Thursday, August 15, 2013

What do 'Django Unchained', the TV series 'Roots' and 'The Butler' have in common?

Tommorrow, the 'craptastic' movie 'The Butler', starring Forrest Whitaker, will be released in theaters. I for one will definitely not be in line to see this nonsensical piece of cinema. 

But what I'd really like to share with you about this film is the reason it's being put out, and why it's being put out at this time. I also want to draw some parallels between the timing of this film's release and two other works like it, that being, the TV series 'Roots' and that other slave narrative/Black servitude oriented film 'Django Unchained'.

Let's start with the TV series 'Roots'

Alex Haley's novel 'Roots: The Saga of an american family' was published in 1976. 

This novel caught the eye of a TV executive and was expedited into a mini-series on the ABC network. This show became a cultural coup with american audiences as it garnered unprecedented Nielsen TV ratings; so much so that to this day it's said to be the third highest rated TV show in american history.

*Side Note: I once did some research on Nielsen TV ratings and it exposed a rampant tampering and manipulation of the ratings numbers. Also, ask yourself, if Black people are always getting told we watch the most TV, wouldn't you think they'd put some Nielsen ratings boxes in our neighborhoods? Have you ever known of a Black family with a Nielsen TV ratings box? If you have, please contact me.  

Anyway, this show received 9 Emmys awards, a Golden Globe and the Peabody award. Yep, the white elite were certainly puttin' their stamp of approval on this puppy. 

So, let me tell you why this TV series was so favored by them. 

In the seventies, Black people were especially upwardly mobile. After the Civil Rights struggle (or as I'd like to call it the Black Human Rights struggle), Blacks were gaining momentum monetarily through access to workers unions and collegiate educations. And anytime this happens, there's a kneejerk response from the white elite to supplement our white supremacist educations with a reminder about slavery. 

This in effect, triggers the indoctrinated shame we feel over our enslavement and is used to let us know what we've accomplished isn't worth a damn 'cause we're still descendents of slaves. 

You see, when Mr. Charley isn't keeping us in perpetual states of fear and hatred (Trayvon Martin), he keeps us mired in self-loathing. This way, we have less probabilities, collectively and individually, of reaching our full potential. AND if we're kept hating ourselves, we'll always continue to hate and mistrust one another. 

I was in my pre-teens when this came on TV; and even though I couldn't verbalize what I was feeling, I knew being Black was a source of shame. And this is the state my peers and I were kept in during our grade and high school years.  

Now, let's discuss Django Unchained:

This film was released on Christmas day of 2012. 

This was an added incentive for Black folks to go see this film. Because we've all been taught to be good christians, being that there's a church on every corner in our neighborhoods. A church AND a liquor store. 

*Side Note: I once heard Prince refer to christmas as 'Nimrod's birthday'. Nimrod is the Babylonian Fish god that white supremacist freemasons are famous for worshipping; also, the greek god 'horus' was called a 'fisher' of men, also tying into this myth. But understand Nimrod, horus and even christ are adaptations of one of our Black ancestor's deities, 'Heru'. (Look him up.) Heru is also where we get the word 'hero' from.

Again, all sciences, be they spiritual or physical, were created by ANCIENT BLACK PEOPLE! But I digress...

Now Django was released a month after President Obama's second inauguration. 

Now, I've heard BLACK FOLKS talk about how lovely it is for Quentin Tarantino...who's a queer bigot by the way (yep, if you think white gays are your friends, you better think again), to make a movie about a Black slave emancipating himself from white bondage and saving the black woman; all while wielding a big gun. 

This was the same soup reheated folks. 

This again was the white elite telling Black folks, before the second term of Barack Obama's presidency, that you shouldn't feel too proud to have a Black president 'cause you were once slaves in this country. Also, notice how Quentin ultimately showed us that our emancipation is predicated on 'good' whites rescuing us from our hellish existence...that was the purpose of the Dr. King Schultz character (a.k.a. Dr. Martin Luther King)...and Dr. Schultz is a german guy; so you already know how they feel about Black people.

And please, don't think the white elite didn't know Obama was gonna' get a second term, they put him there in the first place. 

This film was yet another way to keep us in that indoctrinated self-hatred so we can effectively stay in our places. Especially mentally. Why do you think they had a scene of Kerry Washington a.k.a. Olivia Pope a.k.a. Sally Hemmings, enduring a brutal whipping in the film. These are triggers to keep us mentally fearful of turning against white supremacist institutions (our white masters)...and, as always, hating ourselves. 

I haven't seen the film and I won't. Like Spike Lee said, "I can't disrespect the ancestors like that."

And finally, the new slave/Black servitude epic, 'The Butler':

I wrote an earlier Blog Post on this movie, and for those interested, I'll leave a link at the bottom of this post for those who'd like to go back and read it. 

I just let my words flow on that post, and I'll do the same here.

Oprah and The Butler's director Lee Daniels are a couple of freemasonic queers; they have no intention of doing what's right for Black people and their whole agenda is in service to their white masters. Being that they're fags, they're mixed up in the head anyway; so we shouldn't patronize any movie these two put out. 

Remember they also put out that piece of crap 'Precious'; and that was to trigger our subconscious 'post traumatic slave syndrome' through the movie's severely brutal scenes. 'Cause they know the white elite love to see us suffer like that, and they get more brownie points with their respective secret societies for showing our suffering.

These two make me sick, straight up; and there's a karmic asskicking with their names on it for what they've pushed on Black people.  

So, I've said all that to say this...BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO BOYCOTT THE BUTLER. 

Spend your moive-going money elsewhere, but don't patronize this crap film. We need to start mobilizing our dollars to work for us and show the white elite that this kind of junk is not WORTH OUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

And like I said in my last post about this film, we need to serve the white elite up some justice by staying away from theaters; and that's definitely something worth serving up piping hot and on a silver platter. 

Hotep and Kem Wesir,

MontUHURU Mimia

If you'd like to see my earlier post about 'The Butler', you can see it here.

If after viewing this vid you're still not convinced that Quentin Tarantino is an epic homosexual, you're just in denial. Watch this.


  1. Hello,

    Nice insights.

    I wonder what you think about black people walking around holding their pants up with one hand while they wear a belt.

    1. 'Berean'...

      I'm very glad you asked this question.

      And I'll let you know what I think about it in my next post; 'cause I'm dedicating it to this sentiment.