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The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 8)...3 reasons why Black people should stop seeing superhero movies...

In 325 A.D., the roman emperor Constantine called together a group of bishops and other heads of state to quell the internal strife amongst theological factions of the failing roman empire. This gathering held in the ancient city of Nicea, would dictate the future state of christianity and bring every other religious order under one umbrella according to Constantine’s desires.   

Once Constantine became the ruler of this decaying empire, he saw the quarrels within the church as not only being a threat to christianity, but to overall societal issues as well. And it was at this ‘Council of Nicea’ that he got all of his constituents to agree that a mythological character needed to be created in order to make their religious beliefs more tangible to the proletariat. And they agreed that this character would be named, ‘Jesus’ the Christ…or Jesus Christ.

Now, one thing I need to make emphatically clear is that the Christ ‘energy’ of the Black Spiritual Sciences (usually spelled ‘KRST’ in Medu Netcher) is very real. But it is different from a physical man named Jesus Christ, who never existed. Gnosticism is the Black Spiritual Science that predated christianity, and this spiritual system is what the romans/greeks corrupted to create the organized religious brotherhood of followers known as christians. Remember, ALL of the world’s religions were created from the ancient Black Spiritual Sciences. And as Bobby Hemmitt famously said: “Once you take the spiritual element out of our sciences, they die and become religions.”

Now, beyond the obvious reasons, I’m gonna’ show you why this is important later in this post.

With that said, let me tell you what I saw a couple of months back…

One day I walked past a comic book and novelty store in the downtown area where I work, and out of curiosity, I gawked at the covers of ‘graphic novels’ in the window. And my eyes immediately zeroed in on a Batman/Dark Knight comic with the title: ‘DK III: The Master Race’. Then I noticed how the mostly Black and white cover, had a ‘Superman’ logo dripping blood. I was like what the hell is that about?

That evening I did some research on the book’s author, Frank Miller, and found out this man is famously bigoted. One of his graphic novels in particular titled: ‘Holy Terror’, is said to be rife with his bigoted language and stereotypes. After that, I also found out that he produced other cult classic comics like ‘Sin City’, and he’s credited with creating the dour and brooding nature of today’s comic book movies.

Then, Frank’s novels got me thinking about the latest Captain America movie titled: ‘Civil War’. And here’s the subtitle I see repeatedly in posters for this movie: ‘Which side are you on?’ So there’s an abundance of white fascist language and symbolism in all these flicks.

Now, I can recall when I went to see the 2008 Batman movie, ‘The Dark Knight’. I was expecting some campy and corny affair with men running around in tights performing fantastic and supernatural acts. But to my surprise, it had a dramatic flair that held me to the narrative and had me completely engaged. After seeing the flick, I discovered that Christopher Nolan directed and wrote the film. That’s when I realized why it was so good. My favorite film directors tend to be excellent writers, and Chris is no exception. I then remembered seeing his brilliant film ‘Memento’, about a year after it was out of theaters. Now, the Dark Knight film more than any other, was the bait for adults to imbibe in these flicks. And since then, the cineplexes have been overrun with them.

And why, pray tell, would the american entertainment industry want to flood the market with this type of movie? Well, that leads me to the 3 reasons Black people should stop seeing these films altogether. So let’s go in…

Reason#3: Superhero movies are engineered to keep adults in a child-like mind-set.

In regards to what I was saying about Constantine and christianity earlier…have you ever wondered why catholic priests are often referred to as ‘father’? It’s because once you call them that, you’re immediately putting yourself in the position of a child. And what role does a father play in a relationship with his child? He is the authority figure of that boy or girl, and basically tells them what to do. And, more often than not, the child obeys without questioning the father/authority figure. And white fascists are using these movies to indoctrinate the public at large into this way of thinking. They especially want these movies to have this effect on the Black Diaspora, who has the most genetic power to breed them out of existence.   

Reason#2: Superhero movies reinforce the superiority of white people.

Repetition is the mother of learning. And the more repeatedly Black people see white men in multi-colored tights and capes, performing supernatural acts of strength and heightened mental abilities, the more we’ll believe, subconsciously, in white supremacy.

Now, understand what I’m NOT saying…I’m not saying that Black people will actually believe that the average white guy or girl can fly and punch through walls, what I’m talking about are the cumulative effects of these movies on the subconscious.

Remember, once you enter a dark movie theater and eat an assortment of snacks, your mind relaxes and goes into ‘alpha’ state. Meaning, your subconscious is more open to suggestions…thus, it’s more easily programmable. On top of that, there’s a science called ‘Neurocinematics’ that measures how specific parts of the brain react when its shown certain scenes from a movie.  And James Cameron, the man who created the film ‘Avatar’, was said to have used this science’s techniques to not only measure how effective scenes from this film were on an audience, but to tailor this film’s scenes to reach their ultimate potential in terms of influencing movie-goers.

Reason#1: And the number one reason Black people should avoid these films like the plague is…superhero movies reinforce why Black people should think of white people as gods.  

The ‘white savior’ paradigm is what’s being enforced and reinforced by the likes of organized religion and superhero movies. Now, when I spoke of the Council of Nicea and Constantine previously, what I failed to mention was all those white people knew they were the world’s ‘minority’. And if they wanted the world’s non-white majority to revere them as god(s), they’d essentially have to give them a white god, namely Jesus Christ.

See, if you’re a Black person who believes in a ‘white’ savior, then you have to see something about that savior in every white person you look at. Therefore, no matter what one white person, or group of white persons do to you, you’ll more than likely forgive them for whatever dastardly acts they’ve committed against you, and your people.

And if you look at the track record of Black people, we are the world’s GREATEST christians, cause we forgive white people for every and anything they’ve done to us.

Now, let me say what I’ve said in the past in terms of how I feel about white people, and that is…


Cause once you endeavor to hate anyone, that’s ultimately gonna’ result in some kind of self-hatred. And being that white fascist social orders condition Black people to hate themselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, we should make every effort to avoid hating ourselves more than we already do.

Conversely, we should also understand that the overwhelming majority of white people are going to go along with the white fascist agenda, no matter how cruel it’s being to Black people, cause it benefits them most. So it’s not about holding hands with white and non-Black people and singing ‘Kumbaya’ around a camp-fire…our predicament is not that simple. And white fascists don’t sleep when it comes to their agenda…especially for us.

So it’s really about every Black man and woman finding a balance between these two sets of knowledge. And it’s really not about ‘blind’ forgiveness of white folks. Cause our ultimate goal should always be getting rid of the self-hatred white fascists have bred into us.

And on a side note, I’d especially like to tell ‘conscious’ Black folks reading this, that you don’t have to see every new superhero flick so you can ‘de-code’ it. I remember hearing one particularly knowledgeable brotha say that he only saw the new Captain America movie two times.

I was like…what?!

After viewing two or three of these films, you should understand what kind of programming white fascists are mainstreaming with these flicks. So if you’re running out to see every new movie in this genre, I don’t care how knowledgeable a decoder you are, you’re no better than the average adolescent ‘fanboy’.

And also remember, ‘Heru’ is the ancient Black deity where we get the word ‘hero’ from. Never forget fam…ALL of the world’s arts and sciences begin with us.

So the next time you see some white caped crusader’s flick showing up at a theater near you, and you're walking towards the cineplex it’s playing at…just pass it up and keep walking.

Trust me, you’ll be glad ya’ did.


MontUHURU Mimia

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