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The gospel of white supremacy (Part 8)...The 'conscious' stripper, Dr. Umar Johnson and the white fascist fear of Black home-schooling...

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, better known as Frederick Douglass, was born on February 20th, 1895. He was a Black abolitionist, social reformer, orator, writer and statesman. He was said to be such a beguiling public speaker, that white americans thought it was impossible for him to have once been a slave.

But what history neglects to tell us about this man is, Frederick was a white supremacist freemason.

Oddly enough, I myself, was contacted by a Black freemason who purported to be a member of a freemasonic lodge in Tyler, Texas, that is or was associated with the namesake of Frederick Douglass. He asked me why I thought all freemasons were white supremacists. After telling this brotha that I didn't have a problem with freemasonry itself, 'cause I know freemasonry is nothing but the Spiritual Sciences of our Black ancestors, I told him it was the white supremacist 'spin' on these sciences, that I had a problem with. The brotha thanked me for making this distinction.

Now, anyone saying they want proof of Frederick Douglass' affiliations with white supremacist freemasonry, should reference a hand written letter he wrote to one William Lloyd Garrison, on May 23rd, of 1846.

In it Frederick writes: 'I take up my pen to give you a hasty sketch of five days' visit to this great city. I arrived here from Edinburgh, on the I8th instant, and proceeded immediately to 5 Whitehead's Grove, the house of your early and devoted friend, George Thompson, from whom I had received a most cordial letter, inviting me to make his house my home, during my stay in London. The main object of my visit was to attend the annual meeting of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society—to do which, I had received a pressing invitation from the Committee of that Society. The meeting was held on the day of my arrival in Freemason's Hall, great Queen street.' 

And I'd like everyone to note how the 'British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society' was holding it's meeting in London's 'Freemason's Hall'; and no one, especially not a Black man at the time, wouldn't have gotten that kind of invite unless they belonged to their fraternity.

And I'd also like to add that if this 'Anti-Slavery' society was comprised of white supremacist freemasons, were they really interested in freeing enslaved Black people?

Of course not. They were more interested in prentending to have the best interest of Black people at heart. Kinda' like a more contemporary pseudo-Black organization called the NAACP. Rachel Dolezal?

Now, whenever some anglophile tells you how any white person, especially Abraham Lincoln freed Black slaves, you can tell them how downright ignorant they sound. First off, Lincoln himself owned slaves. Matter of fact, he had some freed Black american slaves sent to his slave colony in Haiti, so they could be re-enslaved. And what white 'his-story' books won't tell you is, during the civil war, when northern white factions were getting their butts kicked by southerners, northerners recruited Black men to fight against them. Now, our armies fought so gallantly that both northern and southern white men thought, if we try to enslave these men again, while they have guns, they're liable to kick our asses; so the Black soldiers won their own freedom. This is what they didn't show us in the movie 'Glory'.

Moving on...

Now, fast forward a coupla' centuries from the birth of Frederick Douglass...a Black man who swears to share Frederick Douglass' blood-line emerges from the Black 'conscious' community, and this man's name is Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson.

Now, this is a first, but I couldn't find the exact date of Umar Johnson's birth, but I do know he claims to have been born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And I can't substantiate whether or not Umar Johnson is in fact a kin of Frederick Douglass, but I do know they share one thing in common, and that's the fact that both these men are white supremacist freemasons.

Now if you want some proof about brotha Umar's allegiance to white supremacist freemasonry, take a look at these pics above. Notice any similarities? I want you to take note of both Umar's and his bodyguard's hands. Both are flaunting their inter-locked fingers, along with the pyramid shapes their fingers form above their inter-locked grip. This is one of white supremacist freemasonry's most common hand signals. (If you want to enlarge the above picture, just click on it) Now this pic is from one of Umar Johnson's lectures in Chicago, Illinois on 4/18/15; and I've noticed Umar is speaking more and more, almost exclusively, in Black churches. And if you don't know how the Black church has been used to influence our Diaspora via other white supremacist freemasons, like Creflo Dollar and T.D. Snakes, I mean Jakes, then you're just not paying attention to who they associate with.

Even the pastor of this church is showing he's down with these freemasonic fraternities, with the wearing of his 'buddhist' bracelet. This is another way to recognize the Black freemason. When I watched episodes of 'Love and Hip-Hop' back in the day, I used to always wonder why several scenes had a picture of the buddha in the background. Now I know why, and more importantly, who all those low-lives are down with.

So the question you might now be asking yourself is, why would white supremacist freemasons recruit someone like Umar Johnson, who seems to be such a radical Black Nationalist? Here's why...

White fascists realize their main lackeys who keep our Diaspora in control, namely Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are getting old and don't have much life left in them. So they need a young upstart, who sounds more like a revolutionary than Al and Jesse, especially in the wake of so many cops killing our people, to keep our Diaspora from revolting to the point where they're completely uncontrollable.

Also, Umar can placate both the bourgeois Black person and the brotha-on-the-corner types, 'cause he's got a doctorate, supposedly, and he's got a Black Nationalist air.

And as of late, brotha Umar has been talking about opening a school for Black children called the 'Frederick Douglas and Marcus Garvey Academy'. And while he's been taking donations for this, he recently said he had a donor who was a star athlete, who promised to pledge a million dollars towards this effort. Mind you, one of white fascism's greatest weapons against the Black Diaspora is its academic curriculum that's specifically designed to indoctrinate every Black person into a self-hating mind-state. And the programming Black people get to hate themselves is ten times worse than any other ethnic group, 'cause we have the most genetic power to breed whitey out of existence. So inbred fascists have to dissuade the Black Diaspora from building or attending schools where our people aren't taught the finer points of self-hatred.

Enter the 'conscious' stripper, Khym Ringgold...

Recently, some errant skank calling herself the 'conscious' stripper (I guess any troglodyte-of-a-negro can call themselves 'conscious' these days), claimed that she and Umar have 'tripped the light fantastic' on several occasions.

Now, I wanna' make something emphatically clear, I could care less who Umar has assorted trysts with; his sexual escapades are of no consequence to me AT ALL. If he had sex with two strippers, at the same time, I'd still be unfazed. He's a grown, single man, who's not claiming to be a reverend, religious preacher, catholic priest, etc. So what people are calling a 'scandal', to me is just non-sense, but it's said behind this Umar lost the million dollar pledge from the star athlete.

Now let me tell you what really happened...

Umar's white fascist handlers basically created this whole charade to look like some sort of 'organic scandal', so the Black Diaspora can keep frequenting schools that teach them to hate themselves. See, if you're a Black person who viewed Umar as a 'real deal' Black Nationalist, then you'll more than likely want nothing to do with any other Black person trying to open a truly 'independent' school after this 'scandal'.

Basically, this was a white fascist created imbroglio to keep the Black Diaspora sending their kids to P.S. (add # here) nationwide.

Now you might be thinking, if that were the case, then the wicked inbreds would also come after the Black 'home-schooling' community, which is on the rise.

Funny enough, while I was doing some research on the conscious skank, I mean stripper, I came across ms. thing's 'YouTube' channel. And guess what? Khym Ringgold recently uploaded a video about Black home-schooling on July 15, 2015. Mind you, this was a vid that showed home-schooling in a positive light. So why in the world would she do that?

It's 'cause the white fascists who pay her, are using her skank ass to dissuade the Black Diaspora from home-schooling our children; just like they're using Umar to dissuade us from investing in any schools that aren't pushing the agenda to make our kids hate themselves.

This whole incident with Umar and the skanky stripper, was just one initiative to keep the Black Diaspora from taking our kids out of over-crowded, under-funded white fascist school systems, so we could again, keep our children going to schools where they'll be kept in perpetual cycles of self-hatred...across generations.

But the good news is, knowing this, we can invest our monies in truly 'independent' Black home-schooling cooperatives that don't teach our kids to hate themselves, and where they can learn reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic at the same time.

And what makes whitey so nervous about that is, they can't fully control what we do at the 'grass-roots' level(s).

See, one thing we need to stop doing in our Diaspora, is following 'cults of personality'. We have to remember, 'celebrity' is a white fascist construct. It was created by them as a means of population control, to influence the masses...that's it. So we need to realize that once any 'Black leader' gains 'national' popularity, more than likely, white supremacist freemasons have them in their pocket...and they CAN'T BE TRUSTED!

Also, our Diaspora needs to understand that now more than ever, white birth rates have fallen below replacement levels. So white fascists are gonna' do everything they can to disempower and get rid of huge swaths of Black folks. This is evidenced by the scores of Black men and women who are routinely getting killed by white cops.

So, if you're a Black man or woman who truly wants to assure that our children learn in an environment that makes them love who they are, take the money you were going to give Umar Johnson, and donate it to a 'local' home-schooling cooperative. Mind you, you need to make sure that this school's curriculum is right on and righteous. And if you don't have money to give, donate your time. Myself and some brothas have found a local home-schooling organization that we're contributing both money and time to.

See it works like this fam...once our children aren't conditioned to hate themselves, they can form loving relationships again. Then, they can form loving marriages. After that, their generation(s) will be able to save the Black 'nuclear' family...AND THAT'S WHAT'S REALLY UP!!!

Kem Wesir!

MontUHURU Mimia


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  1. Hey, we really don't have time to sugar coat our supposedly leaders. It is what it is. If we don't get a handle on this situation we are going to spiral down back in the direction we're going. A spade is a spade. Your either on the team or off. I had a gut feeling this brotha was not for us. Anytime you are at the top percentile (psychologist) of anything in this system you most likely had to sell ya soul. They want let you at the top unless your agenda is their you see what I see? The whole system has to be torn down because of lies,deceit and misinformation. Unschooling maybe a better process...ands we learn and rediscover who we truly are. Hotep

    1. I completely get where you're coming from talking about the corruption of our Diaspora's 'talented tenth', and you're right, white fascists won't let you get to the 'top' unless your agenda meshes with theirs.

      But what I'm trying to get our Diaspora to see is, it would be wiser to leave this system and build one of our own, than trying in vain to tear this one down.

      You're also right in saying that we should call a spade, a spade. Problem is, most of our people don't understand two incredibly important facts about ourselves, and those are:

      one: we, Black people, have the most genetic power to breed our oppressors (white fascists) out of existence; therefore, we are conditioned by them to hate ourselves and each other.

      two: ALL of our dysfunction, has it's roots in this conditioning; so none of us are born hating ourselves and each other.

      Now, if we don't know these two facts about ourselves, chances are, we'll see the dysfunction in our communities as something that's 'natural' to us. Thus, we'll wind up hating ourselves and everyone who looks like us from the cradle to the grave.

      And that's the goal of white fascism.

      This, more than anything else, is what I want any Black man or woman venturing here to realize. And if enough of us can, then we can start seeing ourselves and each other differently, then we'll have a chance at healing the rift between the Black man and woman.

      Now, if Black men and women don't wanna' pursue this endeavor at all, I say, the least we can do is give our children an education where they're not taught to hate themselves. Cause if we leave them nothing else, we can at least leave them a way to steer clear of being conditioned into the profound self-hatred(s) most Black people will be tethered to for the rest of their lives.

      Thanks for commenting!