Saturday, September 20, 2014

The gospel of white supremacy...

'African Americans watched two hours more television per day than the national average of 5 hours and 11 minutes according to a report recently released by Nielsen, the TV ratings agency.'
--New York Times, April 17, 2011

Ever since I can remember, there's been a statistic stating that Black people watch more TV than any other ethnic group.

Now, what's being implied here is the reason Black americans are at the bottom rung of society, is because we don't have the mental capacity for 'higher learning' that's inherent in most other people and we're shiftless sloths who are notoriously hedonistic. 

In layman terms, the white elite are saying all we want out of life is good sex, comfortable shoes and a warm place to go the bathroom.  

Now, the average Black person who sees this will internalize this information and walk around consciously or subconsciously thinking it's true; in turn, this will reinforce the reason(s) why they should hate themselves for being Black.

And usually this is where the story ends. But, if you're a Black person with a curious mind, you'll do a little research to check the veracity of these findings. Now, being that I've done some writing in the past about the Nielsen TV agency, I know they quantify ratings information from 'Nielsen TV boxes' they give to families so their viewing habits can be monitored. And my past research also showed me two other things; one, the Nielsen TV ratings agency has been caught more than once fabricating and basically telling bald-faced lies about ratings numbers; and two, they don't give out Nielsen TV ratings boxes to Black families.  

Think a minute...have you ever known of a Black family who owned a Nielsen TV ratings box?

I didn't think so. 

And even if one Black family has one of these boxes, you'd be hard pressed to find several that do; and if you're going to put out these kind of propaganda pieces, at least have a correct amount of people in the case study to substantiate your findings. 

But based on this outrageously false information, the New York Times, one of the most respected periodicals in the world, is telling Black people that we're dumb 'cause we watch more TV. 

And we always take whitey's word as the the 'gospel truth.'

Another case in point is whitey's obsession with the world's 'overpopulation' problem. 

The inbreds who call themselves elites say in a hundred years or in several decades, there won't be enough resources to feed the swelling masses of humans now inhabiting the earth. What this does is keep people in a suspended state of 'poverty-mindedness'; meaning, they've got the populous thinking there's only a finite amount of resources for each man, woman and child, so we shouldn't want or ask for too much, and by no means, should we want the abundant resources the elites enjoy. 

But, upon doing a little research, you'll find that the 7 billion people populating the earth could fit comfortably in the continental united states; because the majority of the land masses on this planet are mainly uninhabited as you can see when you fly over them.

When you do a bit more research you'll find when these pale-skinned degenerates talk about 'over-population', what they're really talking about is how the world's populated with too many 'non-white' people. They understand how they're the world's real minority; and now since white birth rates are falling below replacement levels, they're really scrambling to 'depopulate' countries and continents primarily inhabited by our people. So you and I are going to see more 'super-viruses' these inbreds have cooked up in labs, seemingly coming out of nowhere to infect and essentially kill off Black people globally at faster rates (Ebola virus).

Now, recently, the movie 'No Good Deed' was touted as being the number one movie in america; for the dates of September 12, 13th and 14th respectively, to the displeasure of myself and others; and I wrote a post called 'No good negroes' addressing my problems with the movie's self-destructive message before it came out.

Now, several bloggers have written about their being perplexed as to why the Black Diaspora would go out and support this kind of movie when at it's core, it speaks about Black men and women killing each other and sublimely suggests how the Black nuclear family is a thing of the past. But this incident reminds me of another which kind of puts this whole debacle in perspective...for me at least. 

Spike Lee, who can't get enough accolades for his film accomplishments in my opinion, put out a brilliant movie called 'Inside Man' in 2006. While on a press junket promoting the film, he stated emphatically that Black people should check their tickets. Because he found out how individual movie theaters were giving patrons purchasing tickets for Inside Man, tickets to other films within the theater. So essentially, people paying for Inside Man tickets might get a ticket for the auditorium showing 'Weekend at Bernie's 12' or something. That's how much whitey was invested in making sure Spike's film didn't meet the numbers it needed to stay in theaters.

Now, fast forward to 'No Good Deed' in 2014 being the number one movie in america. In the post I wrote about this flick originally, I found out how the Screen Gems film studio who made this piece of crap movie, had originally slated this to be released on January 14th of this year, for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday; yep, Mr. Charley was that interested in Black folks seeing this flick. But they pushed the date back knowing they'd be up against Universal's movie 'Ride Along' starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Guess they figure Black people can't mentally handle having two choices for films catering to their demographic. But here's my point, might what happened with Spike's 'Inside Man' be a reflection of 'No Good Deed's' making it to number one? Might people purchasing tickets for other films been given a ticket for the craptastic 'No Good Deed'?

I've done some research on the box office tally numbers for 'No Good Deed', and all sources say, this film sold the most tickets, but if these 'ticket swaps' happened who'd be the wiser? They definitely wouldn't reflect anywhere in the mainstream media. But we, the Black Diaspora, would still be duped into believing, the majority of us went out to see this flick. 

Now, before you say, we'll that's not likely to happen, let me say, firstly, it did happen to Spike; and secondly, why wouldn't whitey do this to serve his agenda of reinforcing and triggering our conditioned self-hatred with this flick?

And I'll also say, it pissed me off when I saw some bloggers talking about Black people like we're the dumbest people on the planet behind this film coming in at number one. There's a lot of people who claim to be pro-Black bloggers, but when any thing goes awry where Black people are concerned, these sell-outs are the first ones to talk about Black people like we've got no sense. It's sickening to see someone claiming they have our people's best interest at heart talk about us like trash as soon as something runs afoul in our diaspora. 

So who's side are these sell-outs really on?

Answer: their own...and whitey's. 

If you're a Black blogger who spends the majority of your time talking about how stupid Black people are; just come out of the closet and call yourself an anglophile, or whitey's lapdog. And if you're selling Black people on the notion that prayer is the answer to all our problems, might I advise you to realize how we, Black folk, do the most praying, and continually wind up getting the short end of the stick time and time again. 

And to those same bloggers let me ask this question about your deep, abiding love for many times does this man have to lie to you, before you realize he's a pathological liar, and you start treating him like one? You were pissed off at 'No Good Deed' coming in at number one, well, did you ever think, maybe this film wasn't number one at all, but whitey is just telling us it was? And if you're saying why would he do that? I'm saying, 'cause he wants to put out the message that Black people should keep hating and hurting each other, so we don't form relationships that produce Black children, especially, pure bred looking Black children. 

To all you fair weather, pro-Black bloggers, I say stop dissin' your own kind so you can win ass-kissing points with Mr. Charley. 'Cause whether you know it or not, he wants your dumb-founded ass dead too!


And let me say again, in regards to the dysfunction in the Black community, PRAYER IS NOT THE ANSWER! Being a christian isn't the solution to every problem and quite frankly, we were given christianity by these pale-skinned, degenerate devils so our communities would be dysfunctional. Turn the other cheek, love your enemy, confess your sins to perfect strangers, and all that other crap mandated in your religion. 

The only thing that will end the dysfunction in the Black community is reconditioning ourselves at the subconscious level through meditation. This is the only way we'll truly change for the better and save the Black family in the process. Question is how dedicated are Black people to doing this work? And will we do this before it's too late?

Remember people, MONEY IS NOT THE REAL POWER...UNITY IS! It's gonna' take a mental transformation for us to save ourselves. So by all means...let's get to work!


MontUHURU Mimia


  1. I often say that we should become economically self-sufficient just because it makes sense, but it is not so much the money itself as much as it is the spirit of unity. You make a good point about us buying into the White Supremacist gospel. I think that it is a combination of us not doing our homework on how this system and paradigm works and the fact that we are scared of possible confrontation because we are scared of losing if we do it or we still have that subconscious addiction to being accepted by them. (Tariq Nasheed explains it in this video:

    We also have to recognize when they are pretending to be nice in order to get us to drop our guard:

    If you want to see how Racism-White Supremacy works in its most diabolical form, watch the Joker in "The Dark Knight".

    (P.S. Keep an eye on other groups, because many times they can hide behind the overt deception of White people in order to mask how THEY really are. For example:

    1. 'Kev'...

      This is why I say white supremacy is a twisted foe; look at the statements you made in reference to Black people: one, you say you we've bought into the gospel of white supremacy because we 'didn't do our homework on how this system and paradigm operates...this implies mental sloth on Black people's part.

      And two, we're 'scared' of losing a possible confrontation with whitey.

      Do you see the legacy of only being taught about MLK and slavery? We're made to feel we're mentally lazy (slavery--our people's enslavement implies this) and scared of confrontation (MLK--passive or non-violent resistance). And it's fitting Tariq Nashid should bring this up, 'cause for all his talk of Black empowerment, Tariq is an anglophile. Why do you think his Youtube channel's name is the 'Maybach 1984'?...and here's the most insidious part; Tariq doesn't know he's an anglophile 'cause he's not aware that this gospel is hidden (Hidden Colors) in his subconscious mind.

      He'd have to go into his subconscious via meditation and pluck this doctrine out of his head, if he can recognize the problem at that level...and most people aren't able to.

      This is our (Black people's) greatest dilemma...actually 'seeing' the problem and actually doing the work to solve it.

      That's why I say meditation is the ONLY WAY to true change for the Black Diaspora; now, will enough of us take to it? That's the $64,000 question.

      But someone's gotta' at least put this concept out there for the diaspora to inspect and reflect on.

      And as far as white supremacy and Batman's nemesis 'the Joker' is concerned, I think the whole ethnic group of whites is comprised of nothing but pale-skinned, degenerated 'Jokers'. And what are the characteristics of the Joker: hyper-narcissism, homicidal behavior(s) and an obsession with self-preservation...sounds more and more like the mad clown to me.

      Thanks for commenting Kev and let me know what you think of my response.

    2. I think you put it better than I did when it comes to dealing with the subconscious mind. I was reading this metaphysical book titled "Blackroots (MuurRoots) Science" where the author suggests the notion that in order for our people to end this cycle of evil and whatnot, we will have to remove our sympathetic resonance from them and from mankind in general. Check it out on PDF if you get the chance.

      As far as Tariq Nasheed goes, I only listen to him in order to learn how to make all of the higher knowledge that people like you and I have been exposed to more practical to understand to the Black masses. I know that for someone like him, he carries some anglophillic tendencies because he has managed to slip through the cracks and achieve success due to his particular businesses of clothing lines and dating advice. He has also done this without having to compromise a high degree of his integrity, as most Black people would in that situation. This in turn has allowed him to have a mass appeal to a "diverse" audience (which is why he would sidestep sometimes taking extreme stances on certain things, but would still address them).

      However, I don't expect him to get as deep on it as someone like you and I. The Hidden Colors series is great though as an introduction for raising the overall consciousness level of our people.

      I was conversing with an elder of mine and what he made the point was that in order to obtain wealth in this society (paper wealth), one is always tempted to do evil/nefarious things in order to get that check.

      (P.S. If you want to see just how lowly mankind can sink, YouTube "The Russian Sleep Experiment".)