Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Barbary Slave Trade (Remix)

6/3/16: Hotep and Sutekh family...just wanna' let you know, this post isn't about the 'Trans-Atlantic slave trade' or the enslavement of Black people. This post is about a time when ancient Black people enslaved millions of white people. More specifically, it's about the Black 'Berber' people of north Africa enslaving some 2 million white christians at the same time the Trans-Atlantic slave trade occurred. So if you want to read more about that, take a look at this post. I'll be glad ya' did. 
-MontUHURU Mimia 

The Black man who inspired me to write this Blog, is now waxing philosophic about the openly bigoted nature of the superhero films he loves to see. But because his subconscious mind is anchored in a profound self-hatred, he’s not speaking disparagingly about the white fascists who green-lit, wrote and cast these films, he’s pointing an accusing finger back at Black people and saying we lack the critical thinking skills to recognize the film’s bigotry like he does.

Which goes to show you, how in the mind-set of Black self-hatred, no matter how much white fascists are at fault, you always have to put the blame on Blacks.

Now understand what I’m NOT saying…I’m not saying this man was born with this self-hatred, I’m saying it was bred into him by the white fascist social order we live in. This is especially true when it comes to the american educational system. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll say again, that Black people get taught to hate themselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

Mind you, when I first visited this man’s blog, he was a ‘pro-Black’ advocate. That’s what initially drew me to his blog and kept me coming back. Then, his true colors showed (pun intended) and he revealed himself as an epic anglophile. Now, what if I’d been an impressionable young Black man looking for some sort of older role model? How would this have affected me?

Additionally, a bigoted white boy commented on one of my posts saying that I shouldn’t extol the virtues of ancient Black people, cause all we’ve done throughout history is eat and sleep (and he used more colorful language than that). He also said that in regards to slavery, even though the very word ‘slave’ comes from the white ‘Slavs’, or Slavic people, white people never sold each other into slavery, and they never sold their own kind to Black people, because their scruples wouldn’t allow them to do that.

After I read the white boy’s comment, and I thought about the Black man who inspired me to write this blog, I thought I’d take some time to tell readers about a slave trade that goes completely unmentioned in the annals of white fascist history.

Between the years of approximately 1530 A.D. to 1780 A.D., Black Africans abducted nearly 2 million white people in what’s known as the ‘Barbary Slave Trade’.

The term ‘Barbary’ refers to the Black ‘Berber’ peoples of Northern Africa’s coastal regions. And quite frankly, the reason whites gave the area this name was because they were conquered by these Black people, so the term ‘Barbary’ is really another way of saying ‘Barbaric’ or ‘Barbarian’.  It’s the same reason they gave the name ‘dread-locks’ to ancient Black people. ‘Cause when white colonizers encountered Black people with knotted hair, they said they were some of the most fearsome warriors they contended with. That’s why they ‘dreaded’ our people with ‘locks’. And that’s why we should only refer to them as ‘locks’, not ‘dreads’ or ‘dreadlocks’.

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how some people (some Black island people included) say that Black americans didn’t fight ‘hard’ enough to get out of slavery. That’s a complete lie. During the Civil War, when white northern armies were getting their rear ends kicked by southern whites, the white north began recruiting Black men to fight against southern militias. And Black american men fought so gallantly and fiercely, that both white southern and northern armies were forced to take notice.

To the point where General Ulysses S. Grant proclaimed to Abe Lincoln that: “By arming the Black troops, we have added a powerful ally.” And because Black men now had guns, both armies of white men agreed to free our people after the war for fear that we’d unleash that kind of terror on them. And I know inevitably, some brainwashed negro is gonna’ bring up Abraham Lincoln and still proclaim that ultimately, it was him who set us free. And to that I’ll say, Lincoln himself said in a letter to Horace Greeley that if he could keep the union together without ending slavery, he would. Moreover, Lincoln owned slaves. And Lincoln was so low down, that he had hundreds of freed american slaves sent to his slave colony in Haiti to be ‘re-enslaved’. So that should tell you all you need to know about ‘stinkin’ Lincoln’. Or at least that’s what I call him.

Moving on…

The ‘Berber’ Blacks raided up coastlines of europe, particularly the British isles and even as far as iceland, capturing and enslaving white christians. And these whites were forced to work as galley slaves, laborers and concubines for ancient Black people.

Any Black man and woman reading this should also note that the ‘Berbers’ were master sea navigators. And they were often referred to as Barbary ‘pirates’ because they were especially adept at pillaging the ships of europeans and taking their goods (Somali pirates).

Now, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, which is the only slave trade we get taught about in american schools, is said to have taken place roughly between the 1600’s and 1800’s. So what does that mean in the context of this article? Well, since the Barbary Slave Trade took place from roughly 1530-1780, Blacks were enslaving whites at the same they were enslaving us.

Which begs the obvious question: If these slave trades were happening at the same time, why do we always hear about the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, but never the Barbary Slave Trade?

It’s because the white fascists who control the american educational system want Black people to feel inferior to them and other whites, from the cradle to the grave.

And they couldn’t do that if we knew about the Barbary Slave trade. Cause once they tried to show us TV dramas like ‘Roots’ or crap movies like 'Django Unchained', then we could counter them by saying: “Well, why don’t you make a TV show or movie about how my people enslaved yours?”

Now inevitably, some white or brainwashed Black person is gonna’ say: “Well, you can’t compare the two trades, cause during the ‘Trans-Atlantic’ slave trade, 10 to 20 million Black people were enslaved, as opposed to the ‘Barbary Slave Trade’, where only 2 million whites were enslaved."

And I’d counter with this: Well, during my entire school career, I was made to believe that the only slaves that existed in the world were ‘Black’ slaves. I was never taught that there was any other kind of slave but ones who looked like me. Also, when you talk about the 2 million white jews who died at the hands of white 'Nazi' germans in the 'Holocaust', no one ever says that only 2 million of those people suffered in those concentration camps and jewish ghettos. 

I have to admit family, it took me more than three decades to find this out. And the majority of Black people I know, from ages 8 to 80, will never know this.

Now, Blacks being told that we were the only slaves in world history, is a key component in the white fascist engineering that destroys the esteem of our people. It’s one of the many ways we are made to hate ourselves more than anyone on this earth. Just like the Black man who inspired me to write this blog does.

And if you’d like to do your own research on the ‘Barbary Slave Trade’, one popular book on this subject is titled: ‘Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: white Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800’ by Robert Davis, an Ohio State University professor. But if you look at other books on this topic, what you’ll find are depictions of Black men enslaving white women. And this is done for two reasons:

One, it reinforces the damsel in distress archetype given to white women. This is used to extol the virtues of a white female’s vulnerability, knowing this trait is the one that attracts a man to a woman most. To further clarify this point, it’s saying that white women are the epitome of feminine beauty.

Two, it's saying that Black men weren’t strong enough to enslave white men. So it reinforces the white man’s false image as the world’s ‘alpha’ male.

But beyond this, history also notes how some of these Black ‘Barbary’ pirates got their white slaves by buying them from white slave masters. Cause one argument I hear over and over again from white and Black people, is how especially dastardly we are cause we're the only people who sold each other into slavery.

Now inevitably, there’s gonna’ be some brainwashed anglophile of a Black person who’s gonna’ tell me…bruh, you can’t be proud that your people enslaved white folks. That’s ignorant. All this proves is how ancient Black people were just as nefarious as whites were. And what I have to say to that, is this: Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it damn sure makes it even!

Cause for too long we’ve seen ourselves endure the worst kinds of torture at the hands of inhumanly cruel whites. And all that serves to do is keep whites feeling superior, while keeping us feeling inferior. Not only to white people, but to every kind of person on this planet.

And let me add, that knowing these facts is one of the ways Blacks can get out of a self-hating mind-set. THIS IS HOW WE APPLY THIS KNOWLEDGE TO HELP US IN OUR DAILY LIVES!!

Meaning, when I walked down the street a decade ago and passed an asian person, especially a fair-skinned asian, my conditioning told me they had the right to put on airs cause they’re exceptionally brilliant and hard-working. Today, when I see any snobbish asian person, I know they represent the majority of the people on this planet who are starving to death. Cause my research has shown me that the continent leading in rates of world hunger is asia…NOT AFRICA!


So now, whenever I see any asian person, I look through them…cause I know they ain’t worth a damn. Because they have more access to the white privilege than Black people do, especially fair-skinned asians (and this is only because fair-skinned asians have the least amount of genetic power to breed whites out of existence). AND THEY STILL LOST!!

So, if you’re a Black man or woman reading this, and you happen across any kind of Black slave narrative on a TV, computer, or smart-phone, understand that in the annals of history, your ancestors had the physical and economic might to enslave whites, the same way their ancestors enslaved yours.

And that's definitely something every Black person should remember on this ‘memorial day’.


MontUHURU Mimia 


  1. You negroes love feeling like you can match us. We own this planet and nothing you do or write will change that. Blacks did rule until the white man realized you weren't smart or strong enough to maintain your power so we took it. We still have you enslaved to this day. You all work for white owned corporations and the others are in white owned prisons.

    Your ancestors were weak and afraid of white men. They feared us! We raped your grandmothers while your grandfathers watched. Even your grandfathers got raped and liked it since black men have homosexuality in their DNA.

    What have you done except bitch about what we have done? We built this country. Take your spear chucking wide nosed ass back to your mud huts in Africa if it's so bad here.


    1. 'Anonymous'...

      One of the other reasons I wrote this post was to expose how the word 'slave' literally comes from the white 'Slavs' or 'Slavic' people. Fortunately, I didn't rely on your people to give me an account of my history, or I'd have to believe that the only kinds of slaves in the world were Black people...but with the example of the Barbary Slave trade, and many other instances where my people enslaved yours, I'm finally seeing that this is not the case.

      So you say your ancestors raped my grandmothers...well, if you read this post, then you'll know that my people raped your grandmothers too. And again, we weren't afraid of you pale-skinned, recessive-traited types, cause as it shows here, we enslaved you by the millions.

      Now, if you want to talk about homosexuality and its real genesis, then you have to talk about ancient greece/rome. Especially when considering the greek island of 'lesbos' where the term 'lesbian' came from. Ancient white greek men were having so much sex with boys that white women on this island started having sex with themselves. And don't take my word for this, do the research.

      Now you ask what have we done but complain? I'll remind you, you're forgetting we have a Black president who's been in office for the last several years, and when you talk about who really built this country, you need to read up on men like Benjamin Banneker, the Black man who charted, surveyed and created this nation's capital, Washington D.C.

      Beyond this, my people created the world's first university, the Sankore Madrasah in Timbuktu, Africa. Where ALL of the arts and sciences were created and taught to you whites by us. They actually called this place an 'omni-versity' cause again, we taught the world every kind of science.

      Now, if you wanna' take about primitive neanderthals, you'd have to talk about your ancestors who lived in caves with dogs...thus, the old adage of a dog being a 'man's best friend'. That came from you guys.

      But you are right about one thing...we'll never be equal to white men...cause BLACK MEN HAVE AND WILL ALWAYS BE SUPERIOR TO YOU RECESSIVE-TRAITED TYPES. WE HAVE THE DOMINANT GENETICS! WE ARE THE WORLD'S ALPHA MEN.

      And this is evidenced by the fact that as I'm writing this, you and your kind are being bred out of existence, cause white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels.

      So what else you got bro?

    2. Motherfucker, this was the real "massive" TAST. The colonies in the Americas were originally meant for the bulk of your European ancestors to be sent here as slaves, as well as in Australia and New Zealand (oops, I mean "indentured servants/convicts/surplus population"; gotta be politically correct these days). The creation myth circulated by the U.S. corporation and their supporters. Most of the alleged "African Slave Trade" never happened; it's just a psychological ploy to make y'all feel comfortable about the fraudulent manner in which y'all stole the land and renamed us on behalf of your occult slave masters. Y'all are not the first/real "Americans"; we are.

      From Webster's 1828 Dictionary

      A native of America; *originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans*; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

      FOH with your bullshit.

    3. 'Kev'...

      Thanks for the assist bruh.

      Also, your passionate response to this inbred means you should definitely keep your Blog going.

      Our people need your information bruh...share it with them.

  2. No problem. I have a Google+ and YouTube. Bigkev9539.

    We cling to "African" history because it's well put together and presented in school, especially when it comes to pre-Colonial history. Though we are Americans, our pre-Colonial history (and even post-colonial history) is filled with lies, distortions, omissions, assumptions/hearsay, etc., so it can seem really confusing to put things together.

    1. 'Kev'...

      Once we know that we are the truly 'indigenous' people of this world, i.e., once we realize that in the beginning it was just the earth and Black people, ALL that confusion will dissipate.

      Then, we can unburden ourselves of cultural labels (Muslim, Buddhist, Baptist, Nuwapian, Moor, etc.) and finally start unifying with each other.

      Then, and only then, will we attain true power.

      Not monetary power, or power(s) by way of hording massive amounts of information, but the only kind of power that will help us defeat white fascism once and for all, and that's the power to finally love ourselves enough to want to work together.

      Again, thanks for the assist bruh.

    2. Yep. And that's what it's all about. Hats off to ya.