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The cult of Black and white cinematic symbolism (Part 7)...'Dopey' white fascism and brothas who are 'Strictly Business'...

In January of 2015 the movie ‘Dope’ debuted at the Sundance Film festival. It won such critical acclaim that on June of that year, the film was released into american theaters by Open Road Pictures. A short time later, the flick was re-released on September 4th, 2015 during the Labor Day weekend.

The movie Dope was written and directed by Rick Fumuyiwa, a brotha who grew up in the city of Inglewood, California, where this story takes place. He’s been quoted as stating how this movie is semi-autobiographical and shows some of the travails he encountered trying to stay on the right path in that community. This film was produced by Forrest Whitaker (The Butler, upcoming Roots remake) and co-executive produced by Sean Combs (Diddy) and Pharrell Williams. So the freemasonic agenda is deeply embedded in this piece of propaganda posing as a movie.

The plot of this flick is as follows: Malcolm (Shameik Moore) is a high school senior whose best friends ‘Jib’ and ‘Diggy’ all live in the Inglewood, California neighborhood known as ‘the bottoms’.

Malcolm is a straight A student with high SAT scores who dreams of going to Harvard, but his ambitions come under fire from a school counselor who says the college’s administrators will be dismissive of his achievements due to where he lives. The counselor then tells Malcolm he should find another way to impress the Harvard interviewer he’ll have to meet in order to get into the school.

While biking home, a drug-dealer named ‘Dom’ (A$AP Rocky) asks Malcolm to invite a certain girl to his birthday party, the girl becomes so enchanted with Malcolm that she lets Dom know she won’t come to the party unless Malcolm does too.

Malcolm attends the party where Dom tries to buy some ‘dope’ but the transaction gets interrupted by rival drug dealers. While hiding from the invaders, Dom puts the drugs, a gun and a cellphone into Malcolm’s back pack.

After Malcolm discovers the drugs and receives instructions to return them, he runs into several characters that lead him to the house of his Harvard interviewer, who happens to be the person the drugs belong to. Once Malcolm realizes this, the Harvard interviewer (played by Roger Guenveur Smith) orders Malcolm to sell the dope. And if he accomplishes the task he’ll make sure Malcolm gets into Harvard. But if Malcolm fails, the Harvard interviewer lets him know he’ll suffer dire consequences.

Malcolm, Jib and Diggy devise a plan to sell the dope with the aid of a veteran stoner/hacker they’d met in ‘band camp’ years ago. And basically, they set up a scheme where the Harvard interviewer will be exposed for his drug-dealing if anything happens to Malcolm. And from this same schemeMalcolm extorts a guaranteed acceptance into Harvard out of the drug-dealing interviewer.

And my apologies for 'spoiling' the film to those who haven't seen it, but I’m trying to make a point.

‘Strictly Business’ is a comedic film released into american theaters on November 8th, 1991.

This movie was directed by Kevin Hooks and written by Nelson George (the famous music journalist) and Pam Gibson. And it was produced by Andre Harrell, Diddy’s former boss over at ‘Uptown records’.

Now, unlike ‘Dope’, Strictly business had a limited release into theaters…or in industry terms, it was made available to a ‘selected audience’. And I’ll discuss why in a ‘sec.

Strictly Business is about ‘Bobby’ (Tommy Davidson) a mail-room clerk who works for a big firm and how he strikes up a deal with one of the firm’s Black executives, Wayman Tisdale (Joseph C. Phillips). The deal is this: If Bobby introduces the uptight, token-ish Wayman to his dream-girl Natalie (Halle Berry), Wayman will get Bobby into the firm’s ‘broker trainee’ program.

Ultimately what happens is the deal Wayman is banking on to make him a partner gets sabotaged by one of his white co-workers. In the midst of the scandal, Wayman is tricked into believing Bobby's responsible for delivering a wrong set of documents to his intended clients.

Fortunately Wayman’s secretary discovers the error and lets him know Bobby wasn’t at fault. Once Wayman realizes this, he finds Bobby and apologizes. After Wayman tells Bobby his plans to quit, Bobby uses his ingenuity to make Wayman’s deal happen with some Black men who own a Harlem Bank (The Holloran Brothers/Brothas).

Shortly after the deal’s made, the white co-worker who sabotaged Wayman’s deal confesses and Wayman is made a partner at the firm. Also, Bobby gets into the trainee program and Wayman gets Natalie at the end.

Now with that said, I’d like to concentrate on these movie’s protagonists: Bobby, Wayman and Malcolm.

In Dope, the movie’s main character Malcolm, is a geek who hangs out with ethnically and sexually confused friends like Jib and Diggy. And Malcolm also does everything he can to distance himself from contemporary Black culture.

Whereas in Strictly Business, we see Bobby and Wayman as two straight and strong-minded brothas who aid in each other’s upward mobility.

Now you might be thinkin’, c’mon bruh…Wayman’s a complete sell-out who's happy to be the white man’s lap dog. Difference is, at the film’s end, Wayman, Bobby and his coterie of Black men all win together. Whereas Malcolm’s win involves a motley crew composed of one white guy, his asian looking friend Jib and ‘Diggy’, a sexually confused bi-ethnic girl who calls Malcolm's sexuality into question for hanging with her.

But let’s get at the heart of Dope’s real message, which is twofold. The first message being: SMART YOUNG BLACK MEN DON’T HANG AROUND OTHER YOUNG BLACK MEN! 

This movie makes the emphatic point that if any young Black man wants to excel in academics, or in life period, he should hang out with friends who don’t look like him. Meaning if a young Black men who wants to be an over-achiever, you should hang out with asians, latinos, whites and even sexually conflicted peers…anyone but your own kind.


The TV character ‘Urkel’ was a prime example of the white fascist’s agenda to mainstream the emasculation of young Black men. And speaking of Urkel, on the show 'Family Matters' we see how Urkel’s smart and weak, yet the character 'Eddie Winslow' is physically strong and stupid. The message white fascists were sending there is it’s already bad enough that Black men have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence, so what they really don’t wanna’ deal with is a Black man who’s STRONG AND SMART at the same time.

Cause truth be told, they know it’s the strong and smart Black man who more than any other man, poses the greatest threat to them…and dealing with this kind of man, especially in a physical confrontation, is every white guy’s worst nightmare.

So I’ve said all that to say this, if you’re a Black man or woman trying to inspire any young Black man to be achievement-oriented with either of these movies, show him Strictly Business, not Dope.

Cause if you give a young Black man a character like ‘Malcolm’ to aspire to, what you’re doing is reinforcing reasons why he should hate himself for being Black. And that’s cause in Dope, straight and strong young Black men are portrayed as drug-dealers and/or bullies who are headed for either a life of crime or prison. And what Dope doesn’t show is how the overwhelming majority of young Black men can’t be geeks if they want to survive living in their neighborhoods.

So I’ll close out this post with a saying that was continually repeated to me when I was Malcolm’s age, and that is: DOPE IS FOR DOPES!

Moreover, if you wanna’ keep a young Black man from overdosing on any kind of anglophilic brainwashing, you should tell him to avoid Dope at all costs.


MontUHURU Mimia


If you'd like to look at the video I created for this post, you can check it out here.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Wachowski sisters and the 'real life' matrix...

‘Move your money’ was a campaign organized by Arianna Huffington (co-creator of ‘The Huffington Post’) in 2009 as a response to 2008’s ‘financial crisis’. And behind this and similar initiatives in the last decade, more than four million accounts have been closed out of ‘too big to fail’ banks in america.

As a testament to this, one day during the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, several protesters were arrested for trespassing in front of a New York ‘Citibank’. When cops questioned them, they told the officers they were only there to close their accounts.

Now in an ancillary movement, documented in an article titled: ‘People are leaving the workforce in droves, and what it means for businesses’, stats from the 2013 u.s. Department of Labor report that americans are leaving jobs at such a high rate, that in roughly four years the number of americans working traditional jobs will be eclipsed by the number of them opting out of the american workforce altogether.

In another related article titled: ‘I'm Outta Here!, Why 2 Million Americans Quit Every Month’, what’s stated emphatically is the biggest reason for ‘quits’ is employees no longer trust corporations.

And what will these workforce drop-outs do for a dollar? According to these articles and others, they’ll become entrepreneurs and work for themselves.

With the advent of the internet and better on-line technologies, more and more americans are trading in their corporate cubicles for a home office.

And that spells trouble for the elite.

Why? Cause as more and more people depend less on a check from corporations and government jobs, more of the proletariat can acquire and circulate monies amongst themselves, thus cutting out elitist middle-men. In laymen’s terms, if this viral entrepreneurism goes national and global, we could see a day in the near future where the elites could be put out of business.

And for every person thinking about taxes associated with opening a business, I’d like to note that if the working classes are the ones generating and circulating the lion’s share of america’s capital outside the realms of corporate and government jobs, we’d have the majority say of how and where these monies are spent. Or we could just realize that we never needed money in the first place. Cause before the elitist monetary system was created, the proletariat ‘bartered’ for goods and services.        

Truth be told, money was only created to restrict our access to resources. Currency notes and coins are nothing but monetary gate keepers meant to provide access controls and barriers between us and the 1% of persons controlling all the world’s material goods.  

And here’s the underscored bottom line, the elite know that the proletariat can shut their global sham down simply by not showing up to work for a day or two.

So I’ve said all that to say this: Too many of us are unplugging from the ‘Real life’ Matrix, and it's making the ruling elite nervous.

Now, the phrase ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ is latin and translates into ‘Order out of chaos’. And this is one method fascist freemasons use to keep the proletariat under their collective thumbs.

And there’s several ways I could explain how this concept works, but for the sake of not making this post any lengthier than it needs to be, I’ll say this ideology deals with elites knowing that if you want to better control any organization…or organism, one of the best ways to do it is by destabilizing the target and throwing it into a state of dysfunction. Then, you offer the target your solution to the problem. And once this solution is administered, it’s diagnosis will make the target operate in accordance with the desires of the fascist elite.

For example, in the early 1970’s a rich business tycoon said he was at a dinner party and happened to strike up a conversation with a member of the Rockefeller family. While conversing the Rockefeller asked the businessman: “Tell me, what do you think of the Woman’s Lib movement?”

The tycoon responded: “Well, overall I think it’s positive, women getting equal pay for equal work and all.”

The Rockefeller replied: “Listen, we funded Women’s Lib, and the main reason was because we couldn’t tax half the population if women were staying at home and being housewives. Not only did we want to get women into the workforce, but we knew that with both parents out of the home, what essentially would be raising their kids would be the TV, so the generations after theirs would be much easier to program.”

Now, I’d like to focus on the Rockefeller’s last statement about kids being raised by TV. This sentiment is telling when it comes to the elite’s main target for destabilization over the course of the last half-century.

And that target is the nuclear family.

See, if you destabilize the nuclear family and have a spate of one-parent households dominating any country, the children of those households will be infinitely more corruptible than a child coming from a stable two-parent home. Now let me expound on this further

What I’m not saying is that children from single-parent households are destined to be morally obtuse and criminal-minded, what I am saying is these children will more than likely have some sort of emotional instability from not growing up with both parents. And more than likely, this will affect their decision making to the point where they’ll be more willing to do certain things that the child who has the counsel of both parents won’t. And monetarily, the child may not have access to items they want or need because there’s only one household income. And this more than anything may affect their decision making. 

So for the last several decades, the elite have thrown every effort into destroying the nuclear family and keeping it dysfunctional. And one of the best ways to do this is by eradicating traditional gender roles.

Enter the Wachowski brothers…siblings….I mean, sisters.

Now, last year I wrote about Larry Wachowski becoming Lana, and a week ago, I found out that his brother Andy has now taken the transgender plunge and become ‘Lilly’. After shaking my head for several minutes, I have to admit to being mildly shocked, but I wasn’t surprised. Here’s why…

Like I said earlier, with more and more americans/global citizens being distrustful of corporations and with the elite seeing our exodus from the traditional workforce, the powers that be need to be reassured that we're kept in the ‘construct’ that the ‘Real-life’ Matrix is built on. Thus, they have to up the ante with their techniques of keeping us ‘corruptible’.

So the Wachowski’s are not only helping to mainstream homosexuality, but they and others like ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner are ushering in an era of total gender confusion. Our children are being told that they don’t have to be boys or girls. Thus, the elites are asking them to be some kind of human hybrid.  

And soon the elites will have an official title for the ‘genderless’ human. This will be followed by initiatives to bait them back into the Real-Life Matrix with the promise of more access to resources via government programs that cater specifically to them.  

And that’s what the Wachowski sisters and ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner are really spearheading. 

So let me break this all the way down and say:

The matrix has you…

But the good news is, it can’t keep you…not unless you want to be kept.

And the solution to this is simple. The proletariat…us, we need to endorse and sponsor a return to traditional gendered, two-parent households that have the greatest chance at producing less corruptible children…or children period. Remember, more than likely, a genderless hybrid won’t be interested in producing offspring. They’ll probably wind up with a same-sexed person that’s just as confused as they are.

So it’s time for everyone in this age of gender confusion to choose between the red and the blue pill.

Cause I know which capsule I’m clutching.

It’s the one leading me out of all this sexually ambiguous non-sense and has me realizing that the behaviors associated with this kind of confliction are more conducive to a ‘death-style’, not a life-style.

So which pill will you pick?

And remember, if you don’t care about the elites plans for you, you should at least be concerned about their plans for our children.

So for their sakes, choose wisely.


MontUHURU Mimia

Monday, March 14, 2016

The gospel of white fascism (Part 6)...The Roots 'reboot'...

Alexander Murray Palmer Haley, better known as ‘Alex’ Haley, was born on August 11, 1921. He was an american author credited for writing the 1976 book: ‘Roots: The Saga Of An American Family’.

In 1977 the book was adapted to a TV mini-series by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), and was said to have been watched by a record-breaking 130 million viewers. *Sidenote: I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how the ‘Nielsen TV’ ratings agency was found to have falsified ratings numbers several times in the past. And since they had a monopoly on this market back then, it’s hard to say how many people actually watched this show.

Now Alex acknowledged that his book ‘Roots’ was a novel. But he did say he’d traced his family’s history back to one of his real ancestors who was ‘Kunta Kinte’, the novel’s protagonist. According to Haley, Kunta Kinte was sold into slavery where he was given the name ‘Toby’ and while living under the tyrannies of his slave master John Waller, he fathered a daughter named ‘Kizzy’. Alex also claimed that Kizzy was his great-grandmother. He also said he identified the specific slave ship and voyage which took Kunta Kinte from Africa to america in 1767. 

But in 1978, Harold Courlander, who wrote the novel ‘The African’, sued Haley and charged him with copying 81 passages from his book. Courlander's pre-trial memorandum in the copyright infringement lawsuit stated: "Defendant Haley had access to and substantially copied from The African. Without The African, Roots would have been a very different and less successful novel, and indeed it is doubtful that Mr. Haley could have written Roots without The African ... Mr. Haley copied language, thoughts, attitudes, incidents, situations, plot and character."

Michael Wood, who was an English professor at Columbia University, submitted a report as an expert witness in the trial and said: The evidence of copying from The African in both the novel and the television dramatization of Roots is clear and irrefutable. The copying is significant and extensive ... Roots ... plainly uses The African as a model: as something to be copied at some times, and at other times to be modified, but always it seems, to be consulted ... Roots takes from The African phrases, situations, ideas, aspects of style and plot.

And it was upon this plagiarized semi-non-fictional book, that the Roots TV series was created.

With that said, if you’re a Black man or woman reading this, I’d just like to warn you that the remake of Roots is set to debut on Monday, May 30th, 2016. Yep…on ‘Memorial Day’ fam. The History Channel plans to run two hour episodes on four consecutive nights. And the worst part is, that buck-dancing, shufflin’ and head scratching negro Lavar Burton, the original Kunta Kinte, is actually executive-producing this piece of trash and said: "I am incredibly proud to be a part of this new retelling and start the dialogue again, at a time when it is needed more than ever.”

Now, I was one of the unfortunate souls who watched the 1977 version of this crap show in my pre-teens. And it reminded me of a sentiment I’d read in Dr. Huey P. Newton’s book, ‘Revolutionary Suicide’. And for those who don’t know, Dr. Huey P. Newton was the founder of The ‘Black Panther Party’. Anyway, Huey said when he was in elementary school, he didn’t know why he felt bad about being Black, he just knew he did. And this was the effect Roots had on me.

When I watched this show, I couldn’t necessarily follow the narrative, but I vividly remember Lavar Burton playing Kunta Kinte and how he was strung up and whipped until he submitted to being named Toby. Then in later episodes, I remember John Amos playing a mature Kunta Kinte and how his foot was chopped off for trying to escape the plantation. I also vividly remember one young Black woman screaming out for her mother as she was being taken from her family on the back of a horse-drawn buggy, while her mother looked on in horror, helpless to save her child.

Now, I also wanna’ state emphatically that Roots is being ‘rebooted’ for the same reason it was originally aired in the 70’s, and that reason is white fascist’s feel Blacks are becoming too upwardly mobile at this moment.

Now, a lot of you might be saying, Oh please…Blacks upwardly mobile in the 70’s and now!?


So now you might be sayin', prove it bruh.


Let’s look back at the 70’s. 

After the integration hoax was pulled on us, we did begin to acquire college educations and employment stats show wage gains for our people that started in 1965. As more of us were allowed to join unions and get 'city' and corporate jobs, we did begin steady climbs up the socio-economic ladder

And with TV shows like ‘The Jeffersons’, our people could visually see a representation of our upwardly mobile strides. The first line in this show’s theme song was: “Well, we’re movin’ on up…” And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how this show’s theme song was written and sung by Jan'et Dubois, who played ‘Willona’ on ‘Good Times’. And that was yet another symbol of our vaulting socio-economic status. Willona from the projects was now singin’ about a married Black couple ‘movin’ on up’ and how they ‘finally got a piece of the pie’.

And one place where our strides were especially evident, was 70’s Black cinema, or what white fascists and their lackeys were calling ‘Blaxploitation’ films.

One great example of this was the film ‘Uptown Saturday Night’ (1974). Sidney Poitier not only had the lead role in this movie, but he directed it and a Black man (Richard Wesley) wrote the screenplay.

And even movies like ‘Superfly’ had the anti-hero ‘Priest’ literally beating the hell outta’ white cops and driving off in his luxury car afterwards. And these same sentiments were echoed in movies like ‘Bucktown’ and ‘Three the Hard Way’. And what mainstream america surely doesn’t want us to know is how these films actually saved the white movie industry in the early 70’s, which was in a serious financial decline.

But white elites would have the last laugh in the 80’s, or what I call the ‘egregious eighties’. They did this by decimating our neighborhoods with the troika of ‘Reaganomics’, Crack and AIDS. This is how they figured they’d erase any forward strides we’d made or were planning to make.

Now let’s fast forward to today.

With the parents of Micheal Brown speaking at the United Nations behind their son’s murder, Judge Olu Stevens demanding to preside over juries that fairly represent African-Americans in Kentucky and The election of Barack Obama, elites feel we Black folks are getting a bit too ‘uppity’. Now, for any Black person saying that Obama’s a sell-out, I completely agree. But you have to understand two things: First, if Obama was really down for us, white fascists would have killed him a long time ago. Second, behind reason 1, all Obama could really offer us was hope…but that, and the symbolism of physically seeing him in that seat, was enough for us to initiate our upwards surge.

So behind these events and others like them, the Roots remake is about to be aired.

Now I’ve said all that to say this, If you’re a Black man or woman reading this post, you need to boycott this crap show by not watching it…and whatever you do, PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILDREN FROM WATCHING THIS B.S.!!! Cause this show's scenes of our people being tortured and forcibly separated from our families only serve as 'mental triggers’ for reasons why we should feel inferior to whites. On top of that, it also serves to reinforce reasons why we should hate ourselves and everyone who looks like us for being Black.

And that’s this show’s ONLY goal.

So for all the anglophilic, buck-dancin’ pseudo Black folks reading this who feel the need to revisit this show’s characters with names like ‘Chicken George’ and the like, I say you don’t deserve the privilege of being born in a Black body. And know that after you finish grinnin’ around the water cooler with your white co-workers about how much you loved this story’s retelling, that when you leave, those same white folks will laugh behind your back at how profoundly stupid you are. Cause at a time when whites are doing everything they can to emulate us via silicone injected lips, butts and tans, you have to be a damn fool to dote on seeing your people being treated like property.

But if you’re one of the Black people who paid to see ‘Django Unchained’, I’ll give you a pass. Cause more than likely, you clearly don't mind working at brain stem levels anyway.

And like Sam Jackson said in ‘Do The Right Thing’: “…that’s the triple truth, Ruth.”


MontUHURU Mimia