Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quentin Tarantino's freemasonic agenda and the real message behind his movie 'Jackie Brown'...

Quentin Tarantino was born on March 27, 1963 to a sixteen year old mother in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Connie McHugh, his mother, is part Cherokee and Irish, and his father, Anthony Tarantino, was an actor who left the family before Quentin was born.  

After Connie moved him out to California at the age of 4, Quentin developed a love for movies and storytelling. 

His mother confessed to journalists how Quentin would write her sad 'mother's day' stories. Connie said of Quentin, "He'd always kill me (in the stories) and say how bad he felt about was enough to bring a tear to a mother's eye." As you can see, Quentin had problems with women from an early age. He once confessed to the TV host Charlie Rose, on his show, how he didn't have a girlfriend until the age of 24. "I went on a lot of first dates though..." Quentin replied, after Charlie donned a shocked look on his face.

Quentin was also completely disenchanted with school. Oftentimes, he'd hide in his bathroom pretending to have gone off to school until his mother left for work; then he'd sit in his living room watching TV for the remainder of the day. 

At 16, he dropped out of school and got his first job; which was replacing porn magazines out of various vending machines and collecting the quarters. Shortly afterwards, he got another job as an usher at the 'Pussycat' porno theater in Torrence, CA. He actually lied about his age, 'cause he was still 16 at the time, but he got the gig anyhow. 

So from a very young age Quentin had a very warped sense of male and female relationships, first from his mother, then from his first two jobs. Coincidentally, Henry Rollins, of the rock band 'Black Flag' and the Rollins Band, had one of his first jobs in a porno theater. He confessed later that the first people to touch his penis were in fact men; then, I remembered seeing him on an episode of Rupaul's 'Drag Race', which is this epic drag queen competition. So there seems to be some weird connection between youths working in porno theaters and being sexually conflicted. But I digress...

After working at several odd jobs for a couple of years, Quentin wound up at the now famous 'Video Archives' movie rental store. This is where he produced his first short black and white film called 'My best friend's birthday'. Being that it wasn't up to scratch, he trashed the project, but in essence said, this was his film school. 

A few years later, Quentin endeavored to write movie scripts for a living. One of his scripts was eventually picked up. This was the screenplay for 'True Romance'.
In this film, as in all of his films, Quentin is giving us two elements that remain a staple in his flicks to this day, which are, his homosexuality and his hatred for Black people. 

Anecdotally, Quentin says he based Christian Slater's character on himself. The similarity being that Christian Slater's character (Clarence Worley) works in a retail comic book store and Quentin worked in a retail video store. Also, Clarence celebrates his birthday by going to a Sonny Chiba triple feature in a 'grindhouse' movie theater. This is where he meets his female love interest Alabama (played by Patricia Arquette). Quentin himself confessed that when he wrote this script, he wasn't currently in a relationship, but this story was the fantastic way he'd like to have met his first girlfriend. 

Now in keeping with Quentin's two themed aesthetic, there's a scene in this film where Clarence confesses to a woman that he's sexually conflicted by saying: "I'm not gay or anything...but I'd f&@k Elvis." Mind you, Quentin once played an Elvis impersonator when he had a brief stint as an actor. And if Quentin was raised in the west coast, why would he name his female lead character 'Alabama'? A state known for it's overt white bigotry. And we all remember the scene of Dennis Hopper (Clarence's father) getting fatally gunned down when he tells Chris Walken's mobster character that: "Sicilians are spawned from n*&gers..." Now if that doesn't speak to Quentin's hatred for Black people, I don't know what does. 

Now by this time, the white elite knew they had a golden resource in Quentin, they knew he was an exceptionally talented writer/film-maker and they knew he'd be able to mainstream their white supremacist/freemasonic agenda with his films. 

A year later, Quentin's 'Pulp Fiction' comes out; and this film sets the cinematic world on fire. And this is also the movie I walked out on towards the end of the flick. The scene I walked out on was Quentin's 'dead n&%ger storage' monologue. After seeing Marvin, the young Black man who was with Bret in the small apartment get shot in the face, and the rape of Marsellus Wallace, I'd had enough. That was until a black woman I knew convinced me that Sam Jackson's 'trying to be the shepherd' soliloquy was the best part of the flick, and I'd missed it. So I took her advice and rented this flick again. Then I thought, well...maybe my criticism was too harsh. After seeing this film I rented 'Reservoir Dogs'; and I distinctly remember the scene where Mr. Pink (Steve Buschemi) broke up an argument with his cohorts by saying, "'re acting like a bunch of ni%$ers." Even though I was offended, I thought I'd give Quentin's flicks one last try. 

That's when I rented the film 'Jackie Brown'. 
Now, this was the film that finalized my decision to say f&@k Quentin Tarantino once and for all. Let me tell you why...

Even though I consider this to be Quentin's best film...this movie to me encapsulates Quentin's feelings about Black people and the white elite's agenda for us. 

I couldn't imagine anyone hasn't seen this film, but if you haven't, basically it's about Pam Grier's character, Jackie Brown, being a stewardess for a third rate airline while she smuggles money into the states for Ordell Robbie, an illegal gun-runner played by Sam Jackson. 

Jackie meets the mature bail bondsmen Max Cherry, played by Robert Forrester, after she's caught in an ATF sting and booked for transporting an illegal amount of money on her flight and having cocaine on her person. Thinking Jackie might flip on him, Ordell goes to her house to kill her, but she suprises him by pulling a gun and offering him a deal. She's willing to play along with a plan where she'll pretend to help the authorities while smuggling $550,000 of Ordell's money into the states, enough for him to retire.

What she hasn't told Ordell, is that she plans to steal his money with Max Cherry's help. 

Now, the last part of the film is when we see the whole white supremacist spin on this flick. Basically, Jackie steals Ordell's money, then has Max Cherry deliver him to his office where Jackie is waiting with the police, and there...they shoot Ordell dead.

This displays the white elite's intention to destroy the Black man through the help of the black woman.

And at the end of the film, after Jackie and Max kiss, Jackie asks him to come with her to Spain. Max declines. This is the white elite's way of telling black women that white men will have sex with you (this is implied by their kiss, and there's a deleted scene of Jackie and Max in a motel discussing their plan--if you don't believe me you can find the deleted scene on the Jackie Brown DVD in the 'special features' section), and we'll (white men) have no problems with you helping us to kill the Black man (Ordell), but white men will not and should not marry black women. 

After this, Jackie gets in her car and drives off with Ordell's money. Meaning: the white elite will give black women a good paying job, but the price is that you're going to be without the Black man...or any man for that matter. So basically, they're going to keep the black women well paid, oversexed and alone. And that's how the movie ends. 

And Black people went to go see this movie in droves when it came out; and love it to this day. And just like 'Django', this movie came out on christmas day. Again, another incentive for Black folks to go see it. 

And we all know about Quentin's other films, like 'Inglorious basterds' (where the Nazi commander compares Blacks to King Kong in the bar scene's card game) and I've already told you the deal about 'Django'. 

So I've said all that to say this, Black people need to stop frequenting this gay bigot's films once and for all. Let's boycott this bastard every time he puts one of his crap flicks out. 

With trashy movies like 'Django unchained', The Help and now 'The Butler' in theaters, it's time we used our dollars to send 'Hollywierd' a clear message that we won't take part in financing the slandering of our image. 

White supremacists, like Quentin, have thrown the gauntlet down; and now it's time we pick it up...and smash them in the head with it. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

Here's one of the last scenes from Jackie Brown, where Jackie asks Max to go with her to Spain. Jackie asks him, "Are you scared of me?" and Max responds, "A little bit." What he's saying is, again, I'll help you kill the Black man and I'll even have sex with you, but don't mistake this for a serious relationship or a marriage. I've also recently read that in Elmore Leonard's novel 'Rum Punch', which this movie is based on, the 'Max Cherry' character actually agrees to go with the 'Jackie Brown' character at the end. So why'd Quentin change this ending if he loved the book so much? It's because he's sending white men a message; and that is, this is ultimately how black women should be treated. Still Black people love this movie. Sad.

If you wanna' see my Blog Post about 'Django Unchained', you can view it here.


  1. This should be called. WHAT YOU THINK MIGHT BE THE MEANING OF JACKIE BROWN. You aren't spitting out facts you fucking fool. You are sharing your own opinion.

    1. This Blog and its posts are not for feeble-minded, casual viewers; if you don't have the ability to read a movie's 'subtext' than you shouldn't even bother coming here.

      So long!

    2. The only subtext you see is your own projection.How lost in your ego you are.

    3. Let me say this one more time for those people like you who missed it...this Blog and its posts are not for feeble-minded, casual viewers; if you don't have the ability to read a movie's SUBTEXT, then you shouldn't be here.

      Did Jackie (Pam Grier) and Max (Robert Forester) kiss?

      Yes, they did. The 'subtext' of that moment means they've had sex before. It's not shown or stated plainly, that's why they it's called 'subtext'.

      Now, after their kiss, does Jackie (Pam Grier) drive off by herself, after Max refused to go away with her?


      Did Jackie and Pam take Ordell's money?


      Now, if you really can't see the broader socio-political statement being made here, then you're one of those overwhelmingly superficial types who can't grasp what I'm, or this movie, is really saying.

      So don't bother coming back.

      So long!

  2. Tarantino has dated a black woman,what a racist.Youre really lost in your delusions,how sad

    1. Once again, you failed to realize Tarantino's M.O.

      In the movie 'Jackie Brown' what happens? Max Cherry kisses Pam Grier, implying they've had sex before and when she asks him to go away with her, he declines.

      Now, in Quentin's real life, he's also saying that the Black woman is good enough to have sex with, but not to marry.

      Stop operating at the brain stem level.

      You'll be glad ya' did!

  3. Tarantino is a homosexual. He shows symbolism in all his movies.

  4. I never watched the movie, Jackie Brown and I heard from several people that Hollywood rarely ever makes uplifting black movies. So there is no surprise there.

    Forward thinking black female

    1. 'FTBF'...

      It's a good movie for Black people to watch from an anthropological point of view.

      It shows you not only where Quentin's mind is at, but where the whole of the white fascist social order is heading.

      I'm currently re-watching the movie 'Goodfellas' from this mental stand-point, for a future post I'm gonna' write.

      Again, thanks for commenting!

      Ma'at Hotep! (Meaning peace and justice in the Medu Netcher)

  5. I don't think he's entirely gay. He clearly has a fetish with female feet. He puts a specific female foot scene in every film.

    1. He might not be entirely gay, but maybe three-quarters!

      You're either gay or your not. Bi-sexuals are just indecisive.

      And the reason Quentin has a foot fetish, is internally, he's responding to the anatomical aesthetic of pretty or 'dainty' feet having the overall effect of making any woman look more 'exquisitely' feminine. And he yearns to be that attractive to men.

  6. I do see where you're coming from with the black hatred angle. I never really saw that before so I do thank you for that perspective.

    I think this man's movies are even more generally horrible than just a negative slant on black people. I think they show people in general in the most negative light possible, beyond believable. It's a heinously depressing view of the human condition and it should be avoided.

    They highlight torture and hatred of women in a sexual context as exemplified by many movies, Jackie Brown included, but also, grind house, kill bill, and just about all others I have seen. They show women in general as possessing incredibly loose or non existent morality. Men are merely opportunistic predators. It utterly blurs the line between the good guys and bad guys to the point where it devolves to a banal "them vs them" carnage festival. The bad guys are just completely devoid of any sense of humanity and are so utterly bad it is hard to believe.

    What I don't think the audience believes or understands is how easily it is to model behaviors people see on screen. Is it any wonder our culture has continued a constant slide toward evil and away from good?

    What amazed me lately was he appeared on HBO a while back and talked about getting arrested for protesting police brutality. As if he has had zero impact on it with his culture demolishing filth. As the bad guys become truly unconscionable animals, is it any wonder that the police trend toward becoming tyrannical brutes?

    I do think we all need to take a serious look at what films we go see in the theater, as well as what we watch on TV. We need to vote with our approval and disapproval, because money is really what is driving things. If we all, one by one, boycott evil directors, musicians and other destructive movies, shows, media. Perhaps they will either adapt and show good things, or they will go out of business and good people might make something redeeming that becomes popular.

    1. 'Anonymous'...

      Quentin is the walking embodiment of what happens to anyone who completely imbibes in and abides by the american social order's status quo.

      Whether you're talking about his hatred of Black people but the love of our culture, or his misogynistic bent, basically Quentin is a pastiche of southern klansman, rejected male geek who's using his films to act out his revenge on women and a closeted gay man who overdosed on horror films.

      Or to put it another way, if Donald Trump had a film fetish, he'd be Quentin Tarantino.

      Problem is less and less people are willing to challenge the social mainstream for fear of losing out on whatever perceived perks come with going along to get along. And I don't see any collective group of people in this country who are looking to really make any real changes.

      For now, what I've resigned myself to doing is living 'in' this country's mainstream and not being 'of' it. Meaning, I'll align myself with people who can think on more than just superficial levels and see if we can create any lasting changes, especially in our own lives.

      But one glimmer of hope is that it's always the MINORITY population that makes the real changes, not the MAJORITY. Real revolutions always start from the bottom-up, not the top-down.

      So try to find these like-minded types and stick tight to them. And maybe in the near future others like us can collectively pull the veil off this fascist construct called the 'western world' and inject some real humanism back into humanity.

      And I know that sounds INCREDIBLY idealistic, but sometimes I just gotta' go there.

      Thanks for commenting!