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The gospel of white supremacy (Part 6)...The legacy of David Icke...

David Vaughn Icke was born on April 29th, 1952, to Beric Vaughn and Barbara Icke, in Leicester, England. He was the middle child of two brothers; one who was seven years older, and another seven years younger; (This to me, already smacks of Dave's family belonging to a 'blueish' blood line, considering how popular the number 7 is in secret fraternities; but we'll get to more of that later). 

David's father Beric, was enlisted in the 'Royal Air Force', where he won a 'British Empire Medal' for gallantry in 1943. After this, Beric found a job in the 'Gent's' clock factory, and according to Dave, behind having this meager job, Beric could only afford to offer his family a 'hand-to-mouth' existence. 

According to Dave, as a child he was forced to hide when the landlord came around to collect the rent. 

The young David Icke was described as a 'loner', who spent hours playing with toy trains. It was also said that as a youth, Dave preferred crossing the street, rather than engaging someone in conversation. Friends accounts of a young David, spoke to how he was so painfully shy, that he would nearly faint at his school's 'morning assembly'. A family doctor recommended Dave see a children's psychologist, but Dave's father was adamantly against the idea. 

One thing a young David did excel at though, was athletics; and at nine, he was chosen for his school's football team. And the sport of 'football' I'm referring to, is what american's call 'soccer'. After having difficulties academically, he left school at fifteen, when he was drafted by a talent scout for a 'minor-league' soccer team. Dave made a career of this, until his being afflicted by Rheumatoid arthritis, forced him to retire at age 21. 

After his sports career, Dave landed a job as a reporter for the weekly newspaper, the 'Leicester Advertiser'. After that, he moved onto jobs with the 'Leicester News Agency', where he did some work for BBC radio and 'Free' radio in Birmingham, England. For the uninitiated, 'Free' radio, is the equivalent of 'National Public Radio' in america. 

Dave graduated through the ranks of news broadcasting, and eventually landed a spot on british TV's, first morning 'breakfast' newscast called, BBC's 'Breakfast Time', on January 17th, 1983. There, he was a 'sportscaster' until 1985. He also published his first book at this time titled, 'It's a tough game, son!', about breaking into professional football. 

Supposedly, it was in this span of years, that Dave began to 'experiment' with fringe medicines to relieve his arthritic pains. He wrote a second book in 1989 called, 'It doesn't have to be like this', fostered by his interest in 'Green Politics'. Dave also became a leading spokesperson for England's 'Green Party'. 'The Observer' newspaper, called Dave, the Green Party's, 'Tony Blair' (if you don't know who Tony Blair is, google him).

It was about this time, Dave said he continuously felt a 'spiritual presence' around him; and this was also a period, where he began consulting with a psychic healer named Betty Shine. Now, allegedly, upon his third meeting with Betty, she told him that the 'spirit world' had a message for him. She told Dave he'd been sent to earth to 'heal' it, and also said he'd become world famous while doing this. She also told him, he'd face some opposition. Mind you, at this time, Dave was a bona-fide celebrity, due to his years on TV. He had a lot to lose by divulging this the story goes. 

Dave said he'd been 'channeling' for some time on his own, and it was in one of these sessions, he found out he's something called a 'Son of the Godhead'. This meaning, he was declaring himself the cult leader of something he nebulously termed, the 'Infinite Mind'. This is what Dave espoused on BBC's, the 'Terry Wogan' show, on April 29th, 1991. 

Now, the Terry Wogan show, was the equivalent of america's, 'The Johnny Carson' show. So this was Dave, the TV celebrity, proclaiming these views, along with his hypothesis, that the world's truest elite members, were descendents of shape-shifting reptilian aliens, who've come to this planet from another dimension. 

Dave and another of his luminaries, namely, Zecharia Setchin, state that these creatures came to earth for its mineral resources. Specifically, they say, these aliens came for the earth's 'monotamic gold'. By ingesting this, it's said these aliens, called the 'Annunaki', can process vast amounts of information, speed up trans-dimentional travel, and shape-shift from alien to human form, and back again. Dave further argues how the Annunaki are a race of gods coming out of the 'Babylonian creation myth', in his book, 'The biggest secret', that he published in 1999. 

Now, I came into the knowledge of David Icke from a former co-worker. It was at this time, my mind was being plaqued with one question: how the hell did white people wind up on top?

This didn't make any sense to me, based on my knowing that whites are the world's minority, and knowing ancient Black civilizations were the global super-powers for the majority of the world's existence. And I knew some force outside the circle of white people had to be running the show. So when I heard Dave's message, my ears perked up enough for me to do my own research. 

The co-worker who put me on to Dave, had a spare ticket to one of his lectures, and asked me to go. And I did. And it was at this lecture, that my melanated mind told me who this guy really was, and is. 

At the lecture, Dave said emphatically: "I just happen to live on an island, with the highest concentration of freemasons in the world." Now, even though I figured out he was talking about britian, something in that statement, told me, he was one of them. 

If you're a Black man or woman reading this, understand, it's gonna' be your melanated mind that will help you discern frauds, from those who have a righteous message. Remember, your truest wisdom, or what makes you truly smart, is your melanated spirituality. Always trust this to reveal the truth. 

Now, let's delve into the research my melanated mind led me to, that finally revealed David Icke the man, and his underhanded message. 

Recently, I distinctly remembered hearing Steven Spielberg, the famous movie director, talking about how aliens built the pyramids. David Icke is just a louder, more tenured spokesperson for this's why. 

More and more Black/indigenous people are finding out that our ancestors not only built the pyramids, but created ALL of the world's ARTS AND SCIENCES. 

Once again, I'll emphatically state, that astronomy, astrology, calculus, trigonometry, physics, and any other science you can name, was created by ANCIENT BLACK/INDIGENOUS PEOPLE! 


And, I'll also say, don't take my word for any of this, go do your own research!

Now, with Black people waking up to the aforementioned fact, and white birth rates falling below replacement levels, a gargantuan campaign had to be implemented, tricking Black folks into believing some force outside themselves, were responsible for creating ancient feats of ingenuity like the pyramids.

Enter David Icke...

Now, the Terry Wogan show was Dave's 'coming out' party. This was basically where he'd start this propaganda campaign, and bring it into mainstream view. 

Now, in 2010, I saw David Icke in a mid-sized theater in NYC. And in 2012, last year and this year, he began playing in 'Wembly Arena'. His loyal fans now number in the multi-millions. 

And now, David Icke has a net worth of 10 million dollars. 

See, the white supremacist trick of convincing everyone, and Black folks especially, that aliens built the pyramids, or were responsible for these levels of ingenuity, isn't new. What's new is the celebrity power that white fascists have put behind it. 

David Icke is now on a lecture tour that has a 'stadium-quality' production value; this includes props and dancers. I've included a trailer of one of his latest lectures, it looks like a Broadway show.
And if you'd like further proof of his message, being one that discredits the ingenuity of ancient, and current Black people, take a look to the left at one of his tour posters. 

What do you notice most about it?

What you should notice, is how Dave, a white man, is enshrouded in an even whiter color, with the message, 'Remember who you are'. This is indeed a rallying cry to his people, that they should always remember, they are the rulers of this world. And how they are the masters of this world 'cause they've been force-fed the lie, that they're the creators of every one of the world's innovations. Regardless of any information they get to the contrary. Problem is, Black people especially, are finding out this is a bald-faced lie, perpetrated by a white supremacist school curriculum that was forced on them/us.

And mind you, these innovations aren't just part of ancient history. I'll leave a link for the post I did on Henry T. Sampson and his invention of the 'Gamma Electric Cell', which is where we get the term 'cell-phone' from. And without this device, your cell-phone won't work!

So, I've said all that to say this, if you should come across this shyster's message, you now know he's another agent provocateur carrying an outdated message, for a new generation. 

So as the ingenious rap group 'Public Enemy' once said, 'Don't believe the hype'. And if you happen to see Dave on TV, turn the channel; or go watch the movie, 'The Spook Who Sat By The Door' one mo' time.

You'll be glad ya' did!



Below is a vid of Dave's 'stadium show' from 2012; and if you wanna' read about the ingenuity of brotha Henry T. Sampson, you can do that here. 


There may be a sequel to this post, being that I was rushing to get this done. There are some other points I wanted to make about David and some issues I mentioned here, that I wanted to delve deeper into; so be on the look out for that.  

P.P.P.S. (lol)

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