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Are Will and Jada Pinkett Smith swingers?

Willard Christopher Smith Jr., aka Will Smith, was born and raised in west Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

His early claim to fame was as one half of the rap group DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince in the late 80's. Shortly thereafter, he turned to acting when he starred  in the popular TV series 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'. This show lasted six seasons (1990-1996) and pretty much set the precedent for his film career. 

Now, Will's film career has been fabulously successful. He's the only actor to have eight consecutive films gross over 100 million dollars domestically and ten consecutive films gross 150 million dollars internationally. He's also the only actor to have eight consecutive films in which he's starred open at the #1 spot in domestic box office tallies. That's nothing to sneeze at. 

Jada Koren Pinkett was born in Baltimore, Maryland; she was named for her mother's favorite soap opera actress Jada Rowland (Ms. Rowland starred in several TV soap operas, amongst them was 'As the world turns'); funny that Jada herself would be cast in a role on the TV series 'A different world' decades later...but I digress. 

Jada went to the Baltimore School of the Arts where she met and befriended a young Tupac Shakur. Anecdotally, a young Tupac and Jada did an impromptu shopping mall video where they rapped and danced to Will Smith's song 'Parents just don't understand'. 

After Jada and Will met, they married in 1997. 

The two have been a successful 'power couple' for years now, and quite frankly, this was the best thing Jada ever did for her career. Her greatest talent being her looks, she's made several forgettable films and was going to go down in history as what she really is, a mediocre talent. 

Now for the past couple of years, the two have dropped hints about their marriage being 'open'; that's right...Will and Jada have intimated that they give each other permission to 'get jiggy' with other partners. 

Now, I've wondered if they were serious, or was this just more grist for the ole' Hollywood movie star rumor mill.

So the question is, are they or aren't they swinging?

In my opinion...probably not. And here's why...

I'm pretty sure everyone knows these two are well connected freemasons. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone; 'cause you can't become any kind of celebrity without their (white supremacist secret societies) approval. 

So even if they are 'swingers', they're not doing it necessarily because they want to, they're doing it because they've been tasked to by their white supremacist handlers. Why you ask? For that answer let's delve a little deeper into the tenets of white supremacy. 

In the 'Willie Lynch letter', Willie detailed that at all costs the black woman must be kept separated from the Black man. And the endgame to all this, is the dismantling of the Black 'nuclear' family. 

Will and Jada represented too much of a cohesive Black family unit; so, the white supremacist bastards had to find a way of using them as a tool to destroy the Black family.

Enter the portrayal of Will and Jada being in an 'open marriage'...or a 'swinging' marriage. 

I'm in no way saying that Will and Jada wouldn't pursue this lifestyle on their own, but I don't think any sane Black person would associate with someone in these circles. And here's why...

Black people's melanated minds instinctively understand the consequences of being in an 'open' relationship or marriage. We know that once you consent to your spouse having sex with someone else, your relationship is over. You can try this out and see how it works for you, but ultimately, you'll come to the conclusion that the only people who engage in this on a long term basis are people who come from unstable and abusive households. 

I know some will argue that people can try this lifestyle out because they're curious, but once again, if you come from a stable, two-parent household, you wouldn't be curious about this at all. You'd know that only hyper-promiscuous types would be prone to giving this lifestyle a shot. 

And the reason someone would be this promiscuous? You guessed it...they came from an unstable or abusive household. 

So I've said all that to say this, anyone who considers themselves a swinger, especially if they're a Black person, is fooling themselves. This isn't and never will be a viable option for traditional marriage. The only place open relationships lead to is divorce and some sort of pseudo-monogamy...which means you're really single, but just pretending to be married.

Conversely, white people have no problem with these various forms of sexual deviancy. They frequently engage in S&M, homosexuality, bestiality, scat, or whatever other debauched sexual behavior they can think up. Remember I've said in previous posts, the reason their skin is not melanated is because they are recessive-traited people...i.e. DEGENERATES. So they have no qualms about engaging in degenerate behavior. (Ellen DEGENERES)

So Black people, don't believe the hype about Will and Jada. They may be this freaky on their own, but chances are they're not; and they're only extolling the virtues of this lifestyle to keep their white masters happy. 

And to any Black person reading this, if you're currently in a serious relationship or marriage with someone who says you should try this...dial 911; and/or get the hell away from that person as quickly as you can. 

You'll be glad you did.  

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

If you wanna' see a small clip of Tupac and Jada gettin' jiggy wit' Will Smith's song 'Parents just don't understand', you can see it here.

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