Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Wachowski sisters and the 'real life' matrix...

‘Move your money’ was a campaign organized by Arianna Huffington (co-creator of ‘The Huffington Post’) in 2009 as a response to 2008’s ‘financial crisis’. And behind this and similar initiatives in the last decade, more than four million accounts have been closed out of ‘too big to fail’ banks in america.

As a testament to this, one day during the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, several protesters were arrested for trespassing in front of a New York ‘Citibank’. When cops questioned them, they told the officers they were only there to close their accounts.

Now in an ancillary movement, documented in an article titled: ‘People are leaving the workforce in droves, and what it means for businesses’, stats from the 2013 u.s. Department of Labor report that americans are leaving jobs at such a high rate, that in roughly four years the number of americans working traditional jobs will be eclipsed by the number of them opting out of the american workforce altogether.

In another related article titled: ‘I'm Outta Here!, Why 2 Million Americans Quit Every Month’, what’s stated emphatically is the biggest reason for ‘quits’ is employees no longer trust corporations.

And what will these workforce drop-outs do for a dollar? According to these articles and others, they’ll become entrepreneurs and work for themselves.

With the advent of the internet and better on-line technologies, more and more americans are trading in their corporate cubicles for a home office.

And that spells trouble for the elite.

Why? Cause as more and more people depend less on a check from corporations and government jobs, more of the proletariat can acquire and circulate monies amongst themselves, thus cutting out elitist middle-men. In laymen’s terms, if this viral entrepreneurism goes national and global, we could see a day in the near future where the elites could be put out of business.

And for every person thinking about taxes associated with opening a business, I’d like to note that if the working classes are the ones generating and circulating the lion’s share of america’s capital outside the realms of corporate and government jobs, we’d have the majority say of how and where these monies are spent. Or we could just realize that we never needed money in the first place. Cause before the elitist monetary system was created, the proletariat ‘bartered’ for goods and services.        

Truth be told, money was only created to restrict our access to resources. Currency notes and coins are nothing but monetary gate keepers meant to provide access controls and barriers between us and the 1% of persons controlling all the world’s material goods.  

And here’s the underscored bottom line, the elite know that the proletariat can shut their global sham down simply by not showing up to work for a day or two.

So I’ve said all that to say this: Too many of us are unplugging from the ‘Real life’ Matrix, and it's making the ruling elite nervous.

Now, the phrase ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ is latin and translates into ‘Order out of chaos’. And this is one method fascist freemasons use to keep the proletariat under their collective thumbs.

And there’s several ways I could explain how this concept works, but for the sake of not making this post any lengthier than it needs to be, I’ll say this ideology deals with elites knowing that if you want to better control any organization…or organism, one of the best ways to do it is by destabilizing the target and throwing it into a state of dysfunction. Then, you offer the target your solution to the problem. And once this solution is administered, it’s diagnosis will make the target operate in accordance with the desires of the fascist elite.

For example, in the early 1970’s a rich business tycoon said he was at a dinner party and happened to strike up a conversation with a member of the Rockefeller family. While conversing the Rockefeller asked the businessman: “Tell me, what do you think of the Woman’s Lib movement?”

The tycoon responded: “Well, overall I think it’s positive, women getting equal pay for equal work and all.”

The Rockefeller replied: “Listen, we funded Women’s Lib, and the main reason was because we couldn’t tax half the population if women were staying at home and being housewives. Not only did we want to get women into the workforce, but we knew that with both parents out of the home, what essentially would be raising their kids would be the TV, so the generations after theirs would be much easier to program.”

Now, I’d like to focus on the Rockefeller’s last statement about kids being raised by TV. This sentiment is telling when it comes to the elite’s main target for destabilization over the course of the last half-century.

And that target is the nuclear family.

See, if you destabilize the nuclear family and have a spate of one-parent households dominating any country, the children of those households will be infinitely more corruptible than a child coming from a stable two-parent home. Now let me expound on this further

What I’m not saying is that children from single-parent households are destined to be morally obtuse and criminal-minded, what I am saying is these children will more than likely have some sort of emotional instability from not growing up with both parents. And more than likely, this will affect their decision making to the point where they’ll be more willing to do certain things that the child who has the counsel of both parents won’t. And monetarily, the child may not have access to items they want or need because there’s only one household income. And this more than anything may affect their decision making. 

So for the last several decades, the elite have thrown every effort into destroying the nuclear family and keeping it dysfunctional. And one of the best ways to do this is by eradicating traditional gender roles.

Enter the Wachowski brothers…siblings….I mean, sisters.

Now, last year I wrote about Larry Wachowski becoming Lana, and a week ago, I found out that his brother Andy has now taken the transgender plunge and become ‘Lilly’. After shaking my head for several minutes, I have to admit to being mildly shocked, but I wasn’t surprised. Here’s why…

Like I said earlier, with more and more americans/global citizens being distrustful of corporations and with the elite seeing our exodus from the traditional workforce, the powers that be need to be reassured that we're kept in the ‘construct’ that the ‘Real-life’ Matrix is built on. Thus, they have to up the ante with their techniques of keeping us ‘corruptible’.

So the Wachowski’s are not only helping to mainstream homosexuality, but they and others like ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner are ushering in an era of total gender confusion. Our children are being told that they don’t have to be boys or girls. Thus, the elites are asking them to be some kind of human hybrid.  

And soon the elites will have an official title for the ‘genderless’ human. This will be followed by initiatives to bait them back into the Real-Life Matrix with the promise of more access to resources via government programs that cater specifically to them.  

And that’s what the Wachowski sisters and ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner are really spearheading. 

So let me break this all the way down and say:

The matrix has you…

But the good news is, it can’t keep you…not unless you want to be kept.

And the solution to this is simple. The proletariat…us, we need to endorse and sponsor a return to traditional gendered, two-parent households that have the greatest chance at producing less corruptible children…or children period. Remember, more than likely, a genderless hybrid won’t be interested in producing offspring. They’ll probably wind up with a same-sexed person that’s just as confused as they are.

So it’s time for everyone in this age of gender confusion to choose between the red and the blue pill.

Cause I know which capsule I’m clutching.

It’s the one leading me out of all this sexually ambiguous non-sense and has me realizing that the behaviors associated with this kind of confliction are more conducive to a ‘death-style’, not a life-style.

So which pill will you pick?

And remember, if you don’t care about the elites plans for you, you should at least be concerned about their plans for our children.

So for their sakes, choose wisely.


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. Finally! Someone had to say it....

    This 'gender-ambiguity' kool-aid is something I've noticed mainstreaming on a much larger scale as early as 3 years ago. Truth be told this has started way earlier than that but the fact remains that there has been a concerted effort to destroy the traditional family as we know it (even more so in the black community).

    From the tv shows and slick advertising we watch, to the music or modern cinema we subject to, these sources of entertainment have been mediums used to lull us into an assured acceptance of the new norm. What's even more scary is that regardless if you agree with this 'societal movement' or not the majority who does (more often those in positions of power) has used fear and public shaming to reinforce compliance with this new 'death-style'.

    In order to combat this we have to come to an understanding that the 'real' war is fought in the mind. We have to make a conscious choice everyday whether or not we submit to this insidious garbage or err on the side of conventional wisdom, which would in turn affect our actions in how we go about impacting ourselves as well as those around us.

    The unfortunate reality with erring on this side of conventional wisdom is that it does come at a cost. Particularly in the black community where this type of 'learned behavior' is accepted and more often encouraged amongst our men. But that does not mean that I, nor does any other critically thinking black man don't carry a responsibility of upholding a standard righteousness.

    Point is....someone has to do it. And if the price of admission is being classified as a 'traditional reformist' amongst my more 'progressive' counterparts then so be it. My need to be accepted weighs very little to that of my need to redefine what a man looks like for myself as well as the men in my family.

    Just a thought...


    1. 'Mike'...

      I know I'm dating myself, but I can remember looking at an ad of the 70's star quarterback 'Joe Namath' posing in pantyhose when I was in my pre-teens. Now, I'm sure the mainstreaming of homosexuality had its start earlier than that, but that's how long ago I remember it starting.

      Now, to avoid sounding hackneyed, I opened this argument up to include how the elites also have this agenda for poor and working class whites. But again, since more of the world looks like us, we stand to be the ones who will be most affected.

      And again, the bulls-eye of white fascism will always be on our backs more than most, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

      Now, when you said the real 'war' is fought in the mind, you were/are SPOT ON! Cause what the elites aren't going to tell us is this reality is really taking place in the subconscious mind, period. And it is there we have to go to really make any permanent and lasting changes.

      And you're also right in terms of what will happen to those who speak out against this push for a genderless society. But like you also said, 'someone has to do it'.

      Now, the end-goal of all this, especially for the Black Diaspora, is keeping us out of the one thing that will help us overcome any stripe of white fascism, and that's our UNITY!

      Many conscious/'deeper-thinking' Black people are coming into this community with a purely academic goal in mind, and that is to acquire information about ancient Black people so they can feel intellectually superior to those who don't have it. Or, they wanna be able to debate Black people with this information so they again, can prove that they're intellectually superior.

      But like I've said in the past, no amount of money, information, or debates over information are gonna' help us defeat white fascism. The only thing that will do that is UNITY. Unfortunately a lot of us are so mired in our anglophilic mind-states that we can't see that.

      And some of us don't care if ever do.

      Obviously, I'm not that kind of Black person and I hope more of us will see our way past the conditioning we've gotten in whatever white fascist social order we find ourselves living in.

      And like I said previously Mike, if you're not already curating your own Blog, you should be.

      Thanks for commenting!