Sunday, May 15, 2016

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. illiterate?

On March 24th, 1975, Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, better known as Sly Stallone, went to see the championship boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner.

Now Chuck Wepner was nick-named the ‘Bayonne Bleeder’ cause he was prone to bleeding in every one of his bouts. But what the nick-name meant more than anything, was Chuck was relegated to the ‘journeyman loser’ status of boxers, and it was thought he’d stay there for the rest of his life. But on that fateful evening, in the ninth round, Chuck hit Ali with a punch that stumbled him backwards and sent him to the canvas.

Now, Ali went on to KO Chuck and win the fight, but this boxing match supposedly left Sylvester so awestruck, that he went home and in a three day whirlwind of inspiration, penned the script that eventually became the 1976 movie, ‘Rocky’.

And for anyone over the age of thirty, you know that Rocky became a world-wide hit and spawned several sequels.

But what Sly really saw that night wasn’t just a boxer exceeding expectations, what he saw was white men having a chance to feel physically ‘stronger’ than Black men, even if just for that moment. Additionally, he saw white men having a chance to feel as sexually powerful as Black men as well.

Now you’re probably saying, bruh…could you please stop talking about the stereotype of the Black man’s sexual prowess. And if you are, I wanna’ remind you that I’m not talking about the size of a Black man’s phallus, I’m saying that ‘genetically’ we’re superior for the fact that we can breed any other man out of existence…especially white ones. And this is the reason why Black men catch so much hell in this life.

Don’t believe me? Then check this out…

About a year ago, I picked up a book by one of my former favorite authors, David Baldacci. In his novel, 'Simple Genius', the opening chapter is about a female secret agent (Michelle Maxwell) who's hell-bent on getting herself killed because she can’t live with the dastardly deeds she performed in a previous assignment. So this white woman goes to a bar populated by Black people. And she goes in with the intention of fighting the biggest, toughest looking Black man there. Mind you, she won’t allow herself to be killed without putting up a fight, so after hitting an exceptionally brawny Black man, she proceeds to use her specialized martial arts training to beat this guy up. Then, knowing she could kill him, she holds back and lets herself be defeated for the Black man’s sake. Cause apparently, even though she’s on some sort of suicide mission, her morals are still intact.

After I closed the book, I asked myself: Why the hell would this woman go to a bar frequented exclusively by Black people, if she wanted to kill or be killed? Cause more than likely, this woman being a special agent means she’s got money. And because of that, she probably doesn’t live around many, or any, Black folks. 

Then it hit me.

Dave Baldacci’s suicidal/homicidal female protagonist going to the ‘Black’ bar to challenge the biggest guy there, shows how effeminized white men like Dave would feel in any kind of physical altercation with a Black man. So Dave's basically confessing that going up against the ‘negro from his nightmares’ would literally have him feeling like a female. 

Let me also state that this is why so many white men love to see their wives/women having sex with us. Cause on some level, they desire to have the kind of sexual power exuded by Black men. And the closest they feel they can come to that is giving their wives/women over to one of us. While they watch.

And if you don’t believe this fact, just google the term ‘cuckoldry’ sometimes. There’s so many blogs dedicated to this topic, I’ve lost count of them in internet searches.

Now, in December of last year, the fake news website ‘’ released a report claiming boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. had overdosed on drugs and died.

And this prompted some Facebook users to send condolences to Floyd and his family. And it even had some sympathizers visiting the hospital he was supposed to have passed away in, so they could pay their respects to Floyd and his legacy.

A couple of days later, Floyd confounded those rumors by physically showing up at a press conference.

But the rumors of Floyd’s death aren’t just indicative of how fickle the fake news media or social networks are, it speaks to how white fascists really feel about him. And let me explain what I’m talking about…

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the physical embodiment of the ‘nightmare negro’ Dave Baldacci and the majority of white men fear obsessively. And that’s for several reasons, the biggest of them being that they haven’t found a way to beat him physically or mentally. 

See, Floyd’s success triggers the white man’s sexual inferiority complex. It’s like how women say they can judge a man’s sexual prowess by his dancing ability, in the same way, a lot of white men see Floyd’s physical boxing ingenuity as a direct reflection of his sexual power. And that threatens the white fascist agenda, even though Floyd’s following their rules.

Cause remember, white fascists obsessively use symbolism as a way to convey unspoken messages. And nothing speaks more loudly to white men’s insecurities than a Black champion boxer who remains undefeated.

Now you might be thinkin’, bruh…that’s just your opinion, white fascists ain’t thinkin’ about Floyd like that.

Well, ponder this…rumor has it that Floyd was unable to read an advertisement while visiting a morning radio show called the ‘Breakfast Club’ in New York City. And supposedly, one of its hosts, Charlamane…damn, could that Black man get a more effeminate or anglophilic sounding name? Anyways, that buck-dancin’ negro  Charlamane supposedly played the audio file of Floyd having difficulty reading the ad (or ‘drop’ as they call it) and the rumor that spread behind this was Floyd Mayweather Jr. is illiterate.

Now, I’ll never forget my 9th grade english teacher. He was a white guy who was a complete anglophile without me knowing it. And not only did he teach my class, which was comprised mainly of Black students, to dote on asians because of their mythological work ethic, but he was famous for showing us how seemingly mentally inferior we were. One case of this, was when he read a student’s essay paper out loud and basically made fun of the frequent grammatical errors in this student’s writing. And more than likely, this student was Black, cause again, the majority of the people in my class were. 

At the time, I thought this student’s grammatical errors were funny. But looking back on it, I wish I knew the person who wrote that essay, cause I’d tell them their paper’s errors weren’t their fault. They were the fault of the educational system that let them get to the ninth grade without offering them some kind of help.

Now, I know someone reading this is gonna’ think, bro, can’t you stop blaming the white fascist system for everything?

Yes, I can stop blaming them for our problems. That’s until I trace said problem back to the white fascist system that created it in the first place.

Understand, none of the dysfunction in the Black community is natural to us. NONE OF IT!

Now, do we have a responsibility to solve our problems? Absolutely.

But before you can solve a problem, you have to see it first.

And the overwhelming majority of us don’t realize that we’ve been conditioned to hate ourselves literally more than anyone else on the planet, ‘cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

And some of us have been so miseducated, we’ve been taught that we don’t have that kind of genetic power. I had one ‘conscious’ Black person come to this blog and tell me they used to think we had the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence, until their college professors showed them we couldn’t. I just shook my head. Then, this person not only tried to convince me that this was the gospel truth, but they started trying to convert other commenters on this blog to think like them. This person even told me, if I understood ‘Anthropology 101’ then I’d know what they were talking about.

I shut that bamboozled coon down and told them to stay off my blog.

And that negro was especially dangerous cause they had an extensive knowledge of ancient Black people…but subconsciously, that person was a complete anglophile whether they knew it or not. And I told this person that I could see how subversive their argument was even if they couldn’t.

So what does this have to do with Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Let’s say hypothetically, that Floyd is illiterate.


If Floyd really can’t read, write or spell, then he’s overcome even greater odds than growing up with a father who went to jail and a mother who was on drugs.

Now, I want everyone reading this to know that I’m NOT endorsing illiteracy. What I am endorsing is the perseverance, diligence, overall smartness and physical ingenuity of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Especially if he came out of the american educational system not knowing how to read or write. 

Ultimately what I’m saying is this: white fascists have falsely spread the rumor of Floyd’s being illiterate ‘cause that’s the only way they can beat him. 

And not only is Floyd an undefeated champ, but he’s done something truly magical in reconciling his differences with his father.

Now, I’ve said in the past that celebrity is a white fascist construct used to influence the masses, period. And I don’t think Floyd, or any of us, realize how much he’s done to influence young Black men to connect and/or reconcile relationships with their estranged fathers. And to make that happen in a social order where everything is engineered to stop that from occurring, is nothing short of miraculous.

And every time the media write about Floyd, they say he’s especially flashy, boisterous and arrogant, but they never say he’s especially smart. Which he is more than anything.

The shoulder roll technique he uses to keep from getting hit flushly by opponents is nothing short of revolutionary.

Now, Muhammad Ali was also called arrogant and verbose to a fault. And again, white fascists and their media never admitted he was smarter than the average athlete. Which he was. Difference between him and Floyd is, white fascists like Ali now cause he came down with Parkinson's disease and is less physically threatening. I’ll say again, that they especially like him now cause he doesn’t have the same kind of frightening Black masculine power or sexual energy anymore. Truthfully, white fascists see Ali as a neutered Black man. And that’s precisely the type they prefer to deal with (gay Black men fit this category as well).

Floyd has said several times: “No matter what they do, they can’t beat me.” And that’s what infuriates whitey more than anything. And the fact that Floyd retired with a sound body, sharp mind and wealth beyond his ability to spend it, says that he should be a hero (Heru) to Black men, especially young ones, for years to come.

Cause if that’s what it means to be an illiterate Black man, then every Black man should sign up for this kind of illiteracy.


MontUHURU Mimia


To every Black man reading this: Once again, let me state that I am not promoting illiteracy. And if you are a young Black man reading this especially, please do everything you can to graduate high school and college. Cause the old cliché about an education still applies, and that cliché is: Get your education, cause it’s the only thing a white man can’t take away from you.

Mind you, if you’re reading this, I’m thinking you already know an education won’t make you smarter, but what it will do is give you more access to jobs and life choices that will benefit you.

Now, to the older Black men and women reading this, what we need to do is provide our children with an education that doesn’t teach them to hate themselves. And the best way to do this is through ‘home-schooling’ cooperatives where we control the course curriculums. And I’m gonna’ write more about this in a future post…so stay tuned.


  1. If black people more genetically powerful and can breed us out why do we still exist? White people are here to stay. If we come from caves then how intellectually weak were blacks to be overthrown by cavemen? Blacks aren't built for thinking. Blacks are better suited for manual labor and physical activity. Leave thinking to us and the Asians you don't have the capacity for it.

    You're so obsessed with sex it's like that's all you think about. We think with our head up north you think with your head down south. Cuckoldry is not race specific but ghetto gaggers is. Their is plenty of slave master porn which is popular with your people.

    You have this attitude as if blacks have accomplished great things in history. You've done nothing but fuck eat and shit. Be glad for slavery you'd be in a mud hut somewhere without it. The white man invented the internet yet you have no problem slandering us. Remember your ancestors sold you to us so even black people saw black people were good for free labor. White people never sold white slaves to blacks. We had our limits.

    Only a stupid person admires uneducated negroes. He was born with talent and not with a basic ability to read and that's only him. Other blacks who can't read can box either and have no real talent.

    Your black women love white men. I remember being in college and fucking black sluts with little to no effort. Your women love us because we make mixed babies which are more physically and intellectually better. Obama needed the essence of white people if he was just black he would be in a prison cell.
    You're not better than white people and your history affirms it

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      First off, white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels. So as I'm writing this, you and your kind are being bred out of existence. And DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR the research.

      Mind you, this is happening without Black men consciously trying to cleanse the earth of the white menace. Meaning, other darker-skinned populations are aiding with this ethnic cleansing, whether they know it or not.

      So no...your people aren't here to stay.

      And let me state emphatically again, that what I'm NOT talking about here is sex, or a Black man's phallus. I'm talking strictly about 'genetics' and the genetic power of Black men. So you're reinforcing my point about the white man's feeling sexually inferior, cause if you didn't feel that way, you wouldn't use expletives and be so defensive. Especially if you think you're so superior.

      Second, you say Black people, and Black men especially, are more suited to 'manual labor' than any other kind of more cerebral vocation, but if you do some research on which kind of men populate 'manual labor' unions in america, it's your people.

      And while your checking this fact, you might wanna' check out which kind of man is on welfare more than any other in the U.S., it's white men as well. And again, don't take my word for this, do the research and find this out for yourself.

    2. 'Anonymous' (Cont.)...

      Now, more than likely you're gonna' say that more whites are on welfare cause there's just more of you in this country than us. But if you're claiming that you're mentally superior AND you have the white privilege that allows you more access to resources just based on how you look, then why would the majority of welfare recipients look like you?

      And when you say we should leave the thinking to you and asians, well, here's something about your asian pals you might wanna' consider. The continent leading in rates of world hunger, is ASIA. Again, go look this fact up.

      Now, you might say again that this is because asians make up the majority of the world's populations, but if they're so smart and hard working, then why are they starving more than any other kind of person on this planet?

      Also, if you wanna' know who really created the internet, look up a Black man named Dr. Phil Emeagwali. Not only did he create the internet, but in 1989 he won the 'Gordon Bell Prize' for creating the world's fastest computer. And again, don't take my word for this, do your own research.

      While your at it, look up Dr.Henry T. Sampson, another Black man, and his invention of the 'Gamma Electric Cell' if you wanna' know where the term 'cell-phone' comes from.

    3. 'Anonymous' (Cont.)...

      You also say Black people haven't accomplished anything in history? Well your people are still trying to figure out how my people built the pyramids. And if you wanna' find out where the world's first university was, which my people created, google the 'Sankore Madrasah' in Timbuktu, Africa. Actually, they called this an 'omnivesity' cause ALL of the world's science were taught there.

      Now, when you speak about 'ghetto gaggers', I'd like you to take into consideration the pairings of Sam Jones and Karissa Shannon, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery,etc. and you'll see how ethnically-specific white fascists are in their campaign to offer up your women to us Black men.

      And their doing this to keep Black men and women away from each other. Wanna' know why? So we don't produce more 'pure-bred' Black babies who'll have the most genetic power to breed you people out of existence.

      Because once again, as I'm writing this, your people's birth rates are falling below replacement levels.

      And when you say, white slave masters never sold other white slaves to Black people, then you obviously know nothing about the Barbary Slave trade. This occurred when the ancient Black people known as Moors enslaved millions of white people in the 1600's. And a good number of the white slaves they got were sold to them by white slave masters.

      Hell, the very word 'slave' comes from the white 'Slavs', who were the world's first slaves.

      So again, you don't know what you're talking about.

      Now, when you say only a stupid person admires someone who's uneducated, it says you missed the whole point of this post. I'm saying that even though Floyd may not be educated he's incredibly SMART!

      And to prove that, he's made more money being uneducated than almost every PhD has made embracing white intellectualism.

      So how did that happen?

      And if you don't see the decades of hard work that went into Floyd's career, and only think that his talent got him where he is, then you have no concept of how undeveloped talent gets a person no where.

      Now let me ask you this question: Do you know that Barack Obama has received more death threats than any other american president in history? And this is happening because white people are mad he's there in the first place. Now, I know Obama is bi-ethnic, but why can't your people see the white side of him? Why do they only view him as a Black man? It's because Obama's presidency was never suppose to happen in this country. Organizations like the KKK made that emphatically clear.


      When this white guy calls you sluts and says he can have sex with you with little to no effort, he's speaking for how the majority of white men feel about you...especially in america.

      And furthermore, to the inbred that wrote this: it's ashamed you don't know how much you don't know, not only about my people but your own.

      Understand when you're dealing with me, your dealing with an INFORMED BLACK NATIONALIST, FOR REAL! I'm not some brainwashed anglophile just posing like I know what I'm talking about.

      Lastly, you people are owed a karmic asskicking, and trust me, your about to get it.

  2. Did you see the hidden colors series?

    1. I'm a white guy and I don't consider myself racist. I've done nothing to any black person yet I get the feeling as if I should feel guilty for something my ancestors did. You seem to be suggesting black people are superior to whites which I don't understand the hypocrisy. We're all humans dude.

      Who cares who invented what? You didn't invent it and neither did I. It's pathetic to take pride in someone accomplishments because you look like them. Bill Gates being a billionaire doesn't make me feel any better about myself.

      It's really about rich vs poor. The rich keep everybody fighting over nothing meanwhile they get richer. Can't you see that?

    2. 'Max'...

      You don't need to consider yourself 'racist' or bigoted to enjoy the benefits of the white privilege. It exists despite your feelings about it or whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

      So, I understand that you yourself may have not committed any dastardly acts against my people, but your people commit these kinds of acts against mine day in and day out.

      Now, I'm not asking you to feel 'guilty' for what your ancestors did...and what they did was commit acts such as: lynchings, enslavement, bombings, mass genocides, gentrification(s), etc...all of which they're still committing against my people to this day...I'm not even asking you to acknowledge the machinations of white fascism against my people. What I'm doing here is talking to my people about how white fascism works for those who are actively or passively involved with it.

      And I'm not suggesting that Black people are superior, I'm DECLARING that we're superior genetically. This is evidenced by the fact that we have the most power to breed any other kind of man, especially white men, out of existence...which is happening as I'm writing this.

      And when you say: "We're all humans." That's sounds nice in the post-ethnic utopia we're supposed to be living in. But if you're a Black man who gets pulled over by a white cop, you could wind up dead over nothing but your skin color.

      Now, you also say: "Who cares about who invented what?" Granted, that's a great attitude to have in a post-ethnic society. Problem is, america's white fascist academic educational system, taught me that whites created everything and my people created nothing. And you say Bill Gates being a billionaire means nothing to you, but when someone asks you what your people created, one of your first answers would probably be: "Well, Bill Gates created Windows software." So understand, whites and every other ethnic group feel a sense of pride when they can point to a creation by one of their own kind. I'm just fortunate enough to have done the research to know these facts, cause they were kept from me in america's white fascist social order.

      And you can say it's just about 'rich vs. poor', but your people especially don't believe that. Cause no matter how much abuse working class whites suffer at the hands of white elites, every white person feels like it's their birthright to enjoy the fruits of the white privilege. Whether they admit it or not.

      What you don't understand is your peers don't agree with your sentiments...and subconsciously, neither do you. See, you can enjoy the white privilege even if you want to deny it. And that's something that every white person is an expert at doing.

      Yourself included.

  3. I am a black female with a college degree attended and graduated from what still is a predominately white and asian college in the early 1980's, and I can say for myself and close black girlfriends, we were asked out by white students and even in the work force I was asked out by white male co-workers but I said no for 3 reasons, 1. I was not attracted to any of them, 2. I knew what they wanted and I was not going to be a whore to any man, white black or any female and 3. you had to put a ring on it for me to even get a chance to make you think I would get that serious with you and I made sure I played this cards up until the invitations were mailed out if you know what I mean. Also I am sure that anonymous who so called slept with many "black whores" there were just as many white whores he could have slept with if he had the looks or much money. Many young women these days need to take more care and give more thought to who they share themselves with.

    1. I'm especially glad this white guy was so candid about his feelings regarding Black women, cause in most cases, Black women will immediately dismiss any and everything a Black man tells them. So if you hear it from a white guy, maybe you'll take heed to what these men really think of you, and just how bad a reputation the modern day Black woman has given herself with EVERY kind of man.

      What Black women really need to understand is, you can't hold parties to watch TV programs like 'Scandal', make this your #1 show, and then expect men to see you as chaste, wholesome and virginal. Especially when you have a Black woman executive producing this show.

      Now, I understand why you first mentioned your education, but one thing you can't learn in a classroom is how to comport yourself like a lady. Meaning, if Black women are hell-bent on being foul-mouthed, offensive, argumentative and combative around Black men, don't think that other men don't see this and pass judgements on you because of it.

      At some point, Black women have got to stop thinking the world has to abide their definition of woman-hood, which has nothing to do with innate femininity.