Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why young brothas are saggin'...

'If there's no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm'
--Ancient African proverb

Recently, I've begun frequenting a sandwich shop near the downtown area where I live. And the overwhelming majority of the time, the majority of the customers there are white men.

Now, even though the staff is very friendly and amicable, it never fails that whenever I go through the doors of this retail space, one or two of the white men sitting at the shop's tables, will get up and leave.

And I can already hear what people reading this are saying, you're probably thinking, oh, it's your hatred towards whites that has you thinking this, or, it's just you being paranoid MontUHURU, ethnicity really isn't the issue.

Well, let me say, that I also understand that these white men, may genuinely just be leaving the store after finishing their meal.

But regardless of their leaving or not, I'm gonna' get my sandwich, ya' dig?

Anyway, whenever I go to this store, I'm dressed in business slacks, shoes and usually, a dark-colored 'Polo' shirt. So I don't think I'm that threatening looking to this shop's patrons. But then again, there's no way a Black man can really look non-threatening to white people; white men especially.

One time while I was in this store and a couple of white men got up and left, I started thinking about a former debacle the Black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr. was involved in.

And for those who don't know Henry Louis Gates Jr., he was named one of the 25 most 'influential' americans by Time magazine, and he's hosted several specials on PBS titled, 'African-american lives', where he traces the 'family trees' of Black celebrities. But all of his genealogical endeavors really center around his trying to convince himself and the world, that he's more european than europeans.

This man puts the 'anglo' in anglophile.

Well, one day, Henry Louis Gates Jr. was returning home from a trip to China with his driver. Now, home for Henry, is a mostly white enclave in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Harvard university, where he teaches.

On this day, while trying to unlock his front door, he found it was jammed. Mind you, this is a two-level property he actually leases from Harvard, so you'd think it wouldn't be as prone to these types of malfunctions as the average home. Nevertheless, being that Henry's front door was jammed, he went to his home's back entrance. He shut off the alarm, and worked with the driver to force the door open.

After Henry's driver left, the cops rolled up.

Long story short, when white cops came on the scene, they said one of the morally-upstanding white neighbors, Henry's so proud to live next to, called the police on him. After going back and forth with the cops, verbally, Henry produced his driver's license and Havard ID to show them that he was telling the truth about living there. The cop's not only arrested him anyway, but they brought him up on charges, when he protested to the cops about being arrested for trying to get into his own house.

Mind you, when Henry was arrested, he was wearing Black slacks, a 'Polo' shirt and Black dress shoes. And he was also walking with a cane, due to an ailment.

The reason I'm mentioning any of this is recently, a comment was made on my Blog by someone calling themselves, 'The Berean Examiner'.

And this person wanted to know what I thought about young Black men holding their pants up with one hand, while wearing a belt. Basically, this anglophile was asking me what I thought about young brothas who are 'saggin'.

Now, let me just state for the record, that I CAN'T STAND the way saggin' jeans look on brothas. I'm old-school, so I'm used to presenting myself in a more euro-centrically mainstreamed way, meaning, I'm usually wearing slacks, shoes and a collared shirt. I'd also like to say, I remember a time when young brothas were wearing their jeans ultra-baggy, but they still kept their pants on their waist with a belt. Now, I was a fan of that, 'cause at least they didn't have their pants hanging off their ass.

But once I became a bit more 'conscious' of what they were doing, I now know, that they're more in their 'right minds' than I, or my Black european business suit wearing brothas and sistas are; let me explain why...

If you're a Black man or woman reading this, who's above the age of thirty, more than likely, the education, or mis-education you got, was specifically designed to make you hate yourself and everyone who looks like you. The american educational system did this by teaching you and I about two things historically...slavery and Martin Luther King Jr.

Now, what slavery did was condition you into believing your ancestors were subservient and hyper-obsequious cowards, who let themselves be tortured and murdered by a system of white fascism. Not only that, these lessons went into graphic detail about how our ancestors were whipped, raped and separated from their families without any resistance from us whatsoever. Mind you, this was completely false, there were literally hundreds of Black slave revolts in this country, the 'Nat Turner' revolt being the most famous of these. And the 'Willie Lynch Letter' was actually brought into existence as a way to stop our people from revolting so much.

Mind you, the very word 'slave' comes from the white 'Slavs' or 'Slavic' people; the country 'Yugoslavia' had so many of these white slaves, that it was was named after them.

Now, what our young brothas are smart enough to deduce by incidences like the murder of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, or the ravages of Hurricane Katrina (that should have been the last straw for our people), or the murders of Malcolm X, and that pansy-of-a-pacifist, Martin Luther King Jr., is that everything in the american social order is designed to kill them.

I remember Chris Rock making a joke saying, “...if you wanna' hide something from Black folks, you should put it in a book , 'cause niggas don't read.” Again, the ingenuity of these young brothas is that they realize, everything in these 'his-story' classes, is engineered to make them hate themselves.

That's why they reject the white fascist american education.

And that's not stupidity, THAT'S STRAIGHT UP INTELLIGENCE!

Now, based on 'The Berean Examiner's' comment I mentioned earlier, I realize if he were an 'examiner' for real, he, or she, would understand this. But since he, or she, is nothing but a dumb-assed anglophile, they don't have the capacity to think that deeply.

They can only process what this white fascist social order has given them, which is Black is bad and white is good. 'The Berean Examiner' really doesn't know how he, or she, is only operating on 'brain-stem' levels.

Now, to the Black men and women reading this who pride themselves on wearing Armani and Brooks Brother's suits, myself included, I'll ask this question: why don't we realize that the reason our young men aren't wearing tight, emasculating, european-styled pants, is they understand that everything to do with the american social order is set up to destroy them?

Our African ancestors never wore tight, restrictive clothing; and the reasons europeans want us to wear these kinds of garments is, not only are tight cloths physically restricting, but they restrict a person's access to their emotions as well. I expound on this theory in a post I wrote called, 'The technology of neckties', and I'll leave a link for that post at the end of this one. 

I myself, have strutted on downtown streets thinking I was holier-than-thou 'cause I was wearing an expensive european suit; on top of this, I remember how I looked at a young brotha who was saggin' on one of these days, and felt superior to him.

But after meditating on this topic, I'll ask 'The Berean Examiner' this question: if everything in the american social order is designed to literally kill Black men, and I'm wearing a european (white fascist made) suit, and I see a young brotha who's saggin, tell me, who looks more retarded?

It kills me that Black men and women with college degrees, won't think twice about wearing the cloths of their oppressors; but if they see a young brotha who's saggin', they'll look at him like he's a piece of trash.

And I've done this more than once, so I'm not excluding myself.

So, to Black men and women reading this, the next time you see a brotha saggin', think twice before you judge him, 'cause he's showing you that he doesn't favor a system that wants him and his peers dead; and this system shows him this constantly, in the forms of rampant police brutality.

And too many so-called 'conscious' Black men and women, are much too quick to judge young brothas who are 'saggin'.

And speaking of conscious brothas and sistas, I can state for a fact that there are a lot of 'pro-Black' frauds in our community, 'cause I've encountered two personal cases of 'conscious' Black people 'outing' themselves as anglophiles in recent months.

One of these kinds of brothas actually inspired me to start this Blog. He's an author who I thought was a true advocate for Black people. He would always talk about 'Black economics' and wrote passionately about Black men knowing their true worth. Recently, this person has chosen to adorn his books with the faces of european looking women he names after ancient Black deities. And after being successfully funded by white folks via his 'Kick-Starter' campaign, he's dove head-first into his obsessive hatred for Black people. These days what he's fondest of doing, is telling Black folks how dumb they are on his 'YouTube' diatribes. He waxes philosophic on how insipid Black folks are for saying the women on his covers look white; and when we don't buy his books because of this, he goes on another of his anglophilic rants about how Black people don't have the capacity to 'think critically'.

Another person I encountered this with, has been a Black woman who I truly thought was an ally in my quest to heal the rift between Black men and women. Recently, after spending a year following my Blog, this woman told me, several times, that the rift between Black men and women is 'irreprable' and the campaign to save the Black family is officially dead. Well, if you think like she does, of course it is.

Now, both these people are basically saying that they've always been anglophiles, but they're just revealing their true selves now. But one thing I don't think they realize, is what they're ultimately resigning themselves to with this mind-set. So let me break that down now.

If you're a Black man or woman reading this, and you're comfortable with you're anglophilic mind-state, here's two things you definitely have to look forward to: first, you've just doomed yourself to the reality that for the rest of your days on this earth, consciously or subconsciously, you'll hate yourself and everyone who looks like you 'til the day you die. Second, for you, it's check and mate, the game's over in terms of finding not only self-love, but a loving relationship with a 'good' Black man or woman.

More than likely, these two will wind up over-sexed and alone at fifty, after spending decades being sex toys for every 'non-Black' person they date.

Now, if you can live with these facts, then you're better than me.

See, myself, my father, and my brother were poisoned with the sickness of a white fascist enduced self-hatred. And now that I'm 'freer' of this problem, I'll be damned if I go back.

And I say 'freer' 'cause my quest to rid myself of this white fascist enduced self-hatred isn't over. I still have to work in my subconscious mind daily, to introduce doses of antidote(s) to this poison.

So to Black men and women reading this, if you're comfortable with the white supremacist american education you received, and you're desperately seeking to date and marry any 'non-Black' person; please DON'T BOTHER READING MY BLOG OR LEAVING COMMENTS HERE.

I suggest you continue your endeavors to find your 'swirl-girl' or 'rain-beau', and stop wasting my time pretending to be something, or someone, you're not.

'Cause time is one commodity none of us can afford to spend foolishly.

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


If you wanna' read 'The Berean Examiners' comment, and the post it was left on, you can do that here. 

And if you'd like to read the post where I explain how tight cloths restrict a person's access to their emotions, you can check that out here.


  1. I personnaly don't like seeing our young brothe saggin... In my opinion, I will prefer that they start to dress like our African ancestors. As always, great article. Thanks you.

    African Nubian

  2. 'Nubian'...

    You're failing to realize, that our young brothas wearing their cloths exceptionally baggy, is them starting to dress like our African ancestors. Our ancestors always wore loose, free-flowing clothing, and whether our young brothas know it or not, that's what they're picking up on subconsciously.