Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why Kerry Washington and Dave Moscow broke up (Part 2)...Dave's friend and Kerry's doting eyes...(Special Pre-Independence Day edition)

On June 5th, of 2014, at 12:22 p.m., someone claiming to be Dave Moscow's 'friend' wrote this reply to my post titled, 'Why Kerry Washington and Dave Moscow broke up and the plight of Black college grads...': 

'Wow, this was the dumbest thing I've ever read. David and Kerry's breakup had nothing to do with race. I know David and he is no "white supremacist!" They broke up cuz of Kerry's actions, which I won't mention out of respect!'

So, I responded:

'Well...since you 'know' Dave, why don't you tell me what really happened?'

And he replied:

'If they wanted it to be public info, they would have told the public. I wouldn't be just telling you, I'd be telling everyone that reads this and I can't do that. Plus, I'd be devastated if David saw it!'

Finally, I said:

'I think it's a pretty safe bet that Dave Moscow is NOT gonna' read this Blog.'

And I never heard back from Dave Moscow's 'friend' again...and I suspect I never will, here's why...   

I'd like everyone reading this post, especially Black men and women, to examine my header's triptych for a hot second. *Note: if you'd like to expand my header, you can actually click onto it. 

Do you notice any kind of pattern?

Do you notice how, in every picture, Kerry is looking directly at Dave, while Dave looks away from her?  

This reminds me of the whole 'Bennifer' debacle; a.k.a, when Jennifer Lopez (J.Ho, I mean, J.Lo) and Ben Affleck were dating. You notice how Jennifer's eyes are full of affection for Ben, and he's looking away from her...just like Dave Moscow's doing to Kerry.  

And we all know what Ben did shortly after his tryst(s) with Jen. 

What Ben and Dave have in common, is not only are their eyes looking beyond these women, but their minds are too. 

Now, Dave's 'friend' wants me to believe that Kerry committed some sort of act that jeopardized her relationship with Dave Moscow. But if you look at their pictures, you'll see the hyper-doting stares Kerry gives Dave. In the last pic of my header, the one where Kerry's wearing a white dress, she's grabbing onto Dave likes he's a life raft and she's in the middle of the ocean. With this act she's saying how she not only desperately wants to be with her white beau forever, but how she'd do anything to keep him by her side.  

So the question I'm posing is this: judging by these pictures, do you think Kerry would do anything to risk losing Dave? 

Of course she wouldn't. 

But do you think Dave's 'friend' would acknowledge that? 

Hell no!

What Dave's friend is really saying, is Dave, an upstanding, gainfully-employed, white man, couldn't possibly have been stringing Kerry along for three years of an engagement, knowing he was eventually gonna' get rid of her. 

Could he?

Ya' damn right he could...and did! 

You can see in Dave's stares away from Kerry, that he understood, this wasn't the love of his life. For Dave, Kerry was someone he knew cared enough about him not to leave, so he enjoyed this fact, while having his eyes out for other women.  

Now, addressing what this friend of Dave's says about David not being a white supremacist, well, I never said he was...consciously. Subconsciously though, Dave and Ben share the same affliction; that being, they both feel too genetically superior being white men, to marry a 'non-white' woman. And they may not know this themselves, consciously, but they sure as hell are acting it out. 

Now, when I wrote the first part of this post almost two years ago, I had no idea it would turn out to be my most popular. But what I'm hoping more than anything is this, that Black men and women got the message behind it, that we should stop behaving like sex toys, or what I like to call 'human handi-wipes' for the sexual gratification of every non-Black person.  

Too many Black men and women, especially with college degrees, are winding up oversexed and alone at fifty after spending decades being 'pleasure pumps' for every white, spanish, asian and american indian man or woman; and it's time we have some RESPECT FOR OURSELVES!

But if we really want to talk about having respect for ourselves, then we have to talk about reversing the decades of self-hating conditioning we're nearly force fed, by the white fascist american system. Especially in american schools.

'Cause Black men and women are constantly bombarded with the message that we should hate ourselves and each other, and we get this more than any other ethnic group on the planet, because we have the most genetic power to breed white people out of existence.  

So to white fascists, a Black man or woman living anywhere is a threat to them everywhere.

Now, if you're a Black man or woman reading this, whichever method you use for the riddance of this self-hatred is up to you, whether it be chanting, meditation, hypnosis...just do what works. 

And if you truly haven't got a vested interest in changing your own mind, then contribute some kind of resource to a 'home-schooling' cooperative, that is teaching our children the basics of reading, writing and 'rithmetic, without the white fascist message of self-hatred they get in mainstream american schools. This way, the next generation can reverse our Diaspora's dysfunctions, which are born of white fascism.   

Now, I'd also like to say, that what happened to Kerry Washington is not exclusively indicative of what Black female celebrities go through as a matter of course, just ask the singer Seal; he'll tell ya' I'm not lying.  

And in Seal's case, what that super-skank, I mean super-model, Heidi Klum did to him, might be even more insidious than what happened to Kerry. Let me explain...

In 2003, Heidi Klum was in a quandry. 

Heidi was pregnant with a man's baby, and was no longer in a relationship with him. Now, being that she is a white woman, who had the 'super-model' moniker to live up to, it would've been bad business for her to have a child out-of-wedlock. Mind you, she could've had an abortion, but if the media found out, it would stain her image and she might've lost valuable endorsements and other multi-media deals she was tethered to. But what Heidi knew more than anything, was that no white, spanish, or asian man with any kind of celebrity status, was gonna' marry her with some other guy's baby in her belly.

But she figured a Black man would.

Enter the celebrity singer Seal... 

Now, Heidi said she was first enamored with Seal, while they were staying in the same hotel and she saw him coming from the gym wearing biker shorts. But what she was more enamored by, was her chance to get hitched to someone with a celebrity profile that would accept her for the hussy she is, and has proven herself to be. 

She began having sex with, I mean, dating Seal immediately. 

And according to Seal, as per his explanation to a journalist, about a month after meeting Heidi, she told him she was pregnant. 

To which Seal responded, "Already? That's amazing."

And this was Heidi's reply: "Not with you, stupid."

Seal said an awkward silence arose after that; then he said, "It doesn't change the way I feel about you, 'cause the fact that you're here tells me you think a lot about me."

This was the moment Heidi realized her gamble paid off. 

Now, this is how I know the Black Diaspora, receives the same kind of self-hating (mis)education globally. See, if Seal knew his real worth, there's no way he would of took up with this skank. He probably would've still given her the whole, 'this doesn't change how I feel about you' line; and then did what any self-respecting man would've done...which is quickly phase that tramp out of his life. But because he was taught to feel inherently inferior to white people, he probably felt Heidi was doing him a favor. 

And for anyone believing the hype about Heidi breaking up with Seal because he was emotionally abusive, or some kind of control freak, I ask you; after Seal did the right thing by marrying her skank ass, knowing she was pregnant, why couldn't she at least give Seal a proper divorce before she got on the 'ho train' with her personal 'trainer'?

One thing we need to realize by Heidi's actions is this...



She married him solely to save her reputation, and her career. 

Unfortunately for Seal, he'll be tethered to this tramp for the rest of his life behind having children with this harlot. 

Now, I remember when Seal did an interview with Tavis Smiley on PBS; he showed up after his split with Heidi wearing Black finger nail polish. This basically told the world how he was mourning. So, the real tragedy of this whole fiasco, is if Heidi wanted to reconcile with Seal, more than likely, he'd take her back. 

So ultimately, the moral of these stories and this post is, if you're a Black man or woman who's completely given up on finding a 'good' Black man or woman to date and ultimately marry; and you're hell-bent on dating and mating with anyone but one of your own's imperative that you demand respect. 

'Cause every non-Black person will see you as a prospect for fast sex, and ultimately, that's all they think we're good for. 

Now, are there exceptions to this rule? Absolutely; and are they few and far between? Again...ABSOLUTELY!

So to the Black Diaspora, I'll say, let's stop goin' out like Kerry and Seal...and let's start lookin' out for one of our own kind; 'cause contrary to popular belief, with a Black man or woman, you'll be more likely to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, and less likely to get burned by someone who views you as mr. or mrs. right now.


MontUHURU Mimia


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  1. You hit it in the head! Many black people don't know their worth and they want massa to validate them. It's truly sad and Kerry wised up and went on and married a man straight from the mother land. I hope our brothers and sisters realize this soon!

    1. 'Jareka'...

      Firstly, I wanted to say that I erased my former reply to your comment, 'cause I felt my original response didn't fully satisfy your statement about Black people not knowing their worth.

      And I'd like to add that not only don't Black people know their worth, but if someone tells them who they truly are, the majority of them are so comfortable hating themselves and everyone who looks like them, that they'll never make an effort, consciously or subconsciously, to change.

      They'd prefer to go to their graves being the self-hating Black men and women that white fascists have conditioned them to be...and I've recently encountered two of these types who I was once fond of communicating with on the net; and l'll expound more on my experience with them in my next post.

      Now, as far as Kerry's concerned, I too am glad she married a brotha with a righteous African name and pedigree; but I hope she didn't have an ulterior motive behind doing this...let me explain what...

      I liken Kerry's marrying Nnamdi Asomugha, to J.Lo marrying 'Marc Anthony' after Ben Affleck dumped her.

      J.Lo never loved Marc Anthony but married him anyway, and had children with him, and she did this for two reasons: one, she felt after Ben, a white man, dumped her, she should stick to one of her own kind, more for reasons of security than love, meaning, she probably felt one of her own kind would be more likely to marry her. And two, Marc for her was nothing more than a 'rebound guy; Jennifer knew going in, that she felt she'd be 'settling' for one of her own kind, after being with Ben, the white man she truly loved.

      This seems to be what Kerry did.

      Now, I can't say that for sure, 'cause Kerry didn't and more than likely wouldn't verbalize this to the public. But, I recently saw a photo of her in 'Ebony' magazine, after her and Dave broke up, and after she married Nnamdi; and she looks completely unhappy.

      So, I'm hoping Kerry doesn't feel like she's 'settling' for Nnamdi, because the white man she truly loves/loved, namely Dave Moscow, left her.

      Don't get me wrong, I hope Kerry and Nnamdi are very happy and have a long successful marriage; I'm just hoping Kerry married him for the right reasons.

      'Cause if not, she'll make herself and Nnamdi unhappy; and I don't wish that for either of them.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Very interesting that while I was looking at pictures of Kerry Washington and David Moscow I kept saying to myself it's funny how in all of these pictures she's looking at him so lovingly and he's not even paying attention to her, and that was before I read this blog. guess I was right in my assumption that something was off with that relationship.

    1. 'Marcia'...

      What was really off with Kerry and Dave's relationship, is the same thing that's 'off' about Black people's relationship with white people period. And that is, white fascists have conditioned Black people, more than any other kind of person, to hate themselves and everyone who looks like them, cause we have the most genetic power to breed whites out of existence.

      And the reason why 99.9% of Black people don't know this, is the methods used to teach us this self-hatred, were disguised by white fascists as an american 'education'.

      So, it's up to mature Black folks like myself, to make sure our children don't get the same kind of education, so no other young Black women has to look so lovingly at a white or non-Black person, while that white person is literally looking past them.

      Thanks for commenting!