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Read my first novel, 'Celling Seouls'...

Hotep and Sutekh family...I just wanna' give you a head's up about my first and latest novel, 'Celling Seouls'. 

This novel's protagonist is a young brotha named Barry Braithwaite. Barry is a rookie cop who joins Newark, New Jersey's police force at a time when that city's Black community is revolting against them. One of the city's gangs called 'The Seouls', has sworn vengeance against Newark's P.D. for the murder of two young, unarmed brothas who cops suspected were selling drugs, but weren't. Or at least that's what the media is telling Newark's Black community. 

One evening, while at a cop function, Barry finds out the truth about who the 'Seouls' really are. But he doesn't take it upon himself to verify this information, until a member of his family falls prey to activities surrounding the Seoul menace. 

And once Barry sets out to seek justice for his loved one, he quickly realizes he may wind up in a casket right beside them. 

Let me just say, writing this book actually taught me the craft of novel writing. It was a long, arduous road to write and publish this work, but fortunately, I persevered. So now, finally, the story I'd had in my head for years is documented in this fictional tale

This book is 148 pages long and the e-book version is $0.99.    

Now, some people may be crying foul at my charging for this work, but I'd like to remind anyone who is that I've written this Blog, and several e-books, for free over the course of three years. And I refuse to put a donation button on this Blog. So rather than do that, I'm offering this work for a paltry sum. And I can say in all honesty that once you read into this book, you'll realize you're getting more than your money's worth. 

I'd also like to add that there's 5 preview chapters of the book, so you can see a good portion of it absolutely free. And with that said, I'm gonna' put the first chapter in this post to kinda' whet your appetite for what's in the novel. So, without further ado, here's Chapter 1 of my latest tome 'Celling Seouls'. Enjoy...

And by the way fam...let me know what you think of the first free Chapters and/or the novel, pro or con. Thanks!

                                       Chapter 1

Barry Braithwaite looked out his patrol car’s window at swarms of pedestrians and miles of retail shops flanking him. From the passenger’s seat, he aimed his focus at sidewalk vendors selling bootlegged apparel, handbags and watches. None of which was worth hassling them over as long as they had a license.

His gaze then shifted towards commuters who sat and stood beneath bus stop cubicles. He caught several of them wiping sweat from their brow as the sun incinerated every block of Newark, New Jersey.

“You picked a helluva time to join the force bro,” said Troy Turner, with his hand on the steering wheel. “There’s more gun-play on these streets than I seen in years.” Barry looked left towards his partner while a small vent in front of him pumped out cool air. 

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, Newark was never a crime-free city,” said Troy, “but last year, I only had to draw my gun like three times. This year’s only half over and I lost count of how many times I unclipped my holster.”

Barry nodded and tugged at his uniform’s collar. A moment later, he gripped his utility belt and began readjusting himself in his seat.

“I told ya’ the uniform’s gonna’ take some breakin’ in,” Troy snickered. “We all go through that man.”

“Well, the sooner it’s broken in, the better.” Barry said.

Barry settled into his seat before looking at his passenger side mirror. He gaped at the image of a horse-riding policeman reflecting back at him. He kept looking, but didn’t recognize the mounted police officer.

“Look in your rear-view.” Barry said smiling at Troy.
Troy glanced at the mirror before smiling to himself.
“Does he work at our precinct?” Barry asked.
“He might,” said Troy shrugging, “but I don’t know him.”

Troy stared back at the road before easing the car to a stop for a red light. The clip-clops of the police stallion kept Barry’s focus squarely on the mirror outside his window. He watched the patrol officer’s tug at the horse’s reigns and how it brought the muscular steed to a halt besides their car. Barry lowered his window and the afternoon’s heat rushed in.

“How’s it goin’?” Barry shouted, staring up at the horse riding policeman. 

“Hotter than hell out here,” said the pallid officer.

“The air should be cooler up there.”

“Not today,” the cop smiled.

“Well, when you get off, have a cold beer on me.”

“I just might do that.”

Barry flinched at the sound of what he thought was a firecracker before he saw the horse riding cop grab at his throat. Another firecracker went off before the officer’s chest exploded and he fell backwards off his steed.

“Oh sh—!” Barry exclaimed.

Screams erupted around the downed cop as pedestrians fled in every direction. The stallion bolted through the intersection with the downed cop’s leg caught in the saddle. Sounds of screeching tires filled the air as several cars crashed into each other trying to avoid the animal’s charge.

“This is car thirty three,” said Troy clutching the cruiser’s radio, “11-99, I repeat, 11-99. Officer down.”

Troy clicked on the car’s lights and sirens before he mashed down the accelerator. Barry watched rows of cars begin to blur by.

“Car thirty three, what’s your twenty?” said the static-ridden voice of a dispatcher.

“Corner of Lafayette and Broad Street,” Troy said, before putting the radio back in its cradle.

Barry stared at the galloping stallion and saw the animal was oblivious to the cop he dragged through the streets. He winced watching the cop’s body being tossed around like a rag doll and forced his eyes away from the officer. Barry couldn’t keep himself from looking and focused back on the policeman a second later.

A horrific thud came from the cop’s body as he made impact with a parked car. Then another. Barry shook his head in disbelief as the stallion kept charging through red lights. He watched oncoming cars swerve to avoid the animal before he caught a pedestrian’s mid-air pirouette from being clipped by a Chevy. The cop’s body slammed into another parked car before the impact threw him free of the fleeing stallion.

Barry jolted forward as Troy screeched the cruiser to a halt.

Troy parked sideways in front of the downed cop while several police cars rushed towards the scene. Both Barry and Troy sprang out of their cruiser. Barry looked at the downed cop’s innards hanging out of his stomach. He forced his eyes elsewhere. When his focus returned to the cop, he saw mounds of skin peeled off the officer’s face. Barry chocked down the lunch making its way up his throat.

Troy put his gloved hand on the cop’s neck. The crimson flood coming from the downed officer stopped momentarily. Barry focused through his nausea and clutched out his utility belt’s radio.

“Dispatch, this is car thirty-three, we need an emergency medical unit ASAP!” Barry exclaimed.

Troy nodded in approval.

As Barry gawked at the doomed officer, one question repeated in his mind: What the hell did I get myself into? 


Now...if ya'd like to read on fam, click on the book cover below and check out more of my novel, 'Celling Seouls'. Trust'll be glad ya' did.


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