. All this proves is how ancient Black people were just as nefarious as whites were. And what I have to say to that, is this: Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it damn sure makes it even!

Cause for too long we’ve seen ourselves endure the worst kinds of torture at the hands of inhumanly cruel whites. And all that serves to do is keep whites feeling superior, while keeping us feeling inferior. Not only to white people, but to every kind of person on this planet.

And let me add, that knowing these facts is one of the ways Blacks can get out of a self-hating mind-set. THIS IS HOW WE APPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE TO HELP US IN OUR DAILY LIVES!!

Meaning, when I walked down the street a decade ago and passed an asian person, especially a fair-skinned asian, my conditioning told me they had the right to put on airs cause they’re exceptionally brilliant and hard-working. Today, when I see any snobbish asian person, I know they represent the majority of the people on this planet who are starving to death. Cause my research has shown me that the continent leading in rates of world hunger is asia…NOT AFRICA!


So now, whenever I see any asian person, I look through them…cause I know they ain’t worth a damn. Because they have more access to the white privilege than Black people do, especially fair-skinned asians (and this is only because fair-skinned asians have the least amount of genetic power to breed whites out of existence). AND THEY STILL LOST!!

So, if you’re a Black man or woman reading this, and you happen across any kind of Black slave narrative on a TV, computer, or smart-phone, understand that in the annals of history, your ancestors had the physical and economic might to enslave whites, the same way their ancestors enslaved yours.

And that's definitely something every Black person should remember on this ‘memorial day’.


MontUHURU Mimia 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 8)...3 reasons why Black people should stop seeing superhero movies...

In 325 A.D., the roman emperor Constantine called together a group of bishops and other heads of state to quell the internal strife amongst theological factions of the failing roman empire. This gathering held in the ancient city of Nicea, would dictate the future state of christianity and bring every other religious order under one umbrella according to Constantine’s desires.   

Once Constantine became the ruler of this decaying empire, he saw the quarrels within the church as not only being a threat to christianity, but to overall societal issues as well. And it was at this ‘Council of Nicea’ that he got all of his constituents to agree that a mythological character needed to be created in order to make their religious beliefs more tangible to the proletariat. And they agreed that this character would be named, ‘Jesus’ the Christ…or Jesus Christ.

Now, one thing I need to make emphatically clear is that the Christ ‘energy’ of the Black Spiritual Sciences (usually spelled ‘KRST’ in Medu Netcher) is very real. But it is different from a physical man named Jesus Christ, who never existed. Gnosticism is the Black Spiritual Science that predated christianity, and this spiritual system is what the romans/greeks corrupted to create the organized religious brotherhood of followers known as christians. Remember, ALL of the world’s religions were created from the ancient Black Spiritual Sciences. And as Bobby Hemmitt famously said: “Once you take the spiritual element out of our sciences, they die and become religions.”

Now, beyond the obvious reasons, I’m gonna’ show you why this is important later in this post.

With that said, let me tell you what I saw a couple of months back…

One day I walked past a comic book and novelty store in the downtown area where I work, and out of curiosity, I gawked at the covers of ‘graphic novels’ in the window. And my eyes immediately zeroed in on a Batman/Dark Knight comic with the title: ‘DK III: The Master Race’. Then I noticed how the mostly Black and white cover, had a ‘Superman’ logo dripping blood. I was like what the hell is that about?

That evening I did some research on the book’s author, Frank Miller, and found out this man is famously bigoted. One of his graphic novels in particular titled: ‘Holy Terror’, is said to be rife with his bigoted language and stereotypes. After that, I also found out that he produced other cult classic comics like ‘Sin City’, and he’s credited with creating the dour and brooding nature of today’s comic book movies.

Then, Frank’s novels got me thinking about the latest Captain America movie titled: ‘Civil War’. And here’s the subtitle I see repeatedly in posters for this movie: ‘Which side are you on?’ So there’s an abundance of white fascist language and symbolism in all these flicks.

Now, I can recall when I went to see the 2008 Batman movie, ‘The Dark Knight’. I was expecting some campy and corny affair with men running around in tights performing fantastic and supernatural acts. But to my surprise, it had a dramatic flair that held me to the narrative and had me completely engaged. After seeing the flick, I discovered that Christopher Nolan directed and wrote the film. That’s when I realized why it was so good. My favorite film directors tend to be excellent writers, and Chris is no exception. I then remembered seeing his brilliant film ‘Memento’, about a year after it was out of theaters. Now, the Dark Knight film more than any other, was the bait for adults to imbibe in these flicks. And since then, the cineplexes have been overrun with them.

And why, pray tell, would the american entertainment industry want to flood the market with this type of movie? Well, that leads me to the 3 reasons Black people should stop seeing these films altogether. So let’s go in…

Reason#3: Superhero movies are engineered to keep adults in a child-like mind-set.

In regards to what I was saying about Constantine and christianity earlier…have you ever wondered why catholic priests are often referred to as ‘father’? It’s because once you call them that, you’re immediately putting yourself in the position of a child. And what role does a father play in a relationship with his child? He is the authority figure of that boy or girl, and basically tells them what to do. And, more often than not, the child obeys without questioning the father/authority figure. And white fascists are using these movies to indoctrinate the public at large into this way of thinking. They especially want these movies to have this effect on the Black Diaspora, who has the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.   

Reason#2: Superhero movies reinforce the superiority of white people.

Repetition is the mother of learning. And the more repeatedly Black people see white men in multi-colored tights and capes, performing supernatural acts of strength and heightened mental abilities, the more we’ll believe, subconsciously, in white supremacy.

Now, understand what I’m NOT saying…I’m not saying that Black people will actually believe that the average white guy or girl can fly and punch through walls, what I’m talking about are the cumulative effects of these movies on the subconscious.

Remember, once you enter a dark movie theater and eat an assortment of snacks, your mind relaxes and goes into ‘alpha’ state. Meaning, your subconscious is more open to suggestions…thus, it’s more easily programmable. On top of that, there’s a science called ‘Neurocinematics’ that measures how specific parts of the brain react when its shown certain scenes from a movie.  And James Cameron, the man who created the film ‘Avatar’, was said to have used this science’s techniques to not only measure how effective scenes from this film were on an audience, but to tailor this film’s scenes to reach their ultimate potential in terms of influencing movie-goers.

Reason#1: And the number one reason Black people should avoid these films like the plague is…superhero movies reinforce why Black people should think of white people as gods.  

The ‘white savior’ paradigm is what’s being enforced and reinforced by the likes of organized religion and superhero movies. Now, when I spoke of the Council of Nicea and Constantine previously, what I failed to mention was all those white people knew they were the world’s ‘minority’. And if they wanted the world’s non-white majority to revere them as god(s), they’d essentially have to give them a white god, namely Jesus Christ.

See, if you’re a Black person who believes in a ‘white’ savior, then you have to see something about that savior in every white person you look at. Therefore, no matter what one white person, or group of white persons do to you, you’ll more than likely forgive them for whatever dastardly acts they’ve committed against you, and your people.

And if you look at the track record of Black people, we are the world’s GREATEST christians, cause we forgive white people for every and anything they’ve done to us.

Now, let me say what I’ve said in the past in terms of how I feel about white people, and that is…


Cause once you endeavor to hate anyone, that’s ultimately gonna’ result in some kind of self-hatred. And being that white fascist social orders condition Black people to hate themselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, we should make every effort to avoid hating ourselves more than we already do.

Conversely, we should also understand that the overwhelming majority of white people are going to go along with the white fascist agenda, no matter how cruel it’s being to Black people, cause it benefits them most. So it’s not about holding hands with white and non-Black people and singing ‘Kumbaya’ around a camp-fire…our predicament is not that simple. And white fascists don’t sleep when it comes to their agenda…especially for us.

So it’s really about every Black man and woman finding a balance between these two sets of knowledge. And it’s really not about ‘blind’ forgiveness of white folks. Cause our ultimate goal should always be getting rid of the self-hatred white fascists have bred into us.

And on a side note, I’d especially like to tell ‘conscious’ Black folks reading this, that you don’t have to see every new superhero flick so you can ‘de-code’ it. I remember hearing one particularly knowledgeable brotha say that he only saw the new Captain America movie two times.

I was like…what?!

After viewing two or three of these films, you should understand what kind of programming white fascists are mainstreaming with these flicks. So if you’re running out to see every new movie in this genre, I don’t care how knowledgeable a decoder you are, you’re no better than the average adolescent ‘fanboy’.

And also remember, ‘Heru’ is the ancient Black deity where we get the word ‘hero’ from. Never forget fam…ALL of the world’s arts and sciences begin with us.

So the next time you see some white caped crusader’s flick showing up at a theater near you, and you're walking towards the cineplex it’s playing at…just pass it up and keep walking.

Trust me, you’ll be glad ya’ did.


MontUHURU Mimia

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. illiterate?

On March 24th, 1975, Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, better known as Sly Stallone, went to see the championship boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner.

Now Chuck Wepner was nick-named the ‘Bayonne Bleeder’ cause he was prone to bleeding in every one of his bouts. But what the nick-name meant more than anything, was Chuck was relegated to the ‘journeyman loser’ status of boxers, and it was thought he’d stay there for the rest of his life. But on that fateful evening, in the ninth round, Chuck hit Ali with a punch that stumbled him backwards and sent him to the canvas.

Now, Ali went on to KO Chuck and win the fight, but this boxing match supposedly left Sylvester so awestruck, that he went home and in a three day whirlwind of inspiration, penned the script that eventually became the 1976 movie, ‘Rocky’.

And for anyone over the age of thirty, you know that Rocky became a world-wide hit and spawned several sequels.

But what Sly really saw that night wasn’t just a boxer exceeding expectations, what he saw was white men having a chance to feel physically ‘stronger’ than Black men, even if just for that moment. Additionally, he saw white men having a chance to feel as sexually powerful as Black men as well.

Now you’re probably saying, bruh…could you please stop talking about the stereotype of the Black man’s sexual prowess. And if you are, I wanna’ remind you that I’m not talking about the size of a Black man’s phallus, I’m saying that ‘genetically’ we’re superior for the fact that we can breed any other man out of existence…especially white ones. And this is the reason why Black men catch so much hell in this life.

Don’t believe me? Then check this out…

About a year ago, I picked up a book by one of my former favorite authors, David Baldacci. In his novel, 'Simple Genius', the opening chapter is about a female secret agent (Michelle Maxwell) who's hell-bent on getting herself killed because she can’t live with the dastardly deeds she performed in a previous assignment. So this white woman goes to a bar populated by Black people. And she goes in with the intention of fighting the biggest, toughest looking Black man there. Mind you, she won’t allow herself to be killed without putting up a fight, so after hitting an exceptionally brawny Black man, she proceeds to use her specialized martial arts training to beat this guy up. Then, knowing she could kill him, she holds back and lets herself be defeated for the Black man’s sake. Cause apparently, even though she’s on some sort of suicide mission, her morals are still intact.

After I closed the book, I asked myself: Why the hell would this woman go to a bar frequented exclusively by Black people, if she wanted to kill or be killed? Cause more than likely, this woman being a special agent means she’s got money. And because of that, she probably doesn’t live around many, or any, Black folks. 

Then it hit me.

Dave Baldacci’s suicidal/homicidal female protagonist going to the ‘Black’ bar to challenge the biggest guy there, shows how effeminized white men like Dave would feel in any kind of physical altercation with a Black man. So Dave's basically confessing that going up against the ‘negro from his nightmares’ would literally have him feeling like a female. 

Let me also state that this is why so many white men love to see their wives/women having sex with us. Cause on some level, they desire to have the kind of sexual power exuded by Black men. And the closest they feel they can come to that is giving their wives/women over to one of us. While they watch.

And if you don’t believe this fact, just google the term ‘cuckoldry’ sometimes. There’s so many blogs dedicated to this topic, I’ve lost count of them in internet searches.

Now, in December of last year, the fake news website ‘’ released a report claiming boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. had overdosed on drugs and died.

And this prompted some Facebook users to send condolences to Floyd and his family. And it even had some sympathizers visiting the hospital he was supposed to have passed away in, so they could pay their respects to Floyd and his legacy.

A couple of days later, Floyd confounded those rumors by physically showing up at a press conference.

But the rumors of Floyd’s death aren’t just indicative of how fickle the fake news media or social networks are, it speaks to how white fascists really feel about him. And let me explain what I’m talking about…

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the physical embodiment of the ‘nightmare negro’ Dave Baldacci and the majority of white men fear obsessively. And that’s for several reasons, the biggest of them being that they haven’t found a way to beat him physically or mentally. 

See, Floyd’s success triggers the white man’s sexual inferiority complex. It’s like how women say they can judge a man’s sexual prowess by his dancing ability, in the same way, a lot of white men see Floyd’s physical boxing ingenuity as a direct reflection of his sexual power. And that threatens the white fascist agenda, even though Floyd’s following their rules.

Cause remember, white fascists obsessively use symbolism as a way to convey unspoken messages. And nothing speaks more loudly to white men’s insecurities than a Black champion boxer who remains undefeated.

Now you might be thinkin’, bruh…that’s just your opinion, white fascists ain’t thinkin’ about Floyd like that.

Well, ponder this…rumor has it that Floyd was unable to read an advertisement while visiting a morning radio show called the ‘Breakfast Club’ in New York City. And supposedly, one of its hosts, Charlamane…damn, could that Black man get a more effeminate or anglophilic sounding name? Anyways, that buck-dancin’ negro  Charlamane supposedly played the audio file of Floyd having difficulty reading the ad (or ‘drop’ as they call it) and the rumor that spread behind this was Floyd Mayweather Jr. is illiterate.

Now, I’ll never forget my 9th grade english teacher. He was a white guy who was a complete anglophile without me knowing it. And not only did he teach my class, which was comprised mainly of Black students, to dote on asians because of their mythological work ethic, but he was famous for showing us how seemingly mentally inferior we were. One case of this, was when he read a student’s essay paper out loud and basically made fun of the frequent grammatical errors in this student’s writing. And more than likely, this student was Black, cause again, the majority of the people in my class were. 

At the time, I thought this student’s grammatical errors were funny. But looking back on it, I wish I knew the person who wrote that essay, cause I’d tell them their paper’s errors weren’t their fault. They were the fault of the educational system that let them get to the ninth grade without offering them some kind of help.

Now, I know someone reading this is gonna’ think, bro, can’t you stop blaming the white fascist system for everything?

Yes, I can stop blaming them for our problems. That’s until I trace said problem back to the white fascist system that created it in the first place.

Understand, none of the dysfunction in the Black community is natural to us. NONE OF IT!

Now, do we have a responsibility to solve our problems? Absolutely.

But before you can solve a problem, you have to see it first.

And the overwhelming majority of us don’t realize that we’ve been conditioned to hate ourselves literally more than anyone else on the planet, ‘cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

And some of us have been so miseducated, we’ve been taught that we don’t have that kind of genetic power. I had one ‘conscious’ Black person come to this blog and tell me they used to think we had the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, until their college professors showed them we couldn’t. I just shook my head. Then, this person not only tried to convince me that this was the gospel truth, but they started trying to convert other commenters on this blog to think like them. This person even told me, if I understood ‘Anthropology 101’ then I’d know what they were talking about.

I shut that bamboozled coon down and told them to stay off my blog.

And that negro was especially dangerous cause they had an extensive knowledge of ancient Black people…but subconsciously, that person was a complete anglophile whether they knew it or not. And I told this person that I could see how subversive their argument was even if they couldn’t.

So what does this have to do with Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Let’s say hypothetically, that Floyd is illiterate.


If Floyd really can’t read, write or spell, then he’s overcome even greater odds than growing up with a father who went to jail and a mother who was on drugs.

Now, I want everyone reading this to know that I’m NOT endorsing illiteracy. What I am endorsing is the perseverance, diligence, overall smartness and physical ingenuity of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Especially if he came out of the american educational system not knowing how to read or write. 

Ultimately what I’m saying is this: white fascists have falsely spread the rumor of Floyd’s being illiterate ‘cause that’s the only way they can beat him. 

And not only is Floyd an undefeated champ, but he’s done something truly magical in reconciling his differences with his father.

Now, I’ve said in the past that celebrity is a white fascist construct used to influence the masses, period. And I don’t think Floyd, or any of us, realize how much he’s done to influence young Black men to connect and/or reconcile relationships with their estranged fathers. And to make that happen in a social order where everything is engineered to stop that from occurring, is nothing short of miraculous.

And every time the media write about Floyd, they say he’s especially flashy, boisterous and arrogant, but they never say he’s especially smart. Which he is more than anything.

The shoulder roll technique he uses to keep from getting hit flushly by opponents is nothing short of revolutionary.

Now, Muhammad Ali was also called arrogant and verbose to a fault. And again, white fascists and their media never admitted he was smarter than the average athlete. Which he was. Difference between him and Floyd is, white fascists like Ali now cause he came down with Parkinson's disease and is less physically threatening. I’ll say again, that they especially like him now cause he doesn’t have the same kind of frightening Black masculine power or sexual energy anymore. Truthfully, white fascists see Ali as a neutered Black man. And that’s precisely the type they prefer to deal with (gay Black men fit this category as well).

Floyd has said several times: “No matter what they do, they can’t beat me.” And that’s what infuriates whitey more than anything. And the fact that Floyd retired with a sound body, sharp mind and wealth beyond his ability to spend it, says that he should be a hero (Heru) to Black men, especially young ones, for years to come.

Cause if that’s what it means to be an illiterate Black man, then every Black man should sign up for this kind of illiteracy.


MontUHURU Mimia


To every Black man reading this: Once again, let me state that I am not promoting illiteracy. And if you are a young Black man reading this especially, please do everything you can to graduate high school and college. Cause the old cliché about an education still applies, and that cliché is: Get your education, cause it’s the only thing a white man can’t take away from you.

Mind you, if you’re reading this, I’m thinking you already know an education won’t make you smarter, but what it will do is give you more access to jobs and life choices that will benefit you.

Now, to the older Black men and women reading this, what we need to do is provide our children with an education that doesn’t teach them to hate themselves. And the best way to do this is through ‘home-schooling’ cooperatives where we control the course curriculums. And I’m gonna’ write more about this in a future post…so stay tuned.