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The gospel of white supremacy (Part 8)...The 'conscious' stripper, Dr. Umar Johnson and the white fascist fear of Black home-schooling...

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, better known as Frederick Douglass, was born on February 20th, 1895. He was a Black abolitionist, social reformer, orator, writer and statesman. He was said to be such a beguiling public speaker, that white americans thought it was impossible for him to have once been a slave.

But what history neglects to tell us about this man is, Frederick was a white supremacist freemason.

Oddly enough, I myself, was contacted by a Black freemason who purported to be a member of a freemasonic lodge in Tyler, Texas, that is or was associated with the namesake of Frederick Douglass. He asked me why I thought all freemasons were white supremacists. After telling this brotha that I didn't have a problem with freemasonry itself, 'cause I know freemasonry is nothing but the Spiritual Sciences of our Black ancestors, I told him it was the white supremacist 'spin' on these sciences, that I had a problem with. The brotha thanked me for making this distinction.

Now, anyone saying they want proof of Frederick Douglass' affiliations with white supremacist freemasonry, should reference a hand written letter he wrote to one William Lloyd Garrison, on May 23rd, of 1846.

In it Frederick writes: 'I take up my pen to give you a hasty sketch of five days' visit to this great city. I arrived here from Edinburgh, on the I8th instant, and proceeded immediately to 5 Whitehead's Grove, the house of your early and devoted friend, George Thompson, from whom I had received a most cordial letter, inviting me to make his house my home, during my stay in London. The main object of my visit was to attend the annual meeting of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society—to do which, I had received a pressing invitation from the Committee of that Society. The meeting was held on the day of my arrival in Freemason's Hall, great Queen street.' 

And I'd like everyone to note how the 'British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society' was holding it's meeting in London's 'Freemason's Hall'; and no one, especially not a Black man at the time, wouldn't have gotten that kind of invite unless they belonged to their fraternity.

And I'd also like to add that if this 'Anti-Slavery' society was comprised of white supremacist freemasons, were they really interested in freeing enslaved Black people?

Of course not. They were more interested in prentending to have the best interest of Black people at heart. Kinda' like a more contemporary pseudo-Black organization called the NAACP. Rachel Dolezal?

Now, whenever some anglophile tells you how any white person, especially Abraham Lincoln freed Black slaves, you can tell them how downright ignorant they sound. First off, Lincoln himself owned slaves. Matter of fact, he had some freed Black american slaves sent to his slave colony in Haiti, so they could be re-enslaved. And what white 'his-story' books won't tell you is, during the civil war, when northern white factions were getting their butts kicked by southerners, northerners recruited Black men to fight against them. Now, our armies fought so gallantly that both northern and southern white men thought, if we try to enslave these men again, while they have guns, they're liable to kick our asses; so the Black soldiers won their own freedom. This is what they didn't show us in the movie 'Glory'.

Moving on...

Now, fast forward a coupla' centuries from the birth of Frederick Douglass...a Black man who swears to share Frederick Douglass' blood-line emerges from the Black 'conscious' community, and this man's name is Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson.

Now, this is a first, but I couldn't find the exact date of Umar Johnson's birth, but I do know he claims to have been born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And I can't substantiate whether or not Umar Johnson is in fact a kin of Frederick Douglass, but I do know they share one thing in common, and that's the fact that both these men are white supremacist freemasons.

Now if you want some proof about brotha Umar's allegiance to white supremacist freemasonry, take a look at these pics above. Notice any similarities? I want you to take note of both Umar's and his bodyguard's hands. Both are flaunting their inter-locked fingers, along with the pyramid shapes their fingers form above their inter-locked grip. This is one of white supremacist freemasonry's most common hand signals. (If you want to enlarge the above picture, just click on it) Now this pic is from one of Umar Johnson's lectures in Chicago, Illinois on 4/18/15; and I've noticed Umar is speaking more and more, almost exclusively, in Black churches. And if you don't know how the Black church has been used to influence our Diaspora via other white supremacist freemasons, like Creflo Dollar and T.D. Snakes, I mean Jakes, then you're just not paying attention to who they associate with.

Even the pastor of this church is showing he's down with these freemasonic fraternities, with the wearing of his 'buddhist' bracelet. This is another way to recognize the Black freemason. When I watched episodes of 'Love and Hip-Hop' back in the day, I used to always wonder why several scenes had a picture of the buddha in the background. Now I know why, and more importantly, who all those low-lives are down with.

So the question you might now be asking yourself is, why would white supremacist freemasons recruit someone like Umar Johnson, who seems to be such a radical Black Nationalist? Here's why...

White fascists realize their main lackeys who keep our Diaspora in control, namely Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are getting old and don't have much life left in them. So they need a young upstart, who sounds more like a revolutionary than Al and Jesse, especially in the wake of so many cops killing our people, to keep our Diaspora from revolting to the point where they're completely uncontrollable.

Also, Umar can placate both the bourgeois Black person and the brotha-on-the-corner types, 'cause he's got a doctorate, supposedly, and he's got a Black Nationalist air.

And as of late, brotha Umar has been talking about opening a school for Black children called the 'Frederick Douglas and Marcus Garvey Academy'. And while he's been taking donations for this, he recently said he had a donor who was a star athlete, who promised to pledge a million dollars towards this effort. Mind you, one of white fascism's greatest weapons against the Black Diaspora is its academic curriculum that's specifically designed to indoctrinate every Black person into a self-hating mind-state. And the programming Black people get to hate themselves is ten times worse than any other ethnic group, 'cause we have the most genetic power to breed whitey out of existence. So inbred fascists have to dissuade the Black Diaspora from building or attending schools where our people aren't taught the finer points of self-hatred.

Enter the 'conscious' stripper, Khym Ringgold...

Recently, some errant skank calling herself the 'conscious' stripper (I guess any troglodyte-of-a-negro can call themselves 'conscious' these days), claimed that she and Umar have 'tripped the light fantastic' on several occasions.

Now, I wanna' make something emphatically clear, I could care less who Umar has assorted trysts with; his sexual escapades are of no consequence to me AT ALL. If he had sex with two strippers, at the same time, I'd still be unfazed. He's a grown, single man, who's not claiming to be a reverend, religious preacher, catholic priest, etc. So what people are calling a 'scandal', to me is just non-sense, but it's said behind this Umar lost the million dollar pledge from the star athlete.

Now let me tell you what really happened...

Umar's white fascist handlers basically created this whole charade to look like some sort of 'organic scandal', so the Black Diaspora can keep frequenting schools that teach them to hate themselves. See, if you're a Black person who viewed Umar as a 'real deal' Black Nationalist, then you'll more than likely want nothing to do with any other Black person trying to open a truly 'independent' school after this 'scandal'.

Basically, this was a white fascist created imbroglio to keep the Black Diaspora sending their kids to P.S. (add # here) nationwide.

Now you might be thinking, if that were the case, then the wicked inbreds would also come after the Black 'home-schooling' community, which is on the rise.

Funny enough, while I was doing some research on the conscious skank, I mean stripper, I came across ms. thing's 'YouTube' channel. And guess what? Khym Ringgold recently uploaded a video about Black home-schooling on July 15, 2015. Mind you, this was a vid that showed home-schooling in a positive light. So why in the world would she do that?

It's 'cause the white fascists who pay her, are using her skank ass to dissuade the Black Diaspora from home-schooling our children; just like they're using Umar to dissuade us from investing in any schools that aren't pushing the agenda to make our kids hate themselves.

This whole incident with Umar and the skanky stripper, was just one initiative to keep the Black Diaspora from taking our kids out of over-crowded, under-funded white fascist school systems, so we could again, keep our children going to schools where they'll be kept in perpetual cycles of self-hatred...across generations.

But the good news is, knowing this, we can invest our monies in truly 'independent' Black home-schooling cooperatives that don't teach our kids to hate themselves, and where they can learn reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic at the same time.

And what makes whitey so nervous about that is, they can't fully control what we do at the 'grass-roots' level(s).

See, one thing we need to stop doing in our Diaspora, is following 'cults of personality'. We have to remember, 'celebrity' is a white fascist construct. It was created by them as a means of population control, to influence the masses...that's it. So we need to realize that once any 'Black leader' gains 'national' popularity, more than likely, white supremacist freemasons have them in their pocket...and they CAN'T BE TRUSTED!

Also, our Diaspora needs to understand that now more than ever, white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels. So white fascists are gonna' do everything they can to disempower and get rid of huge swaths of Black folks. This is evidenced by the scores of Black men and women who are routinely getting killed by white cops.

So, if you're a Black man or woman who truly wants to assure that our children learn in an environment that makes them love who they are, take the money you were going to give Umar Johnson, and donate it to a 'local' home-schooling cooperative. Mind you, you need to make sure that this school's curriculum is right on and righteous. And if you don't have money to give, donate your time. Myself and some brothas have found a local home-schooling organization that we're contributing both money and time to.

See it works like this fam...once our children aren't conditioned to hate themselves, they can form loving relationships again. Then, they can form loving marriages. After that, their generation(s) will be able to save the Black 'nuclear' family...AND THAT'S WHAT'S REALLY UP!!!

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


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Are Black relationships doomed to fail (Part 2)...the cult of Black and white Cinematic Symbolism...

Hotep Family,

Watch this video and let me know whatcha' think.



If you'd like to see a 'larger' version of this video, you can do that by clicking on the video's title, 'The cult of Black and white Cinematic Symbolism', and this will take you to my 'YouTube' channel. 


If you'd like to see the post that inspired this video titled, 'Are Black relationships doomed to fail', you can see it here.

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The virtues of segregation (Part 4)...What do Floyd Mayweather and the Black Wall Street have in common?

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr., was born on February 24, 1977; and if you're reading this Blog, you should already know he's an undefeated champion prize-fighting boxer. He holds five boxing division world championships and has won eleven world titles in four different weight classes. He's also won 'Ring magazine's', 'Fighter of the year' award twice, and the 'Boxing Writer's Association of America's' 'Fighter of the year' award in 2007.

Mayweather also topped the 'Forbes' and 'Sports Illustrated' lists of the fifty highest paid athletes of 2012 and 2013, and he claimed this title again in 'Forbes' magazine in 2014. He also founded his own boxing promotion company called, 'Mayweather Promotions' in 2007. On top of these accolades, Floyd's currently credited with being the highest paid athlete in the world.

Now recently, in one of my last posts titled, 'Are Black relationships doomed to fail', I showed how Floyd's documentary '30 days in May', produced by Showtime, used Black and white symbolism to reinforce reasons why the Black Diaspora should hate themselves and everyone who looks like them; and how they did this with a very sublime depiction of a teleprompter flashing the word 'hypnosis' in one of this documentary's scenes.

But even more recently, Floyd's junior-middleweight title was taken away after he supposedly failed to pay a $20,000 'sanctioning fee' to the 'World Boxing Association'(WBO), for his last fight against Manny Pacquiao.

What the WBO and the World Boxing Council are saying, is a champion can only hold a world title in one weight division; so 38 year old Mayweather, has to actually pay these scam artists, I mean, organizations, to vacate other weight class titles he's holding, so he can be the current champ exclusively in the junior-middleweight division. Basically, they're penalizing Floyd for being too good at what he does...amongst other things, which I'll get to in a sec'.

The 'Black Wall Street' was an area in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where there were literally scores of Black men who were millionaires behind owning their own businesses. Our people owned movie theaters, hospitals, banks, bus lines, airplanes, and every other kind of enterprise you can think up. This was after the turn of the century before last in the early 1900's. The Black family was very much in tact, and the economics of Black people were strengthened to the point of rivaling, and is some cases, out-performing, the economie(s) of white americans.

Pale-skinned fascists bombed the Black Wall Street in 1921. And if you look up the Black Wall Street in 'wikipedia', it says that the demise of this area came about due to the 'rioting' of Black people.

With this preamble out of the way, let's now get to what Floyd and the Black Wall Street have in common...and that's this: both were and are, TOO BLACK AND TOO STRONG TO EXIST IN THE EYES OF WHITE FASCISTS!

See, white sportscasters and commentators will call Floyd a spend-thrift, they'll call him arrogant, flashy, loud and foul-mouthed, and anything else that's negative to assassinate his character, but what he really is more than all these things, is SMARTER THAN THE AVERAGE ATHLETE!


If you're a Black man or woman who's over thirty, I'm guessing you can remember them saying some of the same negative things about Muhammad Ali; but what they never say about him is, that just like Floyd, he 'out-smarted' his opponents. And his defensive innovation of the 'rope-a-dope', was proof of this. Think about it, it's almost absurd for a pugilist to 'let' his opponent hit him not only once, but several times. This is what Ali did against the ropes in a defensive posture; he did this so his opponent(s) would wear themselves out. Then, he'd stage his attack.

That's straight-up military science!

And Ali's ingenuity was, and is, the reason he's one of the most revered athletes across generations; or as he put it: “the greatest of ALL times”. Now Floyd also came up with his own ingenious defensive style, that being his 'shoulder roll', or the way he tucks his chin beneath and leads with his shoulder: that's a down right brilliant way of him minimizing his likelihood of being hit. On top of this, his almost psychic ability to know when his opponent will throw a punch, has him undefeated after 48 fights.

Also, Floyd's incredibly rich. And his net worth is valued at nearly half a billion dollars...yes, that's billion with a 'b'. And beyond this fact, what really gets whitey's goat, is Floyd's proving the white man's greatest unspoken fear, that Black men are physically stronger, and better physical fighters than they are.

See, white men will never confess to feeling completely emasculated in the presence of Black men. This is why white cops, holding Black guns, (i.e. the Black phallus...think about it, when's the last time you saw a cop with a 'white' gun?) shoot Black men down indiscriminately and why they get so pissed when Black convicts tell them, “...if you take off your gun and your badge, I'll kick your ass.” And white men/film-writers tackle this very subject in the movie, 'End of Watch'; I wrote a post about this and I'll leave a link for it at the end of this one.

On top of all this, white men have always felt sexually inferior in the presence of Black men. And to everyone out there, I wanna' always emphasize this has nothing to do with penis size, this has to do with a Black man's 'genetic' power to breed white men out of existence and his ability to create every other type of man, while none of them can create one of him. *smiles*

I don't wanna make light of this fact by gloating, but if you're a man who is blessed to have been born into a Black body, understand, despite everything whitey has taught you, I'm here to tell you: YOU WON THE ETHNIC LOTTERY! SO DON'T EVER LET A WHITE MAN, OR ANY OTHER KIND OF MAN, MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A LOSER!!

Moving on...

Now, as I've emphasized ever since I've started this Blog, the point to expounding on all this is not to hate white people, it's to see white fascism for what it is, so the Black Diaspora can get out of the conditioned self-hatred we've been nearly force-fed through living in any white fascist social order.

Now, this would be effortless in a nation, or a nation-state, where Black people lived in an ethnic homogeneity; i.e. segregation. And let me just add, because we don't, our celebrities like Floyd can be penalized by white fascists who can strip him of his title over twenty grand, when his fights generate literally billions of dollars of revenue not only for the network 'Showtime', but for the state of Nevada, period!

And if you're thinking, how is Floyd doing that? Think about the revenue 'Showtime' earns for pay-per-view rights to his fights, and how when he does fight, people from all over the country buy hotel rooms, gas, rental cars, cloths, shoes, food and merchandise in his hometown of Nevada.

Beyond this fact, I also need Black people to understand, that money is NOT power!

And this is a reality because, at anytime when we, the Black Diaspora, have too much of it, whitey's power to devalue it, makes it worthless.

Our true power lies in our UNITY! This will get us access to ANY RESOURCE!

I remember a time several years ago, when the Black Haitian economy was thriving behind it's tourist trade; whitey devalued the Haitian dollar, so the majority of Haitians had wads of money, but couldn't buy any food. So they literally resorted to eating dirt. And I always shake my head at the fact that Haitians coming to america always think they're some how better than Black americans; and how the majority of them treat white people, the same people who have their families starving in their native country, like gold. *smdh*


And I know Black people love to talk about our 'crabs in a bucket' syndrome, but we need to understand this is a direct result of our being conditioned to hate ourselves more than anyone on this planet through assorted white supremacist mediums like the american educational system, american TV, movies, billboard ads, etc.

Because we have the most genetic power to breed them out of existence and their birth rates are falling below replacement levels, we are PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE, AND THEY HAVE TO EXTERMINATE EVERY ONE OF US!

Remember, a Black woman, and especially, a Black man living anywhere, is a threat to white people everywhere.

Another aspect of this the Black Diaspora really has to content with, is Black people who don't know, or don't care, that they've been conditioned to hate themselves and every one looking like them.

I explained in my last post about a Black man who I thought was an advocate for our people outing himself as as anglophile, and recently, I looked at this pseudo-Black man's blog and saw how he's found a way to compare Dylan Roof, the pale-skinned degenerate who shot up a Black church prayer meeting, with another Black man who killed several people. What this anglophilic kiss-ass fails to realize, is the system of white fascism in america is what has us not only conditioned to hate ourselves and each other, but is what has us killing each other indiscriminately.

And if you say, can you prove that? Just look at the example of the Black Wall Street, this area was nearly devoid of those types of mass murders, because our people have the ability to leave in harmony with nature, given peaceful and benevolent surroundings we can create for ourselves; and white people clearly don't have this capacity for creating these kinds of living situations.

There was also a Black woman who frequented and commented on my Blog for the better part of a year, who recently told me that the rift between the Black man and woman is irreparable and the campaign to save the Black family is officially dead. This is after spending several days, weeks and hours reading what's on my Blog.

So this Black woman learned absolutely nothing here!

She wasted her time, which would have been better spent pursuing a 'non-Black' man to marry, which is what she really wants, whether she realizes it or not.

So again, if we can see what's been done to us, and is continually being done to us by white fascists/fascism, we can change how we look and feel about ourselves and each other.

'Cause ultimately, only our segregated unity will SAVE US!


And let me say also, our revolution won't start with hundreds, thousands or millions of Black folk, it will start with YOU CHANGING YOUR OWN MIND!

And this is the work we must do to heal the rift between the Black man and woman, and to save the Black family!






MontUHURU Mimia


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Why young brothas are saggin'...

'If there's no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm'
--Ancient African proverb

Recently, I've begun frequenting a sandwich shop near the downtown area where I live. And the overwhelming majority of the time, the majority of the customers there are white men.

Now, even though the staff is very friendly and amicable, it never fails that whenever I go through the doors of this retail space, one or two of the white men sitting at the shop's tables, will get up and leave.

And I can already hear what people reading this are saying, you're probably thinking, oh, it's your hatred towards whites that has you thinking this, or, it's just you being paranoid MontUHURU, ethnicity really isn't the issue.

Well, let me say, that I also understand that these white men, may genuinely just be leaving the store after finishing their meal.

But regardless of their leaving or not, I'm gonna' get my sandwich, ya' dig?

Anyway, whenever I go to this store, I'm dressed in business slacks, shoes and usually, a dark-colored 'Polo' shirt. So I don't think I'm that threatening looking to this shop's patrons. But then again, there's no way a Black man can really look non-threatening to white people; white men especially.

One time while I was in this store and a couple of white men got up and left, I started thinking about a former debacle the Black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr. was involved in.

And for those who don't know Henry Louis Gates Jr., he was named one of the 25 most 'influential' americans by Time magazine, and he's hosted several specials on PBS titled, 'African-american lives', where he traces the 'family trees' of Black celebrities. But all of his genealogical endeavors really center around his trying to convince himself and the world, that he's more european than europeans.

This man puts the 'anglo' in anglophile.

Well, one day, Henry Louis Gates Jr. was returning home from a trip to China with his driver. Now, home for Henry, is a mostly white enclave in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Harvard university, where he teaches.

On this day, while trying to unlock his front door, he found it was jammed. Mind you, this is a two-level property he actually leases from Harvard, so you'd think it wouldn't be as prone to these types of malfunctions as the average home. Nevertheless, being that Henry's front door was jammed, he went to his home's back entrance. He shut off the alarm, and worked with the driver to force the door open.

After Henry's driver left, the cops rolled up.

Long story short, when white cops came on the scene, they said one of the morally-upstanding white neighbors, Henry's so proud to live next to, called the police on him. After going back and forth with the cops, verbally, Henry produced his driver's license and Havard ID to show them that he was telling the truth about living there. The cop's not only arrested him anyway, but they brought him up on charges, when he protested to the cops about being arrested for trying to get into his own house.

Mind you, when Henry was arrested, he was wearing Black slacks, a 'Polo' shirt and Black dress shoes. And he was also walking with a cane, due to an ailment.

The reason I'm mentioning any of this is recently, a comment was made on my Blog by someone calling themselves, 'The Berean Examiner'.

And this person wanted to know what I thought about young Black men holding their pants up with one hand, while wearing a belt. Basically, this anglophile was asking me what I thought about young brothas who are 'saggin'.

Now, let me just state for the record, that I CAN'T STAND the way saggin' jeans look on brothas. I'm old-school, so I'm used to presenting myself in a more euro-centrically mainstreamed way, meaning, I'm usually wearing slacks, shoes and a collared shirt. I'd also like to say, I remember a time when young brothas were wearing their jeans ultra-baggy, but they still kept their pants on their waist with a belt. Now, I was a fan of that, 'cause at least they didn't have their pants hanging off their ass.

But once I became a bit more 'conscious' of what they were doing, I now know, that they're more in their 'right minds' than I, or my Black european business suit wearing brothas and sistas are; let me explain why...

If you're a Black man or woman reading this, who's above the age of thirty, more than likely, the education, or mis-education you got, was specifically designed to make you hate yourself and everyone who looks like you. The american educational system did this by teaching you and I about two things historically...slavery and Martin Luther King Jr.

Now, what slavery did was condition you into believing your ancestors were subservient and hyper-obsequious cowards, who let themselves be tortured and murdered by a system of white fascism. Not only that, these lessons went into graphic detail about how our ancestors were whipped, raped and separated from their families without any resistance from us whatsoever. Mind you, this was completely false, there were literally hundreds of Black slave revolts in this country, the 'Nat Turner' revolt being the most famous of these. And the 'Willie Lynch Letter' was actually brought into existence as a way to stop our people from revolting so much.

Mind you, the very word 'slave' comes from the white 'Slavs' or 'Slavic' people; the country 'Yugoslavia' had so many of these white slaves, that it was was named after them.

Now, what our young brothas are smart enough to deduce by incidences like the murder of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, or the ravages of Hurricane Katrina (that should have been the last straw for our people), or the murders of Malcolm X, and that pansy-of-a-pacifist, Martin Luther King Jr., is that everything in the american social order is designed to kill them.

I remember Chris Rock making a joke saying, “...if you wanna' hide something from Black folks, you should put it in a book , 'cause niggas don't read.” Again, the ingenuity of these young brothas is that they realize, everything in these 'his-story' classes, is engineered to make them hate themselves.

That's why they reject the white fascist american education.

And that's not stupidity, THAT'S STRAIGHT UP INTELLIGENCE!

Now, based on 'The Berean Examiner's' comment I mentioned earlier, I realize if he were an 'examiner' for real, he, or she, would understand this. But since he, or she, is nothing but a dumb-assed anglophile, they don't have the capacity to think that deeply.

They can only process what this white fascist social order has given them, which is Black is bad and white is good. 'The Berean Examiner' really doesn't know how he, or she, is only operating on 'brain-stem' levels.

Now, to the Black men and women reading this who pride themselves on wearing Armani and Brooks Brother's suits, myself included, I'll ask this question: why don't we realize that the reason our young men aren't wearing tight, emasculating, european-styled pants, is they understand that everything to do with the american social order is set up to destroy them?

Our African ancestors never wore tight, restrictive clothing; and the reasons europeans want us to wear these kinds of garments is, not only are tight cloths physically restricting, but they restrict a person's access to their emotions as well. I expound on this theory in a post I wrote called, 'The technology of neckties', and I'll leave a link for that post at the end of this one. 

I myself, have strutted on downtown streets thinking I was holier-than-thou 'cause I was wearing an expensive european suit; on top of this, I remember how I looked at a young brotha who was saggin' on one of these days, and felt superior to him.

But after meditating on this topic, I'll ask 'The Berean Examiner' this question: if everything in the american social order is designed to literally kill Black men, and I'm wearing a european (white fascist made) suit, and I see a young brotha who's saggin, tell me, who looks more retarded?

It kills me that Black men and women with college degrees, won't think twice about wearing the cloths of their oppressors; but if they see a young brotha who's saggin', they'll look at him like he's a piece of trash.

And I've done this more than once, so I'm not excluding myself.

So, to Black men and women reading this, the next time you see a brotha saggin', think twice before you judge him, 'cause he's showing you that he doesn't favor a system that wants him and his peers dead; and this system shows him this constantly, in the forms of rampant police brutality.

And too many so-called 'conscious' Black men and women, are much too quick to judge young brothas who are 'saggin'.

And speaking of conscious brothas and sistas, I can state for a fact that there are a lot of 'pro-Black' frauds in our community, 'cause I've encountered two personal cases of 'conscious' Black people 'outing' themselves as anglophiles in recent months.

One of these kinds of brothas actually inspired me to start this Blog. He's an author who I thought was a true advocate for Black people. He would always talk about 'Black economics' and wrote passionately about Black men knowing their true worth. Recently, this person has chosen to adorn his books with the faces of european looking women he names after ancient Black deities. And after being successfully funded by white folks via his 'Kick-Starter' campaign, he's dove head-first into his obsessive hatred for Black people. These days what he's fondest of doing, is telling Black folks how dumb they are on his 'YouTube' diatribes. He waxes philosophic on how insipid Black folks are for saying the women on his covers look white; and when we don't buy his books because of this, he goes on another of his anglophilic rants about how Black people don't have the capacity to 'think critically'.

Another person I encountered this with, has been a Black woman who I truly thought was an ally in my quest to heal the rift between Black men and women. Recently, after spending a year following my Blog, this woman told me, several times, that the rift between Black men and women is 'irreprable' and the campaign to save the Black family is officially dead. Well, if you think like she does, of course it is.

Now, both these people are basically saying that they've always been anglophiles, but they're just revealing their true selves now. But one thing I don't think they realize, is what they're ultimately resigning themselves to with this mind-set. So let me break that down now.

If you're a Black man or woman reading this, and you're comfortable with you're anglophilic mind-state, here's two things you definitely have to look forward to: first, you've just doomed yourself to the reality that for the rest of your days on this earth, consciously or subconsciously, you'll hate yourself and everyone who looks like you 'til the day you die. Second, for you, it's check and mate, the game's over in terms of finding not only self-love, but a loving relationship with a 'good' Black man or woman.

More than likely, these two will wind up over-sexed and alone at fifty, after spending decades being sex toys for every 'non-Black' person they date.

Now, if you can live with these facts, then you're better than me.

See, myself, my father, and my brother were poisoned with the sickness of a white fascist enduced self-hatred. And now that I'm 'freer' of this problem, I'll be damned if I go back.

And I say 'freer' 'cause my quest to rid myself of this white fascist enduced self-hatred isn't over. I still have to work in my subconscious mind daily, to introduce doses of antidote(s) to this poison.

So to Black men and women reading this, if you're comfortable with the white supremacist american education you received, and you're desperately seeking to date and marry any 'non-Black' person; please DON'T BOTHER READING MY BLOG OR LEAVING COMMENTS HERE.

I suggest you continue your endeavors to find your 'swirl-girl' or 'rain-beau', and stop wasting my time pretending to be something, or someone, you're not.

'Cause time is one commodity none of us can afford to spend foolishly.

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why Kerry Washington and Dave Moscow broke up (Part 2)...Dave's friend and Kerry's doting eyes...(Special Pre-Independence Day edition)

On June 5th, of 2014, at 12:22 p.m., someone claiming to be Dave Moscow's 'friend' wrote this reply to my post titled, 'Why Kerry Washington and Dave Moscow broke up and the plight of Black college grads...': 

'Wow, this was the dumbest thing I've ever read. David and Kerry's breakup had nothing to do with race. I know David and he is no "white supremacist!" They broke up cuz of Kerry's actions, which I won't mention out of respect!'

So, I responded:

'Well...since you 'know' Dave, why don't you tell me what really happened?'

And he replied:

'If they wanted it to be public info, they would have told the public. I wouldn't be just telling you, I'd be telling everyone that reads this and I can't do that. Plus, I'd be devastated if David saw it!'

Finally, I said:

'I think it's a pretty safe bet that Dave Moscow is NOT gonna' read this Blog.'

And I never heard back from Dave Moscow's 'friend' again...and I suspect I never will, here's why...   

I'd like everyone reading this post, especially Black men and women, to examine my header's triptych for a hot second. *Note: if you'd like to expand my header, you can actually click onto it. 

Do you notice any kind of pattern?

Do you notice how, in every picture, Kerry is looking directly at Dave, while Dave looks away from her?  

This reminds me of the whole 'Bennifer' debacle; a.k.a, when Jennifer Lopez (J.Ho, I mean, J.Lo) and Ben Affleck were dating. You notice how Jennifer's eyes are full of affection for Ben, and he's looking away from her...just like Dave Moscow's doing to Kerry.  

And we all know what Ben did shortly after his tryst(s) with Jen. 

What Ben and Dave have in common, is not only are their eyes looking beyond these women, but their minds are too. 

Now, Dave's 'friend' wants me to believe that Kerry committed some sort of act that jeopardized her relationship with Dave Moscow. But if you look at their pictures, you'll see the hyper-doting stares Kerry gives Dave. In the last pic of my header, the one where Kerry's wearing a white dress, she's grabbing onto Dave likes he's a life raft and she's in the middle of the ocean. With this act she's saying how she not only desperately wants to be with her white beau forever, but how she'd do anything to keep him by her side.  

So the question I'm posing is this: judging by these pictures, do you think Kerry would do anything to risk losing Dave? 

Of course she wouldn't. 

But do you think Dave's 'friend' would acknowledge that? 

Hell no!

What Dave's friend is really saying, is Dave, an upstanding, gainfully-employed, white man, couldn't possibly have been stringing Kerry along for three years of an engagement, knowing he was eventually gonna' get rid of her. 

Could he?

Ya' damn right he could...and did! 

You can see in Dave's stares away from Kerry, that he understood, this wasn't the love of his life. For Dave, Kerry was someone he knew cared enough about him not to leave, so he enjoyed this fact, while having his eyes out for other women.  

Now, addressing what this friend of Dave's says about David not being a white supremacist, well, I never said he was...consciously. Subconsciously though, Dave and Ben share the same affliction; that being, they both feel too genetically superior being white men, to marry a 'non-white' woman. And they may not know this themselves, consciously, but they sure as hell are acting it out. 

Now, when I wrote the first part of this post almost two years ago, I had no idea it would turn out to be my most popular. But what I'm hoping more than anything is this, that Black men and women got the message behind it, that we should stop behaving like sex toys, or what I like to call 'human handi-wipes' for the sexual gratification of every non-Black person.  

Too many Black men and women, especially with college degrees, are winding up oversexed and alone at fifty after spending decades being 'pleasure pumps' for every white, spanish, asian and american indian man or woman; and it's time we have some RESPECT FOR OURSELVES!

But if we really want to talk about having respect for ourselves, then we have to talk about reversing the decades of self-hating conditioning we're nearly force fed, by the white fascist american system. Especially in american schools.

'Cause Black men and women are constantly bombarded with the message that we should hate ourselves and each other, and we get this more than any other ethnic group on the planet, because we have the most genetic power to breed white people out of existence.  

So to white fascists, a Black man or woman living anywhere is a threat to them everywhere.

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, whichever method you use for the riddance of this self-hatred is up to you, whether it be chanting, meditation, hypnosis...just do what works. 

And if you truly haven't got a vested interest in changing your own mind, then contribute some kind of resource to a 'home-schooling' cooperative, that is teaching our children the basics of reading, writing and 'rithmetic, without the white fascist message of self-hatred they get in mainstream american schools. This way, the next generation can reverse our Diaspora's dysfunctions, which are born of white fascism.   

Now, I'd also like to say, that what happened to Kerry Washington is not exclusively indicative of what Black female celebrities go through as a matter of course, just ask the singer Seal; he'll tell ya' I'm not lying.  

And in Seal's case, what that super-skank, I mean super-model, Heidi Klum did to him, might be even more insidious than what happened to Kerry. Let me explain...

In 2003, Heidi Klum was in a quandry. 

Heidi was pregnant with a man's baby, and was no longer in a relationship with him. Now, being that she is a white woman, who had the 'super-model' moniker to live up to, it would've been bad business for her to have a child out-of-wedlock. Mind you, she could've had an abortion, but if the media found out, it would stain her image and she might've lost valuable endorsements and other multi-media deals she was tethered to. But what Heidi knew more than anything, was that no white, spanish, or asian man with any kind of celebrity status, was gonna' marry her with some other guy's baby in her belly.

But she figured a Black man would.

Enter the celebrity singer Seal... 

Now, Heidi said she was first enamored with Seal, while they were staying in the same hotel and she saw him coming from the gym wearing biker shorts. But what she was more enamored by, was her chance to get hitched to someone with a celebrity profile that would accept her for the hussy she is, and has proven herself to be. 

She began having sex with, I mean, dating Seal immediately. 

And according to Seal, as per his explanation to a journalist, about a month after meeting Heidi, she told him she was pregnant. 

To which Seal responded, "Already? That's amazing."

And this was Heidi's reply: "Not with you, stupid."

Seal said an awkward silence arose after that; then he said, "It doesn't change the way I feel about you, 'cause the fact that you're here tells me you think a lot about me."

This was the moment Heidi realized her gamble paid off. 

Now, this is how I know the Black Diaspora, receives the same kind of self-hating (mis)education globally. See, if Seal knew his real worth, there's no way he would of took up with this skank. He probably would've still given her the whole, 'this doesn't change how I feel about you' line; and then did what any self-respecting man would've done...which is quickly phase that tramp out of his life. But because he was taught to feel inherently inferior to white people, he probably felt Heidi was doing him a favor. 

And for anyone believing the hype about Heidi breaking up with Seal because he was emotionally abusive, or some kind of control freak, I ask you; after Seal did the right thing by marrying her skank ass, knowing she was pregnant, why couldn't she at least give Seal a proper divorce before she got on the 'ho train' with her personal 'trainer'?

One thing we need to realize by Heidi's actions is this...



She married him solely to save her reputation, and her career. 

Unfortunately for Seal, he'll be tethered to this tramp for the rest of his life behind having children with this harlot. 

Now, I remember when Seal did an interview with Tavis Smiley on PBS; he showed up after his split with Heidi wearing Black finger nail polish. This basically told the world how he was mourning. So, the real tragedy of this whole fiasco, is if Heidi wanted to reconcile with Seal, more than likely, he'd take her back. 

So ultimately, the moral of these stories and this post is, if you're a Black man or woman who's completely given up on finding a 'good' Black man or woman to date and ultimately marry; and you're hell-bent on dating and mating with anyone but one of your own's imperative that you demand respect. 

'Cause every non-Black person will see you as a prospect for fast sex, and ultimately, that's all they think we're good for. 

Now, are there exceptions to this rule? Absolutely; and are they few and far between? Again...ABSOLUTELY!

So to the Black Diaspora, I'll say, let's stop goin' out like Kerry and Seal...and let's start lookin' out for one of our own kind; 'cause contrary to popular belief, with a Black man or woman, you'll be more likely to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, and less likely to get burned by someone who views you as mr. or mrs. right now.


MontUHURU Mimia


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